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You’ve Got the Power… Vote for Adam Lambert!!!

by on Mar.31, 2009, under All About Adam

Once again, Adam Lambert surprised us with a ‘current Adam version’ of “Play That Funky Music”. Incredible energy!! Adam was all over that stage tonight singing and dancing. He captivates his audience in a way that has you transfixed on his every move. Adam is in a league of his own!

If you want more Adam Lambert performances, pick up the phone now and vote! You have the power to make a difference! Vote for Adam so that you can continue to see what Adam will bring to the Idol stage week after week. The phones lines will stay open for 2 hours following the American Idol show. We here at will be voting the entire time.


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Adam Lambert is on the Radio

by on Mar.30, 2009, under All About Adam


So if you were wondering if Adam Lambert has what it takes to make it as a recording artist, I’d say he’s well on his way! Adam’s “Tracks of my Tears” is hitting radio air waves all over the country. In just the last few days, since Adam’s performance on American Idol, “Tracks of my Tears” has had an impressive 28 spins!

Adam sees action on the Idol airplay chart
“The highest debut on our Idol Airplay chart this week goes to Adam Lambert’s The Tracks of My Tears, which saw 28 spins on 24 stations in six different formats (including country!). Now, 28 spins may not seem like a lot, but it’s the most by far for any American Idol contestant this season, and I don’t remember any Season 7 finalist getting more than 7 or 8 spins while Idol was on last year. I’m just guessing, but you might have to go back to Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatt’s performance of Bless the Broken Road to see spins like that from a contestant during the show’s run.” By Brian Mansfield, Idol Chatter, USA Today

Here’s the breakdown from the Mediabase report for Idol’s Motown theme week:

Adam Lambert – “Tracks of My Tears” – 28 total spins
10 Top 40
8 Hot AC
4 AC
3 Canada-Main AC
2 Rock
1 Country

Think all this buzz is simply radio stations covering the American Idol show? Possibly, but when Adam Lambert is getting 28 spins out of a total 33 spins for all Top 10 contestants combined… five of them getting no spins at all… we might as well say we’re watching The Adam Lambert Show.

Don’t miss out on Adam’s performance of “Tracks of my Tears” that brought Smokey Robinson to his feet… order yours today at American Idol iTunes store

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Adam Lambert sings “Tracks of my Tears” on American Idol Top 10 Performance 3-25-09

by on Mar.29, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)


Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “Tracks of my Tears”

By Jim (FreddyFudpucker) at TheAdam

“I agree that Smokey explaining the feelings behind the lyrics to Adam really touched Adam and then like a true artist, Adam used that to help fuel the emotion in his performance….One great artist relating to another!…..And I love the way Adam inquired about the lyrics from Smokey. As a great artist, Adam knew that he could find out the true emotion of the song from Smokey …something he needed to complete the whole package. It was really special to see that moment between Smokey and Adam….two great artists that really know how to connect with one another!!

Great contrast for Adam tonight from last week….I also loved the way Smokey Robinson was the first one to stand in giving Adam a standing ovation…and there were tears welling up in Smokey’s eyes too after it was over….What a true testament of Adam’s brilliance! I think he is clearly the best contestant ever thus far on AI.

I think the years he spent in theater have really helped him to create an extra dimension now in his performances….One night he is this cool rebel rocker guy with nail polish and eyeliner singing this very edgy and sex driven type song, then next week he is like a 50′s version of James Bond delivering a very soft and tender version of a classic that even brought Smokey Robinson to tears. I think Paula was on the money when he said that he added an extra level of excitement to the show with the new looks and new musical styles each week….It keeps everyone on the edge now guessing about what will he do next… both in look and in style.”

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

FORD MUSIC VIDEO – “Pocketful of Sunshine”

This week the The Top 10 contestants sang “Pocketful of Sunshine” as they pieced together an art puzzle. You can also see how the team created the “Pocketful Of Sunshine” Music Video and hear Adam share a little bit of art history. Ford’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” Music Video

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Adam Lambert… Nine Is Fine!!

by on Mar.26, 2009, under All About Adam

The Idol judges loved Adam’s “Tracks of my Tears” performance… Simon told Adam, “You, tonight, really have emerged to me, as a star. Congratulations!”

After the American Idol results show tonight, we have the proof that America loves Adam too! Adam continues to impress and surprise us with his unique performances and this week was no exception. Adam took us on an emotional journey… his voice was smooth as silk gliding effortlessly into his falsetto which left us hanging on his every word.

Be sure to oder Adam’s “Tracks of my Tears” at American Idol iTunes store


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Vote for Adam Lambert!!!

by on Mar.25, 2009, under All About Adam

I hope everyone caught Adam Lambert’s performance tonight of “Tracks of my Tears” by Smokey and the Miracles. Adam donned the classic look tonight wearing a suit and his hair slicked back while he sat on a stool and sang straight from his heart. Adam’s vocals were pitch perfect and full of emotion while accompanied by Rickey on guitar, a bassist, and a drummer. Absolutely beautiful!!

If you want to continue to enjoy Adam’s performances week after week, you need to pick up the phone and vote, vote, vote!! The phone lines will be open for 2 hours and those of us here at will be voting the entire time! Go Adam!!

banner made by Nicki (nickilicious)

banner made by Nicki (nickilicious)

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Is Adam Lambert the only reason to watch ‘American Idol’?

by on Mar.25, 2009, under All About Adam

Top 13 Photo Shoot

Top 13 Photo Shoot

Is Adam Lambert the only reason to watch ‘American Idol’? By Gina Carbone,

Answer: Sure looks like it! Love his stuff or hate it, he’s still the most interesting thing about season eight.

Driving into work this morning, I turned on the radio and the hosts were mid-squawk about Adam Lambert.

Not “American Idol.” Just Adam Lambert. It’s Motown night tonight, so they were imagining what he might sing.

Eight of the top 10 Idols were in Detroit to try out songs (Megan Joy Corkrey and Michael Sarver were sick), and it was there that Lambert said Marvin Gaye was his favorite Motown act.

So that set people off, imagining a Middle Eastern sitar take on “Sexual Healing” or some wild Broadway showstopper of “Let’s Get it On.”

Radio host 1: “The kid has us talking.”
Radio host 2: “Of course he does!”

To continue reading “Is Adam Lambert the only reason to watch ‘American Idol’?” click here

Tune in tonight to watch Adam Lambert take the stage for Idol’s 50 Years of Motown on Fox network. You don’t want to be left out… it’s what everyone’s talking about!

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‘Idols’ Top 10: Who’s Top Dollar Talent?

by on Mar.25, 2009, under All About Adam

‘Idols’ Top 10: Who’s Top Dollar Talent? by Scott Fuller

– This week the “Idol” top 10 take on the best of Motown, a theme certain to get Scott Fuller’s jukebox jumpin’. But it was a mistake to look past last week’s Grand Ole Opry visit — which I presumed to be a snoozer — because several unexpected performances indicated that any of the top talent from this season’s lineup is capable of a superstar showing.

Here you have it folks: the gang that will be taking to the road this summer for the “Idol” tour — which got me thinking: How much would I pay to see these performers on stage?

According to Scott Fuller, Adam Lambert is the Top Dollar Talent and those of us here at are in agreement.

Adam Lambert, 26 (Los Angeles)
Adam no doubt learned how to put on a good show from his experience in the cast of “Wicked” in Los Angeles. Far from the “indulgent rubbish” Simon called it, Adam’s inventive, adventurous Middle Eastern take on “Ring of Fire” had a definite Led Zeppelin feel and demonstrated his willingness to venture out and take risks. I envision a fun, fiery rock concert of flamboyant costumes, brilliant lights and pyrotechnics, unexpectedly appealing song choices and Steven Tyler-type vocal screeching. I just hope the beers don’t cost $9. PRICE: $49.95

To read the entire article ‘Idols Top 10: Who’s Top Dollar Talent? click here

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Adam Lambert ‘Idols’ New Bad Boy

by on Mar.22, 2009, under All About Adam

Excerpts from ‘Idols’ New Bad Boy – Love Him or Hate Him, Adam Lambert Leads The ‘Idol’ Pack… New York Post

Ariel Almaraz, 20, of Whittier, CA became a fan after watching Lambert perform as Fiyero in the Los Angeles company of “Wicked” where he settled as a popular understudy after the national tour. “He’s really gracious with his fans,” she says. “He knows the people who support him and how to treat them respectfully.”

“He’s a complete professional”, says executive producer Chris Isaacson, 32, of the Upright Cabaret, a popular West Hollywood cabaret where Lambert also performed, “he always knows his music and he’s always on time.” Isaacson calls Lambert, “a very nice soul” and insists, “You get no Diva from him.”

Isaacson’s partner and Upright co-executive producer, Shane Scheel, 32, calls Lambert “completely innovative and creative.” He adds, “Adam sings a song, does his own twist on it and makes it seem effortless.”

It was Lambert’s close knit LA theater family that encouraged him to audition for Idol. “We had been telling him, ‘You should try out for Idol, you’d do really great on that’,” says Isaacson.Theater background aside, Lambert doesn’t see himself as a Broadway singer, “I just don’t see myself doing that as a recording artist in that way,” Lambert said recently, “I don’t listen to show tunes in my spare time, I can assure you of that.”

Despite his theater bias, Simon Cowell is coming around, though, calling Lambert’s Michael Jackson-themed performance of “Black and White” in “a totally different league.”

But according to Isaacson, “They haven’t really tapped into what he can do yet.” “I think you are in for some really spectacular performances from him,” says Isaacson, “We’re at the tip of the iceberg of what he can do.”

You can read the entire article “Idols’ New Bad Boy by M.J. Santilli, New York Post here

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Adam Lambert Leading the Pack on iTunes

by on Mar.22, 2009, under All About Adam


“I believe in the last two years American Idol has been watching the sales of contestants music on iTunes, it sure gives them a great indication of who would sell the most CD’s.

Good news for all the Adam Fans, as of Saturday afternoon, Adam has over 1600 reviews for his performance of Ring of Fire. Of these 1600, a little over 250 were critical. All the rest were great reviews. (nearly all were 5 stars)

Black or White had over 1300 and Satisfaction had over 800. As far as I can tell, most of the critiques are about just plain ole’ hating Adam. Not about his music. The next contestant with the highest number of reviews is Gokey with 349, with 46 of those being negative. That’s a big difference in numbers.

Adam is being talked about, Adam is selling his music and people are stepping up to promote him by leaving these reviews. If you haven’t done so, go buy his iTunes collection at American Idol iTunes store and rate them. We can work together to get Adam to the end.” by flynnsgirl at

USA Today – Idol Chatter:

Brian Mansfield with his Idol Air Play Chart says this about Adam:

This week’s highest-chart Season 8 contestant is Adam Lambert, whose Ring of Fire picked up six spins (three of them coming from country stations!).

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Adam Lambert: Let’s Talk About Respect

by on Mar.19, 2009, under All About Adam


by luv2laugh
I’ve been trying to understand why some people feel Adam’s performance of “Ring of Fire” was disrespectful to country music. American Idol determines the theme for the week… not the contestants. I’ve always felt that’s the price you pay to be on the show. We all know that in the “real world” artists are not expected to be able to sing songs from every music genre out there. Adam performed Dilana’s arrangement of “Ring of Fire”. It was better suited to Adam’s personal style and vocals. This is not the first time an AI contestant has performed an arrangement which was different than the original classic. Chris Daughtry sang Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line” using a rock arrangement and David Cook sang Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” with a rock edge flair. Neither Chris or David were criticized for being disrespectful of the original artist or the genre of music. So why are people talking about lack of respect now?

During the AI performance show last Wednesday, we all got to see some footage of each of the contestants working with Randy Travis. The key word here is “some” footage… AI decides what clips of the working session the viewing public will see. After watching Randy Travis work with Adam, we were all left with a feeling … what in the world is Adam going to do to the classic hit “Ring of Fire?” I am a fan of Adam, and even I was sitting in my family room holding my breath with anticipation of Adam’s performance. I was wondering why Randy Travis appeared to be so shocked and surprised. We didn’t get to see the whole working session with Adam and Randy… just the parts AI wanted us too… the parts that make for good television. Apparently, even Randy’s reaction to Adam’s black nail polish was pertinent to Adam’s upcoming performance.

After Adam performed, it’s time for the judges comments. Simon described Adam’s performance using the words “absolute indulgent rubbish and horrific”. We all know Simon doesn’t sugar coat his opinion and we’ve come to expect that from him. But Simon did something else… something I’ve never seen him do before. Simon said, “I would never go to Nashville if I were you Adam, because I think there are a lot of people throwing their televisions out the window at this point…” What an odd comment from Simon. Did Simon think Adam was striving to be a country singer? It was uncomfortable to watch. (Watch Simon’s critique here… at one point, even Randy Travis shakes his head) It felt like we were getting a message from AI that a line had been crossed and there was no turning back.

In the past, AI contestants have chosen different arrangements that suit their style and vocals during a theme week. Why is this not acceptable now? Did Simon start this whirlwind about respect by bringing up Nashville without even realizing it or is this about television ratings? I’ve seen reports that say AI ratings are down this year. Did you know that Adam Lambert’s name came up in 95% of all comments on the Internet yesterday? People are talking… people are talking about Adam Lambert and that means people are talking about American Idol.

by flynnsgirl
Much has been said about Adam’s performance being disrespectful to Johnny Cash or Country music in general, this opinion comes from no basic knowledge as to what Cash did to the song in the first place.

Ring of Fire was originally recorded by June Carter’s sister, Anita in 1962. Johnny loved the song because June had written it about their then forbidden love. Both Cash and Carter were married to other people at the time. Anita’s version was on the charts for 6 months and never became a hit so Johnny decided to record it. He added mariachi horns to the song, something he said he saw in a dream. This was a very bold move in it’s day, and wasn’t done. So basically Johnny Cash took a Country song, added Mexican horns to make the song his own. Isn’t that exactly what Adam Lambert did? Nearly 80 versions of the song have been done since Cash’s. Adam Lambert’s version is just another one on that list.


from mjsbigblog
Mar 18th, 2009 at 12:43 pm
For those trying to determine how Johnny Cash would feel about Adam’s performance or telling us that we cannot know how he feels, I might offer a little (very little) insight that most peeps don’t have.

I have worked with Mr. Cash (lol, how he would hate being called “Mr. Cash”) numerous times. I’ve partied with him after the gig.

Cash was one of the most “out there” of all of the country artists from the time he started (as a rockabillyish guy) till the day he died. Few people realize that back in the day, he was looked down upon by the country establishment for his “rock” take on music, for his refusal to wear sequined suits and big ol hats, for his excessive partying, drug use and drinking (that put the regular country drunks to shame) and his problems with the law.

Whoever said that he was “punk country” had it exactly right. He was waaaaay outside the envelope in his early days, and he never lost his sympathy and respect for musicians who take risks and who refuse to be put in a box. He always remembered how it felt to be excluded from the club and he always went out of his way to hold out a hand of friendship to those who were different.

He was an incredible artist, an incredible person and the world is much poorer for the loss of his ongoing talent. And he would have looooooooved Adam’s take on his classic hit, and he would have laughed his ass off at the way Adam consistently puts himself RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. He did that. He did that all the time. It paid off for him, and I hope it does for Adam.

Dilana Responds to American Idols Adam Lamberts Ring of Fire Performance

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 18, 2009 – The entertainment scene is a buzz today over Adam Lamberts performance on last night’s show.

When asked today what she thought of Adam Lambert’s performance from March 17, 2009 of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire Dilana responded with, ” I am stoked that Adam Lambert from American Idol chose to use my version of Ring of fire on last night’s episode. It’s an honor knowing that my arrangement and “cashmere” version of the Johnny Cash classic “turned him on” to the point where he wanted to use it on the show.”

The people in Dilana’s camp also stated that she would love a chance to meet with Adam on the show and do a duet with him. Read more…

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