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by on Mar.18, 2009, under All About Adam

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

No doubt about it… Adam Lambert’s performance of “Ring of Fire” on American Idol was unchartered territory. Adam has told us during interviews that he is going to take risks and last night’s performance was no exception.

Michael Slezak from on Adam Lambert: Speaking of Mr. Cash, I wonder what he’d have made of Adam’s sitar-infused rendition of ”Ring of Fire.” Call me crazy, but given the fact that the Man in Black was tackling Nine Inch Nails tunes late in his career, I’m guessing he’d have enjoyed the wickedly theatrical spectacle of it all — at least the audio half of the equation — because, love him or hate him, Adam certainly nailed his vocal tonight, even when he used his swooping falsetto to steer the time-honored melody into Idol’s red-light district. Paula again got it right when she drew a comparison to Led Zeppelin’s ”Kashmir,” I just wish she’d have warned him against pulling such aggressive faces while he’s singing, the way she did with Casey Lambert (remember her?) back in the Week One semifinals. Still, as someone who’s priced a ticket for the Adam Lambert Bandwagon without ever getting out my wallet and making a move to buy one, you have to hand it to the guy for his derring-do. He won’t give you dull. And he won’t tamp down on the flamboyance just because it might make a Randy Travis fan wan to chuck a television out the window. As Adam joked to a schoolgirl-giddy Ryan before he took the stage: ”I don’t know about self-discipline, but it’ll be signature.”

Jim David from The Huffington Post on Adam Lambert: He has basically been on the scene for several weeks and it will take America some time to get used to a gay glam rocker with black nail polish. But we wouldn’t even be having this discussion if he weren’t an in-your-face major talent with the potential to go huge. This guy is Madonna, Tina Turner, and David Bowie. Even if he doesn’t win the prize, he’s the real thing. As Bette Davis said after seeing Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl: “The moment she came out onstage, we all knew.”

From our very own flynnsgirl at on Adam Lambert: Beside the fact that that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, In the context of American Idol Adam Lambert gave the most epic performance that has ever been done. It was erotic and exotic and provocative. I love how he commands our attention, “look at me, I am so going there” You either love him or hate him, there is no middle ground. I was mesmerized by that performance, it was Cirque Du Soleil meets Muse meets some obscure opera. I love every second of what he did. This will be talked about for a very long time. Vocally, everyone else eats his dust, He can sing rings around all the others. Let’s be real people, who were you talking about today? I can guarantee that if you watched Idol last night, then you were talking about Adam. Love it or hate it, it was on your mind. In 5 years time, the only person anyone will remember is Adam Lambert. He may have borrowed from Dilana’s version on Rock Star, Supernova. But he did it his way and he did it on American Idol. Adam brings the artistry that is lacking from this white bread TV show. I fear the judges have no box to put him in and hence don’t know what to do with him. Just let him be Adam, for those of us who love him and there are many, it just might keep this stale show on the air.

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