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Adam Lambert Idol Shocker

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by luv2laugh at TALC


Adam Lambert may be safe, but this victory is bittersweet. Adam was placed in Idols’ bottom two last night during the results show along with Matt Giraud. Matt Giraud went home. At this point in the competition, it’s difficult to watch any of the contestants go home, they are the best of the best. But to see Adam Lambert standing in the bottom two last night after Adam’s brilliant performance of “Feeling Good” was mind boggling.

How can the most talented contestant to ever grace the Idol stage be in the bottom two? Adam Lambert has shown America week after week that he has the extraordinary talent, brilliant vocals, exhilarating stage presence, mesmerizing charisma, creative artistry, and outstanding professionalism to be the next Super Star. Adam Lambert is the most talked about contestant in the media, has the most views on youtube, has sold the most iTunes singles, has the largest Internet fan base, and yet he stands in the bottom two last night… unbelievable! It just proves how important it is to vote, because only your votes are what bring Adam Lambert one step closer each week to becoming our next American Idol. We, here at TALC, do believe that Adam Lambert will be a huge success in the music industry long after his run on American Idol, but until that day, we want to see him win this competition… he has earned it!!

Be sure to check out Adam Lambert’s studio version of “Feeling Good” which is now available at American Idol iTunes store.

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

The Top 5 sang “Energy” in this weeks American Idol Ford music video. Adam Lambert may not be into sports, but he held his own and he sure looked good as he ran to the finish line in Top 5: “Energy”

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

Check out behind the scenes where Adam explains “One of the things we had to do today was we had to lip sync to the track in fast forward, it was going really really fast. I guess they do that to create a cool look on camera. They shoot it in really high speed then they slow it down to the original speed of the track and it gets us looking more interesting.” Don’t miss Adam showing us what it’s like to sing a track in fast forward… funny stuff. Making of “Energy”

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Adam Lambert Has Us Feeling Good

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Wire Image

Wire Image

Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “Feeling Good”

byluv2laugh at TALC
Last Tuesday night, Adam Lambert, delivered a smoldering, sexy rendition of “Feeling Good” with a rock edge. Adam sauntered down the endless Idol staircase entertaining us with his soft raspy vocals building up to his arrival on the Idol stage. Simon Cowell called Adam’s entrance, “The best of the season.” As Adam enticed us with his pitch perfect vocals, he built up to his glory note and held it effortlessly for over nine seconds. Rosie from TALC let us know just how impressive that note was. “For those of you keeping track, one of our fellow posters who has a tuner, clocked last night’s “glory note” at a solid (pitch perfect) D5. Obviously with the power and sustain, that could not have been a false note. That’s HIGH y’all!!!”

Paula Abdul told Adam, “With every performance that I see, it’s like watching the Olympics and you’re our Michael Phelps.” I think that pretty much says it all.

Jamie Foxx, this week’s mentor on Idol had this to say after working with Adam Lambert, “The way he sang that song right now, he’s going to knock every body’s head off. He can sing with the best of them and he’s going to be great.” I thought Jamie Foxx was a wonderful mentor. He was so honest with all of the contestants and really helped them get in touch with the song they were going to sing and the result was a better show across the board.

Jamie Foxx spoke with Ryan Seacrest on his LA KISS radio show yesterday morning. FreddyFudpucker at TALC had this to say about the interview, “Jamie Fox is just such an awesome guy and musician and for him to say such great things about Adam is just totally awesome! I love the way he said Adam is going to break through the upper stratosphere… Which reminded me of where his notes often end up too!” You can listen to the interview here


Here’s what it was like to see Adam’s performance live; what we can’t see through our televisions. “Finally, I must tip my hat to the Steadycam operators for Glambert’s “Feelin’ Good,” who unleashed some first-rate hustle while racing around Adam before he finished his epic final high note. Their work ethic was so impressive, actually, that I rose to my feet with the rest of the crowd on that note, a note that also got me wondering how exactly Adam could possibly out-do his own vocal acrobatics at this point in the show. (Maybe enter into frequencies only dogs can hear?) No matter; during the recap package, Adam’s Idol rivals came out to sincerely congratulate him, Kris first with a full two-armed hug, followed by Gokey with a solid one-armed bro hug, and then Giraud with a good-goin’ high-school-sports-coach slap on the shoulder. Allison appeared too nervous for any sort of physical contact, and Adam, Kris and Giraud instinctively surrounded her like protective big brothers; Gokey, through no fault of his own, found himself boxed out like the neighborhood kid who can’t quite take the hint. When Lambert hit the high note again in his recap clip, Kris pointed to the sky, as if to say, there’s this guy’s limit.” by Adam Vary at EW.Com

Performance Comments from the members of TALC

“I think all the contestants were raising the bar tonight to try and compete with ADAM who always owns the show. And they did pretty good. I still think that no matter how they try, they just can never get close to him. He’s absolutely without question the best. Most talented man I have seen in I can’t even remember when. I guess I would have to say Elvis. Boy that sure dates me doesn’t it. I mean there are LOTS of great singers out there, like Freddie Mercury, etc, etc. but for pure mesmerizing qualities Elvis was different. He won his fans hearts totally, not just his music, his looks, his charm, his charisma. This is what I see in Adam. Like a shooting star…….”, by Sheila at TALC

“As always, Adam gave 110% in his performance tonight and he was AMAZING and BRILLIANT!! I don’t need him to top every performance each week because I don’t think that is possible. Even for Adam. I look at each performance as a separate performance as if I was seeing him for the 1st time. And he still hasn’t disappointed me yet. How could he? No matter what, for me, he was breathtaking and I loved this performance. I actually love EVERY performance of his. But this one ranks right up there. Though ROF will always be #1 for me. There no words to describe him. All I can say is…he is a SUPERSTAR!!” by Jennifer at TALC

“Alright, I absolutely ADORED his Muse rendition of this song. His showmanship is phenomenal! And his vocals are sick! That last note at the end, I found myself holding my breath. And then letting go in a whoosh. And did ya see him ROCK that top model swagger? Adam for me, is beautiful perfection. Jeez, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.” by Mikky at TALC

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Feeling Good? Then Rock The Vote for Adam Lambert!!

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Are you feeling good after Adam’s sexy, sensual, performance of “Feeling Good” tonight? I would think you are feeling better than good so get your vote on America! No one is safe from elimination… vote… vote… vote!! You heard Simon tonight, Adam is in it to win it and you have the power to send Adam on his way to becoming the next American Idol!

Each contestant has two phone lines available for voting tonight. To vote for Adam Lambert call 1-866-436-5705 and/or 1-866-436-5710. The members of TALC will be power voting for the entire two hours following the American Idol Show.


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Tribute to Adam Lambert at the Upright Cabaret 4-25-09

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The “Upright Loves Adam Lambert” tribute hosted by Chris Isaacson and Shane Scheel, at the Upright Cabaret last Saturday night was a huge success. Over 200 people were in attendance for this concert, including one of our members here at TALC. Lambfan/Tania generously offered to share her experience with all of us, and made us feel like we were right there. Thank you Tania!

by Lambfan/Tania at TALC

So here’s a little recap of the Upright Cabaret Loves Adam Lambert show! It was held at Mark’s restaurant in West Hollywood – on one of the very stages where Adam used to perform for Upright Cabaret! The show was slated to begin at 9:00pm. I got there about half an hour early and hung out at the bar while I waited for the show to begin. I noticed both MTV and TV were waiting in the wings with their cameras ready. While everyone seated finished their dinners, the DJ played some tracks of Adam’s recent American Idol recordings, and on the big screen over the stage they showed clips of Adam’s Upright Cabaret performances like Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” (one of my personal faves!).

I used the downtime to check out the crowd. I guess because the show was marked as “all-ages” I expected to see more teens or young fan girls and boys there with their parents. But the crowd was mostly older and diverse. It seemed a lot of them were loyal regulars of the Upright Cabaret mixed in with a few newcomers like myself, armed with cameras. :)

I was also curious to see who might show up dressed as Adam Lambert as there was going to be a Glambert Look-alike contest later on. But the only people I saw sporting black nail polish, eyeliner and emo hairstyles were the waitstaff!

Shortly after nine, the hosts Shane Scheel and Chris Issacson opened the show by introducing the first few performers: PJ Griffith, Jai Rodriguez (of Queer Eye fame), and a cute folk-singing duo named Freddy and Francine who said that Adam Lambert has seen them both naked from their days in “Hair”!

There were more performances to follow by Arielle Jacobs who sang Cher’s “I believe” (which we all know was Adam’s Hollywood week song!), and Jason Paige who sang “Dust in the Wind”, another homage to one of Adam’s Upright performances. Paige’s rendition was especially amusing. While he sang, plumes of baby-powder scented dust puffed around him. (It seemed he had filled his clothing with it beforehand!)

We were then treated to more performances by Lelia Broussard, who sang two original songs, and then acts by Jenna Leigh Green and Emily Rozek who sang a couple songs from Wicked, and a wonderful performance by Upright’s own musical director Billy Porter, among others.

I admit that I hoped that throughout the night we would hear little anecdotes about Adam from the people who have worked with him, but there wasn’t much said besides “we love Adam!” or “Adam is a sweetheart!”, or other exclamations of pride and support for his American Idol run.

After every performance, a shoe or two would be tossed on stage. The host explained that the shoe-tossing is an Upright Cabaret tradition and said he hopes someone will be able to throw a shoe at Adam during one of his AI performances because Adam would really get a kick out of that nod to his Upright Cabaret days! During this time his phone rang and he answered it saying “Oh, ok? You want to do it now?” Then turning to the audience he said “We have someone special on the phone here!”

It didn’t take long for the crowd to go wild at this news. It was, indeed, Adam Lambert himself calling in to express his appreciation for everyone showing up in his honor. He obviously could not be there because of American Idol obligations and legalities, but he was very gracious and thankful for everything. It was a little hard to understand him at times, but the audience was no less thrilled to hear his voice. The hosts asked him to sing a little something and Adam sang a bit of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. It sounded somewhat distorted through the cell phone speaker, but it was still amazing to hear him sing live! For the whole conversation, with captions, click here

They closed out the phone call by having Adam introduce the last two performers, Shoshana Bean and Audra Mae, both of whom gave really lovely performances. Mae sang one song called “Born to be Lovers” which she said she hopes to petition Adam to sing when he records his own album! We’ll see!

Overall, it was a good night with good music. Oh, and the Glambert Look-alike contest? Well, it never really happened because no one showed up dressed like him. So they ended up giving the prize to one of the wait staff who did vaguely resemble a younger Adam! No word on his singing ability though. :)

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Rock The Vote for Adam Lambert: Fight for Top 4!!

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by luv2laugh at TALC







 It’s a first this season; Adam Lambert will perform two song selections during the “Rat Pack” theme week. It is beyond exciting for all of us anticipating tonight’s Idol show with two outstanding performances from Adam. We want all Adam fans to show their appreciation in a big way. The only way you can show your support and truly make a difference is to vote. Simply praising Adam’s performance is not enough, since only his total number of votes are what keeps him on the show another week and one step closer to becoming the next American Idol.

We are aware that Adam Lambert is “in the news” everywhere and that’s very exciting. Various news articles are predicting that Adam Lambert will be the next American Idol and nothing would make us happier, but don’t let that keep you from voting. Adam isn’t guaranteed to be safe just because many people feel he is the front runner in this competition. The only way Adam can continue on his journey to become the next American Idol, is by receiving the greatest number of votes.

That’s where all Adam fans can make a difference; by voting for Adam, and by voting as much as you can. All of the members here at TALC will be power voting for the entire two hours after the show. Let your voice be heard and bring Adam Lambert one step closer to becoming our next American Idol!

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Adam Lambert Appreciates All His Fans

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by luv2laugh at TALC

In this wide spread world of Idol fandom where thousands of people are showing their support for Adam Lambert on the Internet using a variety of fan names, it’s tough for even those of us who are in the midst of it all to keep track of who is called what. We can only imagine what it’s like for Adam, who’s priority is focusing on the competition and working endless hours to give all of his fans a stellar performance week after week. One thing we know for sure is that Adam appreciates ALL his fans who work hard to support him regardless of what they call themselves on the Internet.

Speaking of fan names, those of us here at decided to call ourselves the “Adam Bombs”. The name symbolizes Adam, of course, and his performance style where his talent explodes on the Idol stage week after week giving us an unforgettable performance every time. Imagine our surprise when we found out during a behind the scenes Idol interview that Adam’s choice of a stage name would be “Adam Bomb”. Very cool indeed. click here to watch the Top 36 Interview “Stage Names” Many of our members here are also known as “Glamberts”. Adam fans may have many names, but one important trait in common; unending support for Adam Lambert, our next American Idol. was created early on and all our members here have supported Adam since the very beginning… we know greatness when we see it.


Adam Lambert was featured in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times wearing the shirt his Adam Bombs sent him. The picture was from Adam Lambert’s solo during the Idol’s group performance of “Don’t Stop Believing”. Adam knows how to show his appreciation for all his fans and it was his way of thanking all of us here for our support.


During movie theme week, Adam wore the rocker pendant his Adam Bombs sent him during his working session with Quentin Tarentino. The pendant came from, a big name in jewelry and it was a perfect fit for Adam Lambert, our next Rock Super Star. Adam Lambert was featured in Cutting Edge Streetwears blog in an article called American Idol Sensation Adam Lambert in Rocker Jewelry where they mention that Adam and his fans have great taste.

Wire Image

Wire Image

During an Idol interview, Adam Lambert was asked what people would be surprised to learn about him to which he responded, “I’m obsessed with astrology”. So his Adam Bombs sent him an astrology book to feed his obsession. It’s always fun to find backstage pictures where we can see Adam received our gift and is enjoying it as well.



Week after week, Adam Lambert let’s all of his Adam Bombs here at TALC know just how much he appreciates our support. Thank you Adam for always acknowledging those people behind the scenes, whether it be Ricky and the band, Michael Orland, or your countless fans… you are a class act through and through and we are honored and proud to support you.

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Adam Lambert Shakes His Body

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by luv2laugh at TALC

America definitely “Rocked The Vote” last Tuesday night because Idol received over 45 million votes, the highest number this season. During the results show, Adam Lambert spoke about taking a big risk with his arrangement of “If I Can’t Have You”. “I was a little worried, I hoped people could recognize the original song. When I was looking at the lyrics, that’s the thing that made me realize that it didn’t really matter, that the lyrics, as long as they were sung honestly, would work.” Adam was right about that because he moved us with his heartfelt vocals and America loved it! Adam Lambert will join the Top 5 for next week’s theme “Rat Pack Standards”.

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

The group performance was like no other in Idol history, because it was the first one ever to be choreographed by Paula Abdul. The Top 7 sang and danced to “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground.” Adam Lambert danced every step to the beat of the music. The finality of his every move accentuated his dance talent. Click here to watch “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground”

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

A new Ford music video is up on where the Top 7 sing “I’m Good I’m Gone”. In this video, Adam gets a job as a dog groomer and finds himself in a slippery situation. Click here to watch I’m Good I’m Gone music video

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If We Can’t Have Adam Lambert, We Don’t Want Nobody Baby

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Wire Image

Wire Image

Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “If I Can’t Have You”

by luv2laugh
As Adam Lambert, dressed in a black silk suit with his hair slicked back, stood on the Idol stage with a dim light cast upon him, he set the tone for an emotional journey with his rendition of “If I Can’t Have You”. Adam sang from that very personal place, the depths of his soul, that allowed his audience to feel his every emotion. Adam’s ability to take us on his heartfelt journey is truly a gift; one he gives so freely and with everything he has. Even while conveying pure raw emotion, Adam’s vocals remained flawless and stunning. I felt that Adam’s performance ended too soon… left me wanting more.

All the judges loved Adam’s performance. Randy, “You are ready right now dude!” Kara, “You’re brilliant! The emotion and the way you connected… it’s inspiring.” Paula, “Tonight, you chose to pick a disco song and not make it cliche and uptempo. I felt your pain… I felt your vulnerability which was beautiful.” Simon, “What I loved about this performance was it was original, I’ve never heard that song sung that way, most importantly, you’re going to remember it, and what’s even more important, the vocals were immaculate.”

Adam graciously thanked the judges for their critique. Adam also said, “Michael Orland helped me come up with that arrangement and he is a genius, so thank you Michael Orland.” I admire that quality about Adam, always giving credit to those who help him achieve his outstanding performances. Rosie, from TALC, had this to say, “In a competition where every bit of “glory” benefits YOU – Adam thanked Michael Orland for helping with the arrangement. His grace in the face of praise is just as stunning as it is in the face of criticism. CLASS – through and through.”

Performance Comments from members of TALC

“I just about passed out when I saw Adam last night. He looked absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. The music was very quiet so the tiniest glitch in his voice would have definitely be heard but it was so beautiful and flawless. I am so proud of him for expressing his vulnerability in front of so many people. I’m going to watch it again right now.” by Leming&LambertFan

“For the minute and a half that he sings I swear I must be in a trance from trying to take him all in. I have to re-watch his performance about fifty times,and even that’s not enough. LOL Don’t know what’s become of me, I haven’t been this hooked since ELVIS! Last night was no exception, Adam’s performance was sensual and heartfelt and vocally flawless. Simply brilliant!” by Judy

Be sure to check out Adam’s studio version of “If I Can’t Have You” now available at American Idol iTunes store.

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ROCK THE VOTE For Adam Lambert Tonight!!

by on Apr.21, 2009, under All About Adam

We said it before and we’ll say it again…


Adam Lambert performed “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman from the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. Since Adam has already performed “Play That Funky Music” on Idol, he said he wanted to do something he could connect to emotionally. All you had to do was look at Paula Abdul’s expression with tears welling up in her eyes to see the impact of Adam’s heartfelt, raspy vocals.

Adam Lambert fans unite and set the Idol phone lines on fire with more votes for Adam tonight than ever before. The stakes are high tonight as two people will go home tomorrow. We know you can do it!! Call 1-866-436-5705 and vote for Adam Lambert. All of us here at TALC will be voting for the entire two hours following the show.


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Adam Lambert Fans Unite!

by on Apr.20, 2009, under All About Adam


Adam Lambert works hard every week to give all of us an extraordinary performance with outrageous vocals and sets the Idol stage on fire! Don’t you think he deserves a thank you from all of us who enjoy and look forward to his performances? The only way you can show your support and truly make a difference is to vote. Simply praising his performance is not enough, since only his total number of votes are what keeps him on the show another week to dazzle us once again.

Just because everyone is talking about Adam Lambert doesn’t mean he’s safe from being in the bottom three or from elimination… only voting for him can help ensure that Adam will be safe. This week it’s more important than ever for you to show your support and vote (vote as many times as you can) for Adam because two contestants will go home and none of us want one of them to be Adam.

I have heard people say that because they feel Adam will be safe, they vote for their second favorite in the competition. By doing that, you are taking votes away from Adam and if enough people do that, you may send Adam home and no Adam fan wants that outcome. Remember, the judges have already used their “save” so the bottom two will go home.

The fan bases for all the contestants are rallying their supporters. We, here at TALC, are asking you to show your support for Adam Lambert in a big way on Tuesday, April 21st and ROCK THE VOTE FOR ADAM!!! We have no doubt in our minds that Adam Lambert deserves to be the next American Idol. Let’s show everyone what Adam’s fans can do. Vote and let your voice be heard!!

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