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by luv2laugh at TALC

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

Adam Lambert’s electrifying performance of “Born to be Wild” landed him in what might have been the Top 6, but actually is another round for The Top 7. The ‘Idol’ judges chose to use their “save” on Matt Giraud last night. It was wonderful to see the commaradity among the contestants as they celebrated one more week together.

Next week’s theme will be Disco so we’re anticipating some John Travolta hips, platform shoes, and maybe some polyester pants. Seriously, we know we can count on Adam to bring it; offering us a unique and current performance with that Adam Lambert twist.

During the results show, Adam spoke about what it was like to work with Quentin, “He was really encouraging to all of us. One of the things that was really interesting was that he was talking about the power of music in his films. He picks a song, and before he starts filming a scene and he told us that he lets the vibe and the energy that’s in the music actually determine how he shoots things… really brilliant.”

Don’t miss out on Adam Lambert’s studio version of “Born to be Wild”… it’s a Rock/Electronica blend. Available at the American Idol iTunes store. Be sure to check it out.

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

The Top 7 sang, “Freeze Frame” by the J. Geils Band during their most recent Ford music video. It was fun to see a Rock magazine cover come to life with Adam singing and dancing. To watch click Top 7: Freeze Frame music video

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  • lambski

    Whoa! What magazine is this that has Adam on the cover????? I WANT ONE! Can you tell me the full name? I searched but could not find it. Thanks!

  • Admin

    Adam did not actually appear on this Rock magazine cover. The picture posted is a screen cap from the Top 7 Ford music video. The Idol contestants sang and danced in front of a green screen and then that footage was put on various magazine covers to create the illusion that the magazines came to life.

  • wickedvolume

    he’s definitely the bomb in this competition….

  • kelly

    Adam is amazing!He is the best!!

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