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Adam Lambert works hard every week to give all of us an extraordinary performance with outrageous vocals and sets the Idol stage on fire! Don’t you think he deserves a thank you from all of us who enjoy and look forward to his performances? The only way you can show your support and truly make a difference is to vote. Simply praising his performance is not enough, since only his total number of votes are what keeps him on the show another week to dazzle us once again.

Just because everyone is talking about Adam Lambert doesn’t mean he’s safe from being in the bottom three or from elimination… only voting for him can help ensure that Adam will be safe. This week it’s more important than ever for you to show your support and vote (vote as many times as you can) for Adam because two contestants will go home and none of us want one of them to be Adam.

I have heard people say that because they feel Adam will be safe, they vote for their second favorite in the competition. By doing that, you are taking votes away from Adam and if enough people do that, you may send Adam home and no Adam fan wants that outcome. Remember, the judges have already used their “save” so the bottom two will go home.

The fan bases for all the contestants are rallying their supporters. We, here at TALC, are asking you to show your support for Adam Lambert in a big way on Tuesday, April 21st and ROCK THE VOTE FOR ADAM!!! We have no doubt in our minds that Adam Lambert deserves to be the next American Idol. Let’s show everyone what Adam’s fans can do. Vote and let your voice be heard!!

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  • Mur

    From a 61 yr. old fan ( and first time voter of AI ) I pledge I will have both my phones voting for him…..I believe in him this much !

  • Jean Stacey

    Adam Lambert is a magnificently talented and beautiful human being in all ways. He is in American Idol to win and works diligently to make that happen. But the only way he can reach that goal is if we VOTE for him! I’m a 63 year old wife and mother, have never joined a fan club in my life or voted on AI, but Adam deserves our unflinching support! VOTE FOR ADAM

  • Taylor

    I always vote for Adam with both of my phones! Vote, vote vote!

  • Deanna Jarvis

    I like your site. It’s the best Adam Lambert fan site I have seen. I always vote for Adam of course. Anyone who isn’t electrified by his performances has something seriously wrong with their hearing. I’m 62, attended one of Elvis’ last concerts, and am in bliss witnessing Adam Lambert’s rise to mega star.

  • Mur

    Beautiful!!…touched every one of our hearts!!..I voted for you, Adam…..437 times!! You have a gift with not only your beautiful voice, but the emotional connection you reach out to us in those songs you sing to us. The “gift of music” is a beloved gift you are giving to us all…..and I thank you!! The VERY best to the future success of your upcoming wonderful career!!!….Thank you….Thank you!!!

  • ashbei and austin

    Adan Lamberto va a gannar el idolo americano

    peace out
    i like pie

  • Saurooon

    Can i take a one small picture from your blog?

  • Indira

    I wish I can vote but I am from Indonesia. So please vote Adam for me and many of his fans world wide. This beautiful man is one of a kind. He really is the next musical legend of my generation.

    I am not someone easily impressed with people’s talents. But the first moment I saw Adam singing, I knew he’s special. I went to youtube, found his pre-Idol performances, and I’m amazed that no producer or talent scout has signed this incredible talent yet. I bet those stupid producers are kicking their asses now as they have missed one of the most amazing talents right in front of their eyes.

    Love from Indonesia

  • Cricket

    Adam’s vocals are pitch perfect. His glory notes send chills up my spine. I’ve only had one other Idol that made gave me that stupid look on my face while watching him… and made my toes wiggle in stupified glee….

    If you’re a true, back-to-the-beginning Idol watcher, you’ll remember Clay Aiken’s pitch-perfect glory notes when he sang Solitaire and BOTW in the finale… only he and Adam can hold those breath-taking pitch-perfect glory notes for that length of time… and hardly look out of breath for their effort. AMAZING. I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!

    Adam’s got his future all sewed up… coming in first is, of course, our goal.. but if it doesn’t happen (for reasons I will never understand), well, I’m not cncerned for his future. I’ve already said it… IDOL FOUND / GAME OVER.

    Keep thrillin’ us, Adam…!
    Love Cricket

  • Vallegirll

    I am another 61 yr old fan of the great Adam Lambert. That is one of the incredible things about this amazing young man he appeals to all ages. from my kids who are 43,38,36, and 16 and my grandkids 21 and 17. both male and female. Go Adam, I have never been this excited about a celebrity.

  • cuhere

    Please light a candle for Adam Lambert to give him light that he will be the next American Idol for 2009, he truly deserves to be.

  • isla

    My whole family are fans – young and old. And it really is his singing that’s got us hooked – not just his magnetism on stage. We all get off on the studio versions. Best of all, he’s incredibly accessible. Nice guy. He’ll survive this crazy journey, make lots of music for his fans, and do it for the rest of his life. he and Allison the only ones who clearly are mad for music. They don’t sing because they want to, they sing because they have to. Big difference. Love that boy!

  • Merle

    I am one of the Grammas for Adam. I have been waiting for soneone like him since Elvis. He is not only a super talented singer/performer but he is a pure joy to hear and see. And besides all that, he seems to be a very sweet and humble person. Vote for Adam for the full time after Idol Tuesday night.
    Adam deserves to win!!!!!!

  • JW

    Hi Guys, you might like this music video i made for Adams brilliant Mad World track:

  • Izzy


  • debbie

    I just want to say that i loved Adam throughout the American Idol.

    After the AMA award show, I think he has no class at all. that was embarrassing and a very huge disapppointment.

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