If We Can’t Have Adam Lambert, We Don’t Want Nobody Baby

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Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “If I Can’t Have You”

by luv2laugh
As Adam Lambert, dressed in a black silk suit with his hair slicked back, stood on the Idol stage with a dim light cast upon him, he set the tone for an emotional journey with his rendition of “If I Can’t Have You”. Adam sang from that very personal place, the depths of his soul, that allowed his audience to feel his every emotion. Adam’s ability to take us on his heartfelt journey is truly a gift; one he gives so freely and with everything he has. Even while conveying pure raw emotion, Adam’s vocals remained flawless and stunning. I felt that Adam’s performance ended too soon… left me wanting more.

All the judges loved Adam’s performance. Randy, “You are ready right now dude!” Kara, “You’re brilliant! The emotion and the way you connected… it’s inspiring.” Paula, “Tonight, you chose to pick a disco song and not make it cliche and uptempo. I felt your pain… I felt your vulnerability which was beautiful.” Simon, “What I loved about this performance was it was original, I’ve never heard that song sung that way, most importantly, you’re going to remember it, and what’s even more important, the vocals were immaculate.”

Adam graciously thanked the judges for their critique. Adam also said, “Michael Orland helped me come up with that arrangement and he is a genius, so thank you Michael Orland.” I admire that quality about Adam, always giving credit to those who help him achieve his outstanding performances. Rosie, from TALC, had this to say, “In a competition where every bit of “glory” benefits YOU – Adam thanked Michael Orland for helping with the arrangement. His grace in the face of praise is just as stunning as it is in the face of criticism. CLASS – through and through.”

Performance Comments from members of TALC

“I just about passed out when I saw Adam last night. He looked absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. The music was very quiet so the tiniest glitch in his voice would have definitely be heard but it was so beautiful and flawless. I am so proud of him for expressing his vulnerability in front of so many people. I’m going to watch it again right now.” by Leming&LambertFan

“For the minute and a half that he sings I swear I must be in a trance from trying to take him all in. I have to re-watch his performance about fifty times,and even that’s not enough. LOL Don’t know what’s become of me, I haven’t been this hooked since ELVIS! Last night was no exception, Adam’s performance was sensual and heartfelt and vocally flawless. Simply brilliant!” by Judy

Be sure to check out Adam’s studio version of “If I Can’t Have You” now available at American Idol iTunes store.

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  • majorie

    Love how you phrase the title as that’s exactly how i feel about him singing. What i love about him in AI is that he delivers the whole package – voice, looks, style, persona. Haven’t seen this in the previous american idol. Elliot Yamin in one of his interview said that “adam is the most unique singer in AI”. I know he will continue to shine and hopefully that america continues to vote for him week after week. Next to him, i think Danny Gokey has the nicest voice and personality.

  • omivyvies

    yo, great name for site)))

  • Susan Trombetta

    Elvis reborn, with a humble spirit and perfect understanding of a cosmic gift.

  • Susan Trombetta

    My one vote this week didn’t count for much. It was my first time ever, and I wasn’t aware you can vote more than once, all votes counted, with toll free. This week, I’ll do what all the rest of those folks are doing who voted for the wrong people this week. Adam is not going to land in the bottom 2 again, he’s landing on top every week until the finish. He is Our Next American Idol.. the people who see the truth, act in an honorable way. Voting more than once leaves some questions, but it’s legal, so hit your repeat button, for the entire 2 hr vote time, this coming weak. Lines will get busy; fight against the abuse of power. Adam Lambert is the best, and whatever works to help him make it to the top, is what we must do.

  • Susan Trombetta

    Getting reading for the “End Game,” “There Can Be Only One,” who isn’t much without his sword. Adam’s Fans are his sword, and we must make all effort to keep the sword sharp!!! Don’t rest on our laurels, on his laurels, or on the 20 million unexpected votes that came in for Rock Week. We know how he got those votes and why he deserved them. Let Allison be the example, the lesson here, talent isn’t what counts.. it’s the vote.. vote – vote – vote. The 1986 film era of the HIGHLANDER, brought us the one Christopher Lambert (born Aries, 1957 yr. of the Rooster). His character was pursecuted, rejected, suffered and exiled for being different. That type of prejudicial behavior isn’t anything I like to believe lives in this evolved society.. so silence any that come your way. Christopher Lambert was 25 years old when Adam was born. He may not be Adam’s biological father, but is his spiritual father. Again, we are his sword as he approaches his, “End Game,” make sure we help him cut through his opposition.

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