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by on Apr.26, 2009, under All About Adam

by luv2laugh at TALC

In this wide spread world of Idol fandom where thousands of people are showing their support for Adam Lambert on the Internet using a variety of fan names, it’s tough for even those of us who are in the midst of it all to keep track of who is called what. We can only imagine what it’s like for Adam, who’s priority is focusing on the competition and working endless hours to give all of his fans a stellar performance week after week. One thing we know for sure is that Adam appreciates ALL his fans who work hard to support him regardless of what they call themselves on the Internet.

Speaking of fan names, those of us here at decided to call ourselves the “Adam Bombs”. The name symbolizes Adam, of course, and his performance style where his talent explodes on the Idol stage week after week giving us an unforgettable performance every time. Imagine our surprise when we found out during a behind the scenes Idol interview that Adam’s choice of a stage name would be “Adam Bomb”. Very cool indeed. click here to watch the Top 36 Interview “Stage Names” Many of our members here are also known as “Glamberts”. Adam fans may have many names, but one important trait in common; unending support for Adam Lambert, our next American Idol. was created early on and all our members here have supported Adam since the very beginning… we know greatness when we see it.


Adam Lambert was featured in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times wearing the shirt his Adam Bombs sent him. The picture was from Adam Lambert’s solo during the Idol’s group performance of “Don’t Stop Believing”. Adam knows how to show his appreciation for all his fans and it was his way of thanking all of us here for our support.


During movie theme week, Adam wore the rocker pendant his Adam Bombs sent him during his working session with Quentin Tarentino. The pendant came from, a big name in jewelry and it was a perfect fit for Adam Lambert, our next Rock Super Star. Adam Lambert was featured in Cutting Edge Streetwears blog in an article called American Idol Sensation Adam Lambert in Rocker Jewelry where they mention that Adam and his fans have great taste.

Wire Image

Wire Image

During an Idol interview, Adam Lambert was asked what people would be surprised to learn about him to which he responded, “I’m obsessed with astrology”. So his Adam Bombs sent him an astrology book to feed his obsession. It’s always fun to find backstage pictures where we can see Adam received our gift and is enjoying it as well.



Week after week, Adam Lambert let’s all of his Adam Bombs here at TALC know just how much he appreciates our support. Thank you Adam for always acknowledging those people behind the scenes, whether it be Ricky and the band, Michael Orland, or your countless fans… you are a class act through and through and we are honored and proud to support you.

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  • adambomb

    Hi from Singapore. Can’t get enough of Adam every day. He’s so hot, sexy, adorable, fun, lovable, cute, bomb all the way… am running out of adjectives for this guy. Love his voice, his vocals, his performances are just so very ‘must-watch’, his passion in each and every performance, his liveliness and how he remakes classics into something so “SIGNATURE Adam”. He gave his all. He touched my heart. He swooned me with his interpretation of Mad World, Tracks of my Tears, Black or White, Satisfaction, everything about him, his performances. He’s a LEGEND. He’s the reason I am glued to AI watching this Adam Lambert Concert. ROCK on Adam, croon, whatever you do just loving you….

  • adamslambritta

    HI all

    There’s just a few of us who are going CRAZY for Adam in the UK. We cannot get enough of him!!!

    Waiting for Tuesdays and Wednesdays to come around seems an eternity, and we cannot watch the shows until 1am and 2am, but we’re there every week to watch the awesomeness that is our Adam!!

    We are the LAMBRITS!!!

  • Donna

    I love Adam, he is amazing. Best Wishes!

  • Spore Glambert

    Hi, from Singapore. I’m glad to stumble upon this. This site is FANTASTIC!!! Plus I get to hear his songs while surfing. Cool.

    So what’s next? I cannot wait for him to win this thing and for him to have a WORLD CONCERT. I want to meet him. Can be arranged?

    I’m planning to go USA too for his SOLO CONCERT.

  • Spore Glambert

    Wow your site is so fantastic. Each time I press enter, a different song comes up. I could leave this open the whole time. Wowww

  • mimimas2ra

    emm…i realy LOVE you adam.!huh!

  • Susan Trombetta

    As an Astrologer, for 40 years, and one who does work with reincarnation. I’ve been seeing a strong connection between Adam and Elvis, and believe this time around he will guard and cherish his gift like a devoted priest! Adam’s egoless, humble, receptivity to the blessings, is sent from an old soul, who is a medium for the heavens.

  • 2t2tag

    Adam, you had us at “I’m not skerd”. Now’s the time to send the world a beautiful love ever after song. our hearts have been sweetly broken by your longing and unrequited love songs. soothe us with the healing power of love, new,fresh,exhilarating, exciting,everlasting. the world,we,your lovers are waiting.

  • Charlene

    Way to go Adam. You are the best darn entertainer I have seen in 45 years of life. God Bless you!!!

  • JayGee

    Finally, AMERICAN IDOL has found THE American IDOL ..the ultimate entertainer..way to go ADAM!

  • dharmalati

    Hi from Indonesia for you.. Adam…! A lot of your fans are here in my home town…It’s always a wonderfull time for me, watching you on AI every wednesday and thursday… Hope you will be the winner in this competition.. Bravo Adam…

  • Lanelle C Davis

    This RETIRED NURSE is from Burleson, Texas (home of Kellie Clarkson) has tried to get a message to Adam at every site that I can. I just found this site & it appears this might be my place to actually fnally reach him, in some distant way.

    I have the privilege to witness 2 LEGENDS in one LIFETIME………Elvis and Adam. They parallel each other only Adam has the life skills and professional skills to fly higher than Elvis and keep his balance. Elvis touched all of us, all of our lives, but now that we are older we saw that he had no idea of where his talent was going to take him. Thus, he was not prepared to deal with it like Adam. Adam is older and has polished life and professional skills.

    If Adam happened not to win, I WOULD NOT want to be the other one, singing the winners song, on the same stage with Adam. The WHOLE NATION/WORLD would be watching and everyone would know who the only talent was on that stage. It would be EMBARASSING for them. The contestants already know and have known since the first appearance singing “Satisfaction”. Replay that watch the camera scan the other contestents…they are smiling and shaking their heads in disblief.

    The other CONTESTANTS all know & have always known that they secretly wished they had PICKED ANOTHER YEAR to try out of Idol.

    I am 62 and am enjoying the feelings I had when I was growing up with Elvis. He touched hearts and made each of us feel he was singing just of us. Adam has a God given gift and is humble and proud of what he has gone through to have finally reached his dream and that is WITH OR WITHOUT IDOL. He is a superstar that has just begun to shine his light.

    Please…VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE for SOLID 2 hours. He cannot lose do to the media trying to destroy his dream just like they tried to destroy Elvis’ dream. Adam is strong, knows who he is, where he is going and is not afraid to take any kind of risk. So we should not be afraid. VOTE VOTE 2 HOURS SOLID.

  • Tonja

    Am in agony! Don’t know what to do with myself this next tuesday without Adam, withdrawl!! Gald this website is here have to do un the meantime, or at least when he delivers on his upcoming solo, Anyone have the deets on which song it’ll be? Something new and electrifying no doubt!

    Rock on my ROCK GOD!!!

  • Rebecca

    Adam you will always be in my heart no matter what I love you to death and I’d do anything for you!

  • Rebecca

    Adam I want to meet you so bad and I wish you could come down here to magna Utah. I have never been to a concert before and if I could go to my first concery it’d be yours beacuse your very special to me and I would never want you to hurt it would pain me to see you in pain but I hope we can meet someday

    Sincerley your fan

    Rebecca Dawn Anderson

  • judith damo

    Have to say Adam is AMAZING !!! His voice, his honesty… and he is also obsessed with astrology. I would love to go to one of his concerts !!! Just stay the way you are :))

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