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 It’s a first this season; Adam Lambert will perform two song selections during the “Rat Pack” theme week. It is beyond exciting for all of us anticipating tonight’s Idol show with two outstanding performances from Adam. We want all Adam fans to show their appreciation in a big way. The only way you can show your support and truly make a difference is to vote. Simply praising Adam’s performance is not enough, since only his total number of votes are what keeps him on the show another week and one step closer to becoming the next American Idol.

We are aware that Adam Lambert is “in the news” everywhere and that’s very exciting. Various news articles are predicting that Adam Lambert will be the next American Idol and nothing would make us happier, but don’t let that keep you from voting. Adam isn’t guaranteed to be safe just because many people feel he is the front runner in this competition. The only way Adam can continue on his journey to become the next American Idol, is by receiving the greatest number of votes.

That’s where all Adam fans can make a difference; by voting for Adam, and by voting as much as you can. All of the members here at TALC will be power voting for the entire two hours after the show. Let your voice be heard and bring Adam Lambert one step closer to becoming our next American Idol!

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  • Tracy S

    Good day all Adam Fans. We got your callout to Rcok the Vote and we forwarded on your message and our members will be flooding the lines tomorrow night!!

    Thanks for putting out the message because complacency would be a terrible thing when he’s this close to his dream!!

    Fan for Life

  • Wendy Talbot

    Hi everyone, I am from England and can’t wait every week to see what Adam will do next. Here we get to see Idol on Thursdays and Fridays. I was stunned the minute Adam walked through the Idol doors and have been amazed every week by his incredible vocals and his ability to change and adapt to every genre – what a talented guy! ‘Ring of Fire’ was the ultimate for me – it was simply the most amazing interpretation I have ever heard. Rock on Adam – you are brilliant!

  • Donna

    I will be dialing tonight. I am so excited and we all need to vote as we need to keep Adam in the competition so he can win. He really wants this title and we all need to support him. Music is an important part of my life and my son who is Autistic and love listening to Adam’s music!

    Rock on Adam!

    Donna (44 year old fan!)

  • Elizabeth Thomas

    I am a lot older than your previous commenter; I, too think Adam is unbelievably talented, not really fully recognized for the great vocalist he is. Ann Powers, the music critic for the L A Times wrot an article about his singing ability and his trained technique. and about his singing especially during the “passaggio” The space between the chest voice and that killer falsetto, evidently, not many people are in control in that area, but he is. Mad World was sung mostly there. See if you can find the article. Other subject ” complacency” think Chris Daughtry’s voters.he should have won, but averyone “knew” he would win and did not support him with their votes. Adam is the best singer ever to be on Idol, he wants to win so don’t let him down. He has never let us down with a poor performance. Go Adam Lovers ( like me )..It is nice he is so gorgeous, too, isn’t it ?

  • Sharon Shannon

    Greetings: All my heart knows is Adam Lambert takes a hold of a song and devours it like a Wolf. He seems so comfortable on stage, and enjoys being in his own skin, and it looks as if he is showing himself to be the ‘alpha male Wolf,’ letting his dominance play over any others taking part in American Idol, as it should be. Let’s face it, he is the best thing since the invention of ice cream. Adam has a rainbow aura circling round him — it’s name is TALENT.
    Adam is one COOL / HOT dude ! Good luck to you Adam Lambert — knock ‘um dead up there and show us what’s it’s really like down deep inside your soul !!! You are one of a kind on stage, a super wicked angel in the deliverance of your music. See you at the Finale – don’t forget to bring to the stage with you that shy devilish flirty smile along with your to-die-for physical gorgeousness, together with your one of a kind, supercalifragilesticexpealidocias VOICE !!!
    I am dying to see you in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Idol’s summer tour. Bring it and sing it !!!
    Love ya to the max !!! You drive me CRAZY…..
    (Warm Hugs)
    From Sharie
    (Ya wouldn’t think I was 66 years old/young – but Adam makes me feel twenty-five, really).
    I came of age as Elvis came on the scene, so this feels like de ja vu. Don’t barf, didn’t your mother teach you to be nice to old ladies. Ha-ha !

  • Horace

    Hi every body, I’m a chinese and live in Beijing, but I love him to death, and vote for him everyweek. Last week he is the forth, that really scares me.

  • Susan Trombetta

    A first time voter, last week, who never considered voting more than once. Adam puts a person in a place where doing inconsiderate moves would not enter the picture. That’s how he ended up in the bottom 2; his fans are trying to stay on an enlightened path.
    Research has told me to vote as often as the lines are open, for the full 2 hrs, as all votes are counted and it’s toll-free. So, keep on hitting your repeat button and make those votes pile up this coming week. Help Adam to share his gift with the world by making him the next American Idol. He’s perfect for that job.

  • Paweena (Thailand)

    Hello everybody, I am from Thailand and always watch this program and so far Adam Lambert is the best since they have had this AI. What a pity that I can not vote for him. But to let you know he is very popular here too. I just love him! I hope he will have his concert in Asia someday. Really cant wait!

  • sharon

    I love this site & there are so many people who really appreciate a rare and exception talent like Adam. I too am 60+ but Adam makes me feel 20 again. I grew up with Elvis whom I adored and loved like I can’t explain. Adam is giving us back what we loved in Elvis ( charm, humbleness, handsome, sexy, exciting).I could go on and on but I won’t be able to stop. Adam is a gift to all people and I absolutely can’t wait until Tues. night comes each week but was shocked on results night. I am going to add a second line in my house just for him so I can vote from two phones at once. Crazy huh? That is how much I want Adam to win this thing. I will buy every single and album he puts out. Hope RCA doesn’t do to Adam what they did to Bo Bice force himto sing pop music. Ugh! That really hurt sales of his 1st CD and then RCA practically abandoned him after that. Adam hopefully will have a mixture of sounds.

  • karla

    I vote for 2 hours every week but sometimes wonder
    where the votes go….Adam is fantastic and I will watch and hope that he is the winner…If not 2nd, which he doesn’t deserve cause he is the best….All I have taked to this year says they have enjoyed idol which a lot of my friends never watched because of Adam…He is so entertaining, and handsome…and creative…..Vote, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE FOR ADAM….

  • cindy

    I am a conservative Southern Baptist female. I’ve watched Idol for years and not voted. However, I plan to vote tonight. He is the most talented contestant that has ever walked onto the Idol stage. He deserves to win this singing contest.

  • KeNzAyyyy

    OMGHE is my whole fricken life right now! i get so pumped to watch him every tuesday and wednesday night! i was like crying when he was in the bottom 2! we have to keep him alive! he has to win! if he doesnt win then i will like be sooooo sad and life will have no point. :[ I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT! i never vote, but he has changed my voting ways! IF SOMEONE DOESNT VOTE FOR THEM BC THEY THINK HES GAY THEY NEED TO GO DIE IN A HOLE! EVEN IF HE IS, HE DESERVES TO WIN! SEXUALITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT HE IS THE MOST TOTALLY AMAZING PERSON TO EVER WALK THE FACE OF THIS EARTH! <3333 I LOVE U ADAM!

  • sebast

    how do I vote for adam tonight??

  • sebast

    please tell me # to call!!

  • elinor

    ADAM LAMBERT IS THE REINCARNATION OF ELVIS PRESLEY.And by far the most talented and versatile contestant american idol ever has.His theater experienced helped him to emotionally connect to the viewers.His vocal range is like steve tyler and freddie mercury and the looks and eyes of elvis . all of this making him a total performer. he will emerge one of the great artist of all time.It is cool that randy jackson mention adam lambert look like elvis.I thought the judges never notice that.I really love the song if i cant have you .He is genius and gifted.He is a winner already.

  • elinor

    I can’t vote for adam.I’m from the philippines.

  • slinky

    call 866-436-5701 or 866-436-5705 and vote for Adam!

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