Feeling Good? Then Rock The Vote for Adam Lambert!!

by on Apr.28, 2009, under All About Adam


Are you feeling good after Adam’s sexy, sensual, performance of “Feeling Good” tonight? I would think you are feeling better than good so get your vote on America! No one is safe from elimination… vote… vote… vote!! You heard Simon tonight, Adam is in it to win it and you have the power to send Adam on his way to becoming the next American Idol!

Each contestant has two phone lines available for voting tonight. To vote for Adam Lambert call 1-866-436-5705 and/or 1-866-436-5710. The members of TALC will be power voting for the entire two hours following the American Idol Show.


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  • Mur

    I voted over 500 times on my landline!! Not bad for a 61 yr. grandmother who wants to see this young talented young buck win !!!!

  • milehighmist

    I’m 43 and voted about 200 times, so did my mom which is 61. Here’s my tribute to Adam:

  • Taylor

    I voted like 250 times! Go Adam!

  • Cricket

    all I can say after last nite is that nobody’s safe.. and ADAM needs our votes… VOTE VOTE VOTE! I’m 57 and voted my fingers off the entire 2 hours… YIKES! C’mom everybody… VOTE VOTE VOTE! Adam’s the most amazing performer EVER to grace the Idol stage.. and I’m a HUGE Aiken fan.

  • Ela

    Please, please vote for Adam. He’s the best that has ever graced the AI stage. More so since I’m from Malaysia and can’t vote but still feel the pain of all Adam’s fans when he was placed in the bottom 3. Remember to vote for him next week. Adam, our American Idol Season 8.

  • Susan Trombetta

    What amazes me is that that’s what it takes, wearing your fingers off, on the repeat button, on phone!
    This was new information, to this first time Idol voter, last week. It’s not based on who should win, only on the votes, which should be one per customer. Not so, it’s how many times you can get through for the 2 hrs. the lines are open. Since, that’s the call, we must follow through and vote – vote – vote – vote – and again, once more with feeling. Adam is the winner, but we must make sure America finds out.

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