Tribute to Adam Lambert at the Upright Cabaret 4-25-09

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The “Upright Loves Adam Lambert” tribute hosted by Chris Isaacson and Shane Scheel, at the Upright Cabaret last Saturday night was a huge success. Over 200 people were in attendance for this concert, including one of our members here at TALC. Lambfan/Tania generously offered to share her experience with all of us, and made us feel like we were right there. Thank you Tania!

by Lambfan/Tania at TALC

So here’s a little recap of the Upright Cabaret Loves Adam Lambert show! It was held at Mark’s restaurant in West Hollywood – on one of the very stages where Adam used to perform for Upright Cabaret! The show was slated to begin at 9:00pm. I got there about half an hour early and hung out at the bar while I waited for the show to begin. I noticed both MTV and TV were waiting in the wings with their cameras ready. While everyone seated finished their dinners, the DJ played some tracks of Adam’s recent American Idol recordings, and on the big screen over the stage they showed clips of Adam’s Upright Cabaret performances like Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” (one of my personal faves!).

I used the downtime to check out the crowd. I guess because the show was marked as “all-ages” I expected to see more teens or young fan girls and boys there with their parents. But the crowd was mostly older and diverse. It seemed a lot of them were loyal regulars of the Upright Cabaret mixed in with a few newcomers like myself, armed with cameras. :)

I was also curious to see who might show up dressed as Adam Lambert as there was going to be a Glambert Look-alike contest later on. But the only people I saw sporting black nail polish, eyeliner and emo hairstyles were the waitstaff!

Shortly after nine, the hosts Shane Scheel and Chris Issacson opened the show by introducing the first few performers: PJ Griffith, Jai Rodriguez (of Queer Eye fame), and a cute folk-singing duo named Freddy and Francine who said that Adam Lambert has seen them both naked from their days in “Hair”!

There were more performances to follow by Arielle Jacobs who sang Cher’s “I believe” (which we all know was Adam’s Hollywood week song!), and Jason Paige who sang “Dust in the Wind”, another homage to one of Adam’s Upright performances. Paige’s rendition was especially amusing. While he sang, plumes of baby-powder scented dust puffed around him. (It seemed he had filled his clothing with it beforehand!)

We were then treated to more performances by Lelia Broussard, who sang two original songs, and then acts by Jenna Leigh Green and Emily Rozek who sang a couple songs from Wicked, and a wonderful performance by Upright’s own musical director Billy Porter, among others.

I admit that I hoped that throughout the night we would hear little anecdotes about Adam from the people who have worked with him, but there wasn’t much said besides “we love Adam!” or “Adam is a sweetheart!”, or other exclamations of pride and support for his American Idol run.

After every performance, a shoe or two would be tossed on stage. The host explained that the shoe-tossing is an Upright Cabaret tradition and said he hopes someone will be able to throw a shoe at Adam during one of his AI performances because Adam would really get a kick out of that nod to his Upright Cabaret days! During this time his phone rang and he answered it saying “Oh, ok? You want to do it now?” Then turning to the audience he said “We have someone special on the phone here!”

It didn’t take long for the crowd to go wild at this news. It was, indeed, Adam Lambert himself calling in to express his appreciation for everyone showing up in his honor. He obviously could not be there because of American Idol obligations and legalities, but he was very gracious and thankful for everything. It was a little hard to understand him at times, but the audience was no less thrilled to hear his voice. The hosts asked him to sing a little something and Adam sang a bit of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. It sounded somewhat distorted through the cell phone speaker, but it was still amazing to hear him sing live! For the whole conversation, with captions, click here

They closed out the phone call by having Adam introduce the last two performers, Shoshana Bean and Audra Mae, both of whom gave really lovely performances. Mae sang one song called “Born to be Lovers” which she said she hopes to petition Adam to sing when he records his own album! We’ll see!

Overall, it was a good night with good music. Oh, and the Glambert Look-alike contest? Well, it never really happened because no one showed up dressed like him. So they ended up giving the prize to one of the wait staff who did vaguely resemble a younger Adam! No word on his singing ability though. :)

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  • Pett

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

  • Susan Trombetta

    Never voted until this past week. I did not consider voting more than once, as it felt dishonarable to do that. However, the competition has no such reserve, and openly brags about voting 200 times over the 2 hrs., all votes are counted, and it’s toll-free.
    This week my phone’s repeat button will be getting a workout, and it’s time to “Fight-fire-with-fire,” and to help Adam reach his goal as the next American Idol. He is such a treasure and we must help him shine his light.

  • Susan Trombetta

    The extra 20 million votes came from Adam’s fans; Good Job. Thinking about the 1986 film “Highlander,” last night when Allison went home. “There Can Be Only One, and that one needs a sharp sword as he enters the, “End Game,” his fans are that sword, so keep it sharp. Christopher Lambert, the one, was born in 1957 (Aries – Rooster) and was 25 when Adam was born. If he’s not his biological father, he’s truly his Spiritual father. Adam has an Aries Moon at birth, which is emotional fulfillment through Aries, and gives a strong need to be independant.

  • Efusion

    It happened a while ago but till now I still remember how it was…
    I was in middle of chattering with my buddies one night at ‘Upright Cabaret’,when all of sudden, this voice – kinda gentle but solid seeping into the thin air.
    Phew, I was dazzled right away.
    That moment, I just felt like time has been suspended. The only thing I cling into, Adam and his soulful notes in ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’.Then ‘ridiculous’ thing took in, as when he reached the highest notes,
    Unfold the power of Adam’s magic in….

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