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Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “Feeling Good”

byluv2laugh at TALC
Last Tuesday night, Adam Lambert, delivered a smoldering, sexy rendition of “Feeling Good” with a rock edge. Adam sauntered down the endless Idol staircase entertaining us with his soft raspy vocals building up to his arrival on the Idol stage. Simon Cowell called Adam’s entrance, “The best of the season.” As Adam enticed us with his pitch perfect vocals, he built up to his glory note and held it effortlessly for over nine seconds. Rosie from TALC let us know just how impressive that note was. “For those of you keeping track, one of our fellow posters who has a tuner, clocked last night’s “glory note” at a solid (pitch perfect) D5. Obviously with the power and sustain, that could not have been a false note. That’s HIGH y’all!!!”

Paula Abdul told Adam, “With every performance that I see, it’s like watching the Olympics and you’re our Michael Phelps.” I think that pretty much says it all.

Jamie Foxx, this week’s mentor on Idol had this to say after working with Adam Lambert, “The way he sang that song right now, he’s going to knock every body’s head off. He can sing with the best of them and he’s going to be great.” I thought Jamie Foxx was a wonderful mentor. He was so honest with all of the contestants and really helped them get in touch with the song they were going to sing and the result was a better show across the board.

Jamie Foxx spoke with Ryan Seacrest on his LA KISS radio show yesterday morning. FreddyFudpucker at TALC had this to say about the interview, “Jamie Fox is just such an awesome guy and musician and for him to say such great things about Adam is just totally awesome! I love the way he said Adam is going to break through the upper stratosphere… Which reminded me of where his notes often end up too!” You can listen to the interview here


Here’s what it was like to see Adam’s performance live; what we can’t see through our televisions. “Finally, I must tip my hat to the Steadycam operators for Glambert’s “Feelin’ Good,” who unleashed some first-rate hustle while racing around Adam before he finished his epic final high note. Their work ethic was so impressive, actually, that I rose to my feet with the rest of the crowd on that note, a note that also got me wondering how exactly Adam could possibly out-do his own vocal acrobatics at this point in the show. (Maybe enter into frequencies only dogs can hear?) No matter; during the recap package, Adam’s Idol rivals came out to sincerely congratulate him, Kris first with a full two-armed hug, followed by Gokey with a solid one-armed bro hug, and then Giraud with a good-goin’ high-school-sports-coach slap on the shoulder. Allison appeared too nervous for any sort of physical contact, and Adam, Kris and Giraud instinctively surrounded her like protective big brothers; Gokey, through no fault of his own, found himself boxed out like the neighborhood kid who can’t quite take the hint. When Lambert hit the high note again in his recap clip, Kris pointed to the sky, as if to say, there’s this guy’s limit.” by Adam Vary at EW.Com

Performance Comments from the members of TALC

“I think all the contestants were raising the bar tonight to try and compete with ADAM who always owns the show. And they did pretty good. I still think that no matter how they try, they just can never get close to him. He’s absolutely without question the best. Most talented man I have seen in I can’t even remember when. I guess I would have to say Elvis. Boy that sure dates me doesn’t it. I mean there are LOTS of great singers out there, like Freddie Mercury, etc, etc. but for pure mesmerizing qualities Elvis was different. He won his fans hearts totally, not just his music, his looks, his charm, his charisma. This is what I see in Adam. Like a shooting star…….”, by Sheila at TALC

“As always, Adam gave 110% in his performance tonight and he was AMAZING and BRILLIANT!! I don’t need him to top every performance each week because I don’t think that is possible. Even for Adam. I look at each performance as a separate performance as if I was seeing him for the 1st time. And he still hasn’t disappointed me yet. How could he? No matter what, for me, he was breathtaking and I loved this performance. I actually love EVERY performance of his. But this one ranks right up there. Though ROF will always be #1 for me. There no words to describe him. All I can say is…he is a SUPERSTAR!!” by Jennifer at TALC

“Alright, I absolutely ADORED his Muse rendition of this song. His showmanship is phenomenal! And his vocals are sick! That last note at the end, I found myself holding my breath. And then letting go in a whoosh. And did ya see him ROCK that top model swagger? Adam for me, is beautiful perfection. Jeez, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.” by Mikky at TALC

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  • Julia Rivers

    I was shocked and pissed last night that Adam was put on the spot then sent to the final 3. I’m sure AI is being bombarded with millions screaming that it’s rigged. It may be that Adams fans have become complacent thinking that he already has enough votes. Apparently not!

    I’ll be calling in a lot more for the next 3 shows to get my Adam votes in. I picked up 100 ‘Vote Adam’ buttons and a vote Adam T-shirt from . The t-shirt gets people talking about it and the buttons are great for giving to friends to capture more votes. Spread the word to and get Adam some new fans and votes. Matt’s fans will probably now vote for Kris or Danny, so Adam will need all the votes he can get.

    Join the ‘Vote Adam’ campaign:

  • sharon

    Prediction: Adam will sell more albums than any AI performer ever: He made me cry when he sang “If I Can’t Have You” and he brought out emotions that I didn’t know existed inside me. “Feeling Good” was incredible. No singer since Elvis has affected me that way. I actually believe with all my heart he is the most gifted singer including Freddie Mercury, who was the most gifted rock singer of all time and will always be an ICON. VOTE your fingers off on Tues.

  • sharon

    Anyone who visits this site spread the word. This site is the best I have found. Love it.

  • Susan Trombetta


    There are a few of us Astrologer’s in your audience. One has posted your chart on my idol site, for noon time, and of course that chart is worth nothing but confusion. The planets are accurate and we can aspect those, but putting them in an incorrect map does nothing but ad to ignorance and false predictions.
    You say, “I’m into Astrology,” and therefore probably wouldn’t mind setting the record straight. At least for the people who love to analyze the data, the pure energy that directs a life. Hope you release this information in the future, as you will be in our futures for a long – long – time. Thank You for that.

  • Susan Trombetta

    The extra 20 million votes came from Adam’s fans; Thanks for that. Allison leaving was a bit of a shock! “There Can Be Only One!” The 1986 film, “Highlander,” describes what is going on now. Adam’s fans are his sword, and we must keep it sharp as we enter the, “End Game!”
    The One, in “Highlander,” is Christopher Lambert, born an Aries in 1957 (year of the Rooster). Adam was born when he was 25 years of age. Adam was born with an Aries Moon (emotional fulfillment through Aries, and a strong need for Independance.) Maybe Christopher isn’t his biological father, but most certainly is his Spiritual father.
    Remember Fans, the winner isn’t determined by his talent, it’s by the sharp sword.. so don’t rest on your laurels; keep it sharp!!!!

  • Williams

    Adam Lambert es el mejor, sin duda alguna, su canto, su actuacion, vestimenta, maquillaje, es fashionista, carismatico, hasta ahora con una personalidad al hablar modesta, todo un show man viviente. no soy Gay ni nada por el estilo pero cada dia admiro mas a este tipo, no dejo de ver cada episodio de esta temporada, las canciones que ha cantado las llevo conmigo a todas partes, quisiera ya verlo dar su propio concierto con sus propias canciones, y porque no, verlo rendirle tributo a Freddy Mercury, u otro artista de la misma casta, seria algo impresionante, digan lo que digan de Adam, él, nacio para el espectaculo, espero verlo, como dijo Foxx, en la Estratosfera, en la sima, da gusto verlo en escenario.
    si pudiese votar desde aqui por el lo haria, mi persona y otras admiradores que hay por aca, s{e que la gloria le pertenece, gane o no gane, para mi desde su audicion ya habia ganado. :)

  • Pamela Manke

    What can I say that millions of fans haven’t already said?? Adam is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I have went to many of his fan sites and all the vidios on YouTube, and I have watched all of his different performances, this Man CAN SING EVERYTHING!!!!!! There has not been a performer like him EVER!!!! I’m mesmermized by him!! I’m obsessed with him, and I’ve never been obsessed with anyone,well Jon Bon Jovi-kinda sorta, but nothing like ADAM!!!! He is going to be so incredibly famous!!! I can’t wait to see him win American Idol!!! Love You Adam!! Love You Adam!! Love YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I luv Adams true talent, he is so awesome and can do so much with his voice. I just luv him. He is one of the best that American Idol has ever had on the show. He goes into the top and he will be remembered on the show. He will be successful whether he wins r not. I expect him to win, but it is down to two. He has been my favorite from day one. I am a Black Female from Louisville Ky and will be tuned in tonight. GO ADAM, U REMIND ME OF A YOUNG VERSION OF ELVIS PRESLEY, WHOM I USE TO WATCH AS A CHILD. I WOULD LUV TO SEE A PERFORMANCE BY ADAM AND PRINCE! WOW, THAT WOULD BE A SHOW! His range is Wow! Much luv and success to Adam! SHOUT OUT FROM THE VILLE!

  • Boni

    I sincerely hope Adam will win. he is really a pop idol – not just american but a world pop idol.

  • Kee-Kee

    I am so glad I found this website. I love, love Adam and feel very protective of him. He is a great talent and all great talent needs nurturing. Hang in there Adam, one more show and we’ll do the rest. VOTE!!

    PS. I bought concert tickets for this summer’s AI tour so I wouldn’t go into withdrawls no knowing when I would get to see him perform again. Who better to ‘IDOLIZE’ than Adam?!


    I can’t believe it! I’m 61 years old and in love with Adam Lambert. Of course the same long distance type of love I had for Elvis back in the day. Adam is the next Elvis for this generation. Talented and gorgeous! I will buy his concert tickets right along with my grand daughter. LOVE YOU ADAM!!!

  • Brenda

    Adam, I absolutly agree with Quinell, younare so much like Elvis it is scar-r-ry ! I too am 61 years old and remember Elvis and his way of reaching an audience,you have the same animal magnetism he did. You Go Boy!! It is so funny, I remember my Mother-In Law going crazy over Tom Jones in the ’60′s Lol. I feel just like that now. Straight or gay, you have what it takes in any forum!! It is good to see a magical preformance and feel as energized as when I was 18!!

  • Sandra Metcalf

    Adam, I too and 61 years old and have 2 sons who also love music. One is Keyboardest/Guartist the other Drummer/Guitarest. I have loved music all my life and have been through it all from Elvis to Kiss to Perfect Circle and love it all and am still a rocker. Well let me tell you I have fallen for you like I did Elvis. As I told my husband last night as I watched you, I will be a dedicated fan for ever and I agree with Paula I will be in front of the line to see you even if I’m 80. You are so magnetic and majestic, yes iconic not onlyt for USA but also the world. I can hardly wait to have your first album. My son is burning a CD for me of you Idol performances. Just one thing! PLEASE! Stay true to yourself, you know who you are and handle yourself well. Keep your head level and your feet grounded and you can’t be stopped. All my best wishes and fan love to you. I’ll be watching faithfully.

  • Brenda

    Adam, I am shocked that you didn’t win tonight, however, you got the exposure you needed and you will go far in the Music Industry. You are an amazing talent and I wish you all the luck in the world. Keep up the good work!

  • Theresa

    What a privilage to watch this young man Adam, I still am in awe. I too am an Elvis Presley fan, Adam
    has so many qualities of Elvis. I hope he can accept the gift God has given him. Regardless of winning american idol or not, he will forever, with proper
    care and managing, mold our music future.

  • Pamela Manke


  • RussianAmerican

    I am a middle-aged Russian, and absolutely stunned by Adam’s talent. One of the judges was 100% right saying that he is able to sing a telephone book. There is nothing this young man could not do. There are no limits for him, and I do not have enough words to describe how I felt when I was listening to him -breath-taking, remarkable, outstanding, etc. There are not enough adjectives to measure his performances. He should not take AI seriously – he is too big for this show.

  • Vera

    Your so much more than a idol Adam Lambert, you are a STAR!!!!! Its a shame when people cant overcome their fear and accept your differentness. Elvis was also feared Adam and you are going to really put your mark on this world. I look forward to your future stardom. Please dont dissappoint us Adam we are excitingly awaiting your future! Gene Simmons is no fool he knew you were top material!!!!! Go Adam!!!!

  • Jennifer Thompson

    Adam…..I cannot believe you were not THE IDOL….but just remember, you ARE and always will be THE TRUE IDOL for so many of us!!! I am 50 yrs. old and watch the show with my 19 yr. old daughter…each time we see you perform it’s just AMAZING. My daughter, Sarah, is your biggest fan…she’s finishing her 2nd yr. at UC Berkeley and every day she calls me in to listen to one of your songs on the computer…and that’s why I’m so hooked on you too!!! We are so excited to see you perform in the future and collect all your music…your voice is truly beautiful and a blessing for us all. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us!

  • Luba

    I am sad and angry – people chose averageness over pure talent. There is no comparison. Allan has a very narrow vocal range, funny facial expressions, nothing special about his appearance or performing, it’s the same over and over. While Adam has it all – amazing voice, a ready for stardom package, he surprised me every time I saw him. Why doesn’t anyone saying a word about Allan’s disastrous failure the night before award night? They both sang the same song, and Allan did not even have enough breath to deliver it right, he was not even able to reach the notes! The judges did not say anything, but if this happened somewhere in the middle of competition, Simon would destroy Kris right away. Adam, I fell in love with you the first time I heard your voice. Why care about orientation, or makeup when there is no doubt about talent? Is audience so narrow-minded, they cannot go beyond their prejudice?

  • sharon

    I have not ever watched AI. When I saw a story on Adam I became intrigued. So I saw the next to the last broadcast. Can I tell you Adam I fell in love with you. You are a wonderful performer. I am a true music lover and a Black woman. You are fantastic!!! I am looking forward to your album. I will be in the store to buy it.

  • Beth

    Dear Adam,
    Hope you are well and that your body and spirit has rested after the AI struggles.
    Just to let you know that me and my family fell in love with you and your wonderful voice the moment we
    hear you sing and perform.
    You are certainly the only Idol we like, besides Clay A. though both of you did not emerge as winners. Who cares, the show is judged by people not by credible judges. BUt you are the best loved because you are incredibly unique and talented. I just can’t wait and a bit feeling restless right now until i see your first album in the shelves.

    Good luck to you in your decisions. And God bless you and your future, and your family as well.

    Thanks for inspiring us. Thnak you for the lovely music.

    Love and Prayers,
    Mother of 3 (age 25, 22 & 16)

  • Lena

    Thanks, Adam, for bringing back entertainment, theater, smoldering sexuality, TALL!! and one of the BEST Queen interpretations I have EVER HEARD. Hats off!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    My sister found this website for me today… it’s my Birthday…. she knows how much I adore you and your immaculate talent. :) I’m a lesbian with a man crush.. lol I was sad and mad when you did not win. But, on the upside… you’re not stuck with that corny song as your very first single. ;) You are simply amazing and you are going to be bigger than any Idol. I can’t wait for your first cd… I’ll be first in line. :) I’ll also be in line for your concert… come to Georgia!! :D Take care xoxo

  • Rita

    Adam, thank you for sharing your God given talent with your millions of fans. You are a class act and I have so much respect for you. I have purchased your music from ITunes and it will be an honor to purchase your future music. You have made a huge impact on my life and millions of others. YOU are MY American Idol. Much love and respect to you Adam.

  • Connie

    My husband and I so disappointed that Adam did not win
    AL and we are in our mid 60′s. How people could deny his talent is beyond us.


    LOVE HIM!!

  • Jacqueline

    What a talent in this man!!!
    Even though I was disappointed and mad that Adam didn’t win I am glad that there is AI because if not for the show I might never of had the pleasure to watch and listen to Adam.
    So I will watch again just in case they find another amazing talent like him.
    In the mean time I will watch for more from Adam.
    I wish AI could have gone on for another 20 or 30 show though ( couldn’t get enough of him )

  • Jo-Ann Rios

    After watching Larry King last night I have a great respect for Adam and Kris. They are both class acts. Yes, Adam should have won by a million miles, but Kris realizes that and awknowledges it. Middle America just couldn’t wrap their minds around such a talented person as Adam. Middle America played it safe, which is what their lives are all about. After Adam’s second appearance I told my sister that he was too big for Idol. I have tickets for the Tampa Idol Concert only because of Adam. He is more than amazing, he has been given a gift that he has worked hard on and has now been given the chance to share with the world. I am 61 years old and my sister is 62; finally a star has emerged that we can respect for their pure talent. By the way, love the guyliner, nails, and spectacular outfits! I loved the interview with Adam and his mother. Such respect and love they have for each other – how lucky they both are. Did anyone notice on the Larry King program last night how jealous Danny was of ADAM? He had to say something negative when everyone else was so positive.


    Man, Adam you should have won……….it was almost embarrassing for Kris to accept the award. You are better off though and I personally can’t wait to buy your first cd. There is no question you are the best that has ever been on IDOL. I am not one to post stuff on the internet but after seeing you not win, I felt compelled to. See you when you tour Seattle in the future!!

  • rachel

    adams a great singer he was suppose to win not kris adam is the best i cried when kris won he wasn’t suppose to adam was suppose to win i told my mom they need to revote but as long as adam has a carrer in singing i am ok. i told my mom i want his cd. i want to meet him. i love his voice. i can’t believe he lost that was my wost week after that.

  • Mary

    To the GREATEST TALENT…Adam Lambert….you are hearing this from everyone and everywhere who know wonderful music and showmanship…you have brought to us the joy of our youth and passion that has been dormant for awhile. Being an admirer of Elvis and Tom Jones…you are right up there at the top….and I expect you to be appreciated for a very long time.
    Anxiously awaiting all your music and performances….from a very young 68 yr old

  • Becky

    One of the most AWESOME singers I think we will see for a long while. The world is waiting for you Adam. We will be waiting for all of your music that is for sure. I was wanting you to win American Idol but it is no place for an American Icon.
    LOVE YA ADAM!!!!!!!

  • Ann

    Adam, I looked forward to American Idol just to hear you sing. You are indeed the greatest! I assure you that the judging was not based on talent. Your voice is unsurpassed. The sky is the limit, and you will shine, because you have got what it takes, to be a model, a movie star, or a singer of the higest calibre. You are quite a package – tall , handsome, well dressed, and charming. It has become part of my nightly ritual to listen to your music. Good luck in your endeavour.

  • Pat

    Adam, you are the most incredible performer since Elvis. He would also be so proud of you. We all know you should have been the winner, but apparently the Good Lord has other plans for you. I cannot wait to go to your first concert. God Bless.

  • rose ly

    ucan’t imagine that in vietnam u are a real rockstar.of couse i am vietnams.although we can’t understand the meaning of the song , wecan fell the great emotion in your song which i can’t describe we love u 4ever .don’t forget that u are very talented ,please keep your style which u choose never change love u 4ever adam

  • Robin


  • Robin



    I would love to hear Adam sing some Elvis songs. Maybe some gospel. I enjoyed everything he sang on Idol.

  • Brenda

    Adam, everyone of these people know how talented and special you are. I hope you don’t mind if I interject a little seriousness. The trick to being happy in this business, is to have your feet remain firmly planted on planet earth. If you can do that, you will have a wonderful, exciting, rewarding life. Please don’t let the drugs and alcohal take you down the path to ruin. Elvis led an exciting life, but was a very lonely man who eventually lost his wife and daughter to divorce. He led an isolated life and ultimately destroyed himself. As did many other very talented people. I wish you luck, happiness and the wisdom to not make the mistakes of many Hollywood Rock Stars and Actors. God Bless you and I will be waiting for your first album.

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