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Adam Lambert may be safe, but this victory is bittersweet. Adam was placed in Idols’ bottom two last night during the results show along with Matt Giraud. Matt Giraud went home. At this point in the competition, it’s difficult to watch any of the contestants go home, they are the best of the best. But to see Adam Lambert standing in the bottom two last night after Adam’s brilliant performance of “Feeling Good” was mind boggling.

How can the most talented contestant to ever grace the Idol stage be in the bottom two? Adam Lambert has shown America week after week that he has the extraordinary talent, brilliant vocals, exhilarating stage presence, mesmerizing charisma, creative artistry, and outstanding professionalism to be the next Super Star. Adam Lambert is the most talked about contestant in the media, has the most views on youtube, has sold the most iTunes singles, has the largest Internet fan base, and yet he stands in the bottom two last night… unbelievable! It just proves how important it is to vote, because only your votes are what bring Adam Lambert one step closer each week to becoming our next American Idol. We, here at TALC, do believe that Adam Lambert will be a huge success in the music industry long after his run on American Idol, but until that day, we want to see him win this competition… he has earned it!!

Be sure to check out Adam Lambert’s studio version of “Feeling Good” which is now available at American Idol iTunes store.

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

The Top 5 sang “Energy” in this weeks American Idol Ford music video. Adam Lambert may not be into sports, but he held his own and he sure looked good as he ran to the finish line in Top 5: “Energy”

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

Check out behind the scenes where Adam explains “One of the things we had to do today was we had to lip sync to the track in fast forward, it was going really really fast. I guess they do that to create a cool look on camera. They shoot it in really high speed then they slow it down to the original speed of the track and it gets us looking more interesting.” Don’t miss Adam showing us what it’s like to sing a track in fast forward… funny stuff. Making of “Energy”

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  • pickupstix

    Last night was “mind boggling” for everybody even the audience did you notice their reaction? everybody was stunned. He threw one hell of a spin on that song that I think worked!! He was classic Adam but to AI enough of the boring stuff NEXT week “ROCK WEEK” Shine Adam Shine!!! I think he may he is one true performer and will reherse his ass off this week. Way to go man!!

  • Taylor

    I agree with pickupstix…
    I also think this will benefit him.. being in the bottom two, I think people freaked out and will vote extra hard next week, I know I will be! Go Adam!

  • Mymy

    Please Americans – Adam Fans- vote for ADAM…ADAM only , no more apahty, no more second favorite. As how much I want Adam/Kris in the final, after Wednesday, Kris could also be a threat to him. How the hell Allison got more votes than Adam? Concentrate on voting ADAM only. Do not let amateurs defeat this super-extremely talented guy. Way beyond talented than them …

  • AquariusPeach

    Listening to Adam’s voice is like hearing true music for the first time. Thanks, Adam for being you. The stars are in perfect alignment. Enjoy the ride!

  • sharon

    I can’t stop listening to Adam’s singing…..when I get home from my ER RN job……when I am doing my art work ……when I am walking my dogs……his voice and interpretation of the songs is riveting. I think that I will have my nails done black as a tribute of Adam support….and I like the look.




  • Susan Trombetta

    Jan.29, 1982 brought Adam in as an Aquarian. This is the most evolved, positive sign, and they believe the whole world is their family. It is fixed air, and he is the teacher of detachment, and will always be concerned with what works for everyone.
    Being an Astrologer, I’m aware that the Natal chart is what one has accomplished, and it’s what is brought with the soul. It then incarnates to continue growing. All living things grow. The only way a person would stay, in the Natal planetary positions, is if they died at birth. Every year on Earth we go forward one day as far as Universal transits. The Sun moves one degree per year on Earth. Adam started out as Sun in Aquarius, @ 9 degrees, which left 21 years to complete this sign. Then he entered Pisces, which is the sign of Healing and Compassion. It is mutable, passive water. When you see the symbol for Aquarius, it is shown as a young man with a jug of water being poured, and some think Aquarius is the water bearer. Pisces is water, and this would be more than a complete picture of Adam. The water is his healing music, which he is pouring out in a detached way. It belongs to all of us, his family, and is working to heal the sorrows of our World. This is the American Idol, and he symbolizes the spirit of our Country in all ways. We are marching forward to heal the wounds that poor government has created throughout the world. Let Adam be our voice America!!!!

  • Lee

    What a great interpretation of Adam’s planetary influences and his ability to contribute hope, love, and integration to all with the heart and soul to hear. Adam is an extreme talent and we need his creative influence. I too can hardly wait to buy the healing music that he embodies.

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