Rock the Vote for Adam Lambert… Send Him to the Finals!!

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Adam Lambert’s sang a heartfelt, beautiful rendition of “One” by U2 tonight and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Simon described Adam’s performance as “Brilliant!”

Adam rocked “Cryin” by Aerosmith with his killer vocals. Simon told America not to assume that Adam would be in the finals, but to vote to make sure Adam is in the finals, because ADAM DESERVES TO BE THERE!!



Call 1-866-436-5703 and/or 1-866-436-5706 and/or 1-866-436-5709

If you have AT&T as your carrier, you can text your vote to 5703

Remember… ONLY YOUR VOTES for Adam can bring him to the finals!!

VOTE only for Adam Lambert – a vote for someone else is one less vote for Adam
VOTE for the Entire Two Hours
VOTE on all Landlines & Cells – Redial, Redial, Redial…
VOTE by Text (If you have AT&T) – avoids busy signals



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  • Nickilicious

    The blog is my favorite place to go (besides the forum!) for the most up to date info on Adam. & it’s so helpful to have the numbers and everything RIGHT HERE for me to ROCK my VOTE because I don’t get to watch the show until much later.

    Thanks for all you guys are doing! Let’s see Adam in the finals!!!!!


  • Cece

    Ive been an Adam fan ever since auditions!!! I knew he was gonna get far on the show. I vote for him every week for 2 hours!!! IM ADAM LAMBERT CRAZY!!<3333
    If Kris gets Adams spot in the finals im done watching American Idol! Going to watch it tonight!! OMG *heres for Adam*!!!( ADAM I WILL ALWYS BE A FAN I LOVE YOU!!!<3) Go show America what you can do!!!

  • Alexander

    Adam vs Kris! I love both of them, and of course I will try to vote for Adam without stop for 2 hours next week again! I will call all my friends for this!

    I didn’t have the luck to see the mayday of the greatest singers, Jagger, Elvis, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Buno, etc, but glad that I have this chance to see a great star rise from the horizon, like the bright morning sun! Adam, I am your fan!!!!!!

  • oracle

    we all have to vote,vote,vote. this is the only time he will be the american idol. we cannot let this opportunity get away from us. this is important and life altering in a way that cannot be fully fathomed or explained. it can only be felt in the deepest way imaginable. and adam gives that to all of us every week- freely, deeply and with the greatest love there is. he is selfless and fearless when he performs reaching into the depths of his soul and gifting all of us with the light that resides there. i speak for myself when i say these things but when i read everything that is out there i know that i speak for all of us who love adam and his beautiful talent. what a gift to us and to the world. and so we must return that gift a hundredfold with our votes to ensure that his rise to the stratosphere is played out on the idol stage. continue to vote, vote early, vote the entire 2 hours ,vote as much as you can==it’s our way of saying we see you,we hear you,we love you, we support you, Godspeed to your new and wonderful life Adam.

  • Dawn

    I have posted a link to this page on my website….we are reminding all of the Adam fanatics to vote…..

    His talent is beyond amazing… matter what the results of next week’s show, I know he is going to be a legend…..

    Go ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Van Koll

    I am a true fan since moment one and am only now just starting to accept what happened – we will all get the last word as Adam will rule!!!! Anyway, I am a sane individual and want Adam to do a cover of Super Massive Black Hole from the Twilight Soundtrack. I thought the original was brillant but Adam should just take on this amazing song for fun and blow it out of the universe…or the galaxy or the black hole or whatever else there is out there!!! He can and he should.

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