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by luv2laugh at TALC
It’s very simple when it comes right down to it; you vote for who you think is the best singer/performer on the show. For me, that’s been Adam Lambert since Season 8 began; giving us a unique and captivating performance with flawless killer vocals week after week. Never in the history of Idol, has there ever been anyone as talented as Adam Lambert. The American Idol win is important to Adam as it should be, he’s worked very hard for it, and in my opinion, he has earned it and he deserves it. During Adam Lambert’s radio interview in San Diego, Adam was asked if he wins American Idol, how will he feel and what will it mean to him. Adam’s response, “If I were to win, it would definitely be a validation of everything I have worked for, my whole life, I have been trying to entertain people. Getting to be on this platform and being able to entertain this many people all at once… this is the ultimate prize. This is what I’ve wanted for my whole life so it will be a crowning achievement and it will be pretty overwhelming.”

Comments from our members at TALC

“Be wise. Your vote is sacred. Don’t count on Dial Idol,, Allison’s fan club (sympathy votes), magazine articles, forums, blogs, or any media coverage that says Adam is SAFE. Adam needs is your VOTE on the phone, not Kris. Think about the goosebumps on your skin when Adam sang perfect acapella, standing in front of the American Flag at the MCAS Miramar Homecoming in SD on Friday. It drives home the need to vote for Adam, and no one else.” by PANDORA 60

“For anyone who comes across Adam fans who are talking about vote splitting and/or it being better that Adam loses – just remind them that Adam WANTS to win. It isn’t for them to decide what is better for him. He WANTS it. Vote for him because HE WANTS TO WIN. After his “Feelin’ Good” performance, this came up with Simon. In the review that I wrote for that week, I noted this: And for those out there writing articles or posting comments that Adam would be better off losing American Idol? Just look at Adam’s face when Simon observes that he can see Adam wants to win this thing. Yes he does. Yes he should. If you agree, VOTE for Adam Lambert.” by Glambert

“The competition is about the person who deserves it most. The person who is most talented. It is not about who you think will be better off by winning, by losing, by coming in 3rd, who you want to see battle it off in the end with a certain someone else. Whatever. That is completely selfish. Pick the person who you like the most and vote for them. Adam is working hard every week and he has gained us as fans from the BEGINNING, I’m so sorry but no one else in the competition even comes CLOSE to Adam in my eyes. They have done diddly squat compared to Adam and I do not care who gets voted off when as long as Adam is in the finals and wins! The fact that any Adam fan can even want to give votes to someone else just blows my mind. If Adam got kicked off this week I would not even be watching next week or voting for anyone!” by Leming&LambertFan

by AdamBomb1877 at TALC
Remember how important last weeks votes were? Well this week it will be even MORE IMPORTANT. If you want to GUARANTEE Adams spot in the finale, then you need to vote. You need to vote hard. You need to get as many people as you know to vote. Do whatever it takes to get the word out for votes. VOTING is the only way to get him through. DO NOT GET COMPLACENT. Complacency will do nothing but guarantee Adam leaving the contest. DO not assume that he is safe because “other people are voting”. What if everyone has that same thought as you!? Then Adam goes home.


If you have AT&T as your carrier and you “Power Text” your votes, be sure to test your power texting method before you use it to vote. Many cell phones, especially AT&T Go Phones allow you to power text, however, only 1 text vote is actually sent. By testing your method to another cell phone ahead of time, you will know if your phone will power text and send multiple text votes at one time. If your cell phone does not send more than 1 vote, you are better off texting single texts, as it takes less time, and all of your texts count as votes.



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  • Brooke

    i couldnt agree more

  • Barbs

    I must admit, I haven’t ever been this excited about an American Idol performer, & I was definitely ‘hooked’ on David Cook last year! This goes light years beyond last year! This excitement around Adam Lambert is about an incredibly gifted & talented artist, who just radiates sincerity, honesty, & mostly lovingness. At this point, I’m only watching American Idol because of Adam; it definitely would not be the same without him! He deserves to win because he far & away outshines anyone else; he’s in a league all of his own with his talent, range, & presence. I plan on using my cellphone & landline tonight, & just keep dialing my votes for the entire 2 hours we have to vote. Let’s see what kind of voting record we can make tonight, shall we?!?!? Hold the vision! Let’s see Adam to the final & the win!!!

  • LGMB


  • Share

    very worried, I have not had any problems getting through on Adams Idol 06 & 09 numbers. Please VOTE!!!!!

  • Susan Trombetta

    All members of American Idol, on 5-12-09, were over excited. This excitement was reflected in Adam’s delivery. It was the first time he needed to drop anchor and ground his high voltage delivery. He’d been given advice, on Rock night, use your lower registers..”Slow down and stay grounded!”
    We love whatever he gives us for sure. The fans are in it for life, with understanding and support, but there are a mass of people that are trying to shove Adam out of the running.. (*keep the amps contained, so you can’t be.) Entering the “End Game,” “There Can Be Only One!”

  • Cecily

    ADAM Rocks 4 Life


  • Cindy

    Adam is so electrifying and he hits every single note with flawless, effortless accuracy. More than that, though, he has pierced my soul with his talent and humility. I am 53 and have not felt like a teenager in decades. In fact, I have never been this obsessed with an entertainer EVER! His performances and singing make me feel alive, excited, happy, fulfilled and amazed at how he can sing any kind of song and bring it a newness that is priceless. It really frustrates me when I vote for him the entire 2 hours that much of the time it says “all circuits are busy” or a busy signal. I wish they would give him more phone lines…I think 10 lines might allow all those of us that vote to get through. I have T-Mobile as a cell phone and don’t know if I can text my votes or not. Does anyone know the answer of that? In my heart and mind, Adam has already won. I think Kris is a sweet young man, too, and has a gentle voice – however, Adam is in a league with superstars like Prince, Elvis and the Beatles. I just adore everything about Adam. I am so proud of him – his music and sweet spirit will unite the world.

  • DD.

    GO ADAM! YOU ROCK! And the hair man, nobody deserves that hair like YOU do!

  • Cynthia

    I’m 51 years old and have not been this energized by a performer — ever. I can hardly believe the talent Adam Lambert has. He deserves hands down to win the crown of American Idol. I have never downloaded I-tunes until I heard Adam Lambert. Nor have I ever been so anxious to watch Americon Idol each week. I am ready to pay tickets for Adam’c concerts (and already have a ticket to the Idol Tour in Kansas City) and yes, I will pay good money to buy his CD’s. Vote Adam Lambert for American Idol. He deserves it!!

  • macky

    Adam Lambert deserves every single vote he gets and more. he is unbelievable. he can sing extremely well. i hope he wins. everyone who loves his voice and him should vote as much as they can. please everyone vote. he deserves to win more than anyone. HE IS INSANELY GOOD.

  • LaChanda Thompson

    I’m kinda late posting– but I want to say that Adam Lambert in my book is the most talented individual brought before America in a long time. He brings so many things to the stage & absolutely deserved the title! I’m a true fan FOR LIFE!! He is MY American Idol!! I voted (literally) FIVE HUNDRED TIMES! lol. It’s heartbreaking that he lost. Chris Allen is certainly a great artist- but didn’t compare to Adam! I also thought that Danny Gokey deserved to be in the finals– with Allison as 3rd runner up. :-) just thought I’d throw that in there.
    Rock on Adam! America loves you too!!

  • christine

    If Adam comes out with a CD, we’ll be robbed of half of his appeal.That beautiful face, and look of accomplishment will be absent. Both are required for maximum pleasure! What an icon! No plastic surgery required! Pure Adam Lambert!!

  • Jake

    i voted on Adam Lambert in the show American Idol. for me, he is the best contestant in that show.

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