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by luv2laugh at TALC

FOX All Access had the opportunity to interview Adam Lambert during his journey on American Idol. Here’s the two part interview full of interesting facts from Adam himself.

During Part 1 of the interview, Adam talks about what his parents think of his “look”, his biggest risks, David Cook, why he’s ready to become a successful artist, performing on the Idol stage for the first time, the most important thing he’s learned from his Idol experience, what he loves to do, his Glee club experience, and why he thinks people are responding to him.

FOX All Access Adam Lambert Part 1

During Part 2 of the interview, Adam shares his very first memory of music, how he likes to spend his free time, a fact you might not know about him, his favorite quote, his guilty pleasures, his funniest fan interaction, a defining life experience, a life changing moment, and a message to his fans.

FOX All Access Adam Lambert Part 2

The interview closes with a message from Adam Lambert to his fans. “Thank you so much for all the love and support, the fan mail, the gifts… the defense of being your own person; I think that resonates with people on a deep level and I’m glad I had the opportunity to kind of ring those bells.”

A beautiful tribute to Adam Lambert written by Star Lambert at TALC.

“Adam has completely changed the dimension of American Idol. Never before have we seen such an exceptional artist whose every performance is flawless, entertaining and so well coordinated. He is favored by judges, fans and the music/entertainment industry. Despite all his talent, my favorite quality in Adam is his humility. He knows he is good, he knows he is loved around the world, he has a tremendous amount of self confidence, but he also knows humility. In the general scheme of things, I guess with the proper training and opportunities, we could be almost as good as he is, but his humility comes from so deep within it cannot be mirrored…anywhere. I honestly can’t compare him to another entertainer. (They seem to have this hype about being ‘them’.)

It is such a joy to watch Adam. He performs songs that tell a story, probably some of his; you can see and feel his every emotion which makes him so engaging and pure in his delivery. I am happy to see Adam become the next American Idol which he so richly deserves, but not too enthusiastic to see the end of the competition This has been such a fulfilling experience and nothing can come quite as close, but I look forward to attending Adam’s concerts and buying his CDs, as soon as they are released.

Adam, rest assured that we will vote like there is no tomorrow because you are indeed the next American Idol and we have been made better for having experienced you. THANK YOU ADAM, THANK YOU!!!

ROCK THE VOTE FOR ADAM!” by Star Lambert at TALC

This is the moment when Adam Lambert’s dream can become a reality. Adam will perform first on Tuesday night. There will be three rounds… Contestants favorite (Song they have performed on the season), Simon Fullers pick, and Winners Single (Both Adam and Kris will sing the same song). After the American Idol Show airs, the voting lines will be open for four hours. We ask you once again, to vote for the entire voting period on as many lines as you possible can. All the Adam bombs here at TALC will be voting like crazy… Adam Lambert for the WIN!!! Adam is already our Super Star, but let’s all do everything we can to make Adam’s dream come true… Adam Lambert Our American Idol.


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  • Susan Trombetta

    Listening to the Fox #1 – #2 Interview. Adam comments on his love of Astrology. I’m an astrologer who’d love to know his time of birth? Without this, I’m not able to do his chart. Since, he stated he knows his Ascendant, Rising sign, and Moon, this information is there. If you’re reading the comments here, Adam, respond to this request.. Thank You

  • hlona

    Wow… what a genuine honest person. To say that he loves teenage girls because of their carefree stage of life they are in. How true is that!! He has such a delightful view of life. People like Adam are people that I gravitate towards because they are fun to be around. To know that there is such an engaging personality behind that magnificent voice is… endearing, magnetizing, and mesmerizing. What a sweetheart!!

  • Gicel Glam

    Adam Lambert voice and performances reach the senses in a very powerful way. You are my daughter’s favorite since the audition and we follow your journey trough AI. Thanks to this mega show we get to know about your great talent. We already got I tune studio version of your songs choices. Fans: you will enjoy it!

    We are looking forward to see you in CT on September.

    Congratulations Adam!

  • Essex Cowgirl

    Adam is one of the most unique vocalists I have EVER seen. When I listen to him sing especially One by U2, he brings tears to my eyes. It’s as if his voice is reaching deep down into the depths of my essence right to the core bringing out pure raw emotion. He is so humble and talented and I hope that he can survive this crazy industry. Be true to yourself Adam and never change!
    I’m Canadian and would’ve loved to vote a bazillion times. Everyone here is buzzing about him. I hope to see him in concert one day. Better yet I’d love to shake that musical genius’ hand.

  • Susan Trombetta

    So, the American Idol is laying claim to 100 million votes, on the finale. The peson who brought them these votes is Adam Lambert. It took the show 8 years to find a real talent, a Star.. who brought with him other stars, both on-stage and in the audience.
    The voting for this show, is ugly and mean-spirited. The show executives expect hard-working, well meaning folks.. to sit up on the phone until 1 AM, on a week-night, hitting their re-dial buttons. The cause was great, but mid-night was as far as I could go.
    Many times the automated voice said, “Thanks for voting for #2!!” which I didn’t, and it irritated me enough to keep playing the American Idol Lame Game!!
    Legally, one vote per phone should be allowed. This is the American Government rule. First time voter, I was shocked to find out, “It’s not talent, it’s how many times you can hit the re-dial button.” Biggots and hate mongers have nothing better to do with their time than play on the phone.
    Kris is a nice boy, but no way is he the American Idol. His talent would have not generated a show for you this season.. It was Adam, and the American public knows this.. American Idol blew it this year.. your system of voting was a disgrace, and did nothing to help your shows ratings in future. I’ll never watch the show again. I’d like to thank you for Adam, but then again, he wasn’t given a fare break.
    Luckily, he’ll get his recording contract without your help.. and will sell more records than any artist since Elvis.

  • Lani Marshall

    Susan, I am in total agreement with what you said. I too am going to boycott next year’s AI as punishment for what happened to Adam. AI should revamp their voting system and rules so that it is more fair. Thank you for expressing my views exactly.


  • mary

    only reason watched the show was Adam, and he kept the show alive. going to the Atlantic city show, cant wait, and Im in my 50′s,, and i will buy his cd. such a great , fine young man, artist , etc,

  • Carol

    There is a real problem with the voting. I was able to vote until the final. For the final – two lines were FAX lines, so no vote, and the other line was always busy – for 4 hours. Somehow, AI is a voting scam.

    Apparently, voting electronically is the only way it works. Apparently Arkansas was able to do this I read. Let’s have everyone in on it AI!

  • Jemma

    What a beautiful man? I could not stop listening to theseee! he just talks so much sense and I wanted to hear more! he is my inspiration and idol!!! i actually love him… i dont think there he could be any more geuine!
    Adam you are a pleasure to watch perform and were on American Idol! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world… im sorry to tell you from here on though you will never be left alone! WE LOVE YOU! you will be a worldwide star =]
    No1 Fan from the UK

  • janet

    i had never watched american idol until my daughter told me i had to check out this guy adam lambert…once i did i watched every week cheering him on …he is truly a beautiful old soul…his voice is mesmerizing…he can sing any style of music and then brings to that a genuine and unique style as only adam can do…i wish him a long, prosperous and successful career…he is deserving of everything that comes his way…

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