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To all our readers, please excuse our absence during the past week. The TALC staff, along with two very close friends traveled across the country to experience the American Idol Finale in person. It was an adventure of a lifetime! We wanted to be there in person to hear Adam Lambert perform live and be able to deliver first hand information to our readers straight from the Nokia theater. This will be the first of several installments from our experience. While we were there, we had the opportunity to meet Adam Lambert and we would like to share that experience with all of you.

by tuke18 at TALC
On Wednesday night, as they were whisking Adam away, he got within earshot of me, I yelled out, “Adam, thanks for wearing our pendant we sent you!” and he said, “This is you guys?” and I said, “Yes, it’s us!” and he said “I love it! Thank you.” and then I pushed through the security guards and reached out my hand to give him the TALC card. He literally had to reach back over his shoulder and grab it, but he did and I said, “We love you!” as I handed him the card. It was so hurried and rushed, but it was so, so cool!! Then what was almost even cooler, Thursday morning when he first saw us, he looked at us and saw our TALC shirts and waved and said, “I got the card!”

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam has a positive aura about him… don’t know quite how to describe it, but you can sure feel it in his presence. Adam is so warm, friendly, and loving, he made me feel like I’ve known him my whole life. I wasn’t nervous at all, just positively beaming that I finally had to opportunity to meet this extraordinary young man. There’s a warmth and comfort in Adam’s beautiful eyes and when he talks to you, or if you are speaking to him, Adam is all about eye contact. Adam is so genuine and enthusiastic in his appreciation for all the love and support from his fans. If you can even imagine, Adam is more beautiful in person than in any picture I have ever seen of him; he’s simply glowing.

Getty Images

Getty Images

During a break with the press, Adam came up to us and thanked us for all the gifts. Adam asked if we had seen that he made the rocker pendant into a broach and wore it last night. Of course we noticed, how could we miss it! He said he wore the rocker pendant for the Led Zeppelin performance and wanted to wear it on his jacket during the finale. We said you wore it a lot and Adam said, “I love it, that’s why.” Adam said that meant so much to him and when he opens our gifts he gets excited because he thinks they’re cool. Adam said, and I’ll never forget, “You guys get me.” which warmed my heart.

The rocker pendant we discussed with Adam was one of the many gifts the Adam Bombs of TALC gave him during his run on Idol. It was one of the ways we showed our appreciation for his outstanding, unique, performances every week. The Orange Country Register featured an article called, ‘Idol’ finalist’s pendant came from La Habra store.

Contestant Adam Lambert’s fan club has sent over a gift before each performance on “American Idol” – and one that he wore on the show came from a La Habra store.

The singer wore a two-inch, crystal pendant from the rocker-apparel store, Perpetual Vogue, twice on the Fox-TV show, as well as during other TV interviews and for Rolling Stone magazine photos. Lambert, one of two finalists, will compete for the top spot during the two-part finale Tuesday and Wednesday.

“He’s definitely got the right rocker look. I think he’ll win,” said owner Clarissa Parashar.

“When we saw him wear it five times, it’s like, ‘Oooh, he likes this.’ Now we know what he likes,” Seiders said.

Los Angeles designer Shannon Sleaze of said she made the design specifically for the La Habra business. Lambert’s pendant, features an oval, smoky crystal surrounded by metal and clear spikes. by Sarah Tully, The Orange County Register

As each of us introduced ourselves to Adam, he called us each my name; he was so warm and welcoming. After I met Adam, I turned and told him that all the Adam Bombs that could not be here today send all their love and support. I asked if he would do a shout out to our members. We filmed Adam’s shout out to his Adam Bombs done just before they pulled him away again to do more press.

Adam Bomb Shout Out

by flynnsgirl at TALC
I want to tell you something I observed in our time spent with/watching Adam. People can’t keep their hands off of him, its extraordinary to watch. Everyone, men, women, kids, they all can’t stop touching him. He has a light around him that exudes charisma. Adam had all black on but he looks like he is in color and everyone else is not. I truly believe he was born to be famous. While we were waiting for our time with him, we were just standing around talking and I kept looking at the reporters interacting with him. They couldn’t keep their hands off of him! Adam is so at ease, so comfortable in who he is, he gives off this confidence and “star quality” that just draws people to him. We had such a blast in our short time with him, he was dead tired and still was so kind and generous with his time. He teased with us and we made him laugh. What a great day it was.

by AdamBomb1877 at TALC
Meeting Adam was a definite high point of the week! He is the most genuine, humble and caring person. His first words to us were, “Thank You so much!” I know this probably sounds silly, considering he thanks everyone, but he says it with such meaning and conviction. When speaking to you, Adam looks you in the eye and focuses on you. Even if he is interrupted, he is still focused. He is an incredible person. There were no nerves, we were all ourselves and nothing was held back. The moment was perfect. We picked the right guy to support this year!! The future is bright for that Rock Star!

by Adam’s Philly Babe at TALC
Words describing Adam are slim to none because he is unlike any person I have ever met before. I don’t think words could describe him but I’ll try. He is so warming. The minute you see him 10 feet from you, you feel warmed and almost giddy. His smile sends you into heaven with that kind look in his eyes. He is truly undeniably special in the sense of interacting with others. He is such a great person to talk to with his natural and honest enthusiasm even on no sleep. I hope that all of his fans get the chance to meet him because that alone will make you his fan for life.

While we were there, Alysia Sofios from FOX 26 in Fresno, CA asked us what it was like to meet Adam. Here’s a video of the news clip.

TALC Interview on Fox 26 Fresno

We also had the opportunity to do a live interview with Mia Fleming from Fox 23 Tulsa.

TALC Interview on Fox 26 in Tulsa

For more pictures and recaps about our amazing experience in Los Angeles, please check out

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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  • cheryl miller

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing, and taking us on this incredible journey with you. Adam is so awesome, and we see that thru your pics and your text. I want to be an Adam Bomb!!

  • Thanks for the Light!

    Do you have more pictures of Adam and the baby? Adorable!

  • wawalamb

    awwwwwww!! I love this picture it’s so sweet , look at the kids hand in his hair !! I’m so jelous. Imagine this baby grown up and the mom shows this picture and says; look , you were in the arms of the rock god legend Adam lambert !!!! Wow.

  • rhina21

    so cute! adam bombs are so lucky! love the picture with adam and the baby. so adorable!

  • Cecilia

    Aww, he is so awesome! He seems to be the nicest, sweetest guy in the world. He’s such an inspiration for me. Thank you Adam Lambert for being you!

  • MIKE




    THANKS A LOT, GALS. GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erika

    OMG! I wish I would meet Adam too. It would be the coolest thing. You rock guys. I’m so jealous. LOL :)

  • sabine

    Thanks soooo much for sharing all this with the rest of the world. I am another one of these middle aged mothers writing from Montreal, Canada. I will take my two teenage girls to Albany for the Idol concert. 4 h drive but so what. We are going for ADAM!!!!! He is singlehandedly the most exciting performer Idol has ever had and many of us have seen in decades!!! Nothing but love, huge sucess and all the respect in the World!!! Go ADAM. We can’t wait for more music. He leaves us all wanting sooooooooooooooooooo much mooooooooore. Screams never sounded so good!!!!

  • Barbs

    I relate so much to what Sabine is saying! And, how wonderful it is to see so many entries in such a short time, by so many ‘different’ folks. I’ve been checking in several times daily, & had to wait after the finale w/the rest of us for y’all to bring us this FABULOUS report of your incredible experience! How fortunate & blessed you all are; you’ll just have to represent all of us, until the rest of us have our opportunity to meet & greet our dear Adam. That’s really how I feel about Adam Lambert. Ever since being connected to this group – the Adam Bombs – & because you TALC folks are such great folks, & Adam feels the connection, even thanks us, wears our gifts, expresses love for us, and demonstrates that in person to you guys! How great is that! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! And thank you so much, Adam, for being such an incredible light for so many. You just shine so beautifully, & your voice truly is a Gift to be shared. You give us more than you probably realize, dear one. I am sooooo looking forward to the Tour! & to whatever you produce & perform! Meanwhile, I’ll keep watching footage of this gorgeous soul & listening to this incredible voice, & ‘feeling gooooood’ ;-) Much love, blessings, strength, serenity, joy, prosperity, manifestation, & all good gifts, Adam! You just keep sharing yourself, your heart & soul, your message, your gifts, your creativity, & whatever else you so desire! We support & love you in it. And, thus, we are all transformed!

  • Patricia

    I am an ADAM BOMB,,,thanks to ya’ll that have made TALC. I am 52 yrs old and have watched American Idol since the first season. Kris winning makes me think they’ve done this before. The integrity of the show is down the toilet for me. They just let at&t get away with cheating. Besides, Kris may be the IDOL but Adam is the ICON. I can’t remember anyone else’s tunes but Adam’s. He is a ROCK GOD. I know good talent what i see and hear it. Adam is the REAL DEAL. He’s number 2 on the Itunes chart. GO FIGURE…Thanks again for such a great site….I’m jealous..u got to go see Adam,,,lol…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LADIES….

  • Susan Trombetta

    American Idol was the place to find Adam, however American Idol took 8 years of searching before it actually found The American Idol worth mentioning.
    The voting system was awful,and this is my first time voting, due to Adam. It was a shock to find out, it has nothing to do with talent, it’s how fast you can hit your re-dial button, on phone, and I found it possible to get 5 votes in a minute. All votes count. Then that 4 hr. voting, on the last show. How many people. who work, stay up until 1 AM playing with their phone. It would take more than love to overcome all the hate, unemployed, prejudiced bigots who can sleep in late to get over their drunken rage. When 10 times the number of people in an area vote, you know it’s fishy.. and it stinks, even now it stinks. I’ll never watch the Idol show again.. They don’t even tell us the margin, of votes, between the last 2 contestants, by how many votes did Kris win? I asked the My Idol website many times to let us know, and they refuse. The only thing I like about Kris is the fact that he’s ashamed that Adam isn’t the winner of the show, as he truly deserved it.

  • Sherry McLaughlin

    I find myself sitting up every night looking at Adam anywhere I can find him. Tonight I had 500 pictures on AOL. I looked at all 500 – some twice. I love ADAM. Like I loved Elvis and Neil Diamond. (I was raising 6 children and working during the Beatles years)but I love them too. But Adam is the best to me. I can see his sincerity and beauty of soul. I would give anything to meet him. And he is sooooo cute!!! Go Adam Bombs …..

  • ashley (adamskentuckyfan)

    Ahhhh, He would make a great dad

  • Bella

    Does anyone know Adam’s favorite color(s)? Does someone have a good address to send fan mail or gifts to Adam?

  • Paulyn

    Hello there, thanks for sharing your awesome experience with Adam! Love your photos with him, looks like a really cool guy inside and out. =)

  • CassidyLovesAdam!

    Oh my gosh! He is so beautiful! How did you get to meet him? Amazing!

  • CassidyLovesAdam!

    Oh, and what is his adress to send stuff too? Does he actually recieve it?

  • JudiK

    You’re right – there are no words adequate enough.

  • kayla

    how did you get to meet him? hes my idol and inspiration. i luv him so much!!! and im 14!!!

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