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Rock The Vote for ADAM LAMBERT Our Rock Star

by on May.05, 2009, under All About Adam

Adam Lambert set the Idol stage on fire tonight while singing “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin like only a rock super star can. Let’s show Adam a whole lotta love right now by rocking the vote big time!!


Call 1-866-436-5701 and/or 1-866-436-5705

If you have AT&T as your carrier, you can text your vote to 5701

Remember… ONLY YOUR VOTES for Adam can bring him one step closer to becoming our next American Idol.

VOTE only for Adam Lambert – a vote for someone else is one less vote for Adam
VOTE for the Entire Two Hours
VOTE on all Landlines & Cells – Redial, Redial, Redial…
VOTE by Text (If you have AT&T) – avoids busy signals



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Adam Lambert Fans Unite – Never Again in the Bottom

by on May.04, 2009, under All About Adam

It’s “Rock Week” on Idol, and Slash, this week’s mentor, twittered “Those AI kids can sing their asses off, especially Adam.” We are definitely excited around here about rock week… Adam Lambert is our Rock Star! Tomorrow night, the contestants will also sing a duet. We hear Adam is paired up with his buddy Kris.


Calling all Adam Lambert fans to unite and rock the vote this Tuesday night!! Never again do we want to see Adam in the bottom two. We have the power to take Adam Lambert all the way… save the super star!! ONLY YOUR VOTES FOR ADAM can bring him one step closer to becoming our next American Idol.


Vote Only for Adam- Remember, a vote for another contestant takes a vote away from Adam. He was in the bottom two last week.

Start Voting Early - The voting lines open during the middle of the last performance on Idol. Start getting your votes in early.

Vote for the Entire Two Hours - No one is safe, including Adam. Vote as many times as you can during the two hour voting period. Use redial; once you hear the recording start (about 3 seconds), end the call and hit redial again.

Vote Using More Than One Method - You can use landlines, cell phones, texting (if AT&T is your carrier) and DialIdol all at the same time. The more options you can use; the more votes for Adam.

TEXTING – Note: You must have AT&T as your carrier and an Unlimited Texting Plan – Texting your votes avoids busy signals and the result… more votes for Adam. If you want to text your votes, but don’t have AT&T as your carrier, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive AT&T Go Phone and the AT&T unlimited texting plan. Click here for more information.


Send ‘VOTE’ ONLY to a 4 digit contestant number: 57_ _. Send following text votes by RESENDING “VOTE” – no need to re-type “VOTE.”


Text between 3K-5K votes in 2 hours – by power texting 10 votes at a time:

1. Create 10 contacts with Adam’s 57** number, title them “Adam 1″, “Adam 2″, up to “Adam 10″**
2. Create a caller group named “Adam”
3. Add the 10 contacts to the caller group.
4. Type “VOTE”, send to, select “Adam” caller group with the 10 Adam text numbers in it.
5. Send text (it’ll take a few seconds since it’s sending 10 instead of 1).
6. It should take you right back to your Sent box, select the text you just sent, hit forward, select the caller group again, and send!
7. Repeat!

**if having problems with setting up same number for each of the 10 contacts, put same phone number (57_ _) in different slots: Adam 1 in work 1, Adam 2 in work 2, Adam 3 in Home, Adam 4 in Mobile, etc. (credit to eyelinergoddess)

OR create 10 different contact numbers – then edit later. Send 10 texts about every 30 seconds. Prepare your next 10 while one set of 10 is being sent, so you have it ready to instantly send when the previous set is transmitted.

More power texting methods can be found at TALC forum. Find out which method works best for your cell phone.

For Information on Group Texting on IPhones: and MacRumorscom


DIALIDOL by Glambert at TALC

You need a phone modem and a standard landline phone to use DialIdol. I use DialIdol and I just have my phone plugged in to the back of my computer, and the computer connected to the phone line in the wall. DialIdol will have instructions for how to install, etc. and if you have questions, there is a forum where people can help. Once it is set up, DialIdol will take over your landline for the 2 hour voting period. You will have to choose who to vote for. The drop down says: Make this Idol safe, and then highlight Adam in the list. You have to do this each week.

For more information go to

DIGITAL OR VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL (VOIP) like Vonage or Skype, by rohm at IdolForums

Skype: for US Voters only - vote after the show airs in the Eastern/Central timezones.

Skype: for International fans - you can only vote using Skype after the show airs in the Eastern/Central timezones: calls are re-routed, so the area code of the geographic area where it’s routed determines your time zone & 2-hour open voting window period; call provider to verify cost & other details.


Note: Add the number “1″ in the phone numbers when calling.

Gizmo (International & U.S. fans: programs like gizmocall often need reconnecting and the number re-added.):

* OR

* Just enter the phone number into the left hand side and hit the green call button.

For International fans: vote after the 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central show. It won’t work during the Mountain or Pacific time zones. Need: internet connected computer with a browser and Flash version 9 or better.

* (International fans & U.S. fans)


current time conversion:

future time conversion:

by Joy at TALC
If you have family and friends that live in the United States, encourage them to vote on your behalf.


For more information on Voting Strategies click here



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PROMOTE THE VOTE for Adam Lambert

by on May.02, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

by luv2laugh at TALC



It’s tough looking at that picture of Adam Lambert in the bottom two and it’s meant to be. This week all Adam fans got a wake up call. We need to take action and get the word out to promote the vote for Adam Lambert. Here are some suggestions on how you can help spread the word.

Ways to Get People Voting
You can use youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, blogs, and any other way you can think of to let all Adam Lambert supporters know how very important it is to vote. Send out myspace bulletins stressing the importance of voting, reminding all Adam fans to rock the vote. Twitter the importance of voting for Adam to support him. Use your phone a friend option for those you know are fans of Adam and be sure to mention how important it is to vote for him to show their support. Only votes, and lots of them, let Adam continue on his journey to becoming our next American Idol. Let your voice be heard and be sure to vote for the entire two hours for Adam Lambert!

Youtube Videos
“One of the ways you can get fans to pay attention is to post videos on You Tube. When you post a video on You Tube on the right hand side there is space where can post what the video is about, but you can also post a message for people to read links etc. So I was thinking that some of these popular high hit Adam video posters could change their tag to something like “vote for Adam don’t assume he’s safe and get a friend to vote to”.

Also, people can make new Adam videos and post in the video the same message “vote for Adam” in certain parts of the video. It’s really a matter of imagination to get peoples attention and take action. The tag on all You Tube videos to the right hand top side gives you room to post a message about the video. I’ve done this before and it has worked. Maybe you can edit the tag to say something like “vote for Adam and get a friend to vote for him too so he’s never in the bottom 2 again.” by Joy at TALC

Post Videos on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter
“Another thing that can be done is to make videos saying vote for Adam and then get your friends to vote for him and post it on You Tube and other places, Myspace, Facebook and so on. You can even post a link to some of these videos on twitter, lord knows how popular that thing is now.” by Joy at TALC

Everyone needs to do their part and get the word out to people to vote. We don’t want to see Adam Lambert in the bottom two ever again and we certainly don’t want to see Adam’s Exit Video

Vote for the REAL Rock Star!! Our next Super Star… Adam Lambert!!!


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