Adam Lambert’s Story in Rolling Stone – Coverage vs. Content

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photograph by Matthew Rolston

photograph by Matthew Rolston

The very premise of Adam Lambert’s feature article in Rolling Stone was to share his story in context. A story Adam tells in a real, refreshing, bold, enlightening, uplifting, humorous, and heartwarming way. Yet, the media world still feels the need to pull bits and pieces to create sensational headlines for readers. Discussions which follow lead us to the place where we are losing the very meaning of Adam’s story. The world is still trying to put Adam in a box. Haven’t they figured it out yet? The spirit of this unique young man defies confinement. Sensational stories in the celebrity world are everywhere; a dime a dozen. Adam’s story, if read and discussed in its entirety, gives the reader so much more.

One of our members here at TALC, Larissa Petrella, shares her view on the complexity and nuances of Adam’s story to demonstrate the wholeness of this man is much greater than the sum of his parts.

by: Larissa Petrella (AnkhOfTau at TALC)

Rolling Stone – Is Hope For A Generation Being Overshadowed By Irrelevant Thinking?

photo by Matthew Rolston

photo by Matthew Rolston

June 25th, 2009 – On their cover, Rolling Stone is featuring Adam Lambert: a twenty-first century shaman with the voice of an angel, the eyes of a necromancer, and the ability to enchant like the Greek God Pan. He comes bearing messages of peace, positivity, and hope to the masses. Yet somehow the enchanted forest is being missed because of the preoccupation of a few obsessively scrutinized trees.

For years it seems that America has been having a love affair with everything ordinary. Standing up and standing out are not considered priorities in a culture dominated by what seems to be disaster after disaster whether it’s economic, cultural, or environmental.



 Why then are vast numbers of people suddenly so taken with someone who awakens thoughts of freedom, self expression, glamour, and celebration? Among the headlines of global pandemics, financial collapse, and environmental wrath, another major story has emerged: the rise of Adam Lambert, who is the living antithesis of everything that is driving the biggest stories of the present. In less than six months, Adam went from a virtually unknown stage actor to being the subject of one of the most memorable covers in the history of Rolling Stone.

Maybe it’s time we can start letting go of being so focused on what is wrong with the world and celebrate what we can make right by allowing ourselves the privilege to be amazed, surprised, and truly entertained. Adam Lambert may not have meant to become this harbinger of a new renaissance but he doesn’t seem to be shirking the position. Truth be told, he seems to be having a hell of a lot of fun serving as an ambassador of hope and he’s looking damn good doing it.


Some would say that the hype surrounding Adam’s rise from struggling stage actor to America’s first Rock and Roll sovereign in decades is attributed to the controversy and fervor over the fascination with his personal life. While questions regarding his personal life have played a part of his astronomical rise to a household name, what was it that led to Adam gracing the cover of Rolling Stone, still of the most sought after feats by even the most seasoned artists?

Never has someone been chosen to grace the cover of this legendary publication because of their lifestyle or personal choices. Rolling Stone has never based one of their iconic covers on someone for the sake of a fad. You’ll never see Jon and Kate Gosselin on the cover of Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone has been one of the cornerstones of the music and entertainment industry since 1967. It is not People magazine.


Why then, Adam for the cover? Some outlets of our new millennium media seem to feel he’s merely a toy for battle weary America to play with and poke at for whatever makes him different. However, his growing legions of passionate fans are making enough noise to hopefully get the real message across. Adam is not just one in a million, Adam is one in forever. Rolling Stone set out to let the world see Adam for what he is and hopefully diffuse the spotlight that has been overexposing the least important of Adam’s truths.

Many people, some who have even survived multiple generations, are voicing their awe of his immeasurable vocal talent. His exceedingly supernatural charisma offset by his very down to earth approachability seems to leave all those he comes in contact with in an absurdly grinning and hyper-ecstatic wake. Adam seems to always magically strike the perfect balance between extremes, caught up in a perpetual twilight state between the bright, warm, winning personality and the dark, sensual prince of passion. Rarely do we see this sort of balance between the ultimate extremes even in the highest echelons of stardom.


Most importantly, Adam’s star is rising quickly because he’s the first glimmer of hope that may be the awakening we’ve been waiting for. His sudden arrival and swift ascension may be the indication it is finally time to emerge from the shadows of dark and troubling times and celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit. The real story is not about Adam’s quick score of a grand prize like having his picture gracing the cover of a major publication; the real story is that an institution of culture like Rolling Stone is jumping at the opportunity to be a vehicle for Adam’s magical ability to heal the hearts and souls of those who have been stifled, damaged, and silenced. Rolling Stone is providing Adam’s algorithm to celebrate, embrace, and enjoy life – and of course, look damn good doing it!

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  • KittyKay

    Thank you for such a beautiful article.

    Adam has made me “feel” – sometimes Happy,sad,sexy – in this PC society. He has that something extra that I have never felt in my 45 years. I have gone through so many emotions. I feel like I just completed 6 months of therapy.

  • adamfan1000

    Beautiful, well written article. Adam is an inspiration to young and old alike. His ability to come across as innocent and sexual at the same time is amazing.

  • Selena

    What a lovely article.

  • spider04drwho

    Beautiful, lovely article. Adam is truely and always a very beautiful person.

  • HotForAdam

    I agree with all the posters. I feel that all the stars are aligned. My son is not a sports kid, although he likes them a lot, and sometimes I think he could be gay. He’s only 9 and in the last 6 months I say to myself that I hope he is exactly like Adam – gay or straight.

    Adam is a beautiful person and we should embrace him. He makes me love my husband more, and at 42, has really gotten my inner sex goddess going (and it was pretty good before).

    He is really an embassador for the human race. I look forward to everything he does and how humble he is while doing it.

    We love you Adam. Never change who you are.

  • Mollymc

    I tried to read this article with a completely objective perspective. I tried to forget that my daughter wrote it. I tried to pretend this was written by a total stranger. I blew it! Rissa, you are so talented and I am so proud of you. You have touched on such pertinent details about the attraction we all feel for Adam and you did it so eloquently. Bravo to you!! I just had to shout out a little unabashed proud Momma behavior! I love you:-)

  • Share

    Rissa what a beautiful poetic article.

  • Megan

    What a beautiful article , thank you.

  • homusa

    I am totally impressed with your beautiful articul!
    Adam makes me happy and saved my life!
    I am longing for the day I can get his songs from Itune store properly in Japan.

  • Flyingace75/Joanne

    This is a very eloquent and poignantly written article which hits the mark so many of Adam’s true fans have come to realize. Bravo!

  • Deerocker

    What an incredible, beautifully written article. Thank you for expressing what we are all feeling in our love and admiration of this amazingly talented and adorably sweet young man. I wonder if he has any inkling as to how many lives he has transformed? It will be a joy to watch him rise to superstardom — he truly deserves great success and happiness!

  • Circe

    Well said and so true. Thank you.

  • anja

    Superb! high priestess superb! love the integral bo-tay of the Adam. I just tweeted I was reading this gem.

  • Susan Trombetta

    All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces. Goin nowhere, goin nowhere. And the tears are fillin up there glasses, no expression, no expression. And I Find it kind of funny, find it kind of sad, the dreams of which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.Find it hard to tell you, find it hard to take, when people run in circles it’s a very – Mad World. Children waiting for a Day they feel good, Happy Birthday, made to feel the way that every child should. No one knew me, no one knew me, and the teacher told me, “What’s my lesson?” Look right through me, look right through me.
    Mad World – Mad World – Mad World – Mad World
    From this we transcend, we awaken, we enlighten the dark recesses of Universal Consciousness.
    Through this darkness a Star Is Born, not with a bang, but a wimper.

  • Frances

    What an articulate, beautiful article! Thank you for writing this. It summarizes all the feelings of why people can’t seem to get enough of Adam.

  • Jennifer

    I can say with honesty, I did not watch American Idol season 8. I refused because I felt, having watched the season prior, it would be the same trite garbage that I had been hearing on the radio for years. However I came across an article on one of the news websites, praising what they called “the New Freddy Mercury”. I had to check it out, I love Queen and all Glam rock, 70′s classic,and everything in between. I am 28 years old and rarely have I heard what I found when I clicked on the link to see the video. I saw charisma, sexuality, and raw talent unlike anything I have ever seen. He has the ability to transend sex, he has a confidence that is sexy to a man or woman, it does not matter whether you are gay or straight. You will find that amount of self confidence and talent sexy. I feel that the media and certain conservatives are afraid of what he represents. A freeness and comfortability in one’s self and who they are, that makes others love them and want to emulate them. Bravo on the article, you said what needed to be said.

  • Roshanak

    I realy believe that Adam gave me a diffrent feeling,he raely gave me hop. not like every one, in a awesome diffrent way. I got some one diffrent. Totally diffrent,a new feelin,that is DAMN DAMN AWESOME… I just love Adam & i adore him.
    Bow to AWESOME Adam Lambert.

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