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At 4 pm Wednesday, Adam Lambert fans showed up in a big way. Over 8,000 people logged in for a live Chat through with Adam. Adam took a break from his rehearsal for the upcoming Idol tour to chat with his fans. According to Victor Balta, “More than 8,000 people came to my 30-minute chat with Adam Lambert today, posting nearly 7,000 question/comments. Unreal.” I’m sure the moderator could have used more than the 10 minutes given to select a group of questions for Adam from the 7,000 submitted.

Adam confirmed it during his live chat; Adam is now on @TheRealGlambert. All Adam fans can sign up to follow Adam on twitter and show their support. Adam’s latest tweet from June 15th, “My album is gonna be siiiiiiiiick” Sounds like he’s as excited about his album as we are.

Adam also told us that he will be singing “Mad World” on tour this summer, but not “Ring of Fire”.

Here are some highlights from Wednesday’s chat with Adam Lambert. You can view the entire chat from here

Adam Lambert: Hey, guys… thanks for coming online today! I’m so, so excited to be able to talk to you.

[Comment From Judi]
I love your positive outlook and “attitude of gratitude” demeanor. Have you always lived your life with this outlook, or did it develop over time? What do you do for yourself to help you maintain such a positive outlook on life?

Adam Lambert: It kind of did develop over time. You grow older and you realize how lucky you are to be in certain situations based on your hindsight and perspective. And whenever I felt myself slipping at all or getting into a negative head space, I remind myself of people who don’t have what they want or don’t feel as free as I’ve felt of late. And that makes me feel how fortunate I am.

[Comment From courtneywaller]
a lot of people, myself included, consider you to be quite the sex symbol, how does that feel and how do you plan to keep yourself at the sex symbol status?

Adam Lambert: It feels really strange because I don’t think of myself that way… I kind of have grown up with a slight ugly duckling kind of complex. In high school, I was overweight and awkward and didn’t feel sexy. In the last couple of years, I’ve become comfortable in my own skin, and I do feel sexy now, but not the kind of sexy you see in a mirror, but it’s more of an inside-out thing. And thank you for the compliment because it makes me feel really good!

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[Comment From noskerdycat]
Adam, in several interviews you said you want to make music with an “electronic” sound. How will you keep that from overpowering your beautiful vocals?

Adam Lambert: The electronic element is mainly for the instrumentation, it has very little to do with the vocals. You can play an acoustic bass, an electric bass or a synth bass. It’s all bass. It just has to do with the sonic aesthetic. The vocals will remain very true to the kind of vocals you heard on Idol, with added layers and harmonies. There’ll be a lot more depth.

[Comment From Michelle T]
Hi, Adam. Watching you finally (at the age of 26 almost 27) gave me the kick in the backside that I needed to audition for Idol. Tomorrow is the big day. What one piece of advice could you pass on to me and all of the other hopefuls?

Adam Lambert: I think that you really just got to make sure you’re being true to yourself. You’ve got to be genuine and authentic. If you’re putting on an act, people won’t go for it. But at the same time, make sure that you’re entertaining them. It’s more than your singing voice. It’s the way you look, the way you talk to them, the way you make eye contact. It’s about the way you communicate the lyrics to the song. Think about more than just the voice.

[Comment From KellyAnn]
Adam, what do you consider sexy?

Adam Lambert: Confidence, intelligence, and self-expression. And talent.

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[Comment From Melanie]
Adam, what was your favorite moment with the other idols, not shown on camera? I wish you much success and happiness, keep smiling!

Adam Lambert: I had some great talks about life with… I remember there was one night in particular after a performance night, where Kris, Lil, Anoop and I just kind of sat downstairs in the mansion and just talked about life, and I enjoyed that. I like discussions about things and sharing feelings about the way things are, and that was really memorable.

[Comment From Beth]
There are noticeable differences, mainly in melody, in some of your AI live and studio versions. Were the studio versions the way you originally intended to perform the songs on the show or were you making a conscious decision to present a distinct live version?

Adam Lambert: To be honest, a lot of the times when I sing, I have the basic melody that I rehearse with, then most of the time I just kind of improvise certain melody options and kind of go with whatever strikes me at the moment. I kind of like singing in a fly by the seat of your pants type of way. So when recording a studio version, we do multiple takes and I’ll do it a bunch of different ways and the producers of the track pick what they like the best.

[Comment From Ace (ontdai)]
Adam, how did you first discover Glamrock, and specifically Velvet Goldmine?

Adam Lambert: Haha… I was aware of who David Bowie was. My father has his records and showed me some of the cover art and I was very intrigued by somebody in 70s rock that dressed the way he did. It was very cool and inventive. Then I discovered T Rex. I don’t know how I found Velvet Goldmine, but once I saw it, I was obsessed with it. I thought it was a genius movie, both in plot and also, visually and musically. In all elements it was just really cool.

Adam Lambert: Thank you guys so much for chatting with me today. I’m so excited to perform for everybody live on tour this summer. Be sure you check it out. There’s definitely some new music that was not on the show. And wait until you see my outfit. It rocks!

[Comment From HannaB]
Adam you are amazing! You’re genuine and innovative and your Adam Bombs love you!!

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