Adam Lambert – What You Didn’t See On Access Hollywood

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Adam Lambert was interviewed by Nancy O’Dell which aired in a two part series this week on Access Hollywood. Even if you saw the interview on the show, don’t miss this uncut extended version supplied by Access. It’s a totally different interview when you can hear everything Adam has to say in context which has not been edited for time allotments on a television show.

The interview takes places in a casual setting, one of Adam’s favorite stores, LA’s American Rag. We all know how much Adam loves shopping. Adam has a great sense of humour and he always handles any question with ease. What I really enjoy, is Adam’s unique way of expanding on his answers to give you more insight as to why he feels the way he does. That’s one of the benefits of watching this unedited version of the interview.

Check out Nancy O’Dell Interviews Adam Lambert – Extended Version


If you missed Adam Lambert’s Interview which aired on Access Hollywood, you can watch both Part one and Part two here at TheAdamLambertConnection forum.

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  • Cheri Shockey

    I just watched the interview on Acess Hollywood with the very very boring blonde gal….who could not get off the GAY thing…PLEASE cut us a brake (his fans) and get to the POINT…when does his CD come out…soooo much to talk about with him and she WASTES it on GAY Side….As always he was CLASS ACT with her and very well mannered….Hey maybe she can interview Paul McCartney and ask him about yoko ono breaking up the band…she is hooooohummmmm…I would of turned it off except for Adam. I can not get enough of this guy…he is kind, smart, fantastic sence of humur..(he’ll need it with interviews like this one) and incredially handsome (tho’ he does not swing my way…) a gal can dream eheh anyway stay stong ADAM…you are wll loved out here…

  • Melissa

    This “unedited” interview was just adorable! Adam pulls me in every time with his honesty and openess. I really loved when he said he doesn’t know why people are “so afraid” to be honest about themselves. I also totally disagree with Cheri that Nancy O’Dell is a bad interveiwer. She provided an enviornment for Adam to be Adam, and their chemistry while shopping together was fantastic! SHE allowed Adam to shine. Every interview with Adam is great, but this one was one of my favorites!

  • Josee

    Enjoyed the interview. He is just the “hottest”!! Even when he isn’t trying. We all know he is gay but whatever……a woman can still fantasize!! What a great personality too!

  • Haydee herrera

    Es un cantante excepcional talento ,voz ,fuerza escénica, carisma, belleza, glamour y honestidad. una verdadera Joya.

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