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Lindsey Parker has written several intriguing articles about Adam Lambert in her Reality Rocks blog for Yahoo Music during his run on Idol. Lindsey truly gets Adam and makes it clear she is a fan of his outstanding talent. Recently, she had the opportunity to meet Adam and interview him during a break in the Idol Tour rehearsal. Lindsey didn’t disappoint; her interview techniques with Adam brings us some new insights into what’s makes Adam Lambert so fascinating.

During the interview, Adam talks about why he thinks he wasn’t discovered before Idol, the boldness of “Ring of Fire” to stripped back “Tracks of my Tears”, cultural thing this year vs. singing talent, and if his prior experience gave him an advantage in the competition. He also discusses living in LA, dealing with the media, what he’s wearing on the tour, his ideas for his new album, working with Red One, and shares one song he’s performing during the Idol Tour.

Check out Adam Lambert – The Reality Rocks Interview by Lindsey Parker of Yahoo Music


“Wow! That was so wonderful, so natural. I feel like he was talking directly to me. LOL! I loved the “feel” of the whole thing. I agree w/everyone…I think this is probably one of the best, if not THE best, interviews I’ve seen.

He is so articulate, so “together.” It continues to blow me away when I think of the fact that he is only 27 years old. I know when I was 27, there is no way I could’ve handled myself the way he does. He is SO beyond his years. I believe Adam is a very, very old soul, and he has finally come to fulfill his destiny.” by mushy at TALC

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  • carla

    Yup. I can’t get enough of him. So i signed up on twitter. Here’s the link. You have to sign-in first in twitter before you can follow him. Let’s all sign-in so he can feel our love for Adam. :-)

  • elinor

    I am a big fan of adam right from the moment he auditioned in american idol.he will be an icon,the next elvis .he is articulate and a class act.

  • Ellen McNeill

    I wouldn’t compare him as the “next Elvis”. Adam is iconic in his own right. He is a “first” with such outstanding talent and looks. I don’t think he follows in anybody’s footsteps. He creates a path of his own.

  • Sheila

    So well said Mushy. I LOVED this article and thought it was one of the best by far to date. Adam is so darn cute, while being smart as a whip and very quick with his responses.
    No pre-thought requirements needed as he is fully in control of what he thinks and believes in. He is a joy to watch.
    In addition to his incredible talent, he is awesome in all his interviews! Not to mention easy on the eyes…ha!
    Mushy I loved the “old,old soul” comment. I believe that to be so true!

  • Rissa

    This was my favorite interview too! Lindsay Parker was great in setting an environment and asking questions that Adam felt so comfortable in.

    Like Lindsay, I also had a conniption fit when I heard Adam will be singing Muse’s ‘Starlight’!!!

    Mushy’s comment was very spot on, I agree with it completely! I too feel that Adam was BORN to do this.

  • giselle

    I’ll buy his RC debut album as soon as I’ll have a chance.But today I have to face it,I need therapy.Clearly remember the date (apr7th)stopped living my own life,I search everything on the net everyday(every single day)about Adam,live,breath,dream,eat,drink this guy…….and when I hear his comment about the crazy fans…I got ashamed..well at least finally faced I have a problem…doesn’t stop me like him ,but maybe today is the day when I’ll start to put things in more realistic light….what is reality anyway?And why he has to be so intelligent and well spoken?(Therapy I say…)

  • adoreadam

    Adore U Adam!!! Please have your manager, producers put out combination DVD & CD of your AI performances they are all mesmerizing!!! Voting shows people still in horse & buggy times with reservations!
    I know like millions you are the winner!!!
    Ready for Glamrocker Adam Lambert!!!

  • terie

    Agree totally that ADAM, although he looks like a cross between ELVIS and ROCK HUDSON does not follow in ANYONE’S footsteps. He may resemble ELVIS but he is UNIQUE in his VOCAL style. His CHARISMA is soooo infectious that people are just drawn to him like a MAGNET!! And he certainly KNOWS WHAT and WHERE he wants his FUTURE to be. I APPLAUD you, ADAM. You are a SON that any PARENT can be PROUD of!! BRAVO!!!

  • melatonina

    Adam Lambert got a very powerful voice that should have been enough for him to win American Idol. unfortunately, he did not win.

  • atoosa

    ilove adam lambert.

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