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Adam Lambert Fans Giving Page at


Let’s Spread the Light!!!

Adam Lambert Teams Up With to Support Public School Classrooms in Need

Adam Lambert Supports

“My fans have been so amazing in their support that I would love for them to contribute to something I believe in,” said Adam Lambert. “Every kid deserves a great education and access to the materials and experiences that make it possible. I’m so thrilled to team up with and encourage my fans to support arts and music projects in classrooms.” Adam Lambert

Across the country, thousands of classrooms lack the materials that are essential for learning. As school budgets tighten, learning supplies and tools become increasingly outdated, broken and scarce. School teachers nationwide spend $1 billion out-of-pocket each year, which rarely even covers each classroom’s needs.

“Adam is championing a campaign for public education that will positively affect thousands of students and teachers, and we couldn’t be more appreciative to have his support,” said Charles Best, founder and CEO, “So many students have a tremendous disadvantage simply because they don’t have the learning materials they need. Luckily, people like Adam and tens of thousands of everyday citizens are stepping in to help.”

Information about was born in the teachers’ lunchroom of a Bronx public high school where Charles Best, our founder, taught social studies for five years. He and his fellow teachers were spending lots of their own money on basic supplies but still seeing their students go without the books, art supplies, field trips, and other resources needed for a rigorous education. So they started a nonprofit website where any public school teacher can post a resource request for their students, and donors from all walks of life can choose the projects they want to support. is an interactive charity. When you donate, you have the opportunity to send a message to the teachers to tell them why you choose their project. You will see the many inspiring messages left by donors on all the projects. The teachers will also send you a thank you message when their project is funded. It is heart warming to hear those words of gratitude from those you helped.

Tax Deductions

Donations at are 100% tax-deductible. will provide a receipt for tax-deduction purposes when a donation is made online.

Adam Fans Giving Information -
Charity Drive Runs August 20th through September 20th

photo by Jacqui B

photo by Jacqui B

Adam has shared his many gifts with all of us. Adam has inspired all of us in so many ways and changed our lives for the better. Now is our opportunity to give back to Adam. This is our way we can show Adam our support by helping to spread the light for children in need. Adam has asked for his fans to join him and support his charity of choice to help children in need experience the arts.

We would like you to consider supporting Adam and the Adam Bombs at TALC in his charity of choice, There are many projects that you can support which help fund the arts; theater, music, and dance in schools for the children that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to and enjoy such arts. Most schools have critically cut their art programs, be it performing arts, music or visual arts.

You don’t have to contribute a large amount of money, any amount you can spare will help this worthy cause and all donations are tax deductible. The best way to show Adam our support is to make a donation, regardless of the amount.

Let’s just say, if 2,000 people gave $10, we would raise over $20,000 for Adam’s charity. If those same 2,000 people gave $10 each week, for the 4 weeks during this drive, we would raise over $80,000. Imagine how many children’s lives we could change for the better. Every little bit helps!

Don’t wait to donate, many of these projects on the list are for schools which will be starting up shortly. Wouldn’t it be nice to close some of these projects before school starts? Just imagine what a relief it would be for the teachers to know they have the resources they need for the children. Adam’s fan charity drive runs from August 20th until September 20th. You can donate more than once, a little bit now and a little bit later. Let’s pull together to close some projects before school starts and then we will continue to close projects during the month of September as well.

Our goal is to have every Adam fan donate, so that the end result is that we are able to help fund many projects. Just use the link below and give what you can to join us in this effort to make a difference in educating these children. Give what you can, but be sure to give.

Make Your Donation Here

Let’s be one voice, one light, to make a difference in the lives of children all across America.

Adam Lambert Fans Giving Page at

Thank you so much in advance for showing your love and support for Adam by donating to his charity. We know that Adam, as well as these teachers and children, appreciate your kindness greatly!!

photo by Ali K. at TALC

photo by Ali K. at TALC

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  • Lisbeth

    This is such a great charity!! I’m a HUGE believer in the arts for kids and this is a perfect match!

    I have donated already and plan to do so again (pesky first of month bills!)….

    BUT as a fundraiser myself for arts organizations, I want to emphasize that it is the act of giving itself that is rewarding–the size is unimportant–any amount you give is more than they had before.

    Become of part of Adam’s giving network!!! Do it today!!! These kids need YOUR help.

  • Rosie

    Great charity and very satisfying to be able to see exactly where your dollars are going!

    Adam is one smart cookie!

  • flynnsgirl

    I love that Adam has chosen such a worthy cause to get behind. It breaks your heart looking at those kids pictures knowing they need so much. Please help to give them the education they deserve.

  • Karla

    I fully support giving these kids everything they need to succeed in school and in life. I hate that educating our children is not our country’s first priority – or at least one of the top priorities – how can we expect our kids to thrive if we neglect them and their needs? That this charity needs to exist is wrong, but the fact that it is here to help these kids is inspirational!

  • mushy

    I can’t donate much, but I have donated, and will do so again with every paycheck I get until Sept. 20th. This charity is so worthwhile! The Arts need to be supported in our schools. Our kids need well rounded educations, and as Karla said, it is sad that a charity needs to exist for it. Every dollar helps; it all adds up. It is inspiring to see that so many of the requests have already been fulfilled. Please, join the AdamBombs in giving to these deserving kids!

  • Adam's Philly Babe

    I am so excited about this charity drive! It is truly wonderful that we have the opportunity to give funds to the teachers whose budget doesn’t have them. Thank you, Adam for bringing this great charity to our attention!

  • glammgirl

    Adam has brought positive light in so many ways with the way he has touched our lives and is now asking us to channel his spirit through ourselves to support others who need it as well. How can you possibly refuse?

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