Pre-Order Adam Lambert’s Debut Album Today!

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Pre-order Adam Lambert’s Debut Album

Guess what popped up today? Adam Lambert’s debut album is now available for pre-order in many countries around the world!! Adam Lambert’s yet untitled album is dropping November 24th, but you can pre-order it today. offers links for many countries around the world to pre-order the most highly anticipated album of the year!

For all Amazon orders in the United States, click

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Adam Lambert’s album has only been available for hours, not days and it’s all ready at the #2 slot in “Bestsellers in Music” on Amazon. Adam’s album is also ranked #1 right now in the “Movers & Shakers in Music” category on Amazon. It’s clear that all the hype around Adam Lambert has never been just hype, it’s as real as it gets. People all over the world are highly anticipating Adam Lambert’s music; we’ve waited a long time for Adam Lambert and we’re ready!

photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Adam Lambert Talks to Rolling Stone About His Album

There has been quite the buzz about “Strut”, one of the tracks on Adam Lambert’s debut album. Many people in the industry think it’s up for consideration as Adam’s first single. Here’s what Adam had to say to Rolling Stone.

“AMERICAN IDOL” RUNNER-UP LAMBERT has two rules for his debut album: “No negativity or whining, naming Seventies rockers T. Rex and electro-pop act Goldfrapp as big influences. “I want it to be positive. I’m not a big fan of emo-type lyrics.” The 27-year-old singer – who call his as-yet untitled LP “nouveau-glam pop rock” – has coralled an A-list lineup of song writers and beat makers to help craft tunes: Max Martin, Lady Gaga producers RedOne, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, and Linda Perry (Lambert is still recording and finalizing the checklist). He also reunited with Idol judge Kara DioGuardi to pen “Strut”, a Depeche mode-meets-Queen self-empowerment anthem that highlights Lambert’s range. “I love stuff that makes you feel sexy, puts you in a good mood.” he says “The song is supposed to be a confidence booster. The message is be yourself. Let it all hang out.” by Nichole Frehsee, Rolling Stone

photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Ryan Tedder and Aimee Mayo co-wrote a track for Adam Lambert’s Album

There is also quite a bit of talk on twitter about another track from Adam Lambert’s album. This one was written by Ryan Tedder and Aimee Mayo. Aimee is not only a well known song writer, but clearly a big fan of Adam’s talent. Here’s what she had to say on twitter.

Ok there are a bunch of questions about the song Adam cut. The only way I know to describe it is it needs it’s own MOONWALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:40 PM Sep 25th from web

I am Adamcrazy and want to tell everything I want to blast in from my tip-toes from the top of the Eiffel Tower but can’t til I get the OK.
8:41 PM Sep 25th from web

All I can say about it is I can’t stop seeing the video in my head. If it didn’t make the record I might never stop crying. ABSOLUTELY <3 IT 8:43 PM Sep 25th from web I just heard Adam Lambert sing my song!!!!! This happened. It is PROOF that DREAMS come true. His voice is so sexy it hurts. Thank U 10:24 PM Sep 25th from Twitterena AimeeMayo at

Here’s what Adam Lambert had to say on Twitter about his recording sessions with Ryan Tedder.

In Denver recording w Ryan Tedder!!! Get ready for your Sonic Lobotomy!
5:55 PM Sep 20th from Echofon

Denver Tedder sessions were major! Looking forward to working with the fantastic Dr Luke and Claude Kelly tommorow!
4:50 PM Sep 22nd from Echofon

I know it sounds corny, but this album is a dream come true. I am lucky to be working with the BEST producers & writers in the world!
4:52 PM Sep 22nd from Echofon

Get ready to shake yo asses!!! There be some beats a comin!
4:53 PM Sep 22nd from Echofon AdamLambert at

Run, don’t walk, and join the thousands of people who pre-ordered their copy of Adam Lambert’s debut album today!!

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9 Comments for this entry

  • suzy

    Wow I am so impresed with this Adam of ours-who is so insiring it is amazing to see an artist who inspires so many generations to feel to feel to feel alive and rock on!
    Victoria Canada I can hardly wait for Adams new CD pre-order on Amazon and show te world how we support Adam’s talent
    Victoria canada

  • Millesa

    I fail to see how a CD thrown together in less than 6 months is going to be that good. How could it be? I have a feeling Adam’s overzealous fans are going to ruin him, just like they did to Clay and Blake.

  • luv2laugh

    Millesa, I disagree, many previous Idols have had successful debut albums put together in a short period of time, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Daughtry to name a few. Adam Lambert is working with the top producers and song writers in the music business. I believe that combined with his talent and artistry will make for a unique and well received debut album.

    Your comment about Adam’s fans sounds like sour grapes to me. I can’t possibly see how Adam’s fans are going to ruin him by purchasing his album and supporting his music.



  • peggy

    Adam worked on this album before the tour and some during the tour…do not care he is the greatest singer since Elvis, and so out there like Elvis was….during the time he was starting…
    I am anxious for the single and his album…will buy both of them….to me there has never been anyone so creative since Idol started…

  • jan lynn

    I can’t wait for Adams music. Some of the music i
    have heard Adam sing already, literally brings chills
    to my body. Expectations of Adam are so high from
    everyone that if for some reason his first cd isn’t
    what I personally think it should be, I will wait for
    the second one because I know from listening to Adam
    how talented he is. Saying that, I really think his
    first CD will be great. LOVE YOU ADAM

  • terie

    ADAM’S album just slipped to #2 … Streisand is @#1 now after all that heavy promotion … TV commercials and appearances. WHEN is RCA going to start promoting ADAM’S album and what if anything can his fans do?

  • fer fer

    im so excited about the cd. i have to admit i was shocked he didnt win american idol..but who cares hes able to do his own stuff this way.and hes wanderfuly talented. some of the stuff hes sung that has been some of my favorate before he sang them honestly put tears to my eyes it was so beautiful.he has his own style that says im my own person and you iether love me or hate me for it and i love him for it.hes now my top music artist. im so antsy over this cd i just cant wait.thank you for being so talented adam.

  • Ruth

    Cannot wait for Aadams CD to come out. He is awesome!!! He should have definatly won.
    What a cutie and hot

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