Audio Clip of Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” & Video Teaser

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You can now listen to a portion of Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” recorded for the 2012 movie soundtrack on and hear for yourself why Brian May gave Adam such high praise! This short, but oh so sweet clip really showcases Adam’s magnificent vocals in a rock ballad. Enjoy!

Preview Clip of Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles”

According to, “Time For Miracles” will be available for purchase on October 20th.

2012 Adam Lambert Music Video Teaser


AOL’s Moviefone loaded a music video teaser in which Adam Lambert discusses “Time For Miracles”. Adam says, “We want it to match how epic the film is, we want the song to really reach out and grab people by the heart. So it’s definitely the focus of our recording.” You can hear an extended clip, over a minute, of “Time For Miracles” during this music video. This extended clip actually gave me goosebumps, it’s full of incredible greatness, just like Adam Lambert.

2012 Adam Lambert Music Teaser – AOL Video Moviefone

Adam Lambert filmed the music video for “Time For Miracles” last weekend. Here’s what Adam had to say on twitter. “Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage!” 5:15 PM Oct 3rd. We haven’t heard yet when the complete “Time For Miracles” music video will be available.

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  • Carolyn Godwin

    Im going to love Adam’s album! I want his video and CD of 2012 AND hopefully, we can buy ALL HIS songs from season 8, on CD AND/OR VIDEO!! Adam is on his way to the MOON, God Bless HIM!

  • Carolyn Godwin

    I don’t know if my first reply went through, so I’ll try again.
    I will LOVE Adam’s 2012 Album/CD. Can’t wait for it to hit the market!
    Im also waiting to see if we can buy HIS, Idol performances, CD, but especially a VIDEO! Every romantic song he sang, every wild and crazy performance he gave, brought him to this moment! Thank heaven for American Idol. The world may have missed him Adam. What a tragedy that would have been! You go ROCKGOD!! WE LOVE YOU!!

  • barbs

    Amazing, truly amazing. I found myself wanting to see more of Adam during the music teaser. What an amazing skyrocketing experience this all is for him! Through it all he seems so grounded & present with everything. Wow. What a voice. What an experience to listen & hear this voice.
    About seeing the clip, as you’ve posted the link above: I got the response, after signing in & getting a new password-twice- “you don’t have sufficient permission to access…”.
    Any suggestions?

  • luv2laugh

    barbs, thank you for bringing that to my attention. It was not the correct link which is why you couldn’t access the clip, so sorry about that. I have loaded the correct link to so you should be able to hear the clip now.

  • ladyc9543 #481

    Season 8 took our breath away.
    A dynamic energy entered the contest.
    We waited each week in wild anticipation for a new performance.
    We were never disappointed!
    The judges commented on his flawless vocals, originality and charisma.
    Simon christened him an authentic STAR and Randy pronounced him ready, NOW!
    AND HE IS!
    The world has recognized his boundless talent.
    Excellent offers with contracts are everywhere.
    His response to this attention is not arrogance but a splendid aura of gratefulness and love.
    His interviews portray a kindness and sincerity within. That beautiful and warm smile makes him approachable.
    But, when he steps on stage he is transformed into a dynamic, sexy and sometimes outrageous entertainer with fierce eyes and an undulating body.
    We cannot get enough of him…we want more…more…more.
    His fans are vast and loyal. He has memorized all of us and we want to join in his journey because we know

  • JADE


  • shabnam

    Just Adam…………….!!!!!!!!

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