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Laura Saltman’s interview with Adam Lambert yesterday during the AMA press conference is the perfect compliment to Lyndsey Parker’s interview with Rob Cavallo. Now we have a producer’s and an artist’s prospectives. It is very interesting to hear Adam Lambert talk from his personal viewpoint and experience about creating his debut album and the support he has received from RCA/19E. Adam is full of enthusiasm and when he talks about his music, it’s contagious!

I also enjoyed hearing Adam describe his first experience announcing the AMA nominees and talking about his ideas for what will surely be an astonishing live performance of his single on the 2009 American Music Awards on November 22nd. Adam wants to put on a show and I personally can’t wait! Adam also squashes some rumours on twitter about touring with Lady Gaga and appearing on Saturday Night Live.

At the end of the interview, Laura Saltman informs us that she has some big news about Adam Lambert that can’t be shared until next Tuesday. I have to wonder what could be so exciting that it almost takes her breath away. Well, we’re talking about Adam Lambert here, so anything is possible!

To watch Laura Saltman’s interview with Adam Lambert click Dish of Salt: Adam Lambert on AMA, Debut Album and More

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  • Carolelee

    Heard that on Monday (19th) Entertainment tonite will show some photos of Adam that they claim “HAS HE GONE TOO FAR?” (NEVER AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED). I followed up and DETAIL MAGAZINE will showcase ADAM in November. The photo shoot looks too good to be true (and too hot). It went very fast but it appeared he was draped in some type of cloth with a very lucky female.

  • terie

    I am Tooo Old to be shocked by anything anymore and quite frankly I’m not going to bother watching either show … I’m sure youtube will have a great deal of video coverage. I’m waiting impatiently for November to get here so I can see ADAM’s video and see the movie 2012. I heard he is going to be on Oprah & GMA too plus the AMA Awards and his single & album. That’s all the anticipation this old heart can handle. Gotta LOVE that MAN!!!

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