Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” Released Today in Italy

by on Oct.17, 2009, under All About Adam


Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” was released in Italy today on iTunes. “Time For Miracles” is a beautiful, moving, rock ballad which showcases Adam’s incredible vocals. THIS is what we have all been waiting for and it is well worth the wait!! You can listen to the full version of the song here. Enjoy!

Adam Lambert Singing Full Version of “Time For Miracles”


“Time For Miracles” is not available yet for purchase on, but given the fact it’s available for purchase on iTunes in Italy, I would think it’s only a matter of time before we can buy it here in the US. Keep checking Adam Lambert’s music on Adam Lambert iTunes store

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  • Carly

    OMG i love adam this is a awesome site!!!!! THX

  • Deborah Brown

    Oh my god,Amazing,hair on neck standing up, made me cry,I saw Beatles when I was 13 year’s old, 58 now. Adam is the most exciting singer in years.This song,shows us what we’ve always,known since we first heard him sing on Idol.This is a we Haven’t heard in decades.

  • Cordaleme

    I love this kid!!! He makes me feel, as cseriex said, like I’m sixteen again. I have never been so impressed by a young artist. I’ve said it all before so I won’t reiterate. I love this single from the movie 2012
    Thank you Adam and thank you AdamBombs!!

  • terie

    Hi: I just wanted everyone to know ‘Time for Miracles’ is now available on mp3 downloads for $1.29!! I just finished buying it and am listening to it as I type this with tears streaming down my face. It is 1:27AM EST OCT. 20th. I also learned the name of ADAM’s album … FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT … via ADAM’s twitter. Plus a sneak peek of TFM vid on Entertainment Tonight @7:30PM EST on Oct. 20th on NBC.

  • terie

    @Deborah Brown: There is a tribute vid on youtube for ADAM’s ‘older’ fans … When You Look At Me … it’s a montage with the most beautiful words set to some really lovely background music. Look it up … I think you’ll enjoy it … I did and I’m 72.

  • adamaniac

    omg i just saw 2012! adam sounded delicious!

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