Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ Music Video Debuts Tonight

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Entertainment Tonight aired a worldwide exclusive preview of Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ music video. Adam Lambert is fierce, wild and hot; a combination which is as deadly as the 2012 film’s story line. Adam spoke about ‘Time for Miracles’, “It’s a beautiful melody, great great message. It really reflects the love that the family unit in the center of the film has for each other and how love and hope can kind of get you through the worst.”

Time For Miracles Music Video Preview on ET

Premier of ‘Time For Miracles’ Music Video

The entire music video for “Time For Miracles” will debut exclusively on MySpace Music Wednesday, October 21. Point your browsers to MySpace Music at midnight. Don’t miss it!

ETA 9:35pm EST: “Time For Miracles” Music Video is up on Myspace Music now!!

Time For Miracles

Adam Lambert | MySpace Music Videos


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  • Barbs

    Thank you so much, TALC, for being so quick to post Adam’s music video for “Time For Miracles”! I went to MySpace & could not get the video to come up. Wow! What an amazing artist Adam is! Thank you, Adam, for being so ready to perform & entertain! Just keep being your creative & true self. You are a real gem, a true light in this world. Stay true to your heart, Adam. You are a dear dear soul & we are all blessed. Thank you so much.

  • terie

    FANTASTIC!!! STUPENDOUS!!! SUPERB!!! MESMERIZING!!! AMAZING!!! I have no other words to describe (‘Time for Miracles’ vid) that are good enough to express how I felt as I watched ADAM’s debut effort and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. Thank you, TALC, what a wonderful surprise for us ADAM fans to wake up to. Now comes the single but who knows what else ADAM has in store for us. I will be waiting in anticipation to see what it is. BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! ADAM!!! YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT!!! WOW!!!

  • Cordaleme

    Thanks TALC! You provide us with all the information
    on Adam and you do a GREAT job. I can’t stop listening to Time for Miracles. I don’t know what’s better, looking at him or listening to him. Of course, the voice always winds. Actually, they are both pure Adam.
    I was in Manhattan last week (Mon, Tues and Wednesday.
    We were taking my nephew to the usual haunts tourists go to. We passed this building (across the street, from us) and it said, Yahoo Yodel, Inc. WE could see people standing by the large windows, and wondered what that was about. Now we know.
    I’m so looking forward to Adam’s CD’s to be released.
    I’ve ordered copies for myself, daughters, friends here and abroad, and family overseas. I think that’s a great holiday gift.
    Adam, you nailed it!!!
    TALC all the best!

  • terie

    I have been watching Time for Miracles since it was first released … I stayed up until it came out … tried to go to bed but couldn’t sleep … the anticipation was too great. My heart still pounds each time I watch it. ADAM has brought so much joy to me since AI and I feel like a grandmother watching him blossom and delve into everything like an adventurous boy/man pushing all the buttons and daring to be himself through and through. GOOD FOR YOU ADAM!! HAVE FUN CREATE AND ENJOY!!

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