Adam Lambert’s Collectors Edition Album & Single Available For Purchase

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You can now pre-order Adam Lambert’s Collectors Edition of his debut album which includes:

For Your Entertainment CD
> 16 page, Hard cover 5.5″ by 5″ Picture book featuring never before seen photos!
> Instant Download of Adam’s New Single “For Your Entertainment”
> 2 Bonus Tracks for Download November 23rd

AdamOfficial states they are working hard to make the Collectors Edition available in as many countries as possible.

You can also download Adam Lambert’s new single “For Your Entertainment” right now!

You can pre-order Adam’s Collectors Edition Album or download his new single “For Your Entertainment” at

You can also pre-order Adam’s Debut Album For Your Entertainment at

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  • tammy

    my question is if I already pre ordered the album on Amazon is it the collector’s edition? And if not, how do I order it and how much is it?

  • luv2laugh

    tammy, the album you ordered from Amazon is not the Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition just became available yesterday. You can order the Collector’s Edition by clicking on in the blog post. The cost is $24.99.

  • Bren

    Not outside of the US! I tried to purchase it and Canada is excluded, along with the international fan community. Hopefully, there will be more forward thinking this week and we’ll all be able to buy the Collector’s Edition.

  • hunter

    My question is will i be able to put the 2 bonus downloads on my ipod

  • MelCabral

    @hunter if the format isn’t itunes format itunes
    software will convert it for you, I believe.

    My questions: are the bonus tracks only going to be available for download or will it be on the CE cd?

    Also, is the deluxe album available on itunes the same as the CE I ordered on AO? Can’t bear the thought of not having every little thing there is available!!! *gasp*

  • terie

    Didn’t know where to post this so here goes … two more full versions of songs from ADAM’s FYE album are on Ytube … Whataya Want From Me and a bonus song … Master Plan. Can something be done about this and how did they get on Ytube? I don’t know who else to tell about this. Can you guys look into it before all the freeloaders download them?

  • cheyenne

    i love your new music vidio for your entertainment i love it so much you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i love your hair spiked and i love the look that you make in your music vidio when you smile and lift your eye brow at the same time i love every thing about you thanks if you read this bye

  • nan

    Love everything about him. Love his new album

  • mamita

    hey adam
    I love all your songs and I love you too much

  • oumayma

    I Love you, every day more and more I love everything you and I hope to see you even for once in my life, my best and the finest and most beautiful singer in the whole world

  • oumayma

    When I hear your songs will not tell you I feel because words will never describe how I feel

  • oumayma

    Wonderful song I love is

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