TALC Reviews of Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”

by on Nov.01, 2009, under All About Adam

Review by Fashionably Late at TALC

So now that I’ve come down from this wonderful Adam-induced high I’ve been on since 10am, here’s my take on the song. At face-value it’s catchy and it will get stuck in your head, whether you want it to or not. It’s radio-friendly, which is essential for the first single. I can see it fitting right in with the likes of Britney, Gaga etc that rule pop radio right now. It’s dance music at its finest and it will bring people out to the dance floor! I have little doubt that it will shoot to the top of the charts.

Digging a little deeper, the crazy/beautiful/amazing vocals that we all fell in love with are still there. My biggest concern prior to hearing the song was that it was going to be over-produced and we would lose the vocals. Yes, the song has a certain amount of production to it, but it is still essentially Adam. Those runs and wails at the end….well, they did things for me. Also, as an added bonus, we get a very strong lower register on the verse, something we don’t always hear in Adam’s performances (not that his lower register is weak; he just doesn’t sing in that range as much).


The final piece to this puzzle is the song itself. The lyrics….wow! The song screams sex! Hot, crazy, throw-you-against-the-nearest-hard-surface sex that you didn’t know what you wanted until you’ve had it and now you can’t get enough. Now, if you can get past this (and it took me a while) I think there is also a little bit of a metaphor in there.

Oh, I bet you thought I was soft and sweet
You thought an angel swept you off your feet
But I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment.

I know Adam didn’t write on this song, but think about everything he’s been telling us since the end of AI. He’s all but said, “What you saw on tv was me, but not all of me. You have no idea who I really am, but I’m going to show you. I’m going to blow your minds with the music.” He’s telling us to hold on for the ride because, though we might not be prepared for what he’s bringing to the table, we’re going to wonder how we ever lived without it by the time he’s through. And that’s exactly what I see in this song as well.

Please, Adam, entertain me.

Review by drzhivago at TALC

One of the things I’m most excited about with this album- the variety. He’s such an talented singer that he CAN do ANYTHING, there are no boundaries to what he is capable of vocally. So he’s putting this album together that has all these different facets, different feelings, and different appeals. When he talked about it in his Idolatry interview I was all “yeah well, that’s what you WANT but will it be what you actually get to do.” But here we are, he did do it. It’s going to be amazing.


The synth is rad. I really like that chugging beat in the back, and then the sharp stabs of random synth pieces are just really cool. The song is a dirty, dirty party and I’m loving it.

The lyrics are of course one giant double (triple?) entendre – full of winking humour and mischievous sexuality while at the same time declaring Adam Lambert’s mission statement for his music. Depending on your mood this song can be anything from feel-good party jam to breathtakingly erotic set piece. It accomplishes a lot, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Review by Andybaby07 at TALC

soooo…. yesterday morning i set my alarm for 9:30am EST to be able to listen to the song premiere on seacrest’s show…i was nervous and excited but in the greatest way….my heart was beating so fast….when i heard Adam’s voice on the radio before the song played…i was gleaming with joy…the kid is living out his dream…i can’t say it enough…what an incredible feeling it is to watch someone so talented and beautiful, both inside and out, live out their dream….from being a fan of muse to them writing a song for his album….is this real life??? i wish i could be in his head a year ago, and today, to feel/see what his is thinking….i am truly honored to be a fan and i’m so ecstatic to be along for this incredible journey…he is an artist like no other….he’s not afraid, in fact he wants to, break boundaries…make you think….make you question everything you once thought was so true…he’s so brave and courageous to be 100% unapologetically himself…THAT is a role model….i’m so proud of him and above all…i wish him happiness…


about FYE…I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT!!!! i’ve already broken my laptop my playing it on repeat since i got my hands on the MP3′s lol…it’s sexy…it’s fun…i flove the beat!!!!…it really does make you want to dance…even while i’m sitting on the couch…i love songs that can get a rise out of me…whether it touches my heart, touches my soul, or touches my dancing feet…and i’m confident this record with have a song for each feeling…i think it’s a great song to release as a single because it will get a lot of radio airplay, it’s the kind of song you want to blast when your driving with your friends, getting pumped up while your getting ready to go out, or just when you need a pick me up…you can’t listen to this song and not smile and shake what your momma gave you…it will be a club anthem…i think it sounds a lot like what it out on the radio but nothing like it at the same time…it’s hard to explain…it has elements of what we know is on the radio, you can hear the sam sparro and kevin rudolph influences…but it’s completely laced with the uniqueness and talent that is adam…the radio station i listen to in toronto is z103.5…and they play a lot of music that never reaches the states…this radio station also takes a lot of risks since many artists/bands also break the canadian charts before they do the american…they also play a lot of euro/dance/pop music…i like that FYE fits in perfectly with their play list…but also stands out completely on it’s own….i feel like people will say “what IS that?” when they hear it.

i love the lyrics beyond a level that i can explain and still be pg-13 lol!!! to me, it’s not only a passionate song between two lovers…but also a song about an artist and the fans…an entertainer and his audience….

Let’s go
It’s my show
Baby, do what I say
Don’t trip off the glitz
That I’m gonna display
I told ya
I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed
Give it to ya ’til you’re screaming my name

Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

Do you like what you see?
Let me entertain ya ’till you screeaaam

he’s here to entertain us…and he won’t stop until we’re amazed with his glitz and screaming his name…it’s just bloody genius…i love the duality of the lyrics…i also love how at the same time IT IS a sexy song about a passionate love affair…where he’s in control, and wants to get into your soul and never let go…if we really dissect these lyrics…they are actually quite beautiful….but at the same time raw…sexy…in your face…a play between power and submission…soooo HOT!!! SOOOOOO HOT!!!!

I LOVE THE DUALITY THAT IS ADAM LAMBERT!!! it’s in everything that he does….he is always showing the different sides of himself…from the details photo spread, to the album cover, to the single cover, and now to this single….it’s all Adam!!! he IS all those people combined….to me…all his career moves so far have been so complex under the original face value…he says he doesn’t wanna be deep…but he’s doing it in such a subtle way…it’s like “oh i’m just making music, i just want to entertain you”…..BAM HIT YOU WITH MY MESSAGE YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE RECEIVING!!!…he is probably one of the smartest, gifted artists i have every witnessed…he’s in your face and in your head without you realizing it… he’s changing the music industry as we know it….but all he wants to do is “entertain us” yeah right buddy…i’m on to you …and i love it lol!!!!! that’s why i’ve come to love the album title…again it’s that duality….he’s an entertainer at the core…but he’s so so so much more than that….i hope he never ever changes!!!!!

i also love the enunciation of the words when he sings “what i’m about to dooooo, it’s about to get rough for yooooooooou”…i love that he is capable of doing anything with his voice…so he changes it up from song to song…i love the way it sounds in this song…it’s different than i’ve ever heard it before.

Review by lovemelast at TALC

Ok, so I have had the song on endless repeat since a little after 7 am this morning.. I think I am kind of obsessed with this song…I love it – I loved it from the very first crack, I totally thought whip before I even heard the lyrics!! lol.


The lyrics of this song work on so many levels – I have analyzed them to death in my head while listening and dancing and I could write a dissertation…but I will spare you all!

I love lyrics, I love words, I love layers of meaning, I love how just a few words can create a whole scene, or an entire world, in your head, add that to the actual music and you add in so many more permutations and layers and then they way Adam says certain words, the way certain sounds are stressed or not stressed and I am in heaven. FYE has all of this, there are so many stories that Adam tells with this song, and all of them are amazing, and all of them are about him, about the layers of himself that he is revealing to us, and they are also all about us.

FYE just started over again. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

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  • Barbs

    I’m so glad you all wrote in about this song! I’ve been checking for your comments since Ryan Seacrest’s show! I’ve also had this song streaming non-stop on my computer since then!
    Nice write-ups! I’m seeing amazing synchronicities: everything from other famous icons leaving to pave the way for Adam, to all generations being able to use his music in their own ways. I’m seeing FYE used for Boomers to get back into shape (dance is the most fun form of exercise!). I can totally see Adam performing this on the AMAs! I can’t way for him to sing “Do you like what you see? Whoa-a-oh! Let me entertain you til you scree-e-e-e-eam!!” I expect him to just totally open himself up for that. And, for sure, we will all be screaming!! Wow.
    My favorite lines are: “No escaping once I start. Once I’m in I own your heart.” How true. How true! There is no one like him, & that’s good. He is such the real deal: just a really sweet guy (just watch his Skype conversation w/Oprah!), a really good person (watch any of the footage of his hometown visit during Idol), a true entertainer who knows his craft, and an amazing vocalist. And, very good looking! I’ve described him as “alluring”: he really draws you in. What a gift to all of us!
    My suggestion to all of us who consider him an important and valuable human being: pray for him. Hold him in the Light of Love & Peace. Affirm that he remain true to his heart & soul, that he be surrounded by those who truly love him, & that his purpose here be fulfilled.
    Just let it rip, Adam! Bring forth all the creativity that is within you! We are all here, ready to receive! My response to the question: “Do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?” A resonding YES! Maybe we don’t know what’s coming next from you, but we want it! So, bring it on, Adam! The world awaits, & you have DEFINITELY ARRIVED!

  • Chelsea

    So, I didn’t hear this on Seacrest’s show, but ever since I heard it on youtube, I’ve been in a state of ADORATION. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!!

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Adam and FYE definitely matched (exceeded) my expectations. Yeah, it’s something that Britney would do, but Adam does it way better and he will always be leaps and bounds over other current artists.

    We need FYE on the radio 24/7!!!!

  • terie

    Love the song … Love the album … LOVE ADAM!!! I have purchased the mp3 download from Amazon and I go to Ytube several times a day to keep the views up on that site … his website has FYE and TFM streaming all the time so I’m a regular there while I VOTE on for ADAM as Favorite Breakout Artist which I do several times a day as well. Plus I listen to thesnipps from his album in between. Hardly have time for anything else … and oh, yes … he’s in my nightly prayers too.

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