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ROCK THE VOTE For Adam Lambert Tonight!!

by on Apr.21, 2009, under All About Adam

We said it before and we’ll say it again…


Adam Lambert performed “If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman from the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. Since Adam has already performed “Play That Funky Music” on Idol, he said he wanted to do something he could connect to emotionally. All you had to do was look at Paula Abdul’s expression with tears welling up in her eyes to see the impact of Adam’s heartfelt, raspy vocals.

Adam Lambert fans unite and set the Idol phone lines on fire with more votes for Adam tonight than ever before. The stakes are high tonight as two people will go home tomorrow. We know you can do it!! Call 1-866-436-5705 and vote for Adam Lambert. All of us here at TALC will be voting for the entire two hours following the show.


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Adam Lambert… We Like ‘Em Wild

by on Apr.16, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

by luv2laugh at TALC

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

Adam Lambert’s electrifying performance of “Born to be Wild” landed him in what might have been the Top 6, but actually is another round for The Top 7. The ‘Idol’ judges chose to use their “save” on Matt Giraud last night. It was wonderful to see the commaradity among the contestants as they celebrated one more week together.

Next week’s theme will be Disco so we’re anticipating some John Travolta hips, platform shoes, and maybe some polyester pants. Seriously, we know we can count on Adam to bring it; offering us a unique and current performance with that Adam Lambert twist.

During the results show, Adam spoke about what it was like to work with Quentin, “He was really encouraging to all of us. One of the things that was really interesting was that he was talking about the power of music in his films. He picks a song, and before he starts filming a scene and he told us that he lets the vibe and the energy that’s in the music actually determine how he shoots things… really brilliant.”

Don’t miss out on Adam Lambert’s studio version of “Born to be Wild”… it’s a Rock/Electronica blend. Available at the American Idol iTunes store. Be sure to check it out.

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

The Top 7 sang, “Freeze Frame” by the J. Geils Band during their most recent Ford music video. It was fun to see a Rock magazine cover come to life with Adam singing and dancing. To watch click Top 7: Freeze Frame music video

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Absolutely Wild About Adam Lambert the Rock Star

by on Apr.15, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

Wire Image

Wire Image

Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “Born To Be Wild”

by luv2laugh, TALC
When Adam Lambert takes the stage, he puts everything he has into his performance… his energy is outrageous! Adam is electrifying, mesmerizing, and intoxicating all at the same time. From the moment Adam skipped onto the stage last night until his last unending note while down on his knees, I found myself watching with such intensity that I forgot to breathe. Adam was all over that stage like a blazing hot rock star. His combination of killer vocals, leaps, head banging, hip thrusts, and reaching out to the audience created an unforgettable extraordinary performance. The live audience roared as they rose to their feet. To see this young man perform live may kill me, but I have no doubt in my mind that I will go down in a blaze of glory!

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

Quentin Tarantino had this to say about Adam Lambert, “This is a competition looking for rock stars… he’s the real deal.” Quentin was this weeks mentor on American Idol. While working with Adam, Quentin told him that he always looks forward to seeing Adam’s version of the song each week. One thing we know for sure, Adam is willing to take risks and the result is an original take on every performance… always uniquely Adam.

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Is Adam Lambert Born To Be Wild?

by on Apr.14, 2009, under All About Adam

I’d say so after Adam Lambert’s performance of “Born To Be Wild” tonight. Adam continues to up his game week after week. Just when you think you’ve seen all he can do, Adam delivers yet another unique, smokin’ hot, rock star performance with killer vocals!

However, having an outstanding performance on Idol with everyone on their feet does not guarantee you will be there next week. If you want to continue to enjoy Adam’s performances and send him one step closer to being our next American Idol, you need to vote! All of us here at TALC will be voting by calling 1-866-436-5703 for an entire two hours after the show.


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Adam Lambert Has Got What It Takes To Be A Star

by on Apr.14, 2009, under All About Adam

Adam Lambert has the whole package… incredible talent, outrageous vocals, polarizing charisma and the brilliant stage presence to entertain and excite his audience. He has everyone in the news media talking about his most recent performance while waiting with anticipation for his next one. Adam Lambert is the most talented and exciting contestant to ever grace the Idol stage. Even with all the praise and attention, Adam remains humble and appreciative which makes him someone to be admired for reasons beyond his talent as well.

Adam Lambert is ‘Idols’ only Star
There’s still a month and a half to go until “American Idol” crowns its champion, and anyone left in the competition could come out on top. But if it ended right now, there’s no question that Adam Lambert would be the most deserving winner.

“Make the song your own” may be the most frequent advice given by the judges to “Idol” contestants. It’s not just because they are too lazy to come up with new catchphrases, but because originality is a key to succeeding on the show and in the business. Without that spark, all anyone is doing is covering songs that established acts have already done better.

On the other hand, Lambert is the guy who everyone wants to see, because he is willing to take risks and able to make them pay off. Every week, he walks that high-wire and leaves judges and viewers wondering if this is the time he’ll fall on his face, and every week he instead emerges as the star of the night. by Craig Berman,

Just having singing talent isn’t enough. For those of us who watch American Idol, we know there is so much more expected from the contestants. They have to tackle various theme weeks without sounding karaoke and the best way to do that is to change up the song to make it sound current. Not too much to ask is it? Take a top selling classic and re-work it to make it not only current but good… really good. Take that task and combine it with limited time to make it happen each week and some contestants just can’t deliver.

Ricky Minor: “Everybody can’t do this.”
“This is a fast-moving machine,” Minor says. “No matter what you see on television, everybody can’t do this, can’t move at this speed.” Adam Lambert, on the other hand, had no problems getting up to speed with a creative take on Wild Cherry’s 1976 hit Play That Funky Music. “Adam had an idea about mixing rock and funk and said, basically, ‘Do what you can with it,’” Minor says. Minor and the Idol band work with each contestant to arrange their songs — “I’m already talking to them about next week’s show,” he says — but not every contestant is as adventurous as Adam. by Brian Mansfield, USA Today

Maybe that’s why people are putting their hard earned money on Adam Lambert.

Safe Bet Adam Odds-On To Win ‘Idol’
Oddsmakers from Latin America to London for the first time this week have made the show-stopping crooner such a prohibitive favorite to win this year’s “Idol” that a $1 bet on him will pay only 80 cents. The talent show has seen some heavy favorites in the past but nothing quite like Lambert — who is running away from the field with seven other performers still in the running. by David K., New York Post

Tune in tonight on FOX to watch ‘Idols’ Top 7 perform songs from the movies. Quentin Tarantino, this weeks mentor, is pictured here with the ‘Idols’. We couldn’t help but notice Adam’s striking pendant, a gift from TALC. Adam continues to show his appreciation for support from all his fans. We are anticipating Adam’s performance tonight with great excitement!

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Adam Lambert Joins a Talented Trio

by on Apr.09, 2009, under All About Adam

screen cap by Ali (Adam Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

What is the greatest compliment Adam Lambert could receive after a performance on American Idol? One would think it would come from the judges after he sings his heart out and awaits their critique. While that is true, what if Gary Jules, the artist who covered “Mad World” back in 2001, was watching American Idol that night? Gary Jules was watching. Did Jules know Lambert was going to perform his cover of “Mad World”? No, he didn’t, but as soon as he heard the piano music he knew…

Gary Jules is a secret “American Idol” fan. So when Adam Lambert sang “Mad World” on Tuesday night’s show, the man who helped make that song famous was watching.

“I was actually sneakily watching it,” Jules told Seacoastonline by phone Wednesday from his home in Asheville, N.C. “I heard the piano line at the beginning — if you’re me, that means ‘time to wake up.’”

Jules didn’t know about the theme of the night — songs from the year the season eight top eight contestants were born. Or that Adam Lambert was born in 1982 and that meant the original Tears for Fears song, “Mad World,” was a possibility.

Still, Jules wasn’t surprised when he heard that piano.

“I said ‘I knew he was going to do it.’ I knew it! He’s cool and he’s kind of emo-y and has black hair and seems sensitive. That’s who would have that song in their lexicon,” Jules said. “He totally understood the vibe of it and the power of it and delivered it in a unique and beautiful way. … I think Adam is straight-up the most interesting, for my personal taste, of anyone I’ve ever seen on the show.”

This isn’t even his first brush with “Idol” fame. Or his second. Jules talked to Simon Cowell twice back in 2003 and the notoriously picky judge told Jules how much he loved his version of “Mad World.” Jules didn’t recognize Cowell’s name at the time, but six years later the same man would give a standing ovation to Lambert’s live version.

Since Jules is something of an Adam Lambert himself, having covered the Tears for Fears version, has he ever heard anything from the original performers?

“It was 2002 when my phone rang, driving down Melrose in Hollywood. I was working every day and night in a new singer/songwriter club and it was (Tears for Fears singer/songwriter) Roland Orzabal. I almost crashed.”

So what would he say to Adam Lambert, as the latest member of that group?

“First of all, welcome to the club of people who are dealing with the power of that song.”

To Jules, the song sounds like it’s coming from a very alienated, sad person on the outside.

“I think the reason it’s so powerful is everybody from the kid getting beaten up every day, to the gay kid at the high school … to the cheerleader dating the quarterback … to the guy in a suit, feels their thing is hard and they feel alone in their experience on the planet. … Regardless of who’s singing it, if it comes from that place, it can be a really powerful thing. I think Adam sang it from that place.”

‘Mad World’ singer Gary Jules calls Adam Lambert’s cover ‘unique and beautiful’, By Gina Carbone,

Maybe some day when Adam is driving through Los Angeles, his phone will ring and it will be Gary Jules…

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Mad Love for Adam Lambert’s “Mad World”

by on Apr.08, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos


We’ve got some mad love for Adam Lambert! After last night’s phenomenal performance of “Mad World” Adam joins ‘Idols’ Top 7. Always respectful, Adam expressed how honored he was to receive a standing ovation from Simon and all the judges last night. The judges were given an opportunity to praise Adam for his brilliant performance of “Mad World” since last night they had run out of time. Thanks for making that right American Idol.

The studio version of “Mad World” is now up on iTunes. Don’t miss out on Adam’s mad vocals… order yours today at American Idol iTunes store

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

The Top 8 sang “Circus” by Brittney Spears in this week’s Ford Music Video. The director asked Adam to start off very brooding and menacing. All the costumes, eccentric make up and glitter finished the look. Adam said, “This is very very theatrical which is right up my alley. I’m thrilled. This is probably going to be my favorite shoot.” To watch the Top 8 Ford music video click here

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Adam Lambert’s “Mad World” Renders Simon Speechless

by on Apr.08, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

Wire Image

Wire Image

Click here to watch Adam singing “Mad World”

by flynnsgirl, TALC
I had to come back and write a review for this performance because I couldn’t get my brain to function for quite a while after. Talk about being blown away by something.

Adam took a song that has never been done on Idol, a song that was a brilliant choice, because it’s haunting and beautiful and just so very cool. He sets the scene, dressed head to toe in white, with a leather jacket on and a scarf slung casually around his neck. Sitting on a chair with three pure white spotlights shining down but keeping him in shadow. Piano music starts and he begins. Incredible clear vocals, caressing every note, blending them one into the other to form words with meaning and substance. Adam uses his voice the exact same way a musician uses an instrument. Like playing Bach on a rare Stradivarius.

What he does with simple words to give them emotional impact is amazing, what he did with “nervous” it made you feel the word. Then when he gets to “look right through me” and stands up to give impact to the verse. Brilliant job Adam.

The other contestants on this show are singers, singing their songs. Adam is an artist, painting and sculpting with his voice.

I believe if Adam doesn’t win this competition, it will be a travesty. Adam has a one in a million talent, the kind you are born with, you can’t learn it or buy it. He has stage presence and charisma all wrapped in a beautiful package. It is a joy to watch him perform, singing Ring of Fire, with all the sex appeal in the world or Black or White with the aggression and passion of someone who knows what it feels like to be accused of being “different”.

I believe in my heart that we are witnessing the birth of a SUPER STAR.

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

by luv2laugh, TALC
Creating a visual performance to set the tone with intended meaning… Brilliant

Hearing Adam’s flawless voice so full of raw emotion making you feel every word… Pure Perfection

Watching Simon Cowell lead all four judges in a standing ovation for the first time in ‘Idol’ history… PRICELESS

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Adam Lambert Brings Beauty to a Mad World

by on Apr.07, 2009, under All About Adam

Adam Lambert took the Idol stage tonight singing “Mad World” by Tears For Fears. Adam was seated in a chair with a dim light cast across the stage. You could hear piano music softly playing, but our only focus was on Adam’s incredible voice moving us with his every word. Simon lead all four judges in a standing ovation after Adam’s performance. I do believe that was a first in Idol history.

If you want more Adam Lambert performances, pick up the phone now and vote! You have the power to make a difference! Vote for Adam so that you can continue to see what Adam will bring to the Idol stage week after week. The phones lines will stay open for 2 hours following the American Idol show. We here at TALC will be voting the entire time.


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Adam Lambert’s got the Funk

by on Apr.02, 2009, under All About Adam


Adam Lambert’s outstanding performance of “Play That Funky Music” has landed him in next week’s Top 8 performance where the theme will be “The Year You Were Born.” Since Adam was born in 1982, that leaves the door wide open for some awesome 80′s classics with an Adam Lambert twist.

Paula had told Adam during her critique of “Play That Funky Music” that “True genius does not meet expectations; true genius shatters expectations.” During last night’s show, Paula expanded on that comment saying, “But for me it’s about knowing who you are and delivering that confidence with conviction week in and week out. And I did point out Adam Lambert last night.”

Paula’s not the only one giving high praise to Adam Lambert. Diane Warren, a veteran song writer had this to say about Adam. “I think he’s amazing,” Warren gushed. “Adam is a star. I just dig him because he’s different from Idol’s normal thing, and I think he’s hugely marketable with the right material.” To read “Idol Worship: Diane Warren Heaps Praise On “Amazing” Adam Lambert” click here

Getty Images

Getty Images

Our Very Own Shout Out
Adam showed his Adam Bombs at some love last night when he wore the shirt we gave him while he nailed “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey during the group performance. Adam continues to show just how much he appreciates the support from his fans. We won’t stop believing Adam… we’ll be right here supporting you all the way to the AI finale and beyond!

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