Adam Lambert Talks With The Wall Street Journal

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Another great interview with Adam Lambert about his debut album and working with Lady Gaga. This one comes from The Wall Street Journal. It’s wonderful that the press had the opportunity to talk with Adam about his music and they are asking all the right questions.

Here’s some of the highlights of this interview. Adam Lambert shares more about working with Lady Gaga on “Fever”, one of the tracks on his debut album. Adam also talks in detail about “Sure Fire Winners”, a song which pushed him the most vocally. Adam’s discusses his creative choice for his album cover, where his inspirations came from and why there is a bit of a double standard for men and women when it comes to glam in the music industry. Also discussed; fame, sexuality, 30 second song previews, twitter, Kris Allen’s album, and American Idol judges.

I’ve seen several interviewers ask Adam why he appeals to women even though he’s gay. I think that’s a strange question to ask Adam. Maybe they should ask women that question because the answer is plain and simple… Sexy is Sexy.

To pre-order your Deluxe version of Adam’s “For Your Entertainment” album click iTunes


Adam Lambert on His New Album “For Your Entertainment,” Working with Lady Gaga, and His Appeal to Women

By Michelle Kung

Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood might want to watch their backs. Adam Lambert, the Season 8 “American Idol” runner-up, is poised to become one of the reality show’s biggest break-out stars. The glamtastic rocker released “Time for Miracles,” the closing credits song for this Friday’s disaster porn epic “2012.” And his first solo album, “For Your Entertainment,” drops Nov. 23, one day after he’s scheduled to perform at the American Music Awards. Lambert talked to Speakeasy about his music, his fans and why he’s so appealing to women.

The Wall Street Journal: On your Twitter feed, you said Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video “melted my brain.”

Oh my god, I love it. It’s so out there. She’s so brave in her artistic freedom; she’s an inspiration.

She actually contributed a song — “Fever” — to your new album.

Yeah, I really wanted to work with her; she’s just one of my favorites right now. She had an old demo — I think she said she got signed with that demo to her first label deal — and then she never produced it and got it done. I think that it’s a really catchy melody; the lyrics are really fun and silly. Overall, I really enjoyed the process of recording with her. She was on the other side of that glass, just egging me on. She was constantly like, ‘Go crazier! Go higher! Go louder!”

If and when you make a music video for “Fever,” would she cameo?

I’d love it. Of course I’d ask her. We’ll see if she’d actually want to do it. She has a lot on her plate right now.

You seem so at ease with fame. What do you attribute that to?

I think it helps that that I’ve lived in L.A. for the last eight years and I’m a little older. I’m 27, seen a lot of s—, met a lot of people. I’ve certainly been on the sidelines of paparazzi barrages, like, I’ve been out at a club with various reality show acquaintances and they get that kind of attention. So I’ve been near it, which helps me not to be thrown off by it. My M.O. is just do what you do and don’t feel like you have to make apologies for it. I’m sure there will come a point when I have to apologize for something, but not yet.

A lot of big stars go out of their way to hide the fact that they’re gay, but you’re happily out and women still throw thongs at you — what do you think you’re doing differently?

I think it’s a testament to just owning yourself, owning your stuff, and just being comfortable in your skin. It took me a time to get to that point and the timing of “Idol” was appropriate because I was at a point where I realized, you know what? I love myself and I am a good person. It takes a while to get there.

What do you think your appeal to women is?

I’m not sure — to be honest, that’s one of the more surprising elements about this whole thing. I’m like, really? I honestly don’t know — maybe it’s because, whatever the sexuality thing, I’m a friendly person, and maybe there’s a safety thing involved, in that I’m not threatening.

How much say did you have in creating your album cover?

That was pretty much my call. When we got to the point of doing the photo shoot, I just wanted to go super androgynous glam, kind of campy and outlandish. I love imagery like that — that’s why I love the Lady Gaga video. It’s just funny, because the second a guy start doing things out of the box, people get all freaked out. But women do it all the time, so it’s an interesting double standard.

Bowie seems to have been an obvious inspiration.

Yup, Bowie, Jagger, Boy George, Prince, and Michael Jackson — all those guys who would put make up on and look glamorous. Some of the Michael Jackson covers are amazing, like “Dangerous,” where it’s just his eyes and the entire thing is just super frosted and touched up and perfect. And pictures of Bowie back in the day, like the “Hunky Dory” cover where he’s just pretty and in soft focus. I love that look and think it’s cool that not a lot of guy are doing it, so that’s how I’m going to style myself. It’s part of my persona and has been consistently. That’s why I find it so funny that people were surprised by the cover. I mean, didn’t you see me onstage with KISS and the glitter boots and the rhinestones around my eyes [on "Idol"]?

Still, do you ever feel trapped in any way by the glam image?

No, I don’t feel trapped. I’m the one who put on those clothes; it’s my own making. I feel like when I want to, I can change it up like I did on the show. I try not to get trapped in any one musical or visual style at all. I mean, that’s part of what I was really trying to do on “Idol” — change it up week to week, like variety tray. A veggie platter, if you will.

Were you upset when tracks of your album were leaked online earlier this month?

To be honest, yeah. I would have rather it not been, but that’s how you sell a CD on the internet. It’s hard, because people jump to conclusions based on 30 seconds, and I don’t know how fair that is. It is what it is.

Which song pushed you the furthest vocally?

“Sure Fire Winners” is pretty vocally acrobatic. It’s crazy — but they all kind of go crazy. Artistically, I think the Linda Perry song was a departure for me because it was a little out of my obvious comfort zone — vocally, it sits in this falsetto space, and lyrically, if you really listen to it, it’s complicated. The lyrics contradict themselves, which was done on purpose — Linda and I really talked about it.

There are two different interpretations: one is that it’s about two members of a relationship, and what’s going on in their heads when they’re with each other. One partner is loving every moment and in bliss, while the other person is feeling empty and not satisfied. The other way to look at it is that it’s about one person, going back and forth about a relationship in their head. Like one day, we feel like we love this person to death, the next, what the hell. It’s emotionally complicated, which makes it special.

Speaking of “Sure Fire Winners,” it sounds like an homage to “We are the Champions.” Is it?

It wasn’t intentional, and I didn’t write that song. But yeah, that’s totally the vibe. I don’t know if the writers did that on purpose or not. But it is like a “we rock” kind of anthem.

How closely do you follow the forums on your site and read what people tweet at you?

I breeze through Twitter — I look at the mentions, the pictures, the videos. But I try not to get too wrapped up in message boards because it’s crazy. When the fans are supportive, that’s super positive. On the flip side, when message boards are filled with negativity, I find it sad that people have nothing better to do than hate on others online. It’s not a good vibe.

Have you heard Kris Allen’s album?

I haven’t heard his album, but love his single. I’ll be one of the first to get a copy, I’m sure.

Are you going to return to “American Idol” to perform during the new season?

If they want me to perform, I’d love to.

Would you have liked to see Ellen DeGeneres as a judge?

No, I wouldn’t change my experience at all. I love Paula and think she’s amazing. She was one of the first believers [in me], if you know what I mean. She really had my back. As for Simon, he really has nothing to do with me at this point. I mean, he’s a judge. He is also a producer, but he’s not the automatic “Idol” producer. He’s producing Leona Lewis, but that’s his project. Going back to the Internet thing, it amused me how people can be so misinformed. When I read certain things, I just want to tell them, you have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s an endless source of entertainment for me.The Wall Street Journal

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Adam Lambert Talks Music With Rolling Stone

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Adam Lambert talks music with Rolling Stone; Adam’s new music for his debut album titled “For Your Entertainment” which will be released November 23rd. It was amazing to hear Adam talk about his expectations for his music, details about personally writing for his album, what his song lyrics mean to him and how he feels his listeners will relate to those lyrics, working with artists who he admires tremendously and what it was like for him singing their songs, his musical background as well as his favorite genres of music, his album cover, his new band, and his ever changing fashion “look”.

We all know Adam Lambert has worked long and hard for the day he can share his music with the world. I love his candor, his passion, and his enthusiasm. Adam Lambert is extraordinary.

To pre-order your Deluxe version of Adam’s “For Your Entertainment” click iTunes

Rolling Stone magazine also has a feature article about Adam Lambert which should be hitting the news stands soon.

photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Adam Lambert on the Demons and Dance Behind “For Your Entertainment”

Singer opens up about his new band (Madonna’s guitarist!) and his album’s Radiohead moment

by Jenny Eliscu, Rolling Stone

In our new issue, Adam Lambert tells Rolling Stone how whiskey and David Bowie influenced his debut album, For Your Entertainment. American Idol’s first real rock star also opened up about working with Muse and writing one of the record’s most tender ballads. Here’s more from Jenny Eliscu’s conversation with the man RS dubbed a glam-rock sex god during his fantastic Idol run:

Tell me about the process of making this record.

We did some recording on tour, not that much, though. What we ended up doing was conceptualizing on the road, and then just collecting as many demos and ideas as possible. Before the tour started, I did write for like a month. Over the course of the tour, we collected a lot of different music and found what resonated with us. The cool thing about the whole process was that we took a lot of the songs from demos and really developed them and tried to tailor them to the vibe that I was going for on the album, which was to blend old and new, to take classic rock-sounding track and say, “How can we modernize this, how can we give it an electronic edge?” I think it went pretty well.

Going into it, before you heard a single demo, what were the things you were certain you wanted it to be?

I wanted to do somehow not a classic and Eighties rock thing, the stuff I got credibility for on Idol. I wanted it to be dance, I wanted it to be pop, I wanted it to be international — these were our check boxes. I really wanted to do a new pop glam thing. I didn’t want to create an album that was cohesive, because that’s not my personally, I wanted something that was all over the map, because that’s the kind of music I like to listen to, and I like to sing a lot of different styles of music, and there should be something different for every mood you’re in.

Do you think your look will go through different phases?

I love dress-up, I love costume, I love make-up and all that shit, so I have a feeling that I’m going to tailor a look for each song. I kind of think that for the first single, “For Your Entertainment,” we’re going to go for more of an old Hollywood look, like 1930s style, but influences of Berlin, kind of dark, black and white, opium den, old glam? I want it to look like Valentino, old movie star, like black and white, pencil moustaches — that kind of vibe.

You’ve spent a lot of time absorbing lots of music. Do you have a large record collection?

Yeah, I’m a freak with iTunes, I’m constantly fucking buying music. I love listening to whatever’s new and fresh, and I’ll go back and explore. I went through a period of time where all I was listening to was stuff from the late Sixties, the whole flower power fuckin’ psychedelic hippie-type music, like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Beatles. I remember at one point I was listening to a lot of disco. I love disco music, anyone who doesn’t love disco, I don’t know?

Every generation has some kind of music they have baggage about.

Yeah. I love dance music, I’ve always loved dance music. I think anything with a good beat that makes you feel like getting ready for the evening, going to work, in the gym, it’s inspiring, it makes you feel good. It makes you move and it makes you want to feel sexy and flirt with somebody and have a drink. There’s a lot of that on the record, because I love that.

What was it like working with Lady Gaga? She brought you a demo from a few years ago?

We just talked about the direction of which way it would go, and she said, “I really want to make more current than the demo is, and dance it up, make it a little more disco-y, and I was like, “Yeah, let’s do it.” I think we accomplished it.

Did you do more work on it with respect to lyrics? How much did it change the song itself from the demo?

On American Idol, I tended to interpret things vocally, there’s a lot of ad-libbing and stuff going on. It was a simple melody before, and we made it a lot more in your face and over the top.

What about “Music Again,” the song Justin Hawkins from the Darkness contributed?

It has a classic rock riff to it that I thought was so sexy. Another band that was a major reference was Queen. You hear that influence in a couple different songs, and the chorus of that song, I wanted the harmonies to sound like Queen, I wanted it to be really full. Also, bands like Sweet used to do that with their vocals, glam bands. I just wanted to show people I had a sense of humor with this shit. It’s fun, it’s supposed to be kind of campy.

“Broken Open” is one of the album’s big ballads. Can you talk about the record’s slower songs?

There’s three songs that are really emotional, a little bit slower, softer. One of them is a song that Muse wrote, “Soaked.” That opens up with a real soft vocal, it’s very tender, the lyrics are very vulnerable, then it goes into a soaring ballad-type feel. That was another example — we got the song from Muse, and I was shitting myself, I couldn’t believe it, I thought, “This is incredible, I can’t believe they’re giving me a song.” I’m a huge fan, and it, too, like the rest of the three that I’m talking about, have this real retro feel to it, melodically and even in the style of the production, very Seventies, at times very Sixties, almost like a Shirley Bassey song mixed with a Queen record. “Broken Open” you could put it in the same category as a downtempo Goldfrapp song or even like Radiohead, there’s shades of that in there, very electronic but mellow, very ethereal. The lyrics are basically encouraging someone to feel safe in being vulnerable. “Lay here, it’s safe here, I’ll let you be broken open.” It’s about that moment where someone really opens up emotionally to you. I just wrote that from some experiences that I’ve had with certain people in my life, and I hope that it comes across that way.

The songs you write on your own, do you tend to gravitate toward ballads or sadder songs?

I like to write both, I just like to write something that means something. Even “Strut,” it’s not incredibly hooky, but it’s a self-empowerment thing. Strut it out, work your shit, and feel good about yourself and let it all hang out, sooner or later you’re going to find love and be happy in your life. So it’s fun and it’s lighthearted, but it definitely has some weight to it, as far as what it’s trying to say. There’s another one called “Aftermath” which is probably the most Idol-esque type song on the album. The cool thing is that the lyrics are basically about dealing with your demons. I think there’s a universal message in it. It might be about coming out, it might be about self-acceptance, taking the chance of keeping it real and doing what you feel in your heart you have to do, even though it’s scary, even though people might not like it. It might be about going to AA. Any sort of traumatic life moment, and in the aftermath of it, of making that decision and dealing with whatever it is you’re dealing with, you’ll find solace in it. It’s another kind of empowerment-type anthem.

People criticized your album cover for its theatrical camp, but you’d argue that’s actually where a lot of pop music is heading, correct?

I think that especially right now in the pop scene, theatricality is definitely back. Look at artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, for example, two very kitschy, tongue in cheek artists. Even people like Rihanna, it’s very theatrical, it’s very dramatic, it’s very fashion. All that’s happening, and people like Madonna have been doing it for years, and Michael Jackson was the master of it. I just think that people want that again. I was fortunate that I got picked for Idol and people liked it, because that was the kind of music I wanted to do, add more presentation to it, a little more showmanship, not just about the voice.

When was the first time you hit one of those crazy notes and realized you could do it?

One of the real high crazy ones? That was in my twenties, I couldn’t do it when I was a teenager.

Was it a process of training and training until it came naturally?

I kind of rejected voice lessons, in a way, I stopped taking voice lessons when I was 20, and I found my voice after that, when I wasn’t being told what to do. I wasn’t worrying about singing correctly. When you take voice lessons, you get kind of programmed to sing correctly, and when I stopped singing correctly, I had a cooler sound, I think.

When you were auditioning the guys for your band, what was the vibe you were looking for?

The guitar player is somebody I’ve been writing with and I’ve known for years, actually, Monte Pittman. I had a band together for a little while here in L.A., a short-lived band, and we had written songs together and we’re going to keep writing songs together. I told him a long time ago, “You’re going to be in my band.” There’s a loyalty there, and we have a working relationship that’s really great. He’s been playing with Madonna for years, he’s great. The drummer has a really good energy, and he’s an Aquarius like me. I get kind of dorky about the astrology, I hate to admit it.

Have you gotten any new tattoos recently?

No. I thought about it. I need to find something that I want first. I’m not sure what else I want to put on my body, but I’d like to.

My thoughts…

photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

I absolutely loved hearing what Adam Lambert had to say about his new music!! It was enlightening when Adam discussed his song lyrics; what the lyrics mean to him as the artist and how he envisions the interpretation possibilities for his listeners.

Even though several of the songs on the album were written by other big name artists who Adam respects tremendously, Adam still made those songs his own. Adam is completely original and always “Adam” which I admire. Loved hearing his excitement about getting the song from Muse.

Many of us heard a Queen vibe when we listened to preview of “Music Again”. It was exciting to read that was Adam’s intent. He also mentioned we would hear the Queen influence in a couple of his songs. I can’t wait for the whole album!!

I’m glad Adam had the opportunity to talk about the intent of his album cover. He clearly knew exactly what he wanted for his debut album. I hope he continues to trust his instincts when it comes to his creative expression.

Adam has his own band and the anticipation builds for live performances. The fact he chose Monte Pittman for his band is awesome and why he chose him is endearing. Adam’s comment about astrology and his drummer’s positive energy made me smile.

Could Adam’s “For Your Entertainment” look possibly be the theme for his music video or his performance on the American Music Awards? I don’t know, but whatever he does, it will be fabulous!!

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Adam Lambert at 2012 Movie Premiere

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Adam Lambert attended the 2012 Premiere for Sony’s end of the world Sci-Fi disaster film, which was appropriately held on the black carpet. Adam looked spectacular in his ultra fabulous studded jacket.

When Adam Lambert interviewed with MTV he said, “I really feel honored that they came to me and asked me. I think it’s obviously a risk on their part because this was before any sort of album had been completed or hardly even started. So for them to ask me, it shows faith. It really made me feel good and gave me a lot of confidence.”

Adam Lambert told ET, “You know it feels really amazing. I’ve never been part of a feature film before, the soundtrack I think is going to be wonderful. I’m really kind of apprehensive about hearing my song at the end of the movie. It’s going to be pretty surreal.”

ET Interviews Adam Lambert at 2012 Premiere

In this clip from, Adam Lambert talks about Sony asking him to sing “Time For Miracles” for 2012, what he would do if he knew the world were ending tomorrow, and where he plans to be on December 21, 2012.

Adam Lambert Interview at ’2012′ Premiere 11-3-09

Wire Image

Wire Image

From the New York Post

How Hollywood dresses for a disaster

As for Adam, this studded ja-a-a-a-a-a-acket was eye-catching, even by his platform bootie standards. But I loved it — as I do everything he wears, does, says, sings, applies

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Adam Lambert Attends ‘This Is It’ Premiere

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photo by Getty

photo by Getty

Adam Lambert tweeted yesterday, “On my way to the THIS IS IT premiere with my lovely date Miss Katy Perry!! We are Dressed!”

Here’s what Adam Lambert had to say about Michael Jackson during an interview on the red carpet. “Michael Jackson raised the bar so high that all of us of us are just looking at it like this. I think everybody has said that over the last twenty or so years. He fused music together, pop, rock, R&B, he didn’t pick one genre. He didn’t conform with the way he dressed, with the way he performed, he was his own guy and I’m very inspired by that attitude.”

Adam Lambert at This Is It Premiere

Adam Lambert talks with Access Hollywood about his inspirations for his album cover and about Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”.

Adam Lambert has revealed that it was a host of music legends helped inspire the glam look on the cover of his upcoming album, “For Your Entertainment.”

“I’ve loved David Bowie since I was a kid [and] artists like Michael Jackson, Prince [and] Mick Jagger,” Adam told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts at the Los Angeles premiere of “This Is It” on Tuesday night. “There’s a lot of male rock stars in history that have kind of played with androgyny and I [am] just fascinated by that look so I wanted to do something like that for the album cover.”

As previously reported on, Adam unveiled the cover on his official Web site on Tuesday. The image shows the “American Idol” Season 8 runner-up with colorful make up and a leather-gloved hand cradling his face.

Beyond simply the cover, Adam said he is thrilled to be releasing the effort – his first official album of post-“American Idol” material – on November 23 via 19 Recordings/RCA, but he told Tony he only just finished picking the songs.

“I’m so excited,” Adam said. “We just came up with the final track listing [on Monday] — made our final selection on songs. It’s all happening… I can’t believe it. I’m so lucky.”

And the raven-haired singer from San Diego is still singing the praises of the show that gave him an opportunity to reach out to millions each week earlier this year. Adam said the next step, however, is standing on his own two feet.

“’American Idol’ is the most amazing opportunity for an artist… It’s a platform, it’s an opportunity. You compete well on the show and then you have the chance at a record deal and it helps launch your career,” Adam raved. “I wouldn’t be anywhere without that show, but now that the show is over… you kind of have to pull out the reigns and do your thing. Now it’s up to me to just try to keep entertaining people and hopefully keep everybody’s interest.”

Adam attended last night’s “This Is It” premiere with a date – his pal and fellow singer Katy Perry – but before heading in he told Tony he hoped to really understand Michael better as a performer by watching the nearly two-hour movie.

“I just want to get a glimpse of his creative process,” Adam said. “I’ve always been a Michael Jackson fan, but part of what made him so alluring is that he was kind of mysterious. [You] didn’t get to see behind the scenes that much, with the exception of that ‘Thriller’ behind the scenes documentary which I was obsessed with as a kid.”

And with “This Is It” finally hitting theaters today, Adam said what he’ll miss most about the entertainer is his artistry.

“[I’ll miss] his individuality and [the] freedom that he had in expressing himself,” Adam said. “There’s nobody like him. There hasn’t been since, there wasn’t before. He was his own unique brand of entertainer and I respect and admire how original and individual that was.” Access Hollywood

photo by Getty

photo by Getty

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Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ Music Video On The Big Screen

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photo by Getty

photo by Getty

Adam Lambert spoke with MTV about the making of his “Time For Miracles” music video during the American Music Awards press conference this week. Here’s what Adam had to say about his role in the music video.

“[The video] was really performance-driven. It was really about the lyric content and the emotional guts of the song,” Lambert told MTV News on Tuesday (October 13) in Los Angeles.

But given that the tune is being used in a Roland Emmerich-helmed disaster flick, fans should expect a doomsday element to the clip as well. “There were a ton of extras on the set. What they were doing is they were staging scenes reminiscent of what happens in ’2012,’ ” Lambert said.

Specifically, the “American Idol” rocker pointed to one sequence in the video where he sings calmly while chaos surrounds him. “I’m just walking through looking straight at the camera singing the song, and there’s a riot going on around me — people being tossed in front of me, looting, you know, people being arrested,” Lambert described. “That was pretty wild, to try to stay focused on the song while that was happening. But we had fun. It was a good day.” by Jim Catiello,

Adam Lambert Discusses “Time For Miracles” Music Video with MTV

“Time For Miracles” Music Video On The Big Screen

Lambert is especially happy about where fans will be able to see the “Time for Miracles” video: the big screen. “The ’2012′ trailer that we put together with the ['Time for Miracles' music video] will be premiering at the Michael Jackson film,” Lambert revealed to MTV News, referring to a special trailer that will run before the upcoming documentary “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.” by Jim Catiello,

Given the fact that Michael Jackson’s documentary ‘This Is It’ and Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” will both release worldwide, it’s a perfect fit. Just to give you an idea of the potential viewing audience for “Time For Miracles” music video, I’ve included some stats about MJ’s ‘This Is It’ ticket sales.

Among the cities with the strongest sales are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and New York. Records were also set in Japan, where more than $1 million in tickets were sold on the first day they were available. In London, fans bought more than 30,000 tickets on the first day, eclipsing the advance interest in the “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings” films, which were wildly popular in Britain. Record sales were also reported in Holland, Sweden, Belgium and New Zealand, reports.

It was also reported, while online sales were high, fans also lined sidewalks waiting for tickets in Paris, Bangkok and Munich, Sony Pictures said. “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” Breaks Ticket Sales Records Worldwide

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Hear More About Adam Lambert’s Music & Surprise Next Week

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Laura Saltman’s interview with Adam Lambert yesterday during the AMA press conference is the perfect compliment to Lyndsey Parker’s interview with Rob Cavallo. Now we have a producer’s and an artist’s prospectives. It is very interesting to hear Adam Lambert talk from his personal viewpoint and experience about creating his debut album and the support he has received from RCA/19E. Adam is full of enthusiasm and when he talks about his music, it’s contagious!

I also enjoyed hearing Adam describe his first experience announcing the AMA nominees and talking about his ideas for what will surely be an astonishing live performance of his single on the 2009 American Music Awards on November 22nd. Adam wants to put on a show and I personally can’t wait! Adam also squashes some rumours on twitter about touring with Lady Gaga and appearing on Saturday Night Live.

At the end of the interview, Laura Saltman informs us that she has some big news about Adam Lambert that can’t be shared until next Tuesday. I have to wonder what could be so exciting that it almost takes her breath away. Well, we’re talking about Adam Lambert here, so anything is possible!

To watch Laura Saltman’s interview with Adam Lambert click Dish of Salt: Adam Lambert on AMA, Debut Album and More

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Adam Lambert Will Perform New Single at AMAs 11/22/09

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photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Ryan Secreast announced that Adam Lambert is performing his new single at the American Music Awards on November 22nd which will be aired on ABC television. Adam Lambert called into KIIS FM this morning and talked with Ryan Seacrest. Adam said he will perform his new “glammy” single which has yet to be decided and released. Adam would like his performance at the AMAs to include dancers, costumes, and fire. He wants it to be really exciting and over the top. Look out world, here’s comes Adam Lambert!!

Ryan played the “Time For Miracles” clip from the 2012 soundtrack. Adam said it turned out beautifully and he’s really happy with it. He also mentioned the music vid for “Time For Miracles” is EPIC!! Adam stated that “Time For Miracles” is not single for his album, his single will be entirely different, more glammy, more glittery.

Adam says, they don’t have a specific date for for his single yet, it could be any day now, The album will be out November 24th, it has no title yet, but they selected a picture. He’s bringing back a glamrock feel to pop music. Adam says, an album should should have some variety and take the listener on a journey and he feels his album will do that.

Ryan asked about Adam touring with Lady Gaga. Adam said, fantastic rumor! He’s a huge fan of hers and that would be a lot of fun, but has received no offers yet. Gaga will be touring sooner than Adam. Adam said his tour will probably take place next year, we need to see how the record does first.

Adam’s working very hard, but he’s excited. He’s having fun playing Rock Star and dressing up!

To listen to Adam Lambert’s interview click Adam Lambert Interview with Ryan Seacrest

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Adam Lambert Talks Music With Rolling Stone

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photo from Rolling Stone

photo from Rolling Stone

Adam Lambert was honored by Rolling Stone for best selling issue of the year! Adam’s cover issue of Rolling Stone magazine sold out in record time both on newsstands and online. Congrats Adam!!

While he was there, Adam talked to Rolling Stone about his debut album and his ideas for his solo concerts in the future.

Adam Lambert’s “Sexy” November Debut Stocked With Surprises by Rolling Stone

The American Idols Live tour is in full swing, but Adam Lambert still has one eye on his debut album, due in November via AI’s 19 Recordings through a licensing deal with RCA. When Lambert stopped by the RS offices last week to discuss Paula Abdul’s departure from Idol, he stayed tight-lipped about any possible song names, lyrics or the album title — “Nope, can’t tell you yet — it’s all a surprise,” he says — but stressed that assembling the album quickly is only adding to its intensity.

“We did a surprising amount of work before the tour started, we had about a month,” he says. “I got a lot of co-writing done, some great initial vocal material recorded, and just general collaborations with different producers.” His list of collaborators has grown to include OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder (Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé), along with Lady Gaga producer RedOne, Linda Perry, Greg Wells and Sam Sparro. His only promises: “a lot of surprises” and “it’s going to feel really sexy.” (Watch Lambert talk about his first album in our video interview, above.)

On tour, Lambert reports his David Bowie medley of “Life on Mars,” “Fame” and “Let’s Dance” is “going over really well, and I have a blast doing it.” Fans are clearly having a good time too — the list of objects thrown at Lambert has grown from bras to light S&M gear, he reports. So what should fans do to get his attention? “Just clap and scream and have a good time,” he says. “It’s not about you guys getting my attention, it’s about you living your life in a positive way. If you feel sexy when you hear a song, just be sexy and feel gorgeous. You don’t need to throw a bra in my face to let me know that you feel sexy, though it cracks me up.”

Offstage, Lambert is currently listening to Muse’s new single “Uprising” (”It’s very glam rock and very cool”) as well as the new LPs by Kasabian and Peaches, and the latest from IAMX, one of the former singers from the Sneaker Pimps: “This recent one is gorgeous, it’s just epic and the production’s great, his melodies are awesome.”

After after a month on the road with the Idols tour, Lambert says he has definitely learned a few things that’ll come in handy down the line. “When you dance and move around it creates a different reaction from the audience — they love it,” he says. “And getting a sense of interaction with them, I love that. It’s like a trial run, a test audience for things to come. I would love to do a live show with dancers and fashion and scenic elements — definitely bring my love of the theater to a concert-style performance.” Rolling Stone

Adam Lambert Interview with Rolling Stone 8-10-09

Lambert Adds Hitmaker Max Martin to List of Collaborators by Rolling Stone

Adam Lambert delivered some news about his November debut album via a giddy tweet this morning: “In NYC to record song with MAX MARTIN!!! Soo excited. This album is getting so great!!” Martin is the Swedish wunderkind responsible for Kelly Clarkson’s mammoth “Since U Been Gone,” Britney Spears’ “… Baby One More Time,” Pink’s “So What” and “I Kissed a Girl” by Lambert’s cape-wearing pal Katy Perry.

As Rolling Stone reported earlier this month, the American Idol runner-up has also locked down writing and/or recording sessions with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder (Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé), Lady Gaga producer RedOne, Linda Perry, Greg Wells and Sam Sparro. Rolling Stone

Adam Lambert is also featured in the September 3rd issue of Rolling Stone in “Lambert Rocks ‘Idol’ Revue” now available at newsstands. Rolling Stone spent the day with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen beginning with their GMA early morning performance in NYC through the AI Tour evening performance in Atlantic City, NJ on August 7th. It’s a behind the scenes look into their busy schedules and both Adam and Kris share some personal thoughts as to what goes through their minds before they walk on that stage to perform for thousands of fans. Pick up your copy of Rolling Stone today to read this insightful article.

C. Taylor Crothers for Rolling Stone

C. Taylor Crothers for Rolling Stone

More pictures are available at

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Adam Lambert Interviews in Cleveland

by on Aug.25, 2009, under All About Adam, Interviews

cap by luv2laugh at TALC

cap by luv2laugh at TALC

Here are a couple of interviews with Adam Lambert from Cleveland. It’s good to see Adam back in the press circuit. During the first interview conducted by Q104 radio, Adam is asked many of the same questions we have heard before. But in the interviewer’s defense, he did ask his Q104 listeners on twitter for questions. I’m thinking there are many people interested in Adam that may not have seen every interview he has done. Anyway, Adam’s laughter in this interview is contagious and that alone makes this one worth while. At the end of the interview, Adam gets the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about his throat and vocal chords and explains why he has had to pull back from some of the fan activities during the tour. Adam Lambert Interview with Q104 Cleveland

It’s interesting, if you look back at this interview with Adam in Utah, Adam talks about his biggest challenge on tour is to maintain his energy. Given Adam’s demanding set on tour, it should come as no surprise that something had to give. Adam also talks about wanting to spend time with his fans.

Adam Lambert\'s Interview with Desert News in Utah

During this next interview with John Soeder (Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic), Adam talks about what he does during his occasional day off, the book he’s reading right now (which I found interesting), how he stays grounded, the many top name producers, song writers, and artists he’s working with on his new album which is beyond exciting, and Brian May from Queen. When asked about one of new songs featured on the new sci-fi film “2012″ (coming to theaters in November of this year), Adam won’t spill any details, but you can see his genuine excitement about his new music.

Adam Lambert Interview with John Soeder in Cleveland

Here’s what Brian May of Queen had to say about Adam’s new music. Very impressive! We know Adam has the support of his fans, but it’s very rewarding to hear the professionals in the business show their support in a big way.

“And I was privileged to hear a track that the guys have finished for Adam Lambert … a song for a forthcoming film, 2012. I have to say I was completely blown away … it’s truly sensational. In fact it’s so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists … but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star.” “Things I did in the City of Angels” Friday August 14.

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