Young Hollywood Artist of the Year Award for Adam Lambert

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Wire Image

Last Sunday, Adam Lambert rocked the red carpet in his own Glamrock style for the Young Hollywood Awards. Adam was chosen as the Young Hollywood Artist of the Year. Wherever Adam goes, he’s the center of attention, people everywhere recognize star quality when they see it. Here’s a clip of the news media frenzy over Adam on the red carpet.

Adam Lambert on the red carpet of Young Hollywood Awards

The questions came flying at Adam one after the next, each reporter trying to get the Adam scoop in a few minutes time. Adam fields the questions on the red carpet with ease. Adam Lambert interviews on the red carpet.

Kara DioGuardi presented Adam Lambert with his Artist of the Year award. Kara gave an outstanding speech, here’s what she had to say about Adam. “You know when you’ve witnessed a star, their energy is unmistakable, their talent is raw. Sometimes a star also has bad ass jet black hair, leather ensembles, huge epaulets, a strut to outdo supermodels, electric dance moves, and some of the most impressive vocal ability in eight seasons of American Idol. Tonight, we’re honoring that star. The phenomenal, the decadent, the Rock God, Adam Lambert. His repertoire on Idol was stunning and unforgettable and I was privileged to see it in person every week. From his fiery takes on “Black or White” and “Play That Funky Music” to his unusual intimate renditions of “Mad World”. And, oh yeah, we all remember “Ring of Fire”. We have got a whole lot of love for this man. He’s got the whole world waiting with bated breath, he’s got the platform boots to stomp through expectations, and he’s got the ability to change the way people appreciate pop music. He’s our Artist of the Year and I’m so proud and honored to present to you, the only, the great, Adam Lambert.”

You can watch Kara’s presentation and Adam’s acceptance speech at Young Hollywood Awards

Wire Image

Wire Image

Congratulations Adam!!!

The members here at TALC are so happy for you to receive this honor; it is well deserved.

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Adam Lambert Lights Up the Big Apple – Part 2

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Adam Lambert was interviewed by magazines, radio stations, TV networks, online sites, and even Broadway on Broadway during his three day stay in New York City. Everyone wanted a piece of Adam and he never tired of answering all the questions. He greeted everyone with the same passion and enthusiasm he dedicates to his artistry. There were some interviews, however, that dared to be different just as Adam dares to be different and the results were outstanding. Here are those exceptional interviews with Adam.

Idolatry at by Michael Slazek


Slezak, you did not disappoint with Adam Lambert’s Idoltary; we expected great things from you and you definitely delivered. Thank you! This was not only Adam’s most informative interview during his week in NYC, but it was the interview where Adam’s personality pulled us in and we loved every single second.

Here’s the link to watch Adam’s five part interview with Slezak Idolatry at It’s a must see! You need to scroll down on the side bar until you see the icons with Adam’s pictures, there are five videos included in this interview.

One of our members here at TALC shared her insight about Adam’s Idoltary interview with Slezak and I thought I would share a portion of it her thoughts here for our readers. To read drshivago’s entire post on Adam’s Idolatry click here

by drshivago at TALC

“I had a probably unheathly amount of anticipation for Adam’s episode. As someone who appreciates honest visceral and emotional reactions, open discussion, and a healthy dose of snark, I am a big fan of Idolatry. Slezak may have started out lagging behind the train, but he was on board after a few weeks and I felt he was very supportive of Adam (not all his contributers were, to be fair). So I was looking forward to a happy relaxed,and most importantly, HONEST Adam Lambert interview. I really feel like Adam was just spectacular. The last couple days Adam’s personality has been coming out in less filtered doses, and from what I’ve seen so far the guy is truly awesome. I’m going to pick just a few things that really stood out to me.

-”I thought we were just singing?” So obviously Adam Lambert became a poster boy for certain civil rights issues during the Idol season, at least in the eyes of many media outlets. Adam’s candor in admitting that he didn’t necessarily want that distinction is refreshing, because it could potentially cause some ire. He says he felt honouredm but intimidated and that it was “a lot of pressure” on him. His honesty about that is not something that everyone would give, especially since he clearly believes in the cause. Adam knows the difference between being the change,and talking about the change. That’s the big thing I come away with from his comments here.

“Shy?” The word doesn’t belong in the same neighborhood as my name, Adam implied, while giving a genius “bitch please” face when Slezak commended Adam for not shying away from flaunting some sexuality on the Idol stage. I am very pleased to see Adam still look so thrilled that he had the opportunity to sing Zeppelin on the happy family show, complete with not-so-subtle phallic references. This was a personal favourite of mine during the show, and it felt a bit like liberation (if on a small stage unable or unwilling to embrace it in all its heated glory. Just ask the camera operators). Love to Slezak for showing the down and dirtiest parts of the performance during the discussion. Of course the internet and anyone who bothers to pay attention knows that Adam’s physicality on Idol was hugely tame compared to some of the performances he’s given in the past. It’s exciting from a fan point of view to see Adam excited about the times he got to really push things, because one can only believe that he will throw down in a big way in the future.

- “It’s fusion- yada yada yada.” Adam discusses his record. This guy will not be put in a box. If you try, he will fight. He’s warning you now. He’s got no time for narrowminded archaic views of the recording industry. That being said, Adam’s confident claims that the label is behind his vision soothe the worried beast of fandom.

- “That’s bull. Eyeroll.” So he didn’t actually say eyeroll, but it was damned evident. Along with putting any well meaning (but honestly, so so mistaken) Cash “fans” who decried the ultra cool arrangement of Ring of Fire in their place, Adam defended his (stunningly stellar) vocals on this performance. Because no one else would (especially individuals with “judge of a singing competition” anywhere on their resume). It is interesting and comforting to hear Adam say what fans had been practically screaming after RoF- that Johnny Cash was an innovator and a rebel, that Johnny Cash would have dug it. “Done and done.” It’s always nice to hear that an artist feels his fans get him, but in this instance I see an example of the fans getting to know that the artist gets THEM, as well. Now if only Slezak had asked THE question: was the shirt-lift on purpose?

- “I knew people would figure that out, if they were savvy enough.” From your lips to the media’s ears, Adam Lambert. We get it, they get it, everyone gets it. Why are we still talking about it like it’s something, when it was nothing a long, long time ago. The public has spoken: Adam Lambert is beloved by a large number of people. These people? They know who he is, because he was never hiding. He said it best himself months ago, “I am who I am.”

My number one favourite moment:

“I’m kind of ridiculous, I know that.” Completely unprompted, Adam spontaneously thanks Slezak for “taking the piss out of” him, and says he “deserves a bit of an eye roll now and then.” The sweetness with which he makes this statement is charming and very self-aware. He ends by agreeing that he knows it was out of love, and that he “knew you guys got it.” And maybe the most telling part of this exchange? I believed him. Part of being good at the kind of performance that Adam does is knowing it’s over the top, and being completely comfortable and in control of it. Which Adam clearly is.

I know this was likely overwrought and over-dissected, but the interview was so full of gems. Comments, expressions, and moments that made me smile, made me feel, or made me think. Or all of them at once. That’s just kind of what Adam Lambert does.”

Best Week Ever
The Adam Lambert Interview That Will Change Your Life by Michelle Collins

photograph by Erica Magrey

photograph by Erica Magrey

But lately, a new hero has emerged on the horizon: Adam Lambert, the enigmatic, timeless, sexy, talented, from another planet amazing American Idol runner-up who has turned the United States into a pigpen of lusty fanboys and fangirls, myself included. Having watched this season of Idol since Day 1, my feelings for Adam went from “casual fan” to “He is the Second Coming of Christ.”

So when word got around that Mr. Lambert would be coming in to tape a segment for Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, airing this Friday, May 29 at 11 PM, I was faced with a real dilemma: Do I opt to meet him face to face, risking the chance that I embarrass myself 4 Lyf, or do I take that old saying to heart, and keep my dreams and heroes at an arms length? The answer should be pretty obvious. And so I strapped a jetpack made out of dreams and joy to my back in an effort to rocket ship my ass into his heart. by Michelle Collins

Be sure to read Michelle Collins’ interview with Adam; sometimes you’re meant to meet your hero and life is grand. Best Week Ever Interview with Adam Lambert by Michelle Collins

Michelle, anyone who can make Adam Lambert laugh like you did during an interview is my kind of girl. I absolutely loved your enthusiasm and your humour as did Adam. I’m sure his time with you didn’t feel like work; he was having way too much fun. Great interview, more like a conversation between friends than an interview and awesome pictures.

photograph by Bruce Glikas

photograph by Bruce Glikas

Even with Adam’s extremely busy press schedule, he made time for his passion for theater while he was in NYC; it was important to him. After seeing the Broadway musical Hair, Adam met with the cast and answered some questions for

“It was so wonderful seeing him in this element. He’s so obviously at home with his theater family–the mutual love is so evident. I love that his “platform” seems to be addressing kids who feel different or picked on; he has spoken to this issue so many times and with such conviction. He is such an inspiration!” by paperweight at TALC

To see backstage pictures of Adam with the cast of Hair, click on Photo Op: Adam Lambert Heads to Hair on Broadway. Adam knew and had worked with many of the cast members; how cool for Adam.


Adam’s discusses his favorite mentor on the show, singing with Queen, artists he would like to work with, favorite brand of eyeliner and nail polish, favorite ice cream, what he likes to do on a rainy day, and Adam states that he’s not on twitter.

My favorite line from the interview was when Adam said, “I do love ice cream. It’s my favorite junk food indulgence, although I can’t be eating ice cream people, I’m trying to be a rock star.”

Check out Interview with Adam Lambert



“One of the best interviews! They were so giddy tired , it was hilarious! hahaha
I can see why they get along so well….they’re on the same wavelength!” by Hanna at TALC.

Check out US Interview with Adam and Kris

You can visit our forum to check out all of Adam Lambert’s interviews during his stay in NYC at

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Adam Lambert Lights Up The Big Apple – Part 1

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Adam Lambert took New York City by storm with a smile and a song throughout what had to be a grueling press schedule. Adam handles all his press with ease, it’s something he was definitely meant to do. Just his mere presence speaks volumes about his star quality.

The Early Show CBS

photo by Jacqui B of TALC

photo by Jacqui B of TALC

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam Lambert appeared on The Early Morning show on CBS and I had the privilege of seeing the taping live. It was a cold, windy day, but people came from all over just to get a glimpse of Adam and hear him sing. A young woman next to me had driven from Ohio through the night just to see Adam and hear him sing. Even though CBS insisted we cheer and clap on demand throughout the taping of the show, a genuine roar of screaming, calling Adam’s name, and “I love yous” came over the crowd the minute Adam was spotted. It was so exciting to hear the crowd. Adam looked so beautiful… the white jacket was a perfect choice in the natural sunlight and made for some stunning photos. I’m a huge fan of his unique sense of style; always a fashion statement right down to the last detail.

Even with the wind, Adam’s flawless voice was exquisite with simply a piano to accompany him while he sang “Mad World”. After Adam was finished, he shook the gentleman’s hand who had accompanied him on the piano. Adam looked out to the crowd and apologized for having to leave right away and thanked everyone and blew us all a kiss which sent the crowd into a tizzy.

You can watch Adam Lambert’s appearance on The CBS Early Morning Show and see him perform “Mad World” here

Regis and Kelly Live

Regis and Kelly chat with Adam about his experience in theater from the age of ten, his first concert, his musical influence from his family, his favorite performers, the door that Adam has opened for all kinds of theater performers, and Adam’s style influences.

Kelly told Adam, “I don’t think anybody has achieved the level of stardom on that American Idol stage that you have; I mean winners, past winners, everyone included. I think you have tapped into something people were hungry for and looking for.”

Regis & Kelly Live Interview with Adam Lambert

Regis & Kelly Live Adam Lambert performs “Mad World”

Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins TV Show

photo by Erica Magrey

photo by Erica Magrey

Oh, this was fun to see. Adam is so very believable his role during this comedy routine. It’s impressive he nailed it on the first take. The story line is perfect dealing with “the question” everyone wants Adam to answer.

Michelle Collins stated, “Let me also say this about Adam… forget his incredible singing ability for a second… but what an actor! He nailed his lines ON THE FIRST TAKE — complicated words, mind you — and had the sort of comic sensibility that one can only be born with. The entire room was cracking up from the guy — be sure to watch tomorrow night to see the entire bit, because it delivers.”

Check out Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins – Adam Lambert

Today Show on NBC

photo by Jacqui B at TALC

photo by Jacqui B at TALC

by flynnsgirl at TALC
Big week for the fans in NYC, Adam had appearances all week in the Big Apple. I was lucky enough to catch a couple of these.

Wednesday night we drove into the city and checked into the hotel, as we were having a cocktail in the lounge we saw Danny Gokey arrive pretty upset because the airline lost his luggage. Yikes! Kara DioGuardi was wandering around the lobby sans makeup. She is one tiny woman, Paula Abdul must be about 2 feet tall!

We were off to bed because we needed to get to the Today Show by about 5:30 am The area where the performers do their thing is an alleyway between two buildings. They had a tented area for Adam and Kris to stand under because it had been lightly raining on and off. We had “fan passes” which meant we could get in the line that was let in first. There are barriers separating the alleyway, the press has an area to the right of the tent and the “fan pass” people could stand directly in front of the stage. There is another barrier across the front that keeps the fans about 8 feet away from the stage because this is where the Today Show people do their thing. It is basically set up like cattle pens, not the most comfortable situation.

Adam came out for sound check and did Mad World twice, first time I loved so much, because he had a little bit of morning voice, very sexy. He had no “make up” on and hadn’t done his hair. either way, the man is gorgeous. Kris did Heartless and No Boundaries. Adam stood off to the side drinking tea and watching Kris, then Kris watched Adam. There is no doubt that these two admire each other. Both guys disappeared inside and we waited about an hour, they came out again and did the songs again. Then it was time for the actual recorded performance. Adam changed clothes for the live TV performance, I have no idea if Kris did because Kris is the T-shirt and jeans kinda guy, don’t know if they were new clothes or not. Adam sounds amazing live, his voice is so crystal clear. They did some interviews but we had to wait to see them at home on the TV. You can’t hear a thing.

I hope all the fans can get a chance to see Adam on the Summer Idol Tour, his extraordinary voice is really a must see/hear!

One point I want to make, there was a very large crowd and Kris got very nice applause, but when Adam came out the place went nuts. This was not the first time I have seen this. People go nuts for Adam!

Here’s a video of Adam’s performance of “Mad World” on the Today Show filmed by our very own tuke18 here at TALC.

Adam Lambert performs “Mad World” on the Today Show

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TALC Staff meets Adam Lambert

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To all our readers, please excuse our absence during the past week. The TALC staff, along with two very close friends traveled across the country to experience the American Idol Finale in person. It was an adventure of a lifetime! We wanted to be there in person to hear Adam Lambert perform live and be able to deliver first hand information to our readers straight from the Nokia theater. This will be the first of several installments from our experience. While we were there, we had the opportunity to meet Adam Lambert and we would like to share that experience with all of you.

by tuke18 at TALC
On Wednesday night, as they were whisking Adam away, he got within earshot of me, I yelled out, “Adam, thanks for wearing our pendant we sent you!” and he said, “This is you guys?” and I said, “Yes, it’s us!” and he said “I love it! Thank you.” and then I pushed through the security guards and reached out my hand to give him the TALC card. He literally had to reach back over his shoulder and grab it, but he did and I said, “We love you!” as I handed him the card. It was so hurried and rushed, but it was so, so cool!! Then what was almost even cooler, Thursday morning when he first saw us, he looked at us and saw our TALC shirts and waved and said, “I got the card!”

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam has a positive aura about him… don’t know quite how to describe it, but you can sure feel it in his presence. Adam is so warm, friendly, and loving, he made me feel like I’ve known him my whole life. I wasn’t nervous at all, just positively beaming that I finally had to opportunity to meet this extraordinary young man. There’s a warmth and comfort in Adam’s beautiful eyes and when he talks to you, or if you are speaking to him, Adam is all about eye contact. Adam is so genuine and enthusiastic in his appreciation for all the love and support from his fans. If you can even imagine, Adam is more beautiful in person than in any picture I have ever seen of him; he’s simply glowing.

Getty Images

Getty Images

During a break with the press, Adam came up to us and thanked us for all the gifts. Adam asked if we had seen that he made the rocker pendant into a broach and wore it last night. Of course we noticed, how could we miss it! He said he wore the rocker pendant for the Led Zeppelin performance and wanted to wear it on his jacket during the finale. We said you wore it a lot and Adam said, “I love it, that’s why.” Adam said that meant so much to him and when he opens our gifts he gets excited because he thinks they’re cool. Adam said, and I’ll never forget, “You guys get me.” which warmed my heart.

The rocker pendant we discussed with Adam was one of the many gifts the Adam Bombs of TALC gave him during his run on Idol. It was one of the ways we showed our appreciation for his outstanding, unique, performances every week. The Orange Country Register featured an article called, ‘Idol’ finalist’s pendant came from La Habra store.

Contestant Adam Lambert’s fan club has sent over a gift before each performance on “American Idol” – and one that he wore on the show came from a La Habra store.

The singer wore a two-inch, crystal pendant from the rocker-apparel store, Perpetual Vogue, twice on the Fox-TV show, as well as during other TV interviews and for Rolling Stone magazine photos. Lambert, one of two finalists, will compete for the top spot during the two-part finale Tuesday and Wednesday.

“He’s definitely got the right rocker look. I think he’ll win,” said owner Clarissa Parashar.

“When we saw him wear it five times, it’s like, ‘Oooh, he likes this.’ Now we know what he likes,” Seiders said.

Los Angeles designer Shannon Sleaze of said she made the design specifically for the La Habra business. Lambert’s pendant, features an oval, smoky crystal surrounded by metal and clear spikes. by Sarah Tully, The Orange County Register

As each of us introduced ourselves to Adam, he called us each my name; he was so warm and welcoming. After I met Adam, I turned and told him that all the Adam Bombs that could not be here today send all their love and support. I asked if he would do a shout out to our members. We filmed Adam’s shout out to his Adam Bombs done just before they pulled him away again to do more press.

Adam Bomb Shout Out

by flynnsgirl at TALC
I want to tell you something I observed in our time spent with/watching Adam. People can’t keep their hands off of him, its extraordinary to watch. Everyone, men, women, kids, they all can’t stop touching him. He has a light around him that exudes charisma. Adam had all black on but he looks like he is in color and everyone else is not. I truly believe he was born to be famous. While we were waiting for our time with him, we were just standing around talking and I kept looking at the reporters interacting with him. They couldn’t keep their hands off of him! Adam is so at ease, so comfortable in who he is, he gives off this confidence and “star quality” that just draws people to him. We had such a blast in our short time with him, he was dead tired and still was so kind and generous with his time. He teased with us and we made him laugh. What a great day it was.

by AdamBomb1877 at TALC
Meeting Adam was a definite high point of the week! He is the most genuine, humble and caring person. His first words to us were, “Thank You so much!” I know this probably sounds silly, considering he thanks everyone, but he says it with such meaning and conviction. When speaking to you, Adam looks you in the eye and focuses on you. Even if he is interrupted, he is still focused. He is an incredible person. There were no nerves, we were all ourselves and nothing was held back. The moment was perfect. We picked the right guy to support this year!! The future is bright for that Rock Star!

by Adam’s Philly Babe at TALC
Words describing Adam are slim to none because he is unlike any person I have ever met before. I don’t think words could describe him but I’ll try. He is so warming. The minute you see him 10 feet from you, you feel warmed and almost giddy. His smile sends you into heaven with that kind look in his eyes. He is truly undeniably special in the sense of interacting with others. He is such a great person to talk to with his natural and honest enthusiasm even on no sleep. I hope that all of his fans get the chance to meet him because that alone will make you his fan for life.

While we were there, Alysia Sofios from FOX 26 in Fresno, CA asked us what it was like to meet Adam. Here’s a video of the news clip.

TALC Interview on Fox 26 Fresno

We also had the opportunity to do a live interview with Mia Fleming from Fox 23 Tulsa.

TALC Interview on Fox 26 in Tulsa

For more pictures and recaps about our amazing experience in Los Angeles, please check out

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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Get To Know Adam Lambert

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by luv2laugh at TALC

FOX All Access had the opportunity to interview Adam Lambert during his journey on American Idol. Here’s the two part interview full of interesting facts from Adam himself.

During Part 1 of the interview, Adam talks about what his parents think of his “look”, his biggest risks, David Cook, why he’s ready to become a successful artist, performing on the Idol stage for the first time, the most important thing he’s learned from his Idol experience, what he loves to do, his Glee club experience, and why he thinks people are responding to him.

FOX All Access Adam Lambert Part 1

During Part 2 of the interview, Adam shares his very first memory of music, how he likes to spend his free time, a fact you might not know about him, his favorite quote, his guilty pleasures, his funniest fan interaction, a defining life experience, a life changing moment, and a message to his fans.

FOX All Access Adam Lambert Part 2

The interview closes with a message from Adam Lambert to his fans. “Thank you so much for all the love and support, the fan mail, the gifts… the defense of being your own person; I think that resonates with people on a deep level and I’m glad I had the opportunity to kind of ring those bells.”

A beautiful tribute to Adam Lambert written by Star Lambert at TALC.

“Adam has completely changed the dimension of American Idol. Never before have we seen such an exceptional artist whose every performance is flawless, entertaining and so well coordinated. He is favored by judges, fans and the music/entertainment industry. Despite all his talent, my favorite quality in Adam is his humility. He knows he is good, he knows he is loved around the world, he has a tremendous amount of self confidence, but he also knows humility. In the general scheme of things, I guess with the proper training and opportunities, we could be almost as good as he is, but his humility comes from so deep within it cannot be mirrored…anywhere. I honestly can’t compare him to another entertainer. (They seem to have this hype about being ‘them’.)

It is such a joy to watch Adam. He performs songs that tell a story, probably some of his; you can see and feel his every emotion which makes him so engaging and pure in his delivery. I am happy to see Adam become the next American Idol which he so richly deserves, but not too enthusiastic to see the end of the competition This has been such a fulfilling experience and nothing can come quite as close, but I look forward to attending Adam’s concerts and buying his CDs, as soon as they are released.

Adam, rest assured that we will vote like there is no tomorrow because you are indeed the next American Idol and we have been made better for having experienced you. THANK YOU ADAM, THANK YOU!!!

ROCK THE VOTE FOR ADAM!” by Star Lambert at TALC

This is the moment when Adam Lambert’s dream can become a reality. Adam will perform first on Tuesday night. There will be three rounds… Contestants favorite (Song they have performed on the season), Simon Fullers pick, and Winners Single (Both Adam and Kris will sing the same song). After the American Idol Show airs, the voting lines will be open for four hours. We ask you once again, to vote for the entire voting period on as many lines as you possible can. All the Adam bombs here at TALC will be voting like crazy… Adam Lambert for the WIN!!! Adam is already our Super Star, but let’s all do everything we can to make Adam’s dream come true… Adam Lambert Our American Idol.


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Let’s Celebrate Adam Lambert in the AI Finale!!

by on May.15, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos



by luv2laugh at TALC

Idol received over 88 million votes last Tuesday night. Thank you America for bringing Adam Lambert, the most talented contestant to ever grace the Idol stage to the American Idol Finale! It’s all the thousands and thousands of fans who spent every bit of time and energy they had voting for Adam that helped bring him to the Top Two. Of course, we all have a incredible motivator; Adam Lambert has shown us week after week that he has the extraordinary talent, brilliant vocals, exhilarating stage presence, mesmerizing charisma, creative artistry, and the outstanding professionalism to be the next Super Star. All the Adam Bombs here at TALC couldn’t be more excited and proud to support Adam Lambert.

Idol gave us a little taste of Adam Lambert’s hometown visit to San Diego. Energized crowds were everywhere, FOX news, local radio stations, Mt. Carmel high school and Miramar Navel Base to show Adam how very proud they were of all he has accomplished. I enjoyed Adam’s personal commentary throughout the video. It warmed my heart to see Adam working with the young children at the Metropolitan Educational Theater to share his experiences and give them words of encouragement.

Watch the Highlights of Adam Lambert’s Memorable Hometown Visit

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

We watched… we waited… we watched… we waited… until finally it was time to hear the two contestants who would compete in the Idol Finale. Ryan Seacrest announced Kris Allen first. Adam turned and hugged Kris tightly with genuine excitement for him. When Ryan announced Adam’s name to join Kris, the anxious crowd cheered and cried with the realization that Adam had made it to the finals. Adam covered his face so full of emotion as he experienced a moment in time never to be forgotten; when you realize you are just one step away from fulfilling your dream.

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

This week’s Ford music video is “Break My Stride” sung by the Top 3. The guys get to experience what it would be like to have super powers. Click here to watch Break My Stride Music Video

During the making of “Break My Stride”, Adam explains, “The concept of the video is us turning into an animated version of ourselves when trouble arises. The song this week is “Break My Stride”. It’s awesome! The lyrics are just all about, you know what? Get out of my way, I’ve got to keep going.” Click here to watch Making of Break My Stride

Adam Lambert’s singles are available at the American Idol iTunes store. Run, don’t walk to get your copy of Adam’s studio versions of “One” and “Cryin”. Both of these songs clearly benefit from Adam having the opportunity to sing the entire song; more Adam, what’s not to love? American Idol iTunes store

America’s Final Two: Adam Lambert & Kris Allen

As Randy Jackson said last night on Idol Extra, “It’s like My Chemical Romance meets Jason Mraz.”

“Here is the story behind the polished nail: from a post by drea @ castrocopia — This story was shared by a friend of the Allen Family who attended the rehearsals this week in LA! Did you notice Kris had his thumbnail repainted? Can you guess who painted it? That’s right! Adam Lambert! Kris performed during Rock week with a painted thumbnail, and his homecoming footage captured the chipped polish. Tuesday night, however, Kris performed one of the best performances of the night (and the season, might I add) with a freshly painted thumbnail. According to Megan Malone, Adam painted Kris’s thumbnail after the homecoming visits and removed the polish from one of his own nails, stating "If you can carry around a piece of me, man; I can do the same for you." Malone said, “The Allens believe Kris wears the black fingernail polish in support of Adam because he wanted Adam in the finale. Also, Kris wanted to dispel any rumors claiming the two weren’t great friends.” Kris and Adam were roommates in the Idol Mansion throughout their stay. Thanks Megan for sharing the sweet story!” by Hanna at TALC

As different as Adam and Kris are artistically, they have become very close. Two best buddies; two talented all around great guys headed to Season 8′s American Idol Finale. This is an Idol first and I can’t help but feel that in many respects this is a win/win situation. Best of luck to both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. However, we all know that there can be only one American Idol. The Adam Bombs at TALC choose the one and only Adam Lambert, the one who dares to be different, risking it all, to stay true to himself. Adam Lambert will always have all our unending support.

“Adam and Kris are friends, they are brothers, and they are competitors.

On May 19, they will enter the arena. Only one will leave victorious. But he will be crowned as the American Idol, not “Friend”, not “Brother”.

The crown rightfully should go to the man who CONSISTENTLY “made songs his own”.
To the man who CONSISTENTLY sang to perfection, no matter the genre, no matter the tempo.
To the man who CONSISTENTLY offered audiences a COMPLETE vision of his songs, from voice to attire to movement to staging.
To the man who is BOTH humble AND charismatic.
To the man who will henceforth be one-monikered, as all the greats are:

ADAM.” by winkydink at TALC


Come join and celebrate all that is Adam!

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Adam Lambert Is The “One”

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Wire Image

Wire Image

by luv2laugh at TALC
“One” by U2 is a beautiful song with a very powerful message that speaks to everyone all over the world. Adam Lambert’s heartfelt interpretation of “One” left me in tears. Adam began from a very vulnerable place which drew me in with his quiet vocals while his crescendo to an intense vocal with raw emotion, had my full attention as I felt every passionate word. As the song ended, I heard his message of hope. The control Adam possesses vocally is perfection, but it’s the way he conveys his powerful message from deep within his soul that makes Adam Lambert an extraordinary artist. As the camera paned the audience, Adam’s mother was in tears, clearly moved by her son. Bono told Simon that “It would be his pleasure” to give clearance for Adam Lambert to sing “One”. I would love to know Bono’s reaction to Adam’s interpretation of “One” because I felt Adam’s delivery was exquisite.

“Adam, if somehow you can hear in your head the words of your fans, know this: you were the epitome of “beautiful” tonight. As I watched you standing there beaming, radiating after One, it seemed so obvious that you ARE the “one.” The one American Idol, the one shining star in the whole crazy world of reality TV…. and in my mind, the one man who has finally arrived to revitalize and unite this country with your sweet, sweet face, voice and messages of peace and love and gratitude. I know this all sounds over the top, but I am one tired mama, ALL the time and it takes a lot to get me to vote without a drink or potty break as I just did for 2 hours straight.” by clawmachine at TALC

Performance Video of Adam Lambert singing “One”

screen cap by Adams Philly Babe

screen cap by Adams Philly Babe

Adam Lambert sang Aerosmith’s “Cryin” adding his own phrasing and vocal style staying close to the original wanting to do Stephen Tyler proud. Adam glides effortlessly through his range hitting notes most singers could only dream of nailing. Adam, the rock star, is completely energizing and still amazes me every time. Always the professional, Adam turned and waved to thank the band even though they were out of sight, they were not out of mind. After the roar of the crowd died down, Randy said to Adam, “You are one of the best we’ve ever had on this stage, one of the most charismatic, one of the biggest brightest stars. You should be a rock star, cause that’s who you are baby!”

Ryan asked Adam what he felt now that everything was said and done. Adam chose not to talk about himself, but rather his fellow contestants. “I think Kris and Danny did really well tonight. I was watching back stage, they’re incredible, they’re both so talented. It’s an honor to be in their presence… to be in their company, so we’ll see what happens.” Adam is a class act through and through.

Performance Video of Adam Lambert singing “Cryin”

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Wire Image

Last night, the Top 3 contestants gave everything they had on that Idol stage. Their schedules are jam packed every day, they are working non stop week after week, and the pressure has to be beyond intense. This week, add a day in their hometowns which must have been one of the most rewarding, overwhelming, emotional, and exhausting days of their life. I take my hat off to these three guys. As a viewing audience, I think there are times when we get caught up in the competition aspect and therefore miss out on the actual performance itself. So if you can, try to step back for a moment to allow yourself the opportunity to appreciate Adam Lambert the vocalist, the performer, and the artist for all that he is. Music is a form of expression and if you can clear your mind and open your heart, then you can truly hear it and feel it.

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It’s Adam Lambert Day in San Diego With Lots of Love and Support

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San Diego planned a full day of activities scheduled for Adam Lambert yesterday to show all their love and support. For the first time since Idol began, Adam got a taste of things to come; thousands of fans greeted him with signs and loud screams wanting autographs, pictures, and a hug. Adam warmly acknowledged his fans and told them how much he appreciated all the love, support, and votes. Adam’s day began with interviews at Fox 5 TV studio along with radio appearances on The Jeff & Jer Show and AJs Playhouse. A parade was scheduled to take him from the radio station to the Mount Carmel high school where he would perform, and his final stop was Miramar Naval Base where Marines, sailors and their families would be in attendance.

Fox 5 San Diego

Adam Lambert visited Fox 5 in San Diego and talked about his favorite performance, music, fashion, and his reaction to the fans.

Adam Lambert and Leila Lambert, his mother, on Fox 5 San Diego. They talk about the Idol experience, Adam’s childhood singing, the love and support from family, and demonstrated a mutual respect between a mother and her son which is to be admired.

Adam Lambert helps out with the weather on Fox 5 San Diego and even gives tips on his now famous eyeliner application.

Star 94.1 The Jeff & Jer Show

Star 94.1

Star 94.1 The Jeff & Jer Show – You can watch Adam Lambert’s radio interview here at Star 94.1 The Jeff and Jer Show.

The DJ greeted Adam with, “We don’t just like you, we love you. I appreciate your talent, your wonderful gift, all of that. But what I like is when the performance is over, there’s a warmth and humility and humbleness that comes out of you instantly and I know when people are faking it in entertainment and that is so genuine with you. When you turn around and thank the band, nobody else thinks to do that. I just love that about you.”

During the interview, Adam was asked if he wins American Idol, how will he feel and what will it mean to him. Adam’s response, “If I were to win, it would definitely be a validation of everything I have worked for, my whole life, I have been trying to entertain people. Getting to be on this platform and being able to entertain this many people all at once… this is the ultimate prize. This is what I’ve wanted for my whole life so it will be a crowning achievement and it will be pretty overwhelming.” This interview is a must see!

933 AJs Playhouse

933 AJs Playhouse

933 AJ’s Playhouse – You can watch Adam Lambert’s radio interview here at 933 AJs Playhouse

As Adam entered the radio room, he was greeted with, “We are so happy to have you here. You have been described as everything from the next incarnation of Elvis to the greatest pure vocalist in the history of Idol.” Highlights of the interview include: discussion of Adam’s style both in fashion and music, Adam’s first big gig after moving to LA, the question that came from Anoop that was a surprise during this interview, and his mad respect for Allison Iraheta’s raw talent. This interview is a must see!

Adam Lambert visits and performs at Mount Carmel High School

When Lambert got on stage, he shared with the audience: “This is so weird,” he said. “Like, imagine, graduating and coming back and having all this happen.

“Without trying to be too cheesy or be on a soapbox, I just want to say a couple things.

“This is an example of believing in yourself, knowing who you are,” he said. “Anybody that feels different or weird, screw it! Embrace it!

“Embrace each other’s differences, ok? Celebrate it. It’s cool to be different.”

When he asked if he could play a song, the crowd broke out in screams. He then sang Michael Jackson’s “Black or White,” and “Mad World,” made famous by Tears for Fears.

The school principal, Dr. Tom McCoy, later encouraged the audience to vote and make Lambert “America’s next Idol.”

As his car left the stadium, Lambert thanked people and shook their hands. “This has been amazing, Amazing!” he said. “I feel all the support, all the love.” By Helen Kaiao Chang, San Diego News Network

Watch Adam Lambert singing “Black or White” and “Mad World” at Mount Carmel High

View more news videos at:

NBC San Diego

NBC San Diego

Mayor Jerry Sanders joined Adam on the stage and said, “Anyone who would sing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and get a standing ovation is my kind of guy. So I want to congratulate you. All of San Diego is tremendously proud of what you’ve done and we’re excited for you. We know you will be the next (American) Idol.” Mayor Jerry Sanders proclaimed Friday, May 8th, to be Adam Lambert Day in the city of San Diego. Adam was excited to receive such an honor and held the proclamation up high for all to see with a broad smile across his face.

The Idol did take care of some business while he was in town, reminding his audience, “So you guys are gonna help me out and vote!”

“You guys, how’s it feel to be out of class today?” Lambert asked before leaving the stage. By 11:30 he was gone, taking one final lap around the track before leaving the stadium. He transferred to a white stretch limo not far away, which was thronged but able to make slow, steady progress off school grounds.

Later on Friday, he is expected to go to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, where he will visit with Marines, sailors and their families at the Bob Hope Theater. That event is not open to the general public. It is for active-duty service members, reservists, retirees and their family members only. By Eric S. Page NBC San Diego

An excerpt from someone who was at the Miramar Naval base yesterday.

The General greeted Adam so warmly, complimenting him so highly, telling him how proud he is that he’s from San Diego, and Adam was so appreciative – his normal great self!

The general presented him with many items. They had youth come up and do this also. Among the things he got were: some sort of circular military medallion, a plaque commending his efforts, flowers, and from the kids: a black USMC t-shirt (the general said he heard Adam liked black, and Adam vocally agreed), a USMC baseball cap, a stuffed bull dog (the USMC mascot) and a really cool over-the-shoulder USMC flight bag, which he totally loved.

Then Congressman Brian Bilbray came out and presented the future AMERICAN Idol with an American flag that has flown in from the Washington DC Congress building, that was folded and housed in a triangle-shaped box, with a clear glass window top. Adam was really touched and said how proud he was to be honored with all of these items, and said what a proud American he was, and thanked all military personel and families for all that they do.

The general asked Adam if he would sing… He said since he was on the base, he could think of no more perfect song than the national anthem, which he sang beautifully and flawlessly – accapella! It was so wonderful!

Adam Lambert singing The Star Spangled Banner live at Miramar Naval Base in San Diego

by luv2laugh at TALC
May 8th, in San Diego, California, will forever be Adam Lambert day. A day to celebrate Adam the performer and Adam the person; both equally impressive. Thanks to the wonderful world of media, everyone could share this memorable experience with Adam. The members here at TALC couldn’t be more proud to support such a uniquely talented, extraordinary human being.

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Adam Lambert Rocks His Way To Top 3

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After over 67 million votes, Adam Lambert joins Idols Top 3, bringing him one step closer to becoming our next American Idol. Way to Rock the Vote Adam fans, let’s continue to show everyone that we are a strong force when it comes to Adam, who we believe is the most talented, unique, and genuine person to ever grace the Idol stage!

Adam will be honored by his home town San Diego, CA on Friday. Stay tuned for updates on all the events scheduled for Adam.

Adam Lambert’s single “Whole Lotta Love” is up on American Idol iTunes store. Be sure to order yours today… first time anyone on Idol ever took on Zeppelin and nailed it.

The Top 4 rocked it out with Slash on lead guitar singing “Schools Out” by Alice Cooper.

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

Watch the Top 4 as paper cut-outs peel themselves into reality in “Move Along” this weeks new Ford music video.
Music Video “Move On”

Adam says, “This is interesting today because we’re going to be superimposed upon the live action that they’ve already filmed so this is new to us.” Watch Making of “Move Along” to find out what the Idols needed to do to pull of this effect.

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We’ve Got a Whole Lotta Love for Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert

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by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam Lambert went where no other contestant has gone in the history of Idol as he took on Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. Leave it to Adam to come from the bottom two last week and risk it all by taking on a rock legend. Adam’s fiery epic performance left no doubt that he is in fact a Rock God in his own right. Those of us who appreciate and respect Adam for all he is couldn’t have been more proud. I was impressed that Adam found a way to include all the necessary aspects of a true rock song into a two minute performance. A guitar solo and an a capella piece at the end demonstrated that Adam’s killer rock vocals will be a force in the music industry for many years to come.

From the judges we heard: “Rock Star,” “Rock God,” “Perfect,” “One of your best performances … the only downside being that no one can top it.” I’d say they were clearly impressed with Adam Lambert’s take on Zeppelin.

Performance video of Adam Lambert singing “Whole Lotta Love”

Performance comments from the members at TALC

“The single greatest performance I’ve ever seen on Idol. ITA Simon “No one can top that.” Epic night for our dear Adam!” by madforadam at TALC

“Led Z Yes! Adam is the star that idol was created to find. As far I’m concerned all 7 seasons before this were the warm up show for the real thang. Adam is a rock sex god and owned the entire show from the moment he stepped on stage till the end of the show and proved who the true American Idol as far I’m concerned is for not only this season, but all 8 seasons.” by Joy at TALC

“I am just so excited after tonight–Adam just owned the stage and the others just paled in comparison. Boy, tonight just wiped away any worries from last week’s results. The other highlight was Adam’s duet with Allison. They were just so joyous in their performance together and Adam really brought out the best Alison had to give. They were fabulous together….wow! Anyway, back to my poor cramped fingers…I am a 69 year old grandmother and have NEVER EVER voted for any reality show contestant, EVER. This season Adam’s incredible talent and personality just got to me and I am doing my best to see that he continues all the way to the top. These old fingers got through hundreds of times over the past two hours…pushing the redial on my land line. I don’t even know how to text, but I sure did my part with my phone. Go Adam–this is sooooooo exciting!” by themominva at TALC

Wire Image

Wire Image

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta complimented each other beautifully as they sang Foghat’s “Slow Ride”. It was a joy to watch Adam and Allison as they fed off of each other’s confidence, energy, and enthusiasm for their genuine love of rock. Although Adam could have, he never over shadowed Allison and the result was exactly what a duet should be; two singers blending as one. Their overwhelming appreciation for each other was evident by the big bear hug following their performance. They stood arm and arm with wide grins across their faces as they awaited the judges critique. The judges loved it and so did we; definitely one for the American Idol tour!




Performance Video of Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta singing “Slow Ride”

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