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Adam Lambert’s Journey to Top 4 & Idol Tour Info

by on May.09, 2009, under All About Adam, Interviews

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam Lambert is a natural with interviews; he always gives us both professional and personal insight and that’s what makes him so intriguing. Adam Lambert discusses his journey to the Top 4 on Idol with My Fox Raleigh. Adam sets the record straight about his relationship with Kris Allen, thanks his fans, highlights his trip to Detroit for Motown week, discusses who he is as an artist including his song choices and style, takes us through a work week on Idol, and shares his view on the judges.

THIS SATURDAY, MAY 9th at 10:00 am

Don’t miss out on this year’s American Idol Summer Tour featuring your favorite Idol, Adam Lambert. This is your opportunity to see Adam perform on the big stage and hear his unbelievable killer vocals live!! Adam can pull out all the stops; this is his time to shine. The tours kicks off on July 5th in Portland Oregon and continues through September 15th in Manchester, New Hampshire for it’s closing show. For a complete list of dates and locations click on American Idol Tour Info

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We’ve Got a Whole Lotta Love for Adam Lambert

by on May.07, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

Adam Lambert

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by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam Lambert went where no other contestant has gone in the history of Idol as he took on Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. Leave it to Adam to come from the bottom two last week and risk it all by taking on a rock legend. Adam’s fiery epic performance left no doubt that he is in fact a Rock God in his own right. Those of us who appreciate and respect Adam for all he is couldn’t have been more proud. I was impressed that Adam found a way to include all the necessary aspects of a true rock song into a two minute performance. A guitar solo and an a capella piece at the end demonstrated that Adam’s killer rock vocals will be a force in the music industry for many years to come.

From the judges we heard: “Rock Star,” “Rock God,” “Perfect,” “One of your best performances … the only downside being that no one can top it.” I’d say they were clearly impressed with Adam Lambert’s take on Zeppelin.

Performance video of Adam Lambert singing “Whole Lotta Love”

Performance comments from the members at TALC

“The single greatest performance I’ve ever seen on Idol. ITA Simon “No one can top that.” Epic night for our dear Adam!” by madforadam at TALC

“Led Z Yes! Adam is the star that idol was created to find. As far I’m concerned all 7 seasons before this were the warm up show for the real thang. Adam is a rock sex god and owned the entire show from the moment he stepped on stage till the end of the show and proved who the true American Idol as far I’m concerned is for not only this season, but all 8 seasons.” by Joy at TALC

“I am just so excited after tonight–Adam just owned the stage and the others just paled in comparison. Boy, tonight just wiped away any worries from last week’s results. The other highlight was Adam’s duet with Allison. They were just so joyous in their performance together and Adam really brought out the best Alison had to give. They were fabulous together….wow! Anyway, back to my poor cramped fingers…I am a 69 year old grandmother and have NEVER EVER voted for any reality show contestant, EVER. This season Adam’s incredible talent and personality just got to me and I am doing my best to see that he continues all the way to the top. These old fingers got through hundreds of times over the past two hours…pushing the redial on my land line. I don’t even know how to text, but I sure did my part with my phone. Go Adam–this is sooooooo exciting!” by themominva at TALC

Wire Image

Wire Image

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta complimented each other beautifully as they sang Foghat’s “Slow Ride”. It was a joy to watch Adam and Allison as they fed off of each other’s confidence, energy, and enthusiasm for their genuine love of rock. Although Adam could have, he never over shadowed Allison and the result was exactly what a duet should be; two singers blending as one. Their overwhelming appreciation for each other was evident by the big bear hug following their performance. They stood arm and arm with wide grins across their faces as they awaited the judges critique. The judges loved it and so did we; definitely one for the American Idol tour!




Performance Video of Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta singing “Slow Ride”

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PROMOTE THE VOTE for Adam Lambert

by on May.02, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

by luv2laugh at TALC



It’s tough looking at that picture of Adam Lambert in the bottom two and it’s meant to be. This week all Adam fans got a wake up call. We need to take action and get the word out to promote the vote for Adam Lambert. Here are some suggestions on how you can help spread the word.

Ways to Get People Voting
You can use youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter, blogs, and any other way you can think of to let all Adam Lambert supporters know how very important it is to vote. Send out myspace bulletins stressing the importance of voting, reminding all Adam fans to rock the vote. Twitter the importance of voting for Adam to support him. Use your phone a friend option for those you know are fans of Adam and be sure to mention how important it is to vote for him to show their support. Only votes, and lots of them, let Adam continue on his journey to becoming our next American Idol. Let your voice be heard and be sure to vote for the entire two hours for Adam Lambert!

Youtube Videos
“One of the ways you can get fans to pay attention is to post videos on You Tube. When you post a video on You Tube on the right hand side there is space where can post what the video is about, but you can also post a message for people to read links etc. So I was thinking that some of these popular high hit Adam video posters could change their tag to something like “vote for Adam don’t assume he’s safe and get a friend to vote to”.

Also, people can make new Adam videos and post in the video the same message “vote for Adam” in certain parts of the video. It’s really a matter of imagination to get peoples attention and take action. The tag on all You Tube videos to the right hand top side gives you room to post a message about the video. I’ve done this before and it has worked. Maybe you can edit the tag to say something like “vote for Adam and get a friend to vote for him too so he’s never in the bottom 2 again.” by Joy at TALC

Post Videos on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter
“Another thing that can be done is to make videos saying vote for Adam and then get your friends to vote for him and post it on You Tube and other places, Myspace, Facebook and so on. You can even post a link to some of these videos on twitter, lord knows how popular that thing is now.” by Joy at TALC

Everyone needs to do their part and get the word out to people to vote. We don’t want to see Adam Lambert in the bottom two ever again and we certainly don’t want to see Adam’s Exit Video

Vote for the REAL Rock Star!! Our next Super Star… Adam Lambert!!!


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