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Adam Lambert’s Album #2 on Bestseller List in Under 24 Hours

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photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Adam Lambert’s debut album is sitting comfortably as #2 on Amazon’s Bestseller list, under Barbara Streisand and over The Beatles. Quite the accomplishment for an untitled album of a new artist which has had no official press to date. Word spread quickly among eager fans that the opportunity to pre-order the highly anticipated Adam Lambert debut album was here.

Adam Lambert has huge fan support, but we don’t follow him blindly. Adam has earned our support with his undeniable, extraordinary talent, his confidence in knowing who he is as an artist, and his ability to evoke emotion in his listener when he sings. The list goes on and on and it’s full of WIN! This young man has his finger on the pulse of the music industry and is ready to deliver something new and different, uniquely Adam Lambert and we are ready!

Here’s what Lyndsey Parker of Yahoo Music, had to say about Adam Lambert’s upcoming album.

Adam Lambert’s Upcoming Album: Bigger Than The Beatles?
Posted Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:24pm PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks

OK, I know that an inflammatory blog title like the one above might create an outcry not unlike the hubbub that ensued when the Beatles’ own John Lennon declared that the Beatles were bigger than God. But here’s a fact: Only a few hours after being listed on Amazon, Adam Lambert’s pre-orderable debut album is already at #2 on the site’s Bestsellers chart…above Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, fellow Simon Cowell-affiliated reality star Susan Boyle (whose own debut comes out the same day as Adam’s, November 24), and–yes–the Beatles.

What makes this early sales feat especially impressive is the fact that no one (except for a few lucky industry insiders) have even heard any material from Adam’s album yet. While the buzz grows ever-buzzier with news of the album’s many interesting collaborators (Idol judge Kara Dioguardi, Green Day producer Rob Cavallo, Australian electro auteur Sam Sparro, glam-pop piano man Ferras, Swedish hitmaker Max Martin, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Lady Gaga producers RedOne and Claude Kelly, Nashville songwriter Aimee Mayo…the A-list goes on and on), and the hype surrounding possible lead single “Strut” is especially high, there’s been no Lambert single leaked online or previewed on the radio.

Conversely, American Idol winner Kris Allen’s first single, a catchy cover of the Script’s B-side track “Live Like We’re Dying,” has already premiered to largely positive reactions–but his own debut album, which comes out November 17, is still surprisingly only at #132 on the Amazon chart. While it’s safe to assume that Kris’s album will enjoy a stellar first sales week in November, and will probably even enter the Billboard chart at #1, it doesn’t seem to have the same pre-release buzz as Adam’s right now.

Clearly, Adam’s album is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2009. Some diehard fans have already ordered multiple copies. In fact, as of this writing, the only pop star Adam’s been unable to topple on the Amazon chart is Barbra Streisand…but hey, coming in second to the almighty Babs ain’t too shabby. by Lyndsey Parker, Reality Rocks

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Pre-Order Adam Lambert’s Debut Album Today!

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Pre-order Adam Lambert’s Debut Album

Guess what popped up today? Adam Lambert’s debut album is now available for pre-order in many countries around the world!! Adam Lambert’s yet untitled album is dropping November 24th, but you can pre-order it today. offers links for many countries around the world to pre-order the most highly anticipated album of the year!

For all Amazon orders in the United States, click

Amazon order links for International Fans: Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany,
Amazon Japan

Adam Lambert’s album has only been available for hours, not days and it’s all ready at the #2 slot in “Bestsellers in Music” on Amazon. Adam’s album is also ranked #1 right now in the “Movers & Shakers in Music” category on Amazon. It’s clear that all the hype around Adam Lambert has never been just hype, it’s as real as it gets. People all over the world are highly anticipating Adam Lambert’s music; we’ve waited a long time for Adam Lambert and we’re ready!

photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Adam Lambert Talks to Rolling Stone About His Album

There has been quite the buzz about “Strut”, one of the tracks on Adam Lambert’s debut album. Many people in the industry think it’s up for consideration as Adam’s first single. Here’s what Adam had to say to Rolling Stone.

“AMERICAN IDOL” RUNNER-UP LAMBERT has two rules for his debut album: “No negativity or whining, naming Seventies rockers T. Rex and electro-pop act Goldfrapp as big influences. “I want it to be positive. I’m not a big fan of emo-type lyrics.” The 27-year-old singer – who call his as-yet untitled LP “nouveau-glam pop rock” – has coralled an A-list lineup of song writers and beat makers to help craft tunes: Max Martin, Lady Gaga producers RedOne, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, and Linda Perry (Lambert is still recording and finalizing the checklist). He also reunited with Idol judge Kara DioGuardi to pen “Strut”, a Depeche mode-meets-Queen self-empowerment anthem that highlights Lambert’s range. “I love stuff that makes you feel sexy, puts you in a good mood.” he says “The song is supposed to be a confidence booster. The message is be yourself. Let it all hang out.” by Nichole Frehsee, Rolling Stone

photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Ryan Tedder and Aimee Mayo co-wrote a track for Adam Lambert’s Album

There is also quite a bit of talk on twitter about another track from Adam Lambert’s album. This one was written by Ryan Tedder and Aimee Mayo. Aimee is not only a well known song writer, but clearly a big fan of Adam’s talent. Here’s what she had to say on twitter.

Ok there are a bunch of questions about the song Adam cut. The only way I know to describe it is it needs it’s own MOONWALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:40 PM Sep 25th from web

I am Adamcrazy and want to tell everything I want to blast in from my tip-toes from the top of the Eiffel Tower but can’t til I get the OK.
8:41 PM Sep 25th from web

All I can say about it is I can’t stop seeing the video in my head. If it didn’t make the record I might never stop crying. ABSOLUTELY <3 IT 8:43 PM Sep 25th from web I just heard Adam Lambert sing my song!!!!! This happened. It is PROOF that DREAMS come true. His voice is so sexy it hurts. Thank U 10:24 PM Sep 25th from Twitterena AimeeMayo at

Here’s what Adam Lambert had to say on Twitter about his recording sessions with Ryan Tedder.

In Denver recording w Ryan Tedder!!! Get ready for your Sonic Lobotomy!
5:55 PM Sep 20th from Echofon

Denver Tedder sessions were major! Looking forward to working with the fantastic Dr Luke and Claude Kelly tommorow!
4:50 PM Sep 22nd from Echofon

I know it sounds corny, but this album is a dream come true. I am lucky to be working with the BEST producers & writers in the world!
4:52 PM Sep 22nd from Echofon

Get ready to shake yo asses!!! There be some beats a comin!
4:53 PM Sep 22nd from Echofon AdamLambert at

Run, don’t walk, and join the thousands of people who pre-ordered their copy of Adam Lambert’s debut album today!!

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