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Adam Lambert on Oprah Today

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Oprah Winfrey hosted a “Favorite Reality Stars” show today which included a guest appearance from Adam Lambert through Skype. It’s a short interview with Adam, but Oprah invites him back after his album drops to perform live; now THAT will be a show! When Adam says, “Now I get to be a Rock Star!!”, you can’t help but smile.

Rock Star Adam on Oprah

This appearance was great publicity for Adam Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment” which drops November 23rd.

UPDATE: In just several hours since Adam Lambert’s segment aired on Oprah, “For Your Entertainment” has experienced a huge increase in sales on Amazon.

“For Your Entertainment” went up to #2 on Movers and Shakers with a 300% increase in sales.

“For Your Entertainment” is now #2 on Best Sellers.

Some call this the Oprah effect. So very exciting!!

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Friday’s Challenge for Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive

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Thank you to all of Adam Lambert’s generous and giving fans who have donated to to help the children during the first week of this charity drive! Very impressive! We still have a lot of work to do, there are so many projects that need funding so that the children will have the opportunity to learn and grow through the arts.

Rosie, from TALC, offers a Charity Challenge for today.

photo by SAS at TALC

photo by SAS at TALC

Charity Challenge for today…

So, it’s #CheekyFriday (couldn’t help myself), and some of us (okay ME) will be ordering pizza for dinner tonight. I’m gonna skip pizza and actually MAKE DINNER and donate the “pizza money” to Donor’s Choose Adam Lambert Fans Giving page at

paperweight from TALC

“I received two tickets gratis for a concert tonight. So, since I didn’t buy them, I’m gonna donate what they would have cost to donorschoose.”

needacoke from TALC

“I am going to a friends house tonight for snacks and Champagne—she saw some figs at Fresh Market yesterday and got the wild hair to try and recreate the prosciutto wrapped roasted figs we had in NC. All I have to take is cheese and crackers so I will donate the difference in what I would have paid for a nice meal to donorschoose.

In the e-mail I just got from donorschoose, it said:
P.S. Have a store gift card lying around? Cash it in for kids! Turn your unused gift card into a GivingCard at Plastic Jungle: Plastic Jungle for customers Then redeem it to support a classroom project that inspires you.”

Rosie’s charity challenge is brilliant! Each and everyone of us can find a way to give up something today to make a difference in the lives of children all across America. Remember, if we don’t help these children, they will not have the opportunity to experience the arts in their schools. Any amount you can spare will make a difference, but please give. Also, gather up any gift cards you may have laying around your house and turn them into a donation to help the children.

Let’s band together to become one voice, one light, to help the children.

Click on this link to make your donation. Adam Lambert Fans Giving page at

To find out more about Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive to help the children, see blog post titled “Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive – Spread The Light For Children”


Speaking of children, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and Allison Iraheta answer questions from children in the following interviews. I love the camaraderie between them; they are so relaxed and having fun.

Adam, Kris and Allison On The Road with American Idol – Interview 1

Adam, Kris and Allison On The Road with American Idol – Interview 2

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Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive – Spread The Light For The Children

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Adam Lambert Fans Giving Page at


Let’s Spread the Light!!!

Adam Lambert Teams Up With to Support Public School Classrooms in Need

Adam Lambert Supports

“My fans have been so amazing in their support that I would love for them to contribute to something I believe in,” said Adam Lambert. “Every kid deserves a great education and access to the materials and experiences that make it possible. I’m so thrilled to team up with and encourage my fans to support arts and music projects in classrooms.” Adam Lambert

Across the country, thousands of classrooms lack the materials that are essential for learning. As school budgets tighten, learning supplies and tools become increasingly outdated, broken and scarce. School teachers nationwide spend $1 billion out-of-pocket each year, which rarely even covers each classroom’s needs.

“Adam is championing a campaign for public education that will positively affect thousands of students and teachers, and we couldn’t be more appreciative to have his support,” said Charles Best, founder and CEO, “So many students have a tremendous disadvantage simply because they don’t have the learning materials they need. Luckily, people like Adam and tens of thousands of everyday citizens are stepping in to help.”

Information about was born in the teachers’ lunchroom of a Bronx public high school where Charles Best, our founder, taught social studies for five years. He and his fellow teachers were spending lots of their own money on basic supplies but still seeing their students go without the books, art supplies, field trips, and other resources needed for a rigorous education. So they started a nonprofit website where any public school teacher can post a resource request for their students, and donors from all walks of life can choose the projects they want to support. is an interactive charity. When you donate, you have the opportunity to send a message to the teachers to tell them why you choose their project. You will see the many inspiring messages left by donors on all the projects. The teachers will also send you a thank you message when their project is funded. It is heart warming to hear those words of gratitude from those you helped.

Tax Deductions

Donations at are 100% tax-deductible. will provide a receipt for tax-deduction purposes when a donation is made online.

Adam Fans Giving Information -
Charity Drive Runs August 20th through September 20th

photo by Jacqui B

photo by Jacqui B

Adam has shared his many gifts with all of us. Adam has inspired all of us in so many ways and changed our lives for the better. Now is our opportunity to give back to Adam. This is our way we can show Adam our support by helping to spread the light for children in need. Adam has asked for his fans to join him and support his charity of choice to help children in need experience the arts.

We would like you to consider supporting Adam and the Adam Bombs at TALC in his charity of choice, There are many projects that you can support which help fund the arts; theater, music, and dance in schools for the children that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to and enjoy such arts. Most schools have critically cut their art programs, be it performing arts, music or visual arts.

You don’t have to contribute a large amount of money, any amount you can spare will help this worthy cause and all donations are tax deductible. The best way to show Adam our support is to make a donation, regardless of the amount.

Let’s just say, if 2,000 people gave $10, we would raise over $20,000 for Adam’s charity. If those same 2,000 people gave $10 each week, for the 4 weeks during this drive, we would raise over $80,000. Imagine how many children’s lives we could change for the better. Every little bit helps!

Don’t wait to donate, many of these projects on the list are for schools which will be starting up shortly. Wouldn’t it be nice to close some of these projects before school starts? Just imagine what a relief it would be for the teachers to know they have the resources they need for the children. Adam’s fan charity drive runs from August 20th until September 20th. You can donate more than once, a little bit now and a little bit later. Let’s pull together to close some projects before school starts and then we will continue to close projects during the month of September as well.

Our goal is to have every Adam fan donate, so that the end result is that we are able to help fund many projects. Just use the link below and give what you can to join us in this effort to make a difference in educating these children. Give what you can, but be sure to give.

Make Your Donation Here

Let’s be one voice, one light, to make a difference in the lives of children all across America.

Adam Lambert Fans Giving Page at

Thank you so much in advance for showing your love and support for Adam by donating to his charity. We know that Adam, as well as these teachers and children, appreciate your kindness greatly!!

photo by Ali K. at TALC

photo by Ali K. at TALC

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Outstanding Interview with Leila, Adam Lambert’s Mother

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It’s not surprising that Leila, Adam Lambert’s mother, is so very proud of her son and is thrilled to be witnessing his dream come true. Leila Lambert speaks with the same refreshing candor as her son; it must run in the family. It’s no wonder that Adam remains grounded throughout his experience with stardom, he has so much love and support from his family and close friends.

Here’s an enlightening and heart warming interview with Leila Lambert from North County Times written by Pam Kragen. Leila answers many of the questions fans have been speculating about and also clears up some misconceptions. I have noticed time and time again how Adam is always so optimistic, he leads his life with such amazing positive energy.

photo courtesy of Leila Lambert

photo courtesy of Leila Lambert

Lambert’s No. 1 fan, his mom, gives the backstory on ‘Idol’ runner-up

If you want to know how much Adam Lambert’s life has changed since the “American Idol” finale two months ago, just ask his mom, Leila, who is moving to L.A. this summer to help her son manage his rapidly expanding career.

Adam Lambert —- who grew up in Rancho Penasquitos and graduated from Mt. Carmel High School —- is headlining the “American Idols Live!” tour, which arrives in San Diego on Saturday for a concert at the San Diego Sports Arena. The tour kicked off July 5 in Portland, Ore., and although this season’s “Idol” winner, Kris Allen, closes each concert with an acoustic set, it is runner-up Lambert who is stopping the show each night, and whom music critics are proclaiming a superstar-in-the-making.

Leila Lambert —- who took time out last week for a telephone interview while fielding offers on her Bay Area home —- said she’s flabbergasted by her 27-year-old son’s rapid rise to fame. All she ever wanted was for her son to be able to support himself financially. But with a Rolling Stone cover story, the tour, an album in production and a fast-growing global fan base already under his belt, the former North County resident said she thinks her days of mailing Trader Joe’s and Whole Food gift cards to her son, to ensure he’s not starving, are over.

As open, friendly and humble as her glam-rocker son, the onetime dental hygienist-turned-interior decorator shared some of her insights on a wide range of subjects including Adam’s childhood, his “Idol” journey, his homosexuality and flamboyant style, his ardent female fans, his oversharing in Rolling Stone, the tour and more.

Q: You got to see some of the tour’s first concerts over the weekend in the Bay area. What were they like?

A: The show is so great. Every “Idol” is in their own element and it is apparent they’re having the time of their lives. I had the opportunity to speak with each one of them and … they’re a bit tired but definitely having fun. I spoke with Adam about it and he said it’s tough but worthwhile. He loves being up onstage and so much appreciates the amazing response that he’s receiving from the audience.

Q: Several reviews I’ve read say about three-quarters of the audience appear to be there to see Adam, and they go crazy when he comes onstage. Is that true?

A: Just before Adam was to appear onstage,the crowd went wild. The energy was so powerful. I was asked last night by one of the fans “What was your favorite part?” and I would definitely say that as I stood there it appeared that everyone was on their feet. Watching Adam perform, I took a moment to do a 360-degree turn to take in the crowd and realized at that moment that Adam’s dream had come true. He was singing “Starlight” and I just started to cry. That was my favorite moment.

Q: Tell me about your move to L.A.

A: I’m moving because of Adam. He thought it would be great for me to start a new life in L.A. I will be working for him. I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ll help with the fan mail, I think, and we’ll play it by ear. I think I’ll just be a mom; that’s always been the best job in the world.

Q: Won’t that be strange working for your son?

A: No, it’ll be easy. We’re very close, but we won’t live together. He doesn’t need his mommy living with him, I’m quite sure. But there are a lot of things I could help him with because he’s not going to be around a lot. The hardest part for me is moving. I love my house and it’s hard to give it up, but I’m totally amazed that he wants me there. He wants me to be a part of it, and to meet the people he’s meeting. There aren’t a lot of kids out there who would want that. I’m so blessed. He’s got a really big heart.

Q: I’ve heard he wants to buy a house?

A: Yes, the poor kid has been living in a hotel for so long and he’ll be on the road all summer. What I’d love to do is help him find a place and get it ready, so as soon as the tour is over he’ll have a real home when he gets back.

Q: How has Adam’s life changed since the finale?

A: It’s been wonderful for him with so many opportunities. But he’s just so busy now. I hardly hear from him except a text or two here and there. He’ll have to give up a good deal of his privacy, but that goes with the territory.

Q: What was the ‘Idol’ experience like for you?

A: It was so fun for all of us to be together and enjoy the ride (the family includes Adam’s dad and Leila’s ex-husband, Eber Lambert of San Diego, and brother Neil Lambert, a 24-year-old aspiring journalist in New York). I was there every week, traveling back and forth. That was a little tough, but I wouldn’t have missed it for a minute. Also, the notoriety of it is kind of fun. I’ve been recognized a few times and I consider that an honor and a compliment.

Q: What was the best part of the experience?

A: All of it, but I guess it was after it was over and “20/20″ was doing a story on Adam. We were riding in a car somewhere and Neil and Adam were on the phone together, and when they were ready to hang up, they said “I love you” to each other. They hadn’t been unbelievably close because of distance, but this whole experience brought them closer together. For a mom to hear that, it was really amazing.

Q: What was the worst part of the experience?

A: There wasn’t really a bad part. It’s all been pretty great.

Q: But what about when the racy photos (of him in drag and kissing another man) flooded the Internet a few weeks into the competition?

A: I have a ritual of “Googling” Adam every morning when I get up and every night before I go to bed.

I’d seen those photos before and I’d told him to get the stuff off the Internet after he made it through the auditions. But there was one place he forgot (a social networking page for fans of the free-spirited Burning Man festival). I remember going on the Internet one morning and seeing these photos and saying to myself there’s no way this is ever going to be able to fly. He’s history.

I remember I couldn’t reach him so I called his dad, and then when I finally got Adam on the phone, he wasn’t upset at all. He said, “You know, Mom, it is what it is. Whatever happens, happens. I don’t care.” The “Idol” people said, “Do what you want to do and we’ll support it.” And Adam just said, “I’m not going to give a dissertation on it, we’ll just go with the flow.”

Q: Surprisingly, the photos and the questions about his sexuality didn’t seem to slow him down at all.

A: No, in fact Adam thought it was funny that there were pictures of him online kissing girls, too, so there was some mystery that he enjoyed.

Q: Were you nervous every time he sang on “Idol”?

A: Not that he wouldn’t perform well, because he has that gift and ability to do that well. But there were times I was worried that he’d picked the wrong song. Like when he did “Ring of Fire” (performed during “Country Week” in a sitar-heavy psychedelic style). That was risky. I didn’t like it because it was eerie and strange.

Q: I remember the horrified look on Randy Travis’s face.

A: You should’ve seen his wife’s face. It was 10 times worse.

Q: Did you think he went too far with the provocative nature of his performances?

A: Yes, I definitely thought he was pushing the envelope. I told him he needed to appeal to middle America, and he said, “I’m not going to do the Cheez Whiz and compromise.”

Q: But he did switch gears after “Ring of Fire,” putting on a suit, combing back his hair and singing “Tracks of My Tears” like Frank Sinatra during Motown Week.

A: When I saw him come out in that suit, I couldn’t believe it. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was mixing things up and showing people another side.

Q: Was there a point in the competition where you thought your son just might win this thing?

A: No, I just took it week by week and didn’t think beyond that. In fact, I had been coming down only on Tuesdays for the competition, but as time went by I started staying down through Wednesdays because if he got voted off, I wanted to be there to console him.

Q: There were rumors of a rift or rivalry between Adam and third-place finisher Danny Gokey. Any truth to that?

A: Absolutely not. That’s a myth. They’re good friends.

Q: When it came down to the finale between Adam and Kris, was there any sense of competition between them?

A: No, they have developed an amazing friendship. Adam and Kris will be friends forever. Neither one of them has a mean bone in his body, and they are so supportive of each other.

Q: And I’ve read that you and Kris’ mom have become friends.

A: I was so happy that our families got along so well. The night after the finale was my birthday and the Allens came to my birthday party, not just Kris and his wife, but his brother and his parents. We’re also planning to meet up at one of the tour stops this summer and go see the concert together. When the Rolling Stone article came out (featuring Lambert lying on his back with a large python coiled near his crotch), she called me and said, “I love your son but I don’t like the Rolling Stone cover, only because I don’t like snakes.”

Q: Landing the Rolling Stone cover was quite a coup.

A: Adam was blown away that they came to him with that, because he didn’t win the competition and he didn’t have a hit record out. He thought it was amazingly cool. It was his idea to pose with the snake. At first he wanted to have an apple and a snake but he thought that would offend people, so he just went with the snake. What was really neat about it was that after it came out, you couldn’t find a copy anywhere because it was mostly sold out.

Q: The Rolling Stone article was very in-depth, and Adam didn’t hold a lot back on his drug and sexual experiences. Was that hard for you to read as a mom?

A: That was extremely hard. Everything in the article that was negative jumped out at me. I wanted him to be a little more discreet. Ever since he was 17, I’ve been telling him to be discreet. Not everyone needs to know your business. But he is very honest and open, and that’s just Adam being Adam.

Q: It was in the Rolling Stone article when Adam confirmed to the world that he’s gay and that he came out to you first.

A: When he was 17, I went to a gay and lesbian center in Hillcrest to talk to a counselor and find out how to approach the subject with Adam, and they told me not to do it. One man there said he was 27 and still hadn’t told his parents. I couldn’t imagine that because Adam and I talked about everything, so I decided that I had to broach the subject, and it turned out to be the right decision. I’ve read on blogs and have read his fan letters where mothers have said “I have a son like your son, I think he’s gay, and I’m so amazed at how close you are to Adam.” Maybe the Rolling Stone article will open doors for parents to talk to their kids about the subject.

Q: Do you think him talking about experimenting with drugs sends the wrong message to kids?

A: Yes, I was upset about that. I told him “You have these 13-year-old fans and their parents want you to be a role model. How is that going to look to them?” And he said: “I didn’t say I DO drugs, I said I DID drugs.” And maybe it’s a good avenue for parents to talk about drugs with their kids.

Q: Although he’s openly gay, much of his fan base is women who call themselves “glamberts” and are romantically obsessed with him. What does he think of that?

A: He finds it very flattering. He says “I like to flirt, and I flirt with women all the time.” I think the attraction is that he’s so likable. He’s got fans from 8 to 80, from little girls to grandmas. I’ve read the fan letters. They’re so sincere. It’s endearing how they reach out and how they love him and can’t get enough of him.

Q: Going back to his childhood, Adam said in an interview that when he was growing up in Rancho Penasquitos that he was a “hyper kid” who got into musical theater to channel his energy.

A: No, he wasn’t hyperactive, but during a checkup when he was little, I did ask his doctor about Adam’s behavior because he was just nonstop. The doctor said “No, he’s not hyper, he’s precocious. He’s just very aware of everything around him.”

Q: When Adam’s singing voice began to develop, was there ever a point where you thought, “Oh my gosh, my son is going to be a star some day”?

A: No, I never took anything for granted. I would compare him to the other kids and I could see that he could sing better than some others, but I never looked at him as being so unique. There was never a point where I thought, “He’s going to make it and he’ll never have any worries.”

Q: One of his musical theater teachers described you as the perfect theater parent, but not a stage mom.

A: I supported him and his brother Neil (who also performed when he was young) 101 percent, so did their father, but I didn’t get overly involved. I did fundraising dinners and helped out behind the scenes, but I didn’t sneak into rehearsals like some of the other parents.

Q: He started performing when he was 10 years old. Was it a good foundation for where he is today?

A: It was unbelievably competitive, and his teacher was so tough on the kids. It broke my heart hearing some of the brutal things he would say to the boys, but both of my boys say it helped them in so many ways.

Q: After Adam graduated from Mt. Carmel, he went away to Cal State Fullerton, but that didn’t last long …

A: He was in college for three weeks, but he didn’t even go to class. He called me and said, “Mom, college is not for me,” and that he’d gotten a job as a lead singer on a cruise ship for a year. I wasn’t sure about it, but he was the youngest person to ever get a lead role on Holland America and it would allow him to see the world in a structured environment. When he came home from that, he was 19 years old and he said, “I’m moving to L.A.”

Q: His musical theater years in “Wicked,” “The Ten Commandments” and other shows have been well-documented, but were there some pretty lean times for Adam?

A: When he first moved up there, he found this apartment and it was so awful. We went up to help him move and there were bugs everywhere. I opened a curtain and the window was completely cracked. I remember I cried all the way home that day because it was a very scary place.

Q: Did he ever get depressed or say he wanted to throw in the towel?

A: He was always committed. I never heard him say, “I can’t do this anymore.” He just kept saying that maybe he hadn’t been in the right place at the right time, or maybe he needed to move to New York.

Q: Adam’s “guyliner” and glam-rock look gets a lot of attention. When did he start experimenting with his look?

A: He was always experimented with his hair. I remember one time he came down the stairs after a bad home dye job and his hair was carrot orange. We had to call his friend Danielle’s mother, who’s a hairstylist, for a hair emergency. When he first dyed his hair black several years ago I thought it was too dark, but now I can’t imagine him any different.

Q: What about the nail polish?

A: He’s been wearing nail polish for several years. I remember one time at Thanksgiving my stepdad and his wife were coming over for dinner and I asked Adam if maybe he could take it off, but he wouldn’t do it.

Q: One thing that is new is the tattoo on his wrist.

A: Yes, it’s the eye of Horus and he says it means protection. When he was 16 he wanted a tattoo. He wanted to have the Cantonese word for “creative” tattooed on him. I told him, you don’t need to label yourself to be creative. Instead, I got a canvas and got a neighbor to spell out the word in Cantonese, and I painted it for him and gave it to him for his 17th birthday. He still has it in his bedroom.

Q: Will there be more tattoos?

A: Yes, he wants more.

Q: Looking back on the past seven months, what’s the one thing about Adam that you’re most proud of?

A: I’m so blown away by how well he conducts himself in interviews. He always seems to say the right thing. And a mom always loves to hear people say how impressed they are with his ability to be a true, real person and how sincere he is when he talks to people. He doesn’t love TMZ or the paparazzi, but he loves his fans.

Q: Did Adam’s fans recognize you at the concert last weekend?

A: I was surprised how many people actually recognized me, congratulated me and asked to have their picture taken with me during intermission. I loved how genuine and supportive they all were. I could really feel the love for Adam, and it was heartwarming. I am a very lucky mom, and so proud. Adam has found his place. by Pam Kragen, North County Times

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Don’t Miss Adam Lambert’s New Interview with Yahoo Music

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Lindsey Parker has written several intriguing articles about Adam Lambert in her Reality Rocks blog for Yahoo Music during his run on Idol. Lindsey truly gets Adam and makes it clear she is a fan of his outstanding talent. Recently, she had the opportunity to meet Adam and interview him during a break in the Idol Tour rehearsal. Lindsey didn’t disappoint; her interview techniques with Adam brings us some new insights into what’s makes Adam Lambert so fascinating.

During the interview, Adam talks about why he thinks he wasn’t discovered before Idol, the boldness of “Ring of Fire” to stripped back “Tracks of my Tears”, cultural thing this year vs. singing talent, and if his prior experience gave him an advantage in the competition. He also discusses living in LA, dealing with the media, what he’s wearing on the tour, his ideas for his new album, working with Red One, and shares one song he’s performing during the Idol Tour.

Check out Adam Lambert – The Reality Rocks Interview by Lindsey Parker of Yahoo Music


“Wow! That was so wonderful, so natural. I feel like he was talking directly to me. LOL! I loved the “feel” of the whole thing. I agree w/everyone…I think this is probably one of the best, if not THE best, interviews I’ve seen.

He is so articulate, so “together.” It continues to blow me away when I think of the fact that he is only 27 years old. I know when I was 27, there is no way I could’ve handled myself the way he does. He is SO beyond his years. I believe Adam is a very, very old soul, and he has finally come to fulfill his destiny.” by mushy at TALC

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Adam Lambert Is Up For Two Teen Choice Awards

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Calling all teens ages 13-19, Adam Lambert needs your votes. Adam is up for two Teen Choice Awards: Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star and Choice Red Carpet Icon: Male.

Wire Image

Wire Image

TV Male Reality/Variety Star

Adam Lambert exploded onto the Idol scene entertaining us every week with his extraordinary talent, brilliant vocals, exhilarating stage presence, mesmerizing charisma, creative artistry, and outstanding professionalism. That alone makes Adam a winner in this category, but Adam still offered us more.

Adam is the first contestant to enter the American Idol competition with a platform “Dare To Be Different” specifically for the teens. Adam has said he knows what it feels like to not fit in and be different than the other kids. During Adam’s hometown visit to San Diego, he told the crowd at Mt. Carmel High, “This is an example of believing in yourself, knowing who you are,” he said. “Anybody that feels different or weird, screw it! Embrace it! Embrace each other’s differences, ok? Celebrate it. It’s cool to be different.”

Red Carpet Icon: Male

Wire Image

Wire Image

We all know no one commands attention on the Red Carpet like Adam Lambert. Adam’s stunning sense of style is setting trends everywhere. Some have referred to his unique style as “Glamrock”. Adam always completes every outfit by finding the perfect accessorizes to finish his look. Adam loves fashion and just like in his artistry; he can pull off any style with confidence.

“Fashion is self expression, no matter how you look at it. Being a teen is awesome because we get to make our own styles and pull them off. We can only hope to have celebrities that help inspire us in great ways. Adam is one of the guys that was born with the sense of style that people dream of acquiring. Let’s see this rock god win this thing!” by Adam’s Philly Babe at TALC.

Here’s the information from the Teen Choice Awards 2009 site.

Wow! Did you hear? The Jonas Brothers are hosting Teen Choice 09! There are a lot of cool surprises planned too. We’ll tell you more later, they wouldn’t be surprises if we told you now.

But the really important part is that it’s time to VOTE for your favorite movies, music,TV, athletes, stars, and other stuff too! If you are 13-19 you can cast your votes and make your voice heard. And you can vote EVERY DAY! You heard right, EVERY DAY! So why wouldn’t you?

Your votes pick the winners of the Teen Choice 2009 so be sure to tune in Monday, Aug. 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX and see how your favorites did. Teen Choice Awards 2009

If you need to register, go to Teen Choice Awards Registration

Remember to vote everyday…

It’s Adam Lambert’s dedicated teen fans that can bring him this win!

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Adam Lambert – What You Didn’t See On Access Hollywood

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Adam Lambert was interviewed by Nancy O’Dell which aired in a two part series this week on Access Hollywood. Even if you saw the interview on the show, don’t miss this uncut extended version supplied by Access. It’s a totally different interview when you can hear everything Adam has to say in context which has not been edited for time allotments on a television show.

The interview takes places in a casual setting, one of Adam’s favorite stores, LA’s American Rag. We all know how much Adam loves shopping. Adam has a great sense of humour and he always handles any question with ease. What I really enjoy, is Adam’s unique way of expanding on his answers to give you more insight as to why he feels the way he does. That’s one of the benefits of watching this unedited version of the interview.

Check out Nancy O’Dell Interviews Adam Lambert – Extended Version


If you missed Adam Lambert’s Interview which aired on Access Hollywood, you can watch both Part one and Part two here at TheAdamLambertConnection forum.

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Adam Lambert Chats and Tweets

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Wire Image

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At 4 pm Wednesday, Adam Lambert fans showed up in a big way. Over 8,000 people logged in for a live Chat through with Adam. Adam took a break from his rehearsal for the upcoming Idol tour to chat with his fans. According to Victor Balta, “More than 8,000 people came to my 30-minute chat with Adam Lambert today, posting nearly 7,000 question/comments. Unreal.” I’m sure the moderator could have used more than the 10 minutes given to select a group of questions for Adam from the 7,000 submitted.

Adam confirmed it during his live chat; Adam is now on @TheRealGlambert. All Adam fans can sign up to follow Adam on twitter and show their support. Adam’s latest tweet from June 15th, “My album is gonna be siiiiiiiiick” Sounds like he’s as excited about his album as we are.

Adam also told us that he will be singing “Mad World” on tour this summer, but not “Ring of Fire”.

Here are some highlights from Wednesday’s chat with Adam Lambert. You can view the entire chat from here

Adam Lambert: Hey, guys… thanks for coming online today! I’m so, so excited to be able to talk to you.

[Comment From Judi]
I love your positive outlook and “attitude of gratitude” demeanor. Have you always lived your life with this outlook, or did it develop over time? What do you do for yourself to help you maintain such a positive outlook on life?

Adam Lambert: It kind of did develop over time. You grow older and you realize how lucky you are to be in certain situations based on your hindsight and perspective. And whenever I felt myself slipping at all or getting into a negative head space, I remind myself of people who don’t have what they want or don’t feel as free as I’ve felt of late. And that makes me feel how fortunate I am.

[Comment From courtneywaller]
a lot of people, myself included, consider you to be quite the sex symbol, how does that feel and how do you plan to keep yourself at the sex symbol status?

Adam Lambert: It feels really strange because I don’t think of myself that way… I kind of have grown up with a slight ugly duckling kind of complex. In high school, I was overweight and awkward and didn’t feel sexy. In the last couple of years, I’ve become comfortable in my own skin, and I do feel sexy now, but not the kind of sexy you see in a mirror, but it’s more of an inside-out thing. And thank you for the compliment because it makes me feel really good!

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[Comment From noskerdycat]
Adam, in several interviews you said you want to make music with an “electronic” sound. How will you keep that from overpowering your beautiful vocals?

Adam Lambert: The electronic element is mainly for the instrumentation, it has very little to do with the vocals. You can play an acoustic bass, an electric bass or a synth bass. It’s all bass. It just has to do with the sonic aesthetic. The vocals will remain very true to the kind of vocals you heard on Idol, with added layers and harmonies. There’ll be a lot more depth.

[Comment From Michelle T]
Hi, Adam. Watching you finally (at the age of 26 almost 27) gave me the kick in the backside that I needed to audition for Idol. Tomorrow is the big day. What one piece of advice could you pass on to me and all of the other hopefuls?

Adam Lambert: I think that you really just got to make sure you’re being true to yourself. You’ve got to be genuine and authentic. If you’re putting on an act, people won’t go for it. But at the same time, make sure that you’re entertaining them. It’s more than your singing voice. It’s the way you look, the way you talk to them, the way you make eye contact. It’s about the way you communicate the lyrics to the song. Think about more than just the voice.

[Comment From KellyAnn]
Adam, what do you consider sexy?

Adam Lambert: Confidence, intelligence, and self-expression. And talent.

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[Comment From Melanie]
Adam, what was your favorite moment with the other idols, not shown on camera? I wish you much success and happiness, keep smiling!

Adam Lambert: I had some great talks about life with… I remember there was one night in particular after a performance night, where Kris, Lil, Anoop and I just kind of sat downstairs in the mansion and just talked about life, and I enjoyed that. I like discussions about things and sharing feelings about the way things are, and that was really memorable.

[Comment From Beth]
There are noticeable differences, mainly in melody, in some of your AI live and studio versions. Were the studio versions the way you originally intended to perform the songs on the show or were you making a conscious decision to present a distinct live version?

Adam Lambert: To be honest, a lot of the times when I sing, I have the basic melody that I rehearse with, then most of the time I just kind of improvise certain melody options and kind of go with whatever strikes me at the moment. I kind of like singing in a fly by the seat of your pants type of way. So when recording a studio version, we do multiple takes and I’ll do it a bunch of different ways and the producers of the track pick what they like the best.

[Comment From Ace (ontdai)]
Adam, how did you first discover Glamrock, and specifically Velvet Goldmine?

Adam Lambert: Haha… I was aware of who David Bowie was. My father has his records and showed me some of the cover art and I was very intrigued by somebody in 70s rock that dressed the way he did. It was very cool and inventive. Then I discovered T Rex. I don’t know how I found Velvet Goldmine, but once I saw it, I was obsessed with it. I thought it was a genius movie, both in plot and also, visually and musically. In all elements it was just really cool.

Adam Lambert: Thank you guys so much for chatting with me today. I’m so excited to perform for everybody live on tour this summer. Be sure you check it out. There’s definitely some new music that was not on the show. And wait until you see my outfit. It rocks!

[Comment From HannaB]
Adam you are amazing! You’re genuine and innovative and your Adam Bombs love you!!

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What’s New with Adam Lambert Musically

by on Jun.19, 2009, under All About Adam, Interviews


I don’t know about all of you, but I have really been missing having Adam Lambert’s one of a kind electric Idol performances light up my Tuesday nights. All that anticipation, excitement, and complete satisfaction in one and half unforgettable minutes. It’s left me craving information about how Adam’s rehearsals are going for the Idol tour, what songs he’s going to sing during his five song set, and, yes, what is he going to wear. I heard Adam singing “Starlight” by Muse and Bowie’s “Fame” in a rehearsal clip during 20/20 last Friday night which sent me soaring. You can watch Adam’s appearance on 20/20 here.

Speaking of music, wonder what’s going on with Adam’s debut album. Adam has said he’s working on it, but with who, is he part of the writing process, does he write musically, lyrically or both, is his music running through his mind when his head hits the pillow at night, is he having the time of his life fulfilling his dream?

It amazes me that when some media sources have the opportunity to interview Adam Lambert, the focus still remains on his personal life, an area which I feel has been saturated to the point that it clearly cannot still be news worthy.

But low and behold, we have some interviews listed below which cover Adam’s music. Now that’s news people!!

“Q&A With Adam Lambert” by Stephanie Snipes at

SS: Let’s talk about that album. It’s coming out in the fall, right?

AL: Yes, that’s what I’ve been working on. We started right away with meetings about the sound and the vibe. They asked me, “Do you know of any producers that you would really want to work with?” and I have short list of producers, and fortunately we connected with all the ones I wanted to connect with. We started writing, and I’ve been able to co-write on a handful of tracks and there’s more to come.

SS: Do you enjoy the writing process?

AL: I love it! I really love it. And I love the recording process as well. Coming up with something new and original is so exciting. That’s the art of it all. And then the performance is another level. American Idol lets you explore yourself as a performer. … Being able to create the actual material you’re writing takes it to a whole new level because I’m getting to write lyrics that are from my perspective and messages I want to get out there and feelings and ideas I want to share.

SS: We’re always trying to help people find their passion in life. Seems like you are a great example of someone who is doing exactly what they were put on the planet to do.

AL: I do feel that way. It’s funny because I think timing’s everything. I think sometimes we’re meant to do something but things aren’t lined up correctly. This year, things were all in the right place, all in the right time. I was really fortunate to have all the experiences that I’ve had up until now that have prepared me for this in an indirect way. It’s kind of like Slumdog Millionaire—everything he’s been through is what allows him to win the competition he’s on. That movie really resonated with me in such a way like, “Yeah, I kind of feel like that could be the case with me too.” There’s been so many full-circle moments, you know, people I’ve met or songs that I’ve already performed or loved that came back for the show for me.

Wire Image

Wire Image

SS: Can we talk about working with Kiss and Queen?

AL: Amazing.

SS: I mean, really. Very cool. Who else would you like to work with?

AL: I would love to perform with Madonna because she’s an incredible performer and a creative genius. I would love to perform with Queen again anytime. They were class acts. They were so genuine and positive. I would love to perform with Lady Gaga. She’s like the freshest, newest, sickest thing. She’s got some amazing ideas. I’d love to perform with Michael Jackson someday. That would be amazing. I’d love to sing with Muse the band someday. I have so many that I would like to perform with because to me performing is like playing. “Can Michael Jackson come out to play? Can Madonna come over to play?” It’s like being a big kid.

SS: Seems to me you could take over as the lead singer of Queen.

AL: Freddie Mercury is an idol of mine. The quality and the attack and passion in which he’d sing is totally inspirational to me. And, his story. He was living in a time when you couldn’t be as honest and open about your lifestyle. I’m very fortunate to be in 2009, and I kind of feel like in some weird way this is for him and all the other artists who haven’t been able to be real.

SS: You have the American Idol tour coming up. Excited?

AL: I’m super excited. I just left rehearsal a few minutes ago. A little sneak preview: We’re doing a David Bowie medley as a closing part of my set. It’s so fresh. Three different songs. We’re kind of adding very modern touches to them so that they feel relevant, like 2009 interpretations of Bowie. I think people are really going to enjoy that. I’m excited. I’m singing ["Slow Ride"], the duet with Allison on the tour every night. She is awesome, and I love sharing the stage with her. I’m excited to connect with the audiences that didn’t get to come see the show live. There’s something lost in translation between you and the audiences at home through the camera. I’m glad we were able to connect how we did, but nothing compares to how it is live. Live is a whole different world.

SS: Can you tell us where you get your creative inspiration?

AL: I’m very inspired by past music. I’m inspired by history, different periods. Obviously, I love the whole glam rock thing…both in the sound and in the look and in the tone and what they were talking about. I love the sociological view of history too. The late ’60s, for example, was a time of the summer of love and kind of the whole hippie movement—exploration of social norm and what was normal and expected and what rebellious and fresh and new. I think history always repeats itself, like we all know, and I think hopefully we’re entering a time where we can kind of reflect that same sentiment of hope and love and peace. by Stephanie Snipes at

Be sure to read Adam Lambert’s entire interview on, it’s one of the best.

“Adam Lambert: ‘This Whole Experience Is Liberating’” by Erin Hill at

Lambert took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to about the pressure he feels from the gay community and addressed the rumors surrounding a collaboration with Lady Gaga’s hit-making producer, RedOne.

Rubbing elbows with the stars.
“I’ve met a lot of people that I look up to, artists that I respect. That’s been crazy. Just last night I met Usher, Enrique Iglesias and My Chemical Romance at the studio. I’ve just been meeting these artists and they know who I am now because of the show and Rolling Stone and all that, so it’s weird that they’re like ‘Hey, Adam!’ and I’m like ‘What?!’ It’s just weird to be on the same page as them, so to speak.”


Meeting his own American Idol.
“I met Madonna and that was pretty wild. Most everybody I’ve met is pretty cool and on the level, but Madonna is just legendary. I was definitely the most starstruck with her. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was a kid. So that’s definitely part of the intimidation factor.”

Rumors that he’s working with Lady Gaga’s producer, RedOne.
“I can say that is true. We have been writing the past couple days and I think we’re going to come out with some amazing tunes. I’m going to have my own sound but I do love Lady Gaga. I’m a huge fan.”

Preparing for his debut album.
“I have been doing a lot of writing, actually. It’s been really exciting. I think something that people can expect from the album is that, lyrically, everything that I’m singing about is true to my life. That’s important to me, its something I can connect to personally. I think this is the album that’s going to be fun and exciting and sexy and also going to have positive hopeful messages.” by Erin Hill at

“Going Gaga: RedOne riding a hot streak, working with Usher, Adam Lambert” by Todd Martens at Los Angeles Times

“I want to go rock — David Bowie and Queen, but make it more easy for people to get,” the producer said of his vision for Lambert. “It has to be rock, but with an interesting dance angle to it, you know? You’ll like it.”

RedOne said he hopes to record at least six songs with Lambert, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll all make Lambert’s RCA debut (a Lambert representative was unable to be reached prior to posting). An “Idol” finalist comes equipped with a built-in fan base, and RedOne said he’s eager to play with people’s expectations.

“You know what I like about him? He’s fresh,” said RedOne. “You can go almost whatever direction with him. People know him from being on ‘American Idol,’ singing other people’s songs, but you can take him in a new direction, and this will be the first time you hear Adam Lambert with his signature. My goal is to get his signature out from him to the world.” by Todd Martens at Los Angeles Times

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Adam Lambert’s Story in Rolling Stone – Coverage vs. Content

by on Jun.18, 2009, under All About Adam

photograph by Matthew Rolston

photograph by Matthew Rolston

The very premise of Adam Lambert’s feature article in Rolling Stone was to share his story in context. A story Adam tells in a real, refreshing, bold, enlightening, uplifting, humorous, and heartwarming way. Yet, the media world still feels the need to pull bits and pieces to create sensational headlines for readers. Discussions which follow lead us to the place where we are losing the very meaning of Adam’s story. The world is still trying to put Adam in a box. Haven’t they figured it out yet? The spirit of this unique young man defies confinement. Sensational stories in the celebrity world are everywhere; a dime a dozen. Adam’s story, if read and discussed in its entirety, gives the reader so much more.

One of our members here at TALC, Larissa Petrella, shares her view on the complexity and nuances of Adam’s story to demonstrate the wholeness of this man is much greater than the sum of his parts.

by: Larissa Petrella (AnkhOfTau at TALC)

Rolling Stone – Is Hope For A Generation Being Overshadowed By Irrelevant Thinking?

photo by Matthew Rolston

photo by Matthew Rolston

June 25th, 2009 – On their cover, Rolling Stone is featuring Adam Lambert: a twenty-first century shaman with the voice of an angel, the eyes of a necromancer, and the ability to enchant like the Greek God Pan. He comes bearing messages of peace, positivity, and hope to the masses. Yet somehow the enchanted forest is being missed because of the preoccupation of a few obsessively scrutinized trees.

For years it seems that America has been having a love affair with everything ordinary. Standing up and standing out are not considered priorities in a culture dominated by what seems to be disaster after disaster whether it’s economic, cultural, or environmental.



 Why then are vast numbers of people suddenly so taken with someone who awakens thoughts of freedom, self expression, glamour, and celebration? Among the headlines of global pandemics, financial collapse, and environmental wrath, another major story has emerged: the rise of Adam Lambert, who is the living antithesis of everything that is driving the biggest stories of the present. In less than six months, Adam went from a virtually unknown stage actor to being the subject of one of the most memorable covers in the history of Rolling Stone.

Maybe it’s time we can start letting go of being so focused on what is wrong with the world and celebrate what we can make right by allowing ourselves the privilege to be amazed, surprised, and truly entertained. Adam Lambert may not have meant to become this harbinger of a new renaissance but he doesn’t seem to be shirking the position. Truth be told, he seems to be having a hell of a lot of fun serving as an ambassador of hope and he’s looking damn good doing it.


Some would say that the hype surrounding Adam’s rise from struggling stage actor to America’s first Rock and Roll sovereign in decades is attributed to the controversy and fervor over the fascination with his personal life. While questions regarding his personal life have played a part of his astronomical rise to a household name, what was it that led to Adam gracing the cover of Rolling Stone, still of the most sought after feats by even the most seasoned artists?

Never has someone been chosen to grace the cover of this legendary publication because of their lifestyle or personal choices. Rolling Stone has never based one of their iconic covers on someone for the sake of a fad. You’ll never see Jon and Kate Gosselin on the cover of Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone has been one of the cornerstones of the music and entertainment industry since 1967. It is not People magazine.


Why then, Adam for the cover? Some outlets of our new millennium media seem to feel he’s merely a toy for battle weary America to play with and poke at for whatever makes him different. However, his growing legions of passionate fans are making enough noise to hopefully get the real message across. Adam is not just one in a million, Adam is one in forever. Rolling Stone set out to let the world see Adam for what he is and hopefully diffuse the spotlight that has been overexposing the least important of Adam’s truths.

Many people, some who have even survived multiple generations, are voicing their awe of his immeasurable vocal talent. His exceedingly supernatural charisma offset by his very down to earth approachability seems to leave all those he comes in contact with in an absurdly grinning and hyper-ecstatic wake. Adam seems to always magically strike the perfect balance between extremes, caught up in a perpetual twilight state between the bright, warm, winning personality and the dark, sensual prince of passion. Rarely do we see this sort of balance between the ultimate extremes even in the highest echelons of stardom.


Most importantly, Adam’s star is rising quickly because he’s the first glimmer of hope that may be the awakening we’ve been waiting for. His sudden arrival and swift ascension may be the indication it is finally time to emerge from the shadows of dark and troubling times and celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit. The real story is not about Adam’s quick score of a grand prize like having his picture gracing the cover of a major publication; the real story is that an institution of culture like Rolling Stone is jumping at the opportunity to be a vehicle for Adam’s magical ability to heal the hearts and souls of those who have been stifled, damaged, and silenced. Rolling Stone is providing Adam’s algorithm to celebrate, embrace, and enjoy life – and of course, look damn good doing it!

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