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Mad Love for Adam Lambert’s “Mad World”

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We’ve got some mad love for Adam Lambert! After last night’s phenomenal performance of “Mad World” Adam joins ‘Idols’ Top 7. Always respectful, Adam expressed how honored he was to receive a standing ovation from Simon and all the judges last night. The judges were given an opportunity to praise Adam for his brilliant performance of “Mad World” since last night they had run out of time. Thanks for making that right American Idol.

The studio version of “Mad World” is now up on iTunes. Don’t miss out on Adam’s mad vocals… order yours today at American Idol iTunes store

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

The Top 8 sang “Circus” by Brittney Spears in this week’s Ford Music Video. The director asked Adam to start off very brooding and menacing. All the costumes, eccentric make up and glitter finished the look. Adam said, “This is very very theatrical which is right up my alley. I’m thrilled. This is probably going to be my favorite shoot.” To watch the Top 8 Ford music video click here

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Adam Lambert sings “Tracks of my Tears” on American Idol Top 10 Performance 3-25-09

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screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)


Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “Tracks of my Tears”

By Jim (FreddyFudpucker) at TheAdam

“I agree that Smokey explaining the feelings behind the lyrics to Adam really touched Adam and then like a true artist, Adam used that to help fuel the emotion in his performance….One great artist relating to another!…..And I love the way Adam inquired about the lyrics from Smokey. As a great artist, Adam knew that he could find out the true emotion of the song from Smokey …something he needed to complete the whole package. It was really special to see that moment between Smokey and Adam….two great artists that really know how to connect with one another!!

Great contrast for Adam tonight from last week….I also loved the way Smokey Robinson was the first one to stand in giving Adam a standing ovation…and there were tears welling up in Smokey’s eyes too after it was over….What a true testament of Adam’s brilliance! I think he is clearly the best contestant ever thus far on AI.

I think the years he spent in theater have really helped him to create an extra dimension now in his performances….One night he is this cool rebel rocker guy with nail polish and eyeliner singing this very edgy and sex driven type song, then next week he is like a 50′s version of James Bond delivering a very soft and tender version of a classic that even brought Smokey Robinson to tears. I think Paula was on the money when he said that he added an extra level of excitement to the show with the new looks and new musical styles each week….It keeps everyone on the edge now guessing about what will he do next… both in look and in style.”

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

FORD MUSIC VIDEO – “Pocketful of Sunshine”

This week the The Top 10 contestants sang “Pocketful of Sunshine” as they pieced together an art puzzle. You can also see how the team created the “Pocketful Of Sunshine” Music Video and hear Adam share a little bit of art history. Ford’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” Music Video

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New AI videos are up!

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screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

American just posted the Top 13 Photo Shoot video and if you stay tuned, Adam’s Top 13 interview will follow. Adam tells us why he wants to be the next American Idol and gives us insight on what it’s like to be on the show.

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

Last night, we saw the Ford Music Video during the AI Results show. The Top 13 rocked it out to “We Will Rock You”. I would have liked to see more of Adam in the music vid, but I’ll take that gorgeous face on the hood of a car any day. If you stay tuned after watching the Ford Music Video, you will see some behind the scenes footage on how they made the music video.

You can check out more awesome Adam screen caps and join us to talk about everything Adam at

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