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It’s Adam Lambert Day in San Diego With Lots of Love and Support

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by luv2laugh at TALC
San Diego planned a full day of activities scheduled for Adam Lambert yesterday to show all their love and support. For the first time since Idol began, Adam got a taste of things to come; thousands of fans greeted him with signs and loud screams wanting autographs, pictures, and a hug. Adam warmly acknowledged his fans and told them how much he appreciated all the love, support, and votes. Adam’s day began with interviews at Fox 5 TV studio along with radio appearances on The Jeff & Jer Show and AJs Playhouse. A parade was scheduled to take him from the radio station to the Mount Carmel high school where he would perform, and his final stop was Miramar Naval Base where Marines, sailors and their families would be in attendance.

Fox 5 San Diego

Adam Lambert visited Fox 5 in San Diego and talked about his favorite performance, music, fashion, and his reaction to the fans.

Adam Lambert and Leila Lambert, his mother, on Fox 5 San Diego. They talk about the Idol experience, Adam’s childhood singing, the love and support from family, and demonstrated a mutual respect between a mother and her son which is to be admired.

Adam Lambert helps out with the weather on Fox 5 San Diego and even gives tips on his now famous eyeliner application.

Star 94.1 The Jeff & Jer Show

Star 94.1

Star 94.1 The Jeff & Jer Show – You can watch Adam Lambert’s radio interview here at Star 94.1 The Jeff and Jer Show.

The DJ greeted Adam with, “We don’t just like you, we love you. I appreciate your talent, your wonderful gift, all of that. But what I like is when the performance is over, there’s a warmth and humility and humbleness that comes out of you instantly and I know when people are faking it in entertainment and that is so genuine with you. When you turn around and thank the band, nobody else thinks to do that. I just love that about you.”

During the interview, Adam was asked if he wins American Idol, how will he feel and what will it mean to him. Adam’s response, “If I were to win, it would definitely be a validation of everything I have worked for, my whole life, I have been trying to entertain people. Getting to be on this platform and being able to entertain this many people all at once… this is the ultimate prize. This is what I’ve wanted for my whole life so it will be a crowning achievement and it will be pretty overwhelming.” This interview is a must see!

933 AJs Playhouse

933 AJs Playhouse

933 AJ’s Playhouse – You can watch Adam Lambert’s radio interview here at 933 AJs Playhouse

As Adam entered the radio room, he was greeted with, “We are so happy to have you here. You have been described as everything from the next incarnation of Elvis to the greatest pure vocalist in the history of Idol.” Highlights of the interview include: discussion of Adam’s style both in fashion and music, Adam’s first big gig after moving to LA, the question that came from Anoop that was a surprise during this interview, and his mad respect for Allison Iraheta’s raw talent. This interview is a must see!

Adam Lambert visits and performs at Mount Carmel High School

When Lambert got on stage, he shared with the audience: “This is so weird,” he said. “Like, imagine, graduating and coming back and having all this happen.

“Without trying to be too cheesy or be on a soapbox, I just want to say a couple things.

“This is an example of believing in yourself, knowing who you are,” he said. “Anybody that feels different or weird, screw it! Embrace it!

“Embrace each other’s differences, ok? Celebrate it. It’s cool to be different.”

When he asked if he could play a song, the crowd broke out in screams. He then sang Michael Jackson’s “Black or White,” and “Mad World,” made famous by Tears for Fears.

The school principal, Dr. Tom McCoy, later encouraged the audience to vote and make Lambert “America’s next Idol.”

As his car left the stadium, Lambert thanked people and shook their hands. “This has been amazing, Amazing!” he said. “I feel all the support, all the love.” By Helen Kaiao Chang, San Diego News Network

Watch Adam Lambert singing “Black or White” and “Mad World” at Mount Carmel High

View more news videos at:

NBC San Diego

NBC San Diego

Mayor Jerry Sanders joined Adam on the stage and said, “Anyone who would sing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and get a standing ovation is my kind of guy. So I want to congratulate you. All of San Diego is tremendously proud of what you’ve done and we’re excited for you. We know you will be the next (American) Idol.” Mayor Jerry Sanders proclaimed Friday, May 8th, to be Adam Lambert Day in the city of San Diego. Adam was excited to receive such an honor and held the proclamation up high for all to see with a broad smile across his face.

The Idol did take care of some business while he was in town, reminding his audience, “So you guys are gonna help me out and vote!”

“You guys, how’s it feel to be out of class today?” Lambert asked before leaving the stage. By 11:30 he was gone, taking one final lap around the track before leaving the stadium. He transferred to a white stretch limo not far away, which was thronged but able to make slow, steady progress off school grounds.

Later on Friday, he is expected to go to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, where he will visit with Marines, sailors and their families at the Bob Hope Theater. That event is not open to the general public. It is for active-duty service members, reservists, retirees and their family members only. By Eric S. Page NBC San Diego

An excerpt from someone who was at the Miramar Naval base yesterday.

The General greeted Adam so warmly, complimenting him so highly, telling him how proud he is that he’s from San Diego, and Adam was so appreciative – his normal great self!

The general presented him with many items. They had youth come up and do this also. Among the things he got were: some sort of circular military medallion, a plaque commending his efforts, flowers, and from the kids: a black USMC t-shirt (the general said he heard Adam liked black, and Adam vocally agreed), a USMC baseball cap, a stuffed bull dog (the USMC mascot) and a really cool over-the-shoulder USMC flight bag, which he totally loved.

Then Congressman Brian Bilbray came out and presented the future AMERICAN Idol with an American flag that has flown in from the Washington DC Congress building, that was folded and housed in a triangle-shaped box, with a clear glass window top. Adam was really touched and said how proud he was to be honored with all of these items, and said what a proud American he was, and thanked all military personel and families for all that they do.

The general asked Adam if he would sing… He said since he was on the base, he could think of no more perfect song than the national anthem, which he sang beautifully and flawlessly – accapella! It was so wonderful!

Adam Lambert singing The Star Spangled Banner live at Miramar Naval Base in San Diego

by luv2laugh at TALC
May 8th, in San Diego, California, will forever be Adam Lambert day. A day to celebrate Adam the performer and Adam the person; both equally impressive. Thanks to the wonderful world of media, everyone could share this memorable experience with Adam. The members here at TALC couldn’t be more proud to support such a uniquely talented, extraordinary human being.

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