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Adam Lambert at 2012 Movie Premiere

by on Nov.05, 2009, under All About Adam, Interviews


Adam Lambert attended the 2012 Premiere for Sony’s end of the world Sci-Fi disaster film, which was appropriately held on the black carpet. Adam looked spectacular in his ultra fabulous studded jacket.

When Adam Lambert interviewed with MTV he said, “I really feel honored that they came to me and asked me. I think it’s obviously a risk on their part because this was before any sort of album had been completed or hardly even started. So for them to ask me, it shows faith. It really made me feel good and gave me a lot of confidence.”

Adam Lambert told ET, “You know it feels really amazing. I’ve never been part of a feature film before, the soundtrack I think is going to be wonderful. I’m really kind of apprehensive about hearing my song at the end of the movie. It’s going to be pretty surreal.”

ET Interviews Adam Lambert at 2012 Premiere

In this clip from, Adam Lambert talks about Sony asking him to sing “Time For Miracles” for 2012, what he would do if he knew the world were ending tomorrow, and where he plans to be on December 21, 2012.

Adam Lambert Interview at ’2012′ Premiere 11-3-09

Wire Image

Wire Image

From the New York Post

How Hollywood dresses for a disaster

As for Adam, this studded ja-a-a-a-a-a-acket was eye-catching, even by his platform bootie standards. But I loved it — as I do everything he wears, does, says, sings, applies

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Adam Lambert Has Got What It Takes To Be A Star

by on Apr.14, 2009, under All About Adam

Adam Lambert has the whole package… incredible talent, outrageous vocals, polarizing charisma and the brilliant stage presence to entertain and excite his audience. He has everyone in the news media talking about his most recent performance while waiting with anticipation for his next one. Adam Lambert is the most talented and exciting contestant to ever grace the Idol stage. Even with all the praise and attention, Adam remains humble and appreciative which makes him someone to be admired for reasons beyond his talent as well.

Adam Lambert is ‘Idols’ only Star
There’s still a month and a half to go until “American Idol” crowns its champion, and anyone left in the competition could come out on top. But if it ended right now, there’s no question that Adam Lambert would be the most deserving winner.

“Make the song your own” may be the most frequent advice given by the judges to “Idol” contestants. It’s not just because they are too lazy to come up with new catchphrases, but because originality is a key to succeeding on the show and in the business. Without that spark, all anyone is doing is covering songs that established acts have already done better.

On the other hand, Lambert is the guy who everyone wants to see, because he is willing to take risks and able to make them pay off. Every week, he walks that high-wire and leaves judges and viewers wondering if this is the time he’ll fall on his face, and every week he instead emerges as the star of the night. by Craig Berman,

Just having singing talent isn’t enough. For those of us who watch American Idol, we know there is so much more expected from the contestants. They have to tackle various theme weeks without sounding karaoke and the best way to do that is to change up the song to make it sound current. Not too much to ask is it? Take a top selling classic and re-work it to make it not only current but good… really good. Take that task and combine it with limited time to make it happen each week and some contestants just can’t deliver.

Ricky Minor: “Everybody can’t do this.”
“This is a fast-moving machine,” Minor says. “No matter what you see on television, everybody can’t do this, can’t move at this speed.” Adam Lambert, on the other hand, had no problems getting up to speed with a creative take on Wild Cherry’s 1976 hit Play That Funky Music. “Adam had an idea about mixing rock and funk and said, basically, ‘Do what you can with it,’” Minor says. Minor and the Idol band work with each contestant to arrange their songs — “I’m already talking to them about next week’s show,” he says — but not every contestant is as adventurous as Adam. by Brian Mansfield, USA Today

Maybe that’s why people are putting their hard earned money on Adam Lambert.

Safe Bet Adam Odds-On To Win ‘Idol’
Oddsmakers from Latin America to London for the first time this week have made the show-stopping crooner such a prohibitive favorite to win this year’s “Idol” that a $1 bet on him will pay only 80 cents. The talent show has seen some heavy favorites in the past but nothing quite like Lambert — who is running away from the field with seven other performers still in the running. by David K., New York Post

Tune in tonight on FOX to watch ‘Idols’ Top 7 perform songs from the movies. Quentin Tarantino, this weeks mentor, is pictured here with the ‘Idols’. We couldn’t help but notice Adam’s striking pendant, a gift from TALC. Adam continues to show his appreciation for support from all his fans. We are anticipating Adam’s performance tonight with great excitement!

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Adam Lambert ‘Idols’ New Bad Boy

by on Mar.22, 2009, under All About Adam

Excerpts from ‘Idols’ New Bad Boy – Love Him or Hate Him, Adam Lambert Leads The ‘Idol’ Pack… New York Post

Ariel Almaraz, 20, of Whittier, CA became a fan after watching Lambert perform as Fiyero in the Los Angeles company of “Wicked” where he settled as a popular understudy after the national tour. “He’s really gracious with his fans,” she says. “He knows the people who support him and how to treat them respectfully.”

“He’s a complete professional”, says executive producer Chris Isaacson, 32, of the Upright Cabaret, a popular West Hollywood cabaret where Lambert also performed, “he always knows his music and he’s always on time.” Isaacson calls Lambert, “a very nice soul” and insists, “You get no Diva from him.”

Isaacson’s partner and Upright co-executive producer, Shane Scheel, 32, calls Lambert “completely innovative and creative.” He adds, “Adam sings a song, does his own twist on it and makes it seem effortless.”

It was Lambert’s close knit LA theater family that encouraged him to audition for Idol. “We had been telling him, ‘You should try out for Idol, you’d do really great on that’,” says Isaacson.Theater background aside, Lambert doesn’t see himself as a Broadway singer, “I just don’t see myself doing that as a recording artist in that way,” Lambert said recently, “I don’t listen to show tunes in my spare time, I can assure you of that.”

Despite his theater bias, Simon Cowell is coming around, though, calling Lambert’s Michael Jackson-themed performance of “Black and White” in “a totally different league.”

But according to Isaacson, “They haven’t really tapped into what he can do yet.” “I think you are in for some really spectacular performances from him,” says Isaacson, “We’re at the tip of the iceberg of what he can do.”

You can read the entire article “Idols’ New Bad Boy by M.J. Santilli, New York Post here

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