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Adam Lambert Will Perform New Single at AMAs 11/22/09

by on Oct.13, 2009, under All About Adam, Interviews

photo by Robert Sebree

photo by Robert Sebree

Ryan Secreast announced that Adam Lambert is performing his new single at the American Music Awards on November 22nd which will be aired on ABC television. Adam Lambert called into KIIS FM this morning and talked with Ryan Seacrest. Adam said he will perform his new “glammy” single which has yet to be decided and released. Adam would like his performance at the AMAs to include dancers, costumes, and fire. He wants it to be really exciting and over the top. Look out world, here’s comes Adam Lambert!!

Ryan played the “Time For Miracles” clip from the 2012 soundtrack. Adam said it turned out beautifully and he’s really happy with it. He also mentioned the music vid for “Time For Miracles” is EPIC!! Adam stated that “Time For Miracles” is not single for his album, his single will be entirely different, more glammy, more glittery.

Adam says, they don’t have a specific date for for his single yet, it could be any day now, The album will be out November 24th, it has no title yet, but they selected a picture. He’s bringing back a glamrock feel to pop music. Adam says, an album should should have some variety and take the listener on a journey and he feels his album will do that.

Ryan asked about Adam touring with Lady Gaga. Adam said, fantastic rumor! He’s a huge fan of hers and that would be a lot of fun, but has received no offers yet. Gaga will be touring sooner than Adam. Adam said his tour will probably take place next year, we need to see how the record does first.

Adam’s working very hard, but he’s excited. He’s having fun playing Rock Star and dressing up!

To listen to Adam Lambert’s interview click Adam Lambert Interview with Ryan Seacrest

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