Adam Lambert Joins a Talented Trio

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screen cap by Ali (Adam Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

What is the greatest compliment Adam Lambert could receive after a performance on American Idol? One would think it would come from the judges after he sings his heart out and awaits their critique. While that is true, what if Gary Jules, the artist who covered “Mad World” back in 2001, was watching American Idol that night? Gary Jules was watching. Did Jules know Lambert was going to perform his cover of “Mad World”? No, he didn’t, but as soon as he heard the piano music he knew…

Gary Jules is a secret “American Idol” fan. So when Adam Lambert sang “Mad World” on Tuesday night’s show, the man who helped make that song famous was watching.

“I was actually sneakily watching it,” Jules told Seacoastonline by phone Wednesday from his home in Asheville, N.C. “I heard the piano line at the beginning — if you’re me, that means ‘time to wake up.’”

Jules didn’t know about the theme of the night — songs from the year the season eight top eight contestants were born. Or that Adam Lambert was born in 1982 and that meant the original Tears for Fears song, “Mad World,” was a possibility.

Still, Jules wasn’t surprised when he heard that piano.

“I said ‘I knew he was going to do it.’ I knew it! He’s cool and he’s kind of emo-y and has black hair and seems sensitive. That’s who would have that song in their lexicon,” Jules said. “He totally understood the vibe of it and the power of it and delivered it in a unique and beautiful way. … I think Adam is straight-up the most interesting, for my personal taste, of anyone I’ve ever seen on the show.”

This isn’t even his first brush with “Idol” fame. Or his second. Jules talked to Simon Cowell twice back in 2003 and the notoriously picky judge told Jules how much he loved his version of “Mad World.” Jules didn’t recognize Cowell’s name at the time, but six years later the same man would give a standing ovation to Lambert’s live version.

Since Jules is something of an Adam Lambert himself, having covered the Tears for Fears version, has he ever heard anything from the original performers?

“It was 2002 when my phone rang, driving down Melrose in Hollywood. I was working every day and night in a new singer/songwriter club and it was (Tears for Fears singer/songwriter) Roland Orzabal. I almost crashed.”

So what would he say to Adam Lambert, as the latest member of that group?

“First of all, welcome to the club of people who are dealing with the power of that song.”

To Jules, the song sounds like it’s coming from a very alienated, sad person on the outside.

“I think the reason it’s so powerful is everybody from the kid getting beaten up every day, to the gay kid at the high school … to the cheerleader dating the quarterback … to the guy in a suit, feels their thing is hard and they feel alone in their experience on the planet. … Regardless of who’s singing it, if it comes from that place, it can be a really powerful thing. I think Adam sang it from that place.”

‘Mad World’ singer Gary Jules calls Adam Lambert’s cover ‘unique and beautiful’, By Gina Carbone,

Maybe some day when Adam is driving through Los Angeles, his phone will ring and it will be Gary Jules…

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Is Adam Lambert the only reason to watch ‘American Idol’?

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Top 13 Photo Shoot

Top 13 Photo Shoot

Is Adam Lambert the only reason to watch ‘American Idol’? By Gina Carbone,

Answer: Sure looks like it! Love his stuff or hate it, he’s still the most interesting thing about season eight.

Driving into work this morning, I turned on the radio and the hosts were mid-squawk about Adam Lambert.

Not “American Idol.” Just Adam Lambert. It’s Motown night tonight, so they were imagining what he might sing.

Eight of the top 10 Idols were in Detroit to try out songs (Megan Joy Corkrey and Michael Sarver were sick), and it was there that Lambert said Marvin Gaye was his favorite Motown act.

So that set people off, imagining a Middle Eastern sitar take on “Sexual Healing” or some wild Broadway showstopper of “Let’s Get it On.”

Radio host 1: “The kid has us talking.”
Radio host 2: “Of course he does!”

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Tune in tonight to watch Adam Lambert take the stage for Idol’s 50 Years of Motown on Fox network. You don’t want to be left out… it’s what everyone’s talking about!

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