TALC Reviews of Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”

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Review by Fashionably Late at TALC

So now that I’ve come down from this wonderful Adam-induced high I’ve been on since 10am, here’s my take on the song. At face-value it’s catchy and it will get stuck in your head, whether you want it to or not. It’s radio-friendly, which is essential for the first single. I can see it fitting right in with the likes of Britney, Gaga etc that rule pop radio right now. It’s dance music at its finest and it will bring people out to the dance floor! I have little doubt that it will shoot to the top of the charts.

Digging a little deeper, the crazy/beautiful/amazing vocals that we all fell in love with are still there. My biggest concern prior to hearing the song was that it was going to be over-produced and we would lose the vocals. Yes, the song has a certain amount of production to it, but it is still essentially Adam. Those runs and wails at the end….well, they did things for me. Also, as an added bonus, we get a very strong lower register on the verse, something we don’t always hear in Adam’s performances (not that his lower register is weak; he just doesn’t sing in that range as much).


The final piece to this puzzle is the song itself. The lyrics….wow! The song screams sex! Hot, crazy, throw-you-against-the-nearest-hard-surface sex that you didn’t know what you wanted until you’ve had it and now you can’t get enough. Now, if you can get past this (and it took me a while) I think there is also a little bit of a metaphor in there.

Oh, I bet you thought I was soft and sweet
You thought an angel swept you off your feet
But I’m about to turn up the heat
I’m here for your entertainment.

I know Adam didn’t write on this song, but think about everything he’s been telling us since the end of AI. He’s all but said, “What you saw on tv was me, but not all of me. You have no idea who I really am, but I’m going to show you. I’m going to blow your minds with the music.” He’s telling us to hold on for the ride because, though we might not be prepared for what he’s bringing to the table, we’re going to wonder how we ever lived without it by the time he’s through. And that’s exactly what I see in this song as well.

Please, Adam, entertain me.

Review by drzhivago at TALC

One of the things I’m most excited about with this album- the variety. He’s such an talented singer that he CAN do ANYTHING, there are no boundaries to what he is capable of vocally. So he’s putting this album together that has all these different facets, different feelings, and different appeals. When he talked about it in his Idolatry interview I was all “yeah well, that’s what you WANT but will it be what you actually get to do.” But here we are, he did do it. It’s going to be amazing.


The synth is rad. I really like that chugging beat in the back, and then the sharp stabs of random synth pieces are just really cool. The song is a dirty, dirty party and I’m loving it.

The lyrics are of course one giant double (triple?) entendre – full of winking humour and mischievous sexuality while at the same time declaring Adam Lambert’s mission statement for his music. Depending on your mood this song can be anything from feel-good party jam to breathtakingly erotic set piece. It accomplishes a lot, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Review by Andybaby07 at TALC

soooo…. yesterday morning i set my alarm for 9:30am EST to be able to listen to the song premiere on seacrest’s show…i was nervous and excited but in the greatest way….my heart was beating so fast….when i heard Adam’s voice on the radio before the song played…i was gleaming with joy…the kid is living out his dream…i can’t say it enough…what an incredible feeling it is to watch someone so talented and beautiful, both inside and out, live out their dream….from being a fan of muse to them writing a song for his album….is this real life??? i wish i could be in his head a year ago, and today, to feel/see what his is thinking….i am truly honored to be a fan and i’m so ecstatic to be along for this incredible journey…he is an artist like no other….he’s not afraid, in fact he wants to, break boundaries…make you think….make you question everything you once thought was so true…he’s so brave and courageous to be 100% unapologetically himself…THAT is a role model….i’m so proud of him and above all…i wish him happiness…


about FYE…I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT!!!! i’ve already broken my laptop my playing it on repeat since i got my hands on the MP3′s lol…it’s sexy…it’s fun…i flove the beat!!!!…it really does make you want to dance…even while i’m sitting on the couch…i love songs that can get a rise out of me…whether it touches my heart, touches my soul, or touches my dancing feet…and i’m confident this record with have a song for each feeling…i think it’s a great song to release as a single because it will get a lot of radio airplay, it’s the kind of song you want to blast when your driving with your friends, getting pumped up while your getting ready to go out, or just when you need a pick me up…you can’t listen to this song and not smile and shake what your momma gave you…it will be a club anthem…i think it sounds a lot like what it out on the radio but nothing like it at the same time…it’s hard to explain…it has elements of what we know is on the radio, you can hear the sam sparro and kevin rudolph influences…but it’s completely laced with the uniqueness and talent that is adam…the radio station i listen to in toronto is z103.5…and they play a lot of music that never reaches the states…this radio station also takes a lot of risks since many artists/bands also break the canadian charts before they do the american…they also play a lot of euro/dance/pop music…i like that FYE fits in perfectly with their play list…but also stands out completely on it’s own….i feel like people will say “what IS that?” when they hear it.

i love the lyrics beyond a level that i can explain and still be pg-13 lol!!! to me, it’s not only a passionate song between two lovers…but also a song about an artist and the fans…an entertainer and his audience….

Let’s go
It’s my show
Baby, do what I say
Don’t trip off the glitz
That I’m gonna display
I told ya
I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed
Give it to ya ’til you’re screaming my name

Oh, do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?
‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you
I’m here for your entertainment

Do you like what you see?
Let me entertain ya ’till you screeaaam

he’s here to entertain us…and he won’t stop until we’re amazed with his glitz and screaming his name…it’s just bloody genius…i love the duality of the lyrics…i also love how at the same time IT IS a sexy song about a passionate love affair…where he’s in control, and wants to get into your soul and never let go…if we really dissect these lyrics…they are actually quite beautiful….but at the same time raw…sexy…in your face…a play between power and submission…soooo HOT!!! SOOOOOO HOT!!!!

I LOVE THE DUALITY THAT IS ADAM LAMBERT!!! it’s in everything that he does….he is always showing the different sides of himself…from the details photo spread, to the album cover, to the single cover, and now to this single….it’s all Adam!!! he IS all those people combined….to me…all his career moves so far have been so complex under the original face value…he says he doesn’t wanna be deep…but he’s doing it in such a subtle way…it’s like “oh i’m just making music, i just want to entertain you”…..BAM HIT YOU WITH MY MESSAGE YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE RECEIVING!!!…he is probably one of the smartest, gifted artists i have every witnessed…he’s in your face and in your head without you realizing it… he’s changing the music industry as we know it….but all he wants to do is “entertain us” yeah right buddy…i’m on to you …and i love it lol!!!!! that’s why i’ve come to love the album title…again it’s that duality….he’s an entertainer at the core…but he’s so so so much more than that….i hope he never ever changes!!!!!

i also love the enunciation of the words when he sings “what i’m about to dooooo, it’s about to get rough for yooooooooou”…i love that he is capable of doing anything with his voice…so he changes it up from song to song…i love the way it sounds in this song…it’s different than i’ve ever heard it before.

Review by lovemelast at TALC

Ok, so I have had the song on endless repeat since a little after 7 am this morning.. I think I am kind of obsessed with this song…I love it – I loved it from the very first crack, I totally thought whip before I even heard the lyrics!! lol.


The lyrics of this song work on so many levels – I have analyzed them to death in my head while listening and dancing and I could write a dissertation…but I will spare you all!

I love lyrics, I love words, I love layers of meaning, I love how just a few words can create a whole scene, or an entire world, in your head, add that to the actual music and you add in so many more permutations and layers and then they way Adam says certain words, the way certain sounds are stressed or not stressed and I am in heaven. FYE has all of this, there are so many stories that Adam tells with this song, and all of them are amazing, and all of them are about him, about the layers of himself that he is revealing to us, and they are also all about us.

FYE just started over again. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

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Friday’s Challenge for Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive

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Thank you to all of Adam Lambert’s generous and giving fans who have donated to to help the children during the first week of this charity drive! Very impressive! We still have a lot of work to do, there are so many projects that need funding so that the children will have the opportunity to learn and grow through the arts.

Rosie, from TALC, offers a Charity Challenge for today.

photo by SAS at TALC

photo by SAS at TALC

Charity Challenge for today…

So, it’s #CheekyFriday (couldn’t help myself), and some of us (okay ME) will be ordering pizza for dinner tonight. I’m gonna skip pizza and actually MAKE DINNER and donate the “pizza money” to Donor’s Choose Adam Lambert Fans Giving page at

paperweight from TALC

“I received two tickets gratis for a concert tonight. So, since I didn’t buy them, I’m gonna donate what they would have cost to donorschoose.”

needacoke from TALC

“I am going to a friends house tonight for snacks and Champagne—she saw some figs at Fresh Market yesterday and got the wild hair to try and recreate the prosciutto wrapped roasted figs we had in NC. All I have to take is cheese and crackers so I will donate the difference in what I would have paid for a nice meal to donorschoose.

In the e-mail I just got from donorschoose, it said:
P.S. Have a store gift card lying around? Cash it in for kids! Turn your unused gift card into a GivingCard at Plastic Jungle: Plastic Jungle for customers Then redeem it to support a classroom project that inspires you.”

Rosie’s charity challenge is brilliant! Each and everyone of us can find a way to give up something today to make a difference in the lives of children all across America. Remember, if we don’t help these children, they will not have the opportunity to experience the arts in their schools. Any amount you can spare will make a difference, but please give. Also, gather up any gift cards you may have laying around your house and turn them into a donation to help the children.

Let’s band together to become one voice, one light, to help the children.

Click on this link to make your donation. Adam Lambert Fans Giving page at

To find out more about Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive to help the children, see blog post titled “Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive – Spread The Light For Children”


Speaking of children, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and Allison Iraheta answer questions from children in the following interviews. I love the camaraderie between them; they are so relaxed and having fun.

Adam, Kris and Allison On The Road with American Idol – Interview 1

Adam, Kris and Allison On The Road with American Idol – Interview 2

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Adam Lambert’s Charity Drive – Spread The Light For The Children

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Adam Lambert Fans Giving Page at


Let’s Spread the Light!!!

Adam Lambert Teams Up With to Support Public School Classrooms in Need

Adam Lambert Supports

“My fans have been so amazing in their support that I would love for them to contribute to something I believe in,” said Adam Lambert. “Every kid deserves a great education and access to the materials and experiences that make it possible. I’m so thrilled to team up with and encourage my fans to support arts and music projects in classrooms.” Adam Lambert

Across the country, thousands of classrooms lack the materials that are essential for learning. As school budgets tighten, learning supplies and tools become increasingly outdated, broken and scarce. School teachers nationwide spend $1 billion out-of-pocket each year, which rarely even covers each classroom’s needs.

“Adam is championing a campaign for public education that will positively affect thousands of students and teachers, and we couldn’t be more appreciative to have his support,” said Charles Best, founder and CEO, “So many students have a tremendous disadvantage simply because they don’t have the learning materials they need. Luckily, people like Adam and tens of thousands of everyday citizens are stepping in to help.”

Information about was born in the teachers’ lunchroom of a Bronx public high school where Charles Best, our founder, taught social studies for five years. He and his fellow teachers were spending lots of their own money on basic supplies but still seeing their students go without the books, art supplies, field trips, and other resources needed for a rigorous education. So they started a nonprofit website where any public school teacher can post a resource request for their students, and donors from all walks of life can choose the projects they want to support. is an interactive charity. When you donate, you have the opportunity to send a message to the teachers to tell them why you choose their project. You will see the many inspiring messages left by donors on all the projects. The teachers will also send you a thank you message when their project is funded. It is heart warming to hear those words of gratitude from those you helped.

Tax Deductions

Donations at are 100% tax-deductible. will provide a receipt for tax-deduction purposes when a donation is made online.

Adam Fans Giving Information -
Charity Drive Runs August 20th through September 20th

photo by Jacqui B

photo by Jacqui B

Adam has shared his many gifts with all of us. Adam has inspired all of us in so many ways and changed our lives for the better. Now is our opportunity to give back to Adam. This is our way we can show Adam our support by helping to spread the light for children in need. Adam has asked for his fans to join him and support his charity of choice to help children in need experience the arts.

We would like you to consider supporting Adam and the Adam Bombs at TALC in his charity of choice, There are many projects that you can support which help fund the arts; theater, music, and dance in schools for the children that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to be exposed to and enjoy such arts. Most schools have critically cut their art programs, be it performing arts, music or visual arts.

You don’t have to contribute a large amount of money, any amount you can spare will help this worthy cause and all donations are tax deductible. The best way to show Adam our support is to make a donation, regardless of the amount.

Let’s just say, if 2,000 people gave $10, we would raise over $20,000 for Adam’s charity. If those same 2,000 people gave $10 each week, for the 4 weeks during this drive, we would raise over $80,000. Imagine how many children’s lives we could change for the better. Every little bit helps!

Don’t wait to donate, many of these projects on the list are for schools which will be starting up shortly. Wouldn’t it be nice to close some of these projects before school starts? Just imagine what a relief it would be for the teachers to know they have the resources they need for the children. Adam’s fan charity drive runs from August 20th until September 20th. You can donate more than once, a little bit now and a little bit later. Let’s pull together to close some projects before school starts and then we will continue to close projects during the month of September as well.

Our goal is to have every Adam fan donate, so that the end result is that we are able to help fund many projects. Just use the link below and give what you can to join us in this effort to make a difference in educating these children. Give what you can, but be sure to give.

Make Your Donation Here

Let’s be one voice, one light, to make a difference in the lives of children all across America.

Adam Lambert Fans Giving Page at

Thank you so much in advance for showing your love and support for Adam by donating to his charity. We know that Adam, as well as these teachers and children, appreciate your kindness greatly!!

photo by Ali K. at TALC

photo by Ali K. at TALC

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Adam Lambert – What You Didn’t See On Access Hollywood

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Adam Lambert was interviewed by Nancy O’Dell which aired in a two part series this week on Access Hollywood. Even if you saw the interview on the show, don’t miss this uncut extended version supplied by Access. It’s a totally different interview when you can hear everything Adam has to say in context which has not been edited for time allotments on a television show.

The interview takes places in a casual setting, one of Adam’s favorite stores, LA’s American Rag. We all know how much Adam loves shopping. Adam has a great sense of humour and he always handles any question with ease. What I really enjoy, is Adam’s unique way of expanding on his answers to give you more insight as to why he feels the way he does. That’s one of the benefits of watching this unedited version of the interview.

Check out Nancy O’Dell Interviews Adam Lambert – Extended Version


If you missed Adam Lambert’s Interview which aired on Access Hollywood, you can watch both Part one and Part two here at TheAdamLambertConnection forum.

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Adam Lambert’s Story in Rolling Stone – Coverage vs. Content

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photograph by Matthew Rolston

photograph by Matthew Rolston

The very premise of Adam Lambert’s feature article in Rolling Stone was to share his story in context. A story Adam tells in a real, refreshing, bold, enlightening, uplifting, humorous, and heartwarming way. Yet, the media world still feels the need to pull bits and pieces to create sensational headlines for readers. Discussions which follow lead us to the place where we are losing the very meaning of Adam’s story. The world is still trying to put Adam in a box. Haven’t they figured it out yet? The spirit of this unique young man defies confinement. Sensational stories in the celebrity world are everywhere; a dime a dozen. Adam’s story, if read and discussed in its entirety, gives the reader so much more.

One of our members here at TALC, Larissa Petrella, shares her view on the complexity and nuances of Adam’s story to demonstrate the wholeness of this man is much greater than the sum of his parts.

by: Larissa Petrella (AnkhOfTau at TALC)

Rolling Stone – Is Hope For A Generation Being Overshadowed By Irrelevant Thinking?

photo by Matthew Rolston

photo by Matthew Rolston

June 25th, 2009 – On their cover, Rolling Stone is featuring Adam Lambert: a twenty-first century shaman with the voice of an angel, the eyes of a necromancer, and the ability to enchant like the Greek God Pan. He comes bearing messages of peace, positivity, and hope to the masses. Yet somehow the enchanted forest is being missed because of the preoccupation of a few obsessively scrutinized trees.

For years it seems that America has been having a love affair with everything ordinary. Standing up and standing out are not considered priorities in a culture dominated by what seems to be disaster after disaster whether it’s economic, cultural, or environmental.



 Why then are vast numbers of people suddenly so taken with someone who awakens thoughts of freedom, self expression, glamour, and celebration? Among the headlines of global pandemics, financial collapse, and environmental wrath, another major story has emerged: the rise of Adam Lambert, who is the living antithesis of everything that is driving the biggest stories of the present. In less than six months, Adam went from a virtually unknown stage actor to being the subject of one of the most memorable covers in the history of Rolling Stone.

Maybe it’s time we can start letting go of being so focused on what is wrong with the world and celebrate what we can make right by allowing ourselves the privilege to be amazed, surprised, and truly entertained. Adam Lambert may not have meant to become this harbinger of a new renaissance but he doesn’t seem to be shirking the position. Truth be told, he seems to be having a hell of a lot of fun serving as an ambassador of hope and he’s looking damn good doing it.


Some would say that the hype surrounding Adam’s rise from struggling stage actor to America’s first Rock and Roll sovereign in decades is attributed to the controversy and fervor over the fascination with his personal life. While questions regarding his personal life have played a part of his astronomical rise to a household name, what was it that led to Adam gracing the cover of Rolling Stone, still of the most sought after feats by even the most seasoned artists?

Never has someone been chosen to grace the cover of this legendary publication because of their lifestyle or personal choices. Rolling Stone has never based one of their iconic covers on someone for the sake of a fad. You’ll never see Jon and Kate Gosselin on the cover of Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone has been one of the cornerstones of the music and entertainment industry since 1967. It is not People magazine.


Why then, Adam for the cover? Some outlets of our new millennium media seem to feel he’s merely a toy for battle weary America to play with and poke at for whatever makes him different. However, his growing legions of passionate fans are making enough noise to hopefully get the real message across. Adam is not just one in a million, Adam is one in forever. Rolling Stone set out to let the world see Adam for what he is and hopefully diffuse the spotlight that has been overexposing the least important of Adam’s truths.

Many people, some who have even survived multiple generations, are voicing their awe of his immeasurable vocal talent. His exceedingly supernatural charisma offset by his very down to earth approachability seems to leave all those he comes in contact with in an absurdly grinning and hyper-ecstatic wake. Adam seems to always magically strike the perfect balance between extremes, caught up in a perpetual twilight state between the bright, warm, winning personality and the dark, sensual prince of passion. Rarely do we see this sort of balance between the ultimate extremes even in the highest echelons of stardom.


Most importantly, Adam’s star is rising quickly because he’s the first glimmer of hope that may be the awakening we’ve been waiting for. His sudden arrival and swift ascension may be the indication it is finally time to emerge from the shadows of dark and troubling times and celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit. The real story is not about Adam’s quick score of a grand prize like having his picture gracing the cover of a major publication; the real story is that an institution of culture like Rolling Stone is jumping at the opportunity to be a vehicle for Adam’s magical ability to heal the hearts and souls of those who have been stifled, damaged, and silenced. Rolling Stone is providing Adam’s algorithm to celebrate, embrace, and enjoy life – and of course, look damn good doing it!

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Adam Lambert Graces the Cover of Rolling Stone

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photograph by Matthew Rolston

photograph by Matthew Rolston

Adam Lambert’s stunning photo graces the cover of the June 25th edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Matthew Rolston captured the very essence of Adam Lambert; hot and sexy, yet warm and inviting.

Matthew Rolston, one of the world’s great photographers and video and commercial directors, just shot “American Idol” star and almost-winner Adam Lambert for the iconic cover of Rolling Stone Magazine – who revealed that he’s gay, that he has a record deal, etc etc, in the interview. But moreover, Lambert became a photographic icon just by Rolston shooting him. Rolston, who’s shot everyone from Beyonce’ to Fergie to Salma Hayek – doing covers for Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, W and zillions of other mags for many years – says Lambert is one of the rare truly sweet and kind music superstars he’s been exposed to – and compares him to Beyonce’ in terms of how stable and nice he is. “They are the rare superstars I’ve met who are truly centered and coming from a very thankful appreciative place,” says Rolston. We love, love, love the eyeliner!

Rolling Stone shares a video of Adam’s photo shoot here. Adam is a natural with the camera and the camera loves him. Adam talks about how it feels to make the cover of Rolling Stone, his favorite style of music, and what type of album he will make.

Adam Lambert’s cover photograph alone will generate discussion.

The Rolling Stone cover of Lambert features the singer in a laid back, seductive pose with a green snake aiming at his crotch. His charisma knows no bounds. He is the one covering Rolling Stone. He is sexy. Lambert might not have come out in a way the gay community would be proud of, but there is no doubt his very existence is already going a long way towards mainstreaming the idea being gay isn’t something one should hide, but rather wear confidently, like a jeweled butterfly right near the zipper. Santa Monica Mirror

Adam Lambert’s story is the much anticipated feature article inside where Adam “tells all” in his own refreshing honest way with no filter. Here’s a preview of The New Issue of Rolling Stone: “The Liberation of Adam Lambert” from Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Daily

photograph by Matthew Rolston

photograph by Matthew Rolston

More from Rolling Stone’s interview with Adam Lambert which wasn’t included in the feature article. Adam Lambert in His Own words: Sexuality, Kris Allen, and Life After Idol

On why he auditioned for American Idol:
I looked at the music business, and realized it is nearly impossible to make it with the way it is right now. No one is going to take a chance with an artist who is somewhat out there. The only way you have a chance being looked at by a label right now is if you are what everyone else is. So I realized that I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a recording artist unless I had a huge platform. I saw that and I knew that Idol was the only thing that would do it — if it worked.

On Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta:
[Kris Allen] has a good heart and a good spirit. He’s so mellow, he’s so kick-back. He and I have a lot of love with Allison Iraheta: It felt like this kind of sibling thing. Just good energy, the three of us together. Kris and I both got very protective of her. We encouraged her to pick up the guitar and take risks musically. It always felt very positive … good karma, you know? Kris doesn’t need any advice, clearly. Even though he’s really kick-back, he’s got a very strong sense of self in a non-aggressive, non-intense way. It’s cool.

On his early attempts at songwriting:
My songs were like campy, sexy electro, like Peaches and Goldfrapp. I can look back now and realize I wasn’t very good at it. I was trying to put in way too many words. I was trying to be way too melodramatic and serious, you know? It’s like what a junior high student does with poetry. But over the course of a couple years, I started really trying to listen to what worked out there in music, like hooks — and realized that less is more. The simple idea is better in a song.

On life after Idol:
I’m hopeful. I have a great opportunity right now. There are a lot of people who want to work with me that I really respect. And hopefully it works. I’m not cocky because I’ve seen a lot of guys come off this show and bomb, so I recognize that I could crash and burn. But if I play it safe, it’s not going to work, so I might as well go for it with the same intention that I had on the show.

On where he wants to go musically:
I want to do something that has theatricality, a nod to the glam rockers that I love, but is also contemporary. It’s not all going to be happy-go-lucky because I think it’s important to explore other emotional parts of yourself as an artist, but there’s a time and place for it. I would love to work with Madonna. I’m a big fan. I just want to play dress up and be fabulous. When you’re a kid, you do the make-believe thing — you play dress-up and pretend. That’s the child mentality, and I feel like if you’re an adult and you can adopt the child mentality to something cool, that’s what being a “rock star” is. It’s just playing. It’s Halloween. It’s make-believe. It’s fun. And who doesn’t want to do that? That’s the kind of music that I want to make — music that encourages people to play make-believe, escape and have fun.

On experiencing discrimination:
A few years ago, I did a musical with Val Kilmer, The Ten Commandments at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. I was finally personally awakened, wearing nail-polish, feeling attractive and comfortable in my own skin for the first time. We’d go out sometimes with Val, and it was the first time I’d ever been around a celebrity — it felt really fabulous. One night, we hung out at his house and Sean Lennon came over to jam with us. I was like, John Lennon’s son? This is the coolest thing I’ve done in my life. But I had a lot of problems with the people putting on the show. One day, the director pulled me aside and said, “Can you turn it down? The producers are a little uncomfortable. It’s a little too … gay.” I was like, “Um, are we doing a musical here? I’m sorry, there are fags all over the place, dude.” It was very upsetting.

On making his sexuality public:
There are so many old-fashioned ways of looking at things, and if we want to be a progressive society, we have to start thinking in a different way. There’s the old industry idea that you should just make sexuality a non-issue, just say your private life’s your private life, and not talk about it. But that’s bullshit, because private lives don’t exist anymore for celebrities: they just don’t. I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time, thinking I have to hide, being scared of being found out, putting on a front, having a beard, going down the red carpet with some chick who is posing as my girlfriend. That’s not cool, that’s not being a rock star. I can’t do that.

Rolling Stone presented Adam Lambert with his framed cover right before it was released and filmed his reaction; a reaction which practically left Adam speechless, he was clearly moved. I’m sure it was a moment in time he will always treasure. Watch Adam Lambert Reacts to the Rolling Stones Cover


“I honestly don’t think he realizes how truly fierce he is. He stared at that as though he couldn’t believe it. He is fantastic and I hope that he basks into abounding happiness and every tear he sheds will be tears of joy. I think he’s worked very hard for his glory.” by Gitaround at TALC

“And right away he mentions the photographer. Typical Adam, making sure to give credit to others. He’s just extraordinary, in every sense of the word.” by paperweight at TALC

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Adam Lambert Lights Up The Big Apple – Part 1

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Adam Lambert took New York City by storm with a smile and a song throughout what had to be a grueling press schedule. Adam handles all his press with ease, it’s something he was definitely meant to do. Just his mere presence speaks volumes about his star quality.

The Early Show CBS

photo by Jacqui B of TALC

photo by Jacqui B of TALC

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam Lambert appeared on The Early Morning show on CBS and I had the privilege of seeing the taping live. It was a cold, windy day, but people came from all over just to get a glimpse of Adam and hear him sing. A young woman next to me had driven from Ohio through the night just to see Adam and hear him sing. Even though CBS insisted we cheer and clap on demand throughout the taping of the show, a genuine roar of screaming, calling Adam’s name, and “I love yous” came over the crowd the minute Adam was spotted. It was so exciting to hear the crowd. Adam looked so beautiful… the white jacket was a perfect choice in the natural sunlight and made for some stunning photos. I’m a huge fan of his unique sense of style; always a fashion statement right down to the last detail.

Even with the wind, Adam’s flawless voice was exquisite with simply a piano to accompany him while he sang “Mad World”. After Adam was finished, he shook the gentleman’s hand who had accompanied him on the piano. Adam looked out to the crowd and apologized for having to leave right away and thanked everyone and blew us all a kiss which sent the crowd into a tizzy.

You can watch Adam Lambert’s appearance on The CBS Early Morning Show and see him perform “Mad World” here

Regis and Kelly Live

Regis and Kelly chat with Adam about his experience in theater from the age of ten, his first concert, his musical influence from his family, his favorite performers, the door that Adam has opened for all kinds of theater performers, and Adam’s style influences.

Kelly told Adam, “I don’t think anybody has achieved the level of stardom on that American Idol stage that you have; I mean winners, past winners, everyone included. I think you have tapped into something people were hungry for and looking for.”

Regis & Kelly Live Interview with Adam Lambert

Regis & Kelly Live Adam Lambert performs “Mad World”

Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins TV Show

photo by Erica Magrey

photo by Erica Magrey

Oh, this was fun to see. Adam is so very believable his role during this comedy routine. It’s impressive he nailed it on the first take. The story line is perfect dealing with “the question” everyone wants Adam to answer.

Michelle Collins stated, “Let me also say this about Adam… forget his incredible singing ability for a second… but what an actor! He nailed his lines ON THE FIRST TAKE — complicated words, mind you — and had the sort of comic sensibility that one can only be born with. The entire room was cracking up from the guy — be sure to watch tomorrow night to see the entire bit, because it delivers.”

Check out Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins – Adam Lambert

Today Show on NBC

photo by Jacqui B at TALC

photo by Jacqui B at TALC

by flynnsgirl at TALC
Big week for the fans in NYC, Adam had appearances all week in the Big Apple. I was lucky enough to catch a couple of these.

Wednesday night we drove into the city and checked into the hotel, as we were having a cocktail in the lounge we saw Danny Gokey arrive pretty upset because the airline lost his luggage. Yikes! Kara DioGuardi was wandering around the lobby sans makeup. She is one tiny woman, Paula Abdul must be about 2 feet tall!

We were off to bed because we needed to get to the Today Show by about 5:30 am The area where the performers do their thing is an alleyway between two buildings. They had a tented area for Adam and Kris to stand under because it had been lightly raining on and off. We had “fan passes” which meant we could get in the line that was let in first. There are barriers separating the alleyway, the press has an area to the right of the tent and the “fan pass” people could stand directly in front of the stage. There is another barrier across the front that keeps the fans about 8 feet away from the stage because this is where the Today Show people do their thing. It is basically set up like cattle pens, not the most comfortable situation.

Adam came out for sound check and did Mad World twice, first time I loved so much, because he had a little bit of morning voice, very sexy. He had no “make up” on and hadn’t done his hair. either way, the man is gorgeous. Kris did Heartless and No Boundaries. Adam stood off to the side drinking tea and watching Kris, then Kris watched Adam. There is no doubt that these two admire each other. Both guys disappeared inside and we waited about an hour, they came out again and did the songs again. Then it was time for the actual recorded performance. Adam changed clothes for the live TV performance, I have no idea if Kris did because Kris is the T-shirt and jeans kinda guy, don’t know if they were new clothes or not. Adam sounds amazing live, his voice is so crystal clear. They did some interviews but we had to wait to see them at home on the TV. You can’t hear a thing.

I hope all the fans can get a chance to see Adam on the Summer Idol Tour, his extraordinary voice is really a must see/hear!

One point I want to make, there was a very large crowd and Kris got very nice applause, but when Adam came out the place went nuts. This was not the first time I have seen this. People go nuts for Adam!

Here’s a video of Adam’s performance of “Mad World” on the Today Show filmed by our very own tuke18 here at TALC.

Adam Lambert performs “Mad World” on the Today Show

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TALC Staff meets Adam Lambert

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To all our readers, please excuse our absence during the past week. The TALC staff, along with two very close friends traveled across the country to experience the American Idol Finale in person. It was an adventure of a lifetime! We wanted to be there in person to hear Adam Lambert perform live and be able to deliver first hand information to our readers straight from the Nokia theater. This will be the first of several installments from our experience. While we were there, we had the opportunity to meet Adam Lambert and we would like to share that experience with all of you.

by tuke18 at TALC
On Wednesday night, as they were whisking Adam away, he got within earshot of me, I yelled out, “Adam, thanks for wearing our pendant we sent you!” and he said, “This is you guys?” and I said, “Yes, it’s us!” and he said “I love it! Thank you.” and then I pushed through the security guards and reached out my hand to give him the TALC card. He literally had to reach back over his shoulder and grab it, but he did and I said, “We love you!” as I handed him the card. It was so hurried and rushed, but it was so, so cool!! Then what was almost even cooler, Thursday morning when he first saw us, he looked at us and saw our TALC shirts and waved and said, “I got the card!”

by luv2laugh at TALC
Adam has a positive aura about him… don’t know quite how to describe it, but you can sure feel it in his presence. Adam is so warm, friendly, and loving, he made me feel like I’ve known him my whole life. I wasn’t nervous at all, just positively beaming that I finally had to opportunity to meet this extraordinary young man. There’s a warmth and comfort in Adam’s beautiful eyes and when he talks to you, or if you are speaking to him, Adam is all about eye contact. Adam is so genuine and enthusiastic in his appreciation for all the love and support from his fans. If you can even imagine, Adam is more beautiful in person than in any picture I have ever seen of him; he’s simply glowing.

Getty Images

Getty Images

During a break with the press, Adam came up to us and thanked us for all the gifts. Adam asked if we had seen that he made the rocker pendant into a broach and wore it last night. Of course we noticed, how could we miss it! He said he wore the rocker pendant for the Led Zeppelin performance and wanted to wear it on his jacket during the finale. We said you wore it a lot and Adam said, “I love it, that’s why.” Adam said that meant so much to him and when he opens our gifts he gets excited because he thinks they’re cool. Adam said, and I’ll never forget, “You guys get me.” which warmed my heart.

The rocker pendant we discussed with Adam was one of the many gifts the Adam Bombs of TALC gave him during his run on Idol. It was one of the ways we showed our appreciation for his outstanding, unique, performances every week. The Orange Country Register featured an article called, ‘Idol’ finalist’s pendant came from La Habra store.

Contestant Adam Lambert’s fan club has sent over a gift before each performance on “American Idol” – and one that he wore on the show came from a La Habra store.

The singer wore a two-inch, crystal pendant from the rocker-apparel store, Perpetual Vogue, twice on the Fox-TV show, as well as during other TV interviews and for Rolling Stone magazine photos. Lambert, one of two finalists, will compete for the top spot during the two-part finale Tuesday and Wednesday.

“He’s definitely got the right rocker look. I think he’ll win,” said owner Clarissa Parashar.

“When we saw him wear it five times, it’s like, ‘Oooh, he likes this.’ Now we know what he likes,” Seiders said.

Los Angeles designer Shannon Sleaze of said she made the design specifically for the La Habra business. Lambert’s pendant, features an oval, smoky crystal surrounded by metal and clear spikes. by Sarah Tully, The Orange County Register

As each of us introduced ourselves to Adam, he called us each my name; he was so warm and welcoming. After I met Adam, I turned and told him that all the Adam Bombs that could not be here today send all their love and support. I asked if he would do a shout out to our members. We filmed Adam’s shout out to his Adam Bombs done just before they pulled him away again to do more press.

Adam Bomb Shout Out

by flynnsgirl at TALC
I want to tell you something I observed in our time spent with/watching Adam. People can’t keep their hands off of him, its extraordinary to watch. Everyone, men, women, kids, they all can’t stop touching him. He has a light around him that exudes charisma. Adam had all black on but he looks like he is in color and everyone else is not. I truly believe he was born to be famous. While we were waiting for our time with him, we were just standing around talking and I kept looking at the reporters interacting with him. They couldn’t keep their hands off of him! Adam is so at ease, so comfortable in who he is, he gives off this confidence and “star quality” that just draws people to him. We had such a blast in our short time with him, he was dead tired and still was so kind and generous with his time. He teased with us and we made him laugh. What a great day it was.

by AdamBomb1877 at TALC
Meeting Adam was a definite high point of the week! He is the most genuine, humble and caring person. His first words to us were, “Thank You so much!” I know this probably sounds silly, considering he thanks everyone, but he says it with such meaning and conviction. When speaking to you, Adam looks you in the eye and focuses on you. Even if he is interrupted, he is still focused. He is an incredible person. There were no nerves, we were all ourselves and nothing was held back. The moment was perfect. We picked the right guy to support this year!! The future is bright for that Rock Star!

by Adam’s Philly Babe at TALC
Words describing Adam are slim to none because he is unlike any person I have ever met before. I don’t think words could describe him but I’ll try. He is so warming. The minute you see him 10 feet from you, you feel warmed and almost giddy. His smile sends you into heaven with that kind look in his eyes. He is truly undeniably special in the sense of interacting with others. He is such a great person to talk to with his natural and honest enthusiasm even on no sleep. I hope that all of his fans get the chance to meet him because that alone will make you his fan for life.

While we were there, Alysia Sofios from FOX 26 in Fresno, CA asked us what it was like to meet Adam. Here’s a video of the news clip.

TALC Interview on Fox 26 Fresno

We also had the opportunity to do a live interview with Mia Fleming from Fox 23 Tulsa.

TALC Interview on Fox 26 in Tulsa

For more pictures and recaps about our amazing experience in Los Angeles, please check out

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

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Get To Know Adam Lambert

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by luv2laugh at TALC

FOX All Access had the opportunity to interview Adam Lambert during his journey on American Idol. Here’s the two part interview full of interesting facts from Adam himself.

During Part 1 of the interview, Adam talks about what his parents think of his “look”, his biggest risks, David Cook, why he’s ready to become a successful artist, performing on the Idol stage for the first time, the most important thing he’s learned from his Idol experience, what he loves to do, his Glee club experience, and why he thinks people are responding to him.

FOX All Access Adam Lambert Part 1

During Part 2 of the interview, Adam shares his very first memory of music, how he likes to spend his free time, a fact you might not know about him, his favorite quote, his guilty pleasures, his funniest fan interaction, a defining life experience, a life changing moment, and a message to his fans.

FOX All Access Adam Lambert Part 2

The interview closes with a message from Adam Lambert to his fans. “Thank you so much for all the love and support, the fan mail, the gifts… the defense of being your own person; I think that resonates with people on a deep level and I’m glad I had the opportunity to kind of ring those bells.”

A beautiful tribute to Adam Lambert written by Star Lambert at TALC.

“Adam has completely changed the dimension of American Idol. Never before have we seen such an exceptional artist whose every performance is flawless, entertaining and so well coordinated. He is favored by judges, fans and the music/entertainment industry. Despite all his talent, my favorite quality in Adam is his humility. He knows he is good, he knows he is loved around the world, he has a tremendous amount of self confidence, but he also knows humility. In the general scheme of things, I guess with the proper training and opportunities, we could be almost as good as he is, but his humility comes from so deep within it cannot be mirrored…anywhere. I honestly can’t compare him to another entertainer. (They seem to have this hype about being ‘them’.)

It is such a joy to watch Adam. He performs songs that tell a story, probably some of his; you can see and feel his every emotion which makes him so engaging and pure in his delivery. I am happy to see Adam become the next American Idol which he so richly deserves, but not too enthusiastic to see the end of the competition This has been such a fulfilling experience and nothing can come quite as close, but I look forward to attending Adam’s concerts and buying his CDs, as soon as they are released.

Adam, rest assured that we will vote like there is no tomorrow because you are indeed the next American Idol and we have been made better for having experienced you. THANK YOU ADAM, THANK YOU!!!

ROCK THE VOTE FOR ADAM!” by Star Lambert at TALC

This is the moment when Adam Lambert’s dream can become a reality. Adam will perform first on Tuesday night. There will be three rounds… Contestants favorite (Song they have performed on the season), Simon Fullers pick, and Winners Single (Both Adam and Kris will sing the same song). After the American Idol Show airs, the voting lines will be open for four hours. We ask you once again, to vote for the entire voting period on as many lines as you possible can. All the Adam bombs here at TALC will be voting like crazy… Adam Lambert for the WIN!!! Adam is already our Super Star, but let’s all do everything we can to make Adam’s dream come true… Adam Lambert Our American Idol.


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Let’s Celebrate Adam Lambert in the AI Finale!!

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by luv2laugh at TALC

Idol received over 88 million votes last Tuesday night. Thank you America for bringing Adam Lambert, the most talented contestant to ever grace the Idol stage to the American Idol Finale! It’s all the thousands and thousands of fans who spent every bit of time and energy they had voting for Adam that helped bring him to the Top Two. Of course, we all have a incredible motivator; Adam Lambert has shown us week after week that he has the extraordinary talent, brilliant vocals, exhilarating stage presence, mesmerizing charisma, creative artistry, and the outstanding professionalism to be the next Super Star. All the Adam Bombs here at TALC couldn’t be more excited and proud to support Adam Lambert.

Idol gave us a little taste of Adam Lambert’s hometown visit to San Diego. Energized crowds were everywhere, FOX news, local radio stations, Mt. Carmel high school and Miramar Navel Base to show Adam how very proud they were of all he has accomplished. I enjoyed Adam’s personal commentary throughout the video. It warmed my heart to see Adam working with the young children at the Metropolitan Educational Theater to share his experiences and give them words of encouragement.

Watch the Highlights of Adam Lambert’s Memorable Hometown Visit

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

We watched… we waited… we watched… we waited… until finally it was time to hear the two contestants who would compete in the Idol Finale. Ryan Seacrest announced Kris Allen first. Adam turned and hugged Kris tightly with genuine excitement for him. When Ryan announced Adam’s name to join Kris, the anxious crowd cheered and cried with the realization that Adam had made it to the finals. Adam covered his face so full of emotion as he experienced a moment in time never to be forgotten; when you realize you are just one step away from fulfilling your dream.

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adams Philly Babe)

This week’s Ford music video is “Break My Stride” sung by the Top 3. The guys get to experience what it would be like to have super powers. Click here to watch Break My Stride Music Video

During the making of “Break My Stride”, Adam explains, “The concept of the video is us turning into an animated version of ourselves when trouble arises. The song this week is “Break My Stride”. It’s awesome! The lyrics are just all about, you know what? Get out of my way, I’ve got to keep going.” Click here to watch Making of Break My Stride

Adam Lambert’s singles are available at the American Idol iTunes store. Run, don’t walk to get your copy of Adam’s studio versions of “One” and “Cryin”. Both of these songs clearly benefit from Adam having the opportunity to sing the entire song; more Adam, what’s not to love? American Idol iTunes store

America’s Final Two: Adam Lambert & Kris Allen

As Randy Jackson said last night on Idol Extra, “It’s like My Chemical Romance meets Jason Mraz.”

“Here is the story behind the polished nail: from a post by drea @ castrocopia — This story was shared by a friend of the Allen Family who attended the rehearsals this week in LA! Did you notice Kris had his thumbnail repainted? Can you guess who painted it? That’s right! Adam Lambert! Kris performed during Rock week with a painted thumbnail, and his homecoming footage captured the chipped polish. Tuesday night, however, Kris performed one of the best performances of the night (and the season, might I add) with a freshly painted thumbnail. According to Megan Malone, Adam painted Kris’s thumbnail after the homecoming visits and removed the polish from one of his own nails, stating "If you can carry around a piece of me, man; I can do the same for you." Malone said, “The Allens believe Kris wears the black fingernail polish in support of Adam because he wanted Adam in the finale. Also, Kris wanted to dispel any rumors claiming the two weren’t great friends.” Kris and Adam were roommates in the Idol Mansion throughout their stay. Thanks Megan for sharing the sweet story!” by Hanna at TALC

As different as Adam and Kris are artistically, they have become very close. Two best buddies; two talented all around great guys headed to Season 8′s American Idol Finale. This is an Idol first and I can’t help but feel that in many respects this is a win/win situation. Best of luck to both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. However, we all know that there can be only one American Idol. The Adam Bombs at TALC choose the one and only Adam Lambert, the one who dares to be different, risking it all, to stay true to himself. Adam Lambert will always have all our unending support.

“Adam and Kris are friends, they are brothers, and they are competitors.

On May 19, they will enter the arena. Only one will leave victorious. But he will be crowned as the American Idol, not “Friend”, not “Brother”.

The crown rightfully should go to the man who CONSISTENTLY “made songs his own”.
To the man who CONSISTENTLY sang to perfection, no matter the genre, no matter the tempo.
To the man who CONSISTENTLY offered audiences a COMPLETE vision of his songs, from voice to attire to movement to staging.
To the man who is BOTH humble AND charismatic.
To the man who will henceforth be one-monikered, as all the greats are:

ADAM.” by winkydink at TALC


Come join and celebrate all that is Adam!

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