Adam Lambert Fans Unite – Never Again in the Bottom

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It’s “Rock Week” on Idol, and Slash, this week’s mentor, twittered “Those AI kids can sing their asses off, especially Adam.” We are definitely excited around here about rock week… Adam Lambert is our Rock Star! Tomorrow night, the contestants will also sing a duet. We hear Adam is paired up with his buddy Kris.


Calling all Adam Lambert fans to unite and rock the vote this Tuesday night!! Never again do we want to see Adam in the bottom two. We have the power to take Adam Lambert all the way… save the super star!! ONLY YOUR VOTES FOR ADAM can bring him one step closer to becoming our next American Idol.


Vote Only for Adam- Remember, a vote for another contestant takes a vote away from Adam. He was in the bottom two last week.

Start Voting Early - The voting lines open during the middle of the last performance on Idol. Start getting your votes in early.

Vote for the Entire Two Hours - No one is safe, including Adam. Vote as many times as you can during the two hour voting period. Use redial; once you hear the recording start (about 3 seconds), end the call and hit redial again.

Vote Using More Than One Method - You can use landlines, cell phones, texting (if AT&T is your carrier) and DialIdol all at the same time. The more options you can use; the more votes for Adam.

TEXTING – Note: You must have AT&T as your carrier and an Unlimited Texting Plan – Texting your votes avoids busy signals and the result… more votes for Adam. If you want to text your votes, but don’t have AT&T as your carrier, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive AT&T Go Phone and the AT&T unlimited texting plan. Click here for more information.


Send ‘VOTE’ ONLY to a 4 digit contestant number: 57_ _. Send following text votes by RESENDING “VOTE” – no need to re-type “VOTE.”


Text between 3K-5K votes in 2 hours – by power texting 10 votes at a time:

1. Create 10 contacts with Adam’s 57** number, title them “Adam 1″, “Adam 2″, up to “Adam 10″**
2. Create a caller group named “Adam”
3. Add the 10 contacts to the caller group.
4. Type “VOTE”, send to, select “Adam” caller group with the 10 Adam text numbers in it.
5. Send text (it’ll take a few seconds since it’s sending 10 instead of 1).
6. It should take you right back to your Sent box, select the text you just sent, hit forward, select the caller group again, and send!
7. Repeat!

**if having problems with setting up same number for each of the 10 contacts, put same phone number (57_ _) in different slots: Adam 1 in work 1, Adam 2 in work 2, Adam 3 in Home, Adam 4 in Mobile, etc. (credit to eyelinergoddess)

OR create 10 different contact numbers – then edit later. Send 10 texts about every 30 seconds. Prepare your next 10 while one set of 10 is being sent, so you have it ready to instantly send when the previous set is transmitted.

More power texting methods can be found at TALC forum. Find out which method works best for your cell phone.

For Information on Group Texting on IPhones: and MacRumorscom


DIALIDOL by Glambert at TALC

You need a phone modem and a standard landline phone to use DialIdol. I use DialIdol and I just have my phone plugged in to the back of my computer, and the computer connected to the phone line in the wall. DialIdol will have instructions for how to install, etc. and if you have questions, there is a forum where people can help. Once it is set up, DialIdol will take over your landline for the 2 hour voting period. You will have to choose who to vote for. The drop down says: Make this Idol safe, and then highlight Adam in the list. You have to do this each week.

For more information go to

DIGITAL OR VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL (VOIP) like Vonage or Skype, by rohm at IdolForums

Skype: for US Voters only - vote after the show airs in the Eastern/Central timezones.

Skype: for International fans - you can only vote using Skype after the show airs in the Eastern/Central timezones: calls are re-routed, so the area code of the geographic area where it’s routed determines your time zone & 2-hour open voting window period; call provider to verify cost & other details.


Note: Add the number “1″ in the phone numbers when calling.

Gizmo (International & U.S. fans: programs like gizmocall often need reconnecting and the number re-added.):

* OR

* Just enter the phone number into the left hand side and hit the green call button.

For International fans: vote after the 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central show. It won’t work during the Mountain or Pacific time zones. Need: internet connected computer with a browser and Flash version 9 or better.

* (International fans & U.S. fans)


current time conversion:

future time conversion:

by Joy at TALC
If you have family and friends that live in the United States, encourage them to vote on your behalf.


For more information on Voting Strategies click here



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Adam Lambert Has Us Feeling Good

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Wire Image

Wire Image

Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “Feeling Good”

byluv2laugh at TALC
Last Tuesday night, Adam Lambert, delivered a smoldering, sexy rendition of “Feeling Good” with a rock edge. Adam sauntered down the endless Idol staircase entertaining us with his soft raspy vocals building up to his arrival on the Idol stage. Simon Cowell called Adam’s entrance, “The best of the season.” As Adam enticed us with his pitch perfect vocals, he built up to his glory note and held it effortlessly for over nine seconds. Rosie from TALC let us know just how impressive that note was. “For those of you keeping track, one of our fellow posters who has a tuner, clocked last night’s “glory note” at a solid (pitch perfect) D5. Obviously with the power and sustain, that could not have been a false note. That’s HIGH y’all!!!”

Paula Abdul told Adam, “With every performance that I see, it’s like watching the Olympics and you’re our Michael Phelps.” I think that pretty much says it all.

Jamie Foxx, this week’s mentor on Idol had this to say after working with Adam Lambert, “The way he sang that song right now, he’s going to knock every body’s head off. He can sing with the best of them and he’s going to be great.” I thought Jamie Foxx was a wonderful mentor. He was so honest with all of the contestants and really helped them get in touch with the song they were going to sing and the result was a better show across the board.

Jamie Foxx spoke with Ryan Seacrest on his LA KISS radio show yesterday morning. FreddyFudpucker at TALC had this to say about the interview, “Jamie Fox is just such an awesome guy and musician and for him to say such great things about Adam is just totally awesome! I love the way he said Adam is going to break through the upper stratosphere… Which reminded me of where his notes often end up too!” You can listen to the interview here


Here’s what it was like to see Adam’s performance live; what we can’t see through our televisions. “Finally, I must tip my hat to the Steadycam operators for Glambert’s “Feelin’ Good,” who unleashed some first-rate hustle while racing around Adam before he finished his epic final high note. Their work ethic was so impressive, actually, that I rose to my feet with the rest of the crowd on that note, a note that also got me wondering how exactly Adam could possibly out-do his own vocal acrobatics at this point in the show. (Maybe enter into frequencies only dogs can hear?) No matter; during the recap package, Adam’s Idol rivals came out to sincerely congratulate him, Kris first with a full two-armed hug, followed by Gokey with a solid one-armed bro hug, and then Giraud with a good-goin’ high-school-sports-coach slap on the shoulder. Allison appeared too nervous for any sort of physical contact, and Adam, Kris and Giraud instinctively surrounded her like protective big brothers; Gokey, through no fault of his own, found himself boxed out like the neighborhood kid who can’t quite take the hint. When Lambert hit the high note again in his recap clip, Kris pointed to the sky, as if to say, there’s this guy’s limit.” by Adam Vary at EW.Com

Performance Comments from the members of TALC

“I think all the contestants were raising the bar tonight to try and compete with ADAM who always owns the show. And they did pretty good. I still think that no matter how they try, they just can never get close to him. He’s absolutely without question the best. Most talented man I have seen in I can’t even remember when. I guess I would have to say Elvis. Boy that sure dates me doesn’t it. I mean there are LOTS of great singers out there, like Freddie Mercury, etc, etc. but for pure mesmerizing qualities Elvis was different. He won his fans hearts totally, not just his music, his looks, his charm, his charisma. This is what I see in Adam. Like a shooting star…….”, by Sheila at TALC

“As always, Adam gave 110% in his performance tonight and he was AMAZING and BRILLIANT!! I don’t need him to top every performance each week because I don’t think that is possible. Even for Adam. I look at each performance as a separate performance as if I was seeing him for the 1st time. And he still hasn’t disappointed me yet. How could he? No matter what, for me, he was breathtaking and I loved this performance. I actually love EVERY performance of his. But this one ranks right up there. Though ROF will always be #1 for me. There no words to describe him. All I can say is…he is a SUPERSTAR!!” by Jennifer at TALC

“Alright, I absolutely ADORED his Muse rendition of this song. His showmanship is phenomenal! And his vocals are sick! That last note at the end, I found myself holding my breath. And then letting go in a whoosh. And did ya see him ROCK that top model swagger? Adam for me, is beautiful perfection. Jeez, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.” by Mikky at TALC

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Rock The Vote for Adam Lambert: Fight for Top 4!!

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by luv2laugh at TALC







 It’s a first this season; Adam Lambert will perform two song selections during the “Rat Pack” theme week. It is beyond exciting for all of us anticipating tonight’s Idol show with two outstanding performances from Adam. We want all Adam fans to show their appreciation in a big way. The only way you can show your support and truly make a difference is to vote. Simply praising Adam’s performance is not enough, since only his total number of votes are what keeps him on the show another week and one step closer to becoming the next American Idol.

We are aware that Adam Lambert is “in the news” everywhere and that’s very exciting. Various news articles are predicting that Adam Lambert will be the next American Idol and nothing would make us happier, but don’t let that keep you from voting. Adam isn’t guaranteed to be safe just because many people feel he is the front runner in this competition. The only way Adam can continue on his journey to become the next American Idol, is by receiving the greatest number of votes.

That’s where all Adam fans can make a difference; by voting for Adam, and by voting as much as you can. All of the members here at TALC will be power voting for the entire two hours after the show. Let your voice be heard and bring Adam Lambert one step closer to becoming our next American Idol!

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Adam Lambert Appreciates All His Fans

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by luv2laugh at TALC

In this wide spread world of Idol fandom where thousands of people are showing their support for Adam Lambert on the Internet using a variety of fan names, it’s tough for even those of us who are in the midst of it all to keep track of who is called what. We can only imagine what it’s like for Adam, who’s priority is focusing on the competition and working endless hours to give all of his fans a stellar performance week after week. One thing we know for sure is that Adam appreciates ALL his fans who work hard to support him regardless of what they call themselves on the Internet.

Speaking of fan names, those of us here at decided to call ourselves the “Adam Bombs”. The name symbolizes Adam, of course, and his performance style where his talent explodes on the Idol stage week after week giving us an unforgettable performance every time. Imagine our surprise when we found out during a behind the scenes Idol interview that Adam’s choice of a stage name would be “Adam Bomb”. Very cool indeed. click here to watch the Top 36 Interview “Stage Names” Many of our members here are also known as “Glamberts”. Adam fans may have many names, but one important trait in common; unending support for Adam Lambert, our next American Idol. was created early on and all our members here have supported Adam since the very beginning… we know greatness when we see it.


Adam Lambert was featured in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times wearing the shirt his Adam Bombs sent him. The picture was from Adam Lambert’s solo during the Idol’s group performance of “Don’t Stop Believing”. Adam knows how to show his appreciation for all his fans and it was his way of thanking all of us here for our support.


During movie theme week, Adam wore the rocker pendant his Adam Bombs sent him during his working session with Quentin Tarentino. The pendant came from, a big name in jewelry and it was a perfect fit for Adam Lambert, our next Rock Super Star. Adam Lambert was featured in Cutting Edge Streetwears blog in an article called American Idol Sensation Adam Lambert in Rocker Jewelry where they mention that Adam and his fans have great taste.

Wire Image

Wire Image

During an Idol interview, Adam Lambert was asked what people would be surprised to learn about him to which he responded, “I’m obsessed with astrology”. So his Adam Bombs sent him an astrology book to feed his obsession. It’s always fun to find backstage pictures where we can see Adam received our gift and is enjoying it as well.



Week after week, Adam Lambert let’s all of his Adam Bombs here at TALC know just how much he appreciates our support. Thank you Adam for always acknowledging those people behind the scenes, whether it be Ricky and the band, Michael Orland, or your countless fans… you are a class act through and through and we are honored and proud to support you.

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If We Can’t Have Adam Lambert, We Don’t Want Nobody Baby

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Wire Image

Wire Image

Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “If I Can’t Have You”

by luv2laugh
As Adam Lambert, dressed in a black silk suit with his hair slicked back, stood on the Idol stage with a dim light cast upon him, he set the tone for an emotional journey with his rendition of “If I Can’t Have You”. Adam sang from that very personal place, the depths of his soul, that allowed his audience to feel his every emotion. Adam’s ability to take us on his heartfelt journey is truly a gift; one he gives so freely and with everything he has. Even while conveying pure raw emotion, Adam’s vocals remained flawless and stunning. I felt that Adam’s performance ended too soon… left me wanting more.

All the judges loved Adam’s performance. Randy, “You are ready right now dude!” Kara, “You’re brilliant! The emotion and the way you connected… it’s inspiring.” Paula, “Tonight, you chose to pick a disco song and not make it cliche and uptempo. I felt your pain… I felt your vulnerability which was beautiful.” Simon, “What I loved about this performance was it was original, I’ve never heard that song sung that way, most importantly, you’re going to remember it, and what’s even more important, the vocals were immaculate.”

Adam graciously thanked the judges for their critique. Adam also said, “Michael Orland helped me come up with that arrangement and he is a genius, so thank you Michael Orland.” I admire that quality about Adam, always giving credit to those who help him achieve his outstanding performances. Rosie, from TALC, had this to say, “In a competition where every bit of “glory” benefits YOU – Adam thanked Michael Orland for helping with the arrangement. His grace in the face of praise is just as stunning as it is in the face of criticism. CLASS – through and through.”

Performance Comments from members of TALC

“I just about passed out when I saw Adam last night. He looked absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. The music was very quiet so the tiniest glitch in his voice would have definitely be heard but it was so beautiful and flawless. I am so proud of him for expressing his vulnerability in front of so many people. I’m going to watch it again right now.” by Leming&LambertFan

“For the minute and a half that he sings I swear I must be in a trance from trying to take him all in. I have to re-watch his performance about fifty times,and even that’s not enough. LOL Don’t know what’s become of me, I haven’t been this hooked since ELVIS! Last night was no exception, Adam’s performance was sensual and heartfelt and vocally flawless. Simply brilliant!” by Judy

Be sure to check out Adam’s studio version of “If I Can’t Have You” now available at American Idol iTunes store.

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Adam Lambert Fans Unite!

by on Apr.20, 2009, under All About Adam


Adam Lambert works hard every week to give all of us an extraordinary performance with outrageous vocals and sets the Idol stage on fire! Don’t you think he deserves a thank you from all of us who enjoy and look forward to his performances? The only way you can show your support and truly make a difference is to vote. Simply praising his performance is not enough, since only his total number of votes are what keeps him on the show another week to dazzle us once again.

Just because everyone is talking about Adam Lambert doesn’t mean he’s safe from being in the bottom three or from elimination… only voting for him can help ensure that Adam will be safe. This week it’s more important than ever for you to show your support and vote (vote as many times as you can) for Adam because two contestants will go home and none of us want one of them to be Adam.

I have heard people say that because they feel Adam will be safe, they vote for their second favorite in the competition. By doing that, you are taking votes away from Adam and if enough people do that, you may send Adam home and no Adam fan wants that outcome. Remember, the judges have already used their “save” so the bottom two will go home.

The fan bases for all the contestants are rallying their supporters. We, here at TALC, are asking you to show your support for Adam Lambert in a big way on Tuesday, April 21st and ROCK THE VOTE FOR ADAM!!! We have no doubt in our minds that Adam Lambert deserves to be the next American Idol. Let’s show everyone what Adam’s fans can do. Vote and let your voice be heard!!

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Adam Lambert’s got the Funk

by on Apr.02, 2009, under All About Adam


Adam Lambert’s outstanding performance of “Play That Funky Music” has landed him in next week’s Top 8 performance where the theme will be “The Year You Were Born.” Since Adam was born in 1982, that leaves the door wide open for some awesome 80′s classics with an Adam Lambert twist.

Paula had told Adam during her critique of “Play That Funky Music” that “True genius does not meet expectations; true genius shatters expectations.” During last night’s show, Paula expanded on that comment saying, “But for me it’s about knowing who you are and delivering that confidence with conviction week in and week out. And I did point out Adam Lambert last night.”

Paula’s not the only one giving high praise to Adam Lambert. Diane Warren, a veteran song writer had this to say about Adam. “I think he’s amazing,” Warren gushed. “Adam is a star. I just dig him because he’s different from Idol’s normal thing, and I think he’s hugely marketable with the right material.” To read “Idol Worship: Diane Warren Heaps Praise On “Amazing” Adam Lambert” click here

Getty Images

Getty Images

Our Very Own Shout Out
Adam showed his Adam Bombs at some love last night when he wore the shirt we gave him while he nailed “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey during the group performance. Adam continues to show just how much he appreciates the support from his fans. We won’t stop believing Adam… we’ll be right here supporting you all the way to the AI finale and beyond!

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Adam Lambert sings “Tracks of my Tears” on American Idol Top 10 Performance 3-25-09

by on Mar.29, 2009, under All About Adam, Videos

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)


Click here to watch Adam Lambert singing “Tracks of my Tears”

By Jim (FreddyFudpucker) at TheAdam

“I agree that Smokey explaining the feelings behind the lyrics to Adam really touched Adam and then like a true artist, Adam used that to help fuel the emotion in his performance….One great artist relating to another!…..And I love the way Adam inquired about the lyrics from Smokey. As a great artist, Adam knew that he could find out the true emotion of the song from Smokey …something he needed to complete the whole package. It was really special to see that moment between Smokey and Adam….two great artists that really know how to connect with one another!!

Great contrast for Adam tonight from last week….I also loved the way Smokey Robinson was the first one to stand in giving Adam a standing ovation…and there were tears welling up in Smokey’s eyes too after it was over….What a true testament of Adam’s brilliance! I think he is clearly the best contestant ever thus far on AI.

I think the years he spent in theater have really helped him to create an extra dimension now in his performances….One night he is this cool rebel rocker guy with nail polish and eyeliner singing this very edgy and sex driven type song, then next week he is like a 50′s version of James Bond delivering a very soft and tender version of a classic that even brought Smokey Robinson to tears. I think Paula was on the money when he said that he added an extra level of excitement to the show with the new looks and new musical styles each week….It keeps everyone on the edge now guessing about what will he do next… both in look and in style.”

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

screen cap by Ali (Adam's Philly Babe)

FORD MUSIC VIDEO – “Pocketful of Sunshine”

This week the The Top 10 contestants sang “Pocketful of Sunshine” as they pieced together an art puzzle. You can also see how the team created the “Pocketful Of Sunshine” Music Video and hear Adam share a little bit of art history. Ford’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” Music Video

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Adam Lambert Leading the Pack on iTunes

by on Mar.22, 2009, under All About Adam


“I believe in the last two years American Idol has been watching the sales of contestants music on iTunes, it sure gives them a great indication of who would sell the most CD’s.

Good news for all the Adam Fans, as of Saturday afternoon, Adam has over 1600 reviews for his performance of Ring of Fire. Of these 1600, a little over 250 were critical. All the rest were great reviews. (nearly all were 5 stars)

Black or White had over 1300 and Satisfaction had over 800. As far as I can tell, most of the critiques are about just plain ole’ hating Adam. Not about his music. The next contestant with the highest number of reviews is Gokey with 349, with 46 of those being negative. That’s a big difference in numbers.

Adam is being talked about, Adam is selling his music and people are stepping up to promote him by leaving these reviews. If you haven’t done so, go buy his iTunes collection at American Idol iTunes store and rate them. We can work together to get Adam to the end.” by flynnsgirl at

USA Today – Idol Chatter:

Brian Mansfield with his Idol Air Play Chart says this about Adam:

This week’s highest-chart Season 8 contestant is Adam Lambert, whose Ring of Fire picked up six spins (three of them coming from country stations!).

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Adam Lambert: Let’s Talk About Respect

by on Mar.19, 2009, under All About Adam


by luv2laugh
I’ve been trying to understand why some people feel Adam’s performance of “Ring of Fire” was disrespectful to country music. American Idol determines the theme for the week… not the contestants. I’ve always felt that’s the price you pay to be on the show. We all know that in the “real world” artists are not expected to be able to sing songs from every music genre out there. Adam performed Dilana’s arrangement of “Ring of Fire”. It was better suited to Adam’s personal style and vocals. This is not the first time an AI contestant has performed an arrangement which was different than the original classic. Chris Daughtry sang Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line” using a rock arrangement and David Cook sang Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” with a rock edge flair. Neither Chris or David were criticized for being disrespectful of the original artist or the genre of music. So why are people talking about lack of respect now?

During the AI performance show last Wednesday, we all got to see some footage of each of the contestants working with Randy Travis. The key word here is “some” footage… AI decides what clips of the working session the viewing public will see. After watching Randy Travis work with Adam, we were all left with a feeling … what in the world is Adam going to do to the classic hit “Ring of Fire?” I am a fan of Adam, and even I was sitting in my family room holding my breath with anticipation of Adam’s performance. I was wondering why Randy Travis appeared to be so shocked and surprised. We didn’t get to see the whole working session with Adam and Randy… just the parts AI wanted us too… the parts that make for good television. Apparently, even Randy’s reaction to Adam’s black nail polish was pertinent to Adam’s upcoming performance.

After Adam performed, it’s time for the judges comments. Simon described Adam’s performance using the words “absolute indulgent rubbish and horrific”. We all know Simon doesn’t sugar coat his opinion and we’ve come to expect that from him. But Simon did something else… something I’ve never seen him do before. Simon said, “I would never go to Nashville if I were you Adam, because I think there are a lot of people throwing their televisions out the window at this point…” What an odd comment from Simon. Did Simon think Adam was striving to be a country singer? It was uncomfortable to watch. (Watch Simon’s critique here… at one point, even Randy Travis shakes his head) It felt like we were getting a message from AI that a line had been crossed and there was no turning back.

In the past, AI contestants have chosen different arrangements that suit their style and vocals during a theme week. Why is this not acceptable now? Did Simon start this whirlwind about respect by bringing up Nashville without even realizing it or is this about television ratings? I’ve seen reports that say AI ratings are down this year. Did you know that Adam Lambert’s name came up in 95% of all comments on the Internet yesterday? People are talking… people are talking about Adam Lambert and that means people are talking about American Idol.

by flynnsgirl
Much has been said about Adam’s performance being disrespectful to Johnny Cash or Country music in general, this opinion comes from no basic knowledge as to what Cash did to the song in the first place.

Ring of Fire was originally recorded by June Carter’s sister, Anita in 1962. Johnny loved the song because June had written it about their then forbidden love. Both Cash and Carter were married to other people at the time. Anita’s version was on the charts for 6 months and never became a hit so Johnny decided to record it. He added mariachi horns to the song, something he said he saw in a dream. This was a very bold move in it’s day, and wasn’t done. So basically Johnny Cash took a Country song, added Mexican horns to make the song his own. Isn’t that exactly what Adam Lambert did? Nearly 80 versions of the song have been done since Cash’s. Adam Lambert’s version is just another one on that list.


from mjsbigblog
Mar 18th, 2009 at 12:43 pm
For those trying to determine how Johnny Cash would feel about Adam’s performance or telling us that we cannot know how he feels, I might offer a little (very little) insight that most peeps don’t have.

I have worked with Mr. Cash (lol, how he would hate being called “Mr. Cash”) numerous times. I’ve partied with him after the gig.

Cash was one of the most “out there” of all of the country artists from the time he started (as a rockabillyish guy) till the day he died. Few people realize that back in the day, he was looked down upon by the country establishment for his “rock” take on music, for his refusal to wear sequined suits and big ol hats, for his excessive partying, drug use and drinking (that put the regular country drunks to shame) and his problems with the law.

Whoever said that he was “punk country” had it exactly right. He was waaaaay outside the envelope in his early days, and he never lost his sympathy and respect for musicians who take risks and who refuse to be put in a box. He always remembered how it felt to be excluded from the club and he always went out of his way to hold out a hand of friendship to those who were different.

He was an incredible artist, an incredible person and the world is much poorer for the loss of his ongoing talent. And he would have looooooooved Adam’s take on his classic hit, and he would have laughed his ass off at the way Adam consistently puts himself RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. He did that. He did that all the time. It paid off for him, and I hope it does for Adam.

Dilana Responds to American Idols Adam Lamberts Ring of Fire Performance

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 18, 2009 – The entertainment scene is a buzz today over Adam Lamberts performance on last night’s show.

When asked today what she thought of Adam Lambert’s performance from March 17, 2009 of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire Dilana responded with, ” I am stoked that Adam Lambert from American Idol chose to use my version of Ring of fire on last night’s episode. It’s an honor knowing that my arrangement and “cashmere” version of the Johnny Cash classic “turned him on” to the point where he wanted to use it on the show.”

The people in Dilana’s camp also stated that she would love a chance to meet with Adam on the show and do a duet with him. Read more…

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