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Adam Lambert at 2012 Movie Premiere

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Adam Lambert attended the 2012 Premiere for Sony’s end of the world Sci-Fi disaster film, which was appropriately held on the black carpet. Adam looked spectacular in his ultra fabulous studded jacket.

When Adam Lambert interviewed with MTV he said, “I really feel honored that they came to me and asked me. I think it’s obviously a risk on their part because this was before any sort of album had been completed or hardly even started. So for them to ask me, it shows faith. It really made me feel good and gave me a lot of confidence.”

Adam Lambert told ET, “You know it feels really amazing. I’ve never been part of a feature film before, the soundtrack I think is going to be wonderful. I’m really kind of apprehensive about hearing my song at the end of the movie. It’s going to be pretty surreal.”

ET Interviews Adam Lambert at 2012 Premiere

In this clip from, Adam Lambert talks about Sony asking him to sing “Time For Miracles” for 2012, what he would do if he knew the world were ending tomorrow, and where he plans to be on December 21, 2012.

Adam Lambert Interview at ’2012′ Premiere 11-3-09

Wire Image

Wire Image

From the New York Post

How Hollywood dresses for a disaster

As for Adam, this studded ja-a-a-a-a-a-acket was eye-catching, even by his platform bootie standards. But I loved it — as I do everything he wears, does, says, sings, applies

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Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ Music Video Debuts Tonight

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Entertainment Tonight aired a worldwide exclusive preview of Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ music video. Adam Lambert is fierce, wild and hot; a combination which is as deadly as the 2012 film’s story line. Adam spoke about ‘Time for Miracles’, “It’s a beautiful melody, great great message. It really reflects the love that the family unit in the center of the film has for each other and how love and hope can kind of get you through the worst.”

Time For Miracles Music Video Preview on ET

Premier of ‘Time For Miracles’ Music Video

The entire music video for “Time For Miracles” will debut exclusively on MySpace Music Wednesday, October 21. Point your browsers to MySpace Music at midnight. Don’t miss it!

ETA 9:35pm EST: “Time For Miracles” Music Video is up on Myspace Music now!!

Time For Miracles

Adam Lambert | MySpace Music Videos


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Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ Music Video On The Big Screen

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photo by Getty

photo by Getty

Adam Lambert spoke with MTV about the making of his “Time For Miracles” music video during the American Music Awards press conference this week. Here’s what Adam had to say about his role in the music video.

“[The video] was really performance-driven. It was really about the lyric content and the emotional guts of the song,” Lambert told MTV News on Tuesday (October 13) in Los Angeles.

But given that the tune is being used in a Roland Emmerich-helmed disaster flick, fans should expect a doomsday element to the clip as well. “There were a ton of extras on the set. What they were doing is they were staging scenes reminiscent of what happens in ’2012,’ ” Lambert said.

Specifically, the “American Idol” rocker pointed to one sequence in the video where he sings calmly while chaos surrounds him. “I’m just walking through looking straight at the camera singing the song, and there’s a riot going on around me — people being tossed in front of me, looting, you know, people being arrested,” Lambert described. “That was pretty wild, to try to stay focused on the song while that was happening. But we had fun. It was a good day.” by Jim Catiello,

Adam Lambert Discusses “Time For Miracles” Music Video with MTV

“Time For Miracles” Music Video On The Big Screen

Lambert is especially happy about where fans will be able to see the “Time for Miracles” video: the big screen. “The ’2012′ trailer that we put together with the ['Time for Miracles' music video] will be premiering at the Michael Jackson film,” Lambert revealed to MTV News, referring to a special trailer that will run before the upcoming documentary “Michael Jackson’s This Is It.” by Jim Catiello,

Given the fact that Michael Jackson’s documentary ‘This Is It’ and Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” will both release worldwide, it’s a perfect fit. Just to give you an idea of the potential viewing audience for “Time For Miracles” music video, I’ve included some stats about MJ’s ‘This Is It’ ticket sales.

Among the cities with the strongest sales are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and New York. Records were also set in Japan, where more than $1 million in tickets were sold on the first day they were available. In London, fans bought more than 30,000 tickets on the first day, eclipsing the advance interest in the “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings” films, which were wildly popular in Britain. Record sales were also reported in Holland, Sweden, Belgium and New Zealand, reports.

It was also reported, while online sales were high, fans also lined sidewalks waiting for tickets in Paris, Bangkok and Munich, Sony Pictures said. “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” Breaks Ticket Sales Records Worldwide

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Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ is Available in the US!!

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Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’ from the 2012 movie soundtrack is available today for purchase in the United States through iTunes or Amazon. It had previously been released in Italy, Belgium, and The Netherlands. So run, don’t walk and buy your copy today! Remember, it’s very important to buy Adam’s music to support him. First of all, it’s how he gets paid for his work and secondly, it’s included in his total sales which determines the Best Sellers in music.

We all know how exciting it is to see Adam on top of the charts, so do your part and buy his music! As of today at 11:04 am EST, ‘Time For Miracles’ is #22 on iTunes!!

Don’t forget to rate ‘Time For Miracles’ and leave a comment on iTunes. ‘Time For Miracles’ is currently rated five stars and has almost 800 comments!


Here are the links to purchase
‘Time For Miracles’

Adam Lambert iTunes store

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Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” Released Today in Italy

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Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” was released in Italy today on iTunes. “Time For Miracles” is a beautiful, moving, rock ballad which showcases Adam’s incredible vocals. THIS is what we have all been waiting for and it is well worth the wait!! You can listen to the full version of the song here. Enjoy!

Adam Lambert Singing Full Version of “Time For Miracles”


“Time For Miracles” is not available yet for purchase on, but given the fact it’s available for purchase on iTunes in Italy, I would think it’s only a matter of time before we can buy it here in the US. Keep checking Adam Lambert’s music on Adam Lambert iTunes store

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Audio Clip of Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” & Video Teaser

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You can now listen to a portion of Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles” recorded for the 2012 movie soundtrack on and hear for yourself why Brian May gave Adam such high praise! This short, but oh so sweet clip really showcases Adam’s magnificent vocals in a rock ballad. Enjoy!

Preview Clip of Adam Lambert’s “Time For Miracles”

According to, “Time For Miracles” will be available for purchase on October 20th.

2012 Adam Lambert Music Video Teaser


AOL’s Moviefone loaded a music video teaser in which Adam Lambert discusses “Time For Miracles”. Adam says, “We want it to match how epic the film is, we want the song to really reach out and grab people by the heart. So it’s definitely the focus of our recording.” You can hear an extended clip, over a minute, of “Time For Miracles” during this music video. This extended clip actually gave me goosebumps, it’s full of incredible greatness, just like Adam Lambert.

2012 Adam Lambert Music Teaser – AOL Video Moviefone

Adam Lambert filmed the music video for “Time For Miracles” last weekend. Here’s what Adam had to say on twitter. “Shooting Time For Miracles Music Video!!!! Long day, but we are getting amazing footage!” 5:15 PM Oct 3rd. We haven’t heard yet when the complete “Time For Miracles” music video will be available.

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Adam Lambert’s Song “Time For Miracles” in Movie Titled 2012

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Adam Lambert recorded “Time For Miracles” for a multi million dollar budgeted film, titled 2012, which will be released to theaters world wide November 13th. We are hoping that we might hear a portion of “Time For Miracles” tonight!! There is going to be a huge media blitz for this film and it starts tonight, October 1st. A two-minute scene from 2012 will be aired on all major networks at the same time, check below for the times in your area. After that airs, a five-minute scene will be available on Comcast and There is quite a bit of industry talk that “Time For Miracles” may be included in these promo slots for the 2012 movie. So tonight’s a great night for television!

What we know about “Time For Miracles”

“Time For Miracles” is the song Adam Lambert recorded that Brian May was referring to in his now famous quote, “And I was privileged to hear a track that the guys have finished for Adam Lambert … a song for a forthcoming film, 2012. I have to say I was completely blown away … it’s truly sensational. In fact it’s so obviously a number one smash, any bookie would be mad to take bets on it. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists … but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance. No doubt about it. The world of Rock has a bright new star.”

During a Twitter party Adam Lambert answered a couple of questions about “Time For Miracles”. Adam was asked, “Brian May is raving about your song for 2012. What kind of sound is it?” Adam’s response, “Classic rock ballad. Earthy and catchy.” Adam was also asked, “Is the 2012 song your single or will you have a separate single?” Adam said, “My first single will be from my album. 2012 song is for the film.”

Here’s the details about tonight’s largest North American media roadblock ever executed.

Countdown to ’2012′ Begins October 1 as Columbia Pictures Unveils an Exclusive Two-Minute Scene From the Highly Anticipated Film During Largest North American Media Roadblock Ever Executed

- Audiences to See the Extended Five-Minute Scene After the Roadblock Exclusively in High-Def on Comcast and -

- Total Television, Online and Mobile Viewership Projected to Reach Over 140 Million -

Comcast will launch its on-air and online promotional campaign across its cable networks and on Comcast-owned networks and popular web destinations such as E! Entertainment Television, G-4, Comcast Sports Group,,, E!Online, and through its vast Video on Demand (VOD) libraries. In addition to the exclusive footage, Comcast will launch VOD sneak-peeks and story arcs that offer an expanded look at 2012.

Largest marketing “roadblock” ever for a movie in the form of a two-minute sequence from the actioner that will air simultaneously on 450 TV outlets in North America on Oct. 1.

The stunt will put the footage in front of 90% of all households watching ad-supported TV, or nearly 110 million viewers. When combined with online and mobile streams, that could increase to more than 140 million.

Here’s the time schedule for tonight’s 2012 movie trailer.

2012 Ad Blitz, October 1: East Coast: 10:45-11:00 p.m., Central Time Zone: 9:45-10:00 p.m., Mountain Time Zone: 8:45-9:00 p.m., Pacific: 10:45-11:00 p.m., Alaska: 9:45-10:00 p.m., Hawaii: 10:45-11:00 p.m.

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